The following ship designs own their origins to many people. The basis for all the TNG ships (except for the completely original Hideki-Class Patrol Craft) comes from the Yahoo group FASA_TrekNet website. Given the monumental increase in ship strength from the TOS/TMP era to the TNG era, I didn’t think the original designs were strong enough to represent this vast increase in power so I increased all the ship’s superstructures and compensated for this advantage by increasing the movement point ratio, I also improved the total power by greatly adding to the output of both warp engines and impulse engines, and the last thing I enhanced was shield strength and the corresponding shield ratio. Finally I added my own Structural Integrity Field rules to complete the transition to the proper TNG feel.


I would recommend against using the Advanced Rule from Stardate magazine regarding doubling superstructure strength. Between the increased shields, SIF, and the already enhanced superstructures, the TNG ships are tough enough as they are and won’t require anything else to add to their resiliency.


The Starship Tactical Combat Simulator - The Millennium Update and Archive website was a treasure trove of information and is the source of the Template I used for my Kinshaya design as well as the bulk of the data on the Borg and Breen ships. After re-watching the entire run of Deep Space Nine and getting a good look at the Breen energy dampening weapon, it seemed to me that the weapon was more of a direct fire beam so I reworked how the Breen weapon worked and the counter effects taken by the powers of the Alpha quadrant.


The two TOS ships I’ve included came from the construction tables found on the web, unfortunately I can not figure out exactly what website. The Kinshaya data is an Excel spreadsheet with the name Bryan Jecko in the summary information and the Tholian data, also an Excel spreadsheet, only lists “Chris” in the summary information.

The line drawings of the Kinshaya ships were done by RatOnPier of the Morena_Shipyards on Yahoo groups fame.


Finally a lot of minor details on the ships (number built, dimensions, etc) came from the splendid website known as the Daystrom Institute Technical Library.     


Hopefully, I have given enough credit where credit is due and can now move onto the ships themselves.


  • Lesser Globe
  • Greater Globe

  • Tholian
  • Patrol Cruiser

  • Z-15 Repair Dock **NEW**

    TNG Era

  • Akira-Class Cruiser
  • Danube-Class Runabout
  • Defiant-Class Escort
  • Excelsior-Class Explorer
  • Galaxy-Class Explorer
  • Intrepid-Class Light Explorer
  • Miranda-Class Cruiser
  • Nebula-Class Cruiser
  • New Orleans-Class Frigate
  • Norway-Class Fast Frigate
  • Saber-Class Light Cruiser
  • Sovereign-Class Heavy Explorer
  • Steamrunner-Class Frigate
  • Peregrine-Class Fighter
  • Puffin-Class TOS Era Fighter

  • Klingon
  • B'rel-Class Bird of Prey
  • K'vort-Class Bird of Prey
  • Vor'cha-Class Cruiser

  • Romulan
  • D'deridex-Class Bird of Prey

  • Cardassian
  • Galor-Class Destroyer
  • Keldon-Class Cruiser
  • Hideki-Class Patrol Craft

  • Dominion
  • Dominion Attack Fighter
  • Dominion Battlecruiser

  • Breen
  • Breen Gor Taan-Class Battlecruiser

  • Maquis
  • Maquis Raider
  • Maquis Fighter

  • Borg
  • Borg Cube

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