Episode 5 To Arms!


The revelation that the old enemy has been encountered sweeps through Davao like wildfire. However, even with the proof from the Tellana, there is much skepticism as to the depth of the threat or the need to prepare defenses. Rallying the people begins with winning over the Davao leadership. Convincing Aako and Jannick is fairly easy and only requires a HARD (11) Willpower + Influence roll, but if the PCs show the Grik artifacts from the Tellana the difficulty drops to AVERAGE (7) with captured weapons or other items, and drops to EASY (3) with a Grik skull or body.


Getting the People to rally is a bit more difficult. The task starts at FORMIDABLE (15), with the Grik artifacts (of any kind) providing a one step bonus to skill. As the PCs speak to the crowds, they are challenged by Sak-Tel-Ay, who flatly refuses to believe the Tail-less Ones. He argues that the Old Enemy is gone like wind through the sails. The artifacts are fakes and even Grik bodies are a trick. Winning the war of wards against their inadvertent enemy is an Opposed Roll of Willpower + Influence / Persuade versus Saks same skill. If the PCs win, the difficulty to convince the crowd drops to HARD (11), while a defeat raises the task to HEROIC (19). If the PCs succeed in convincing the crowd, they can count on 500 soldiers and roughly 1,000 workers. If they win an Extraordinary Success, they gain 750 soldiers and 1,500 workers. If they fail, they only get 250 soldiers and 500 workers, while a Botch only gains 100 soldiers and 200 Workers.


One thing that will go a long way toward gaining Lemurian help is showing them how to forge cannon. Unless the PCs Botch their sway the crowd roll, Jon-Mak-An is a believer and would be sold on the PCs just for the chance to learn new skills. If they did fail, they will have to succeed in an AVERABE (7) Willpower + Influence / Persuade roll to tempt him with the new knowledge to help with helping Davao defend itself.


The teaching the Lemurians to forge cannon will take a HARD (11) Intelligence + Scientific Expertise or a FORMIDABLE (15) Intelligence + Knowledge roll. The actual casting of the gun is a HARD (11) Intelligence + Craft / Metal Working roll. The first ten guns will use these difficulties before practice drops the difficulties to AVERAGE.


While the PCs will teach the Davao Guard in Roman/Napoleonic tactics, the limited amount of high-tech ammunition will require that the PCs learn how to fight with melee weapons. Teaching the Lemurians is a HEROIC (95) Complex Action of Intelligence + Discipline with each roll taking a day. Success gains the Lemurians a d2 in Knowledge and each additional success in the Complex Action increases the skill by one step. Once the Davao Guard has gained a Knowledge d6 / Roman/Napoleonic Tactics d8, they will be considered fully trained. Treat the first Botch as per the rules, but if there is a second Botch, the PCs can continue, but all progress to that point will be lost


Learning how to use melee weapons is also a HEROIC (95) Complex Action of Agility + Intelligence with each roll taking a day. Success gains the PC a d2 in Melee Weapons Combat and each additional success in the Complex Action increases the skill by one step. When the PC has gained a Melee Weapons Combat d6 / Specialty d8, they will be considered fully trained.


Once both groups are fully trained, Chi-Dan-Ags clan asks if he can speak to the PCs in private. He tells the PCs how thankful he his for their assistance and if they would do him and his family the great honor of joining his clan.