Space 1889 Timeline



Feb 1889 The Oenotrian Empire driven by the Ground Cleansers declare war on the British Crown Colony of Syrtis Lapis. The initial Oenotrian attacks are blunted by the brilliant actions of the Royal Navyís gunboats. (Lost of Firefly)


May 1889 The British Army stiffened by reinforcements from earth begins their multi-column assault on the Oenotrian Empire. Attack soon bogged down by overly cautious leadership. Skirmishes and aerial raiding, but no real fighting as both sides probe each otherís lines mark the rest of year.


Jul 1890 Using knowledge gained during the year long skirmishes, the Oenotrian Empire makes an all out ground and aerial assault on the British. The Royal Navy is caught off guard and for the first time in the war, the Oenotrians win local air superiority over Avenel by driving off the Royal Navyís gunboats.


Aug 1890 Oenotian Army reaches the long coveted city-state of Avenel and begins laying siege.


Sep 1890 British manage to regain air superiority and break the siege of Avenel causing the Oenotrians to retreat back to their starting point. Looking at the losses caused by the British gunboats, the Oenotrians abandon unarmored ships in favor of armoring their fleet. The rest of the year is spent redesigning and building several standard ships to carry armor.


Feb 1891 Bolstered by a reinforced fleet of armored ships the Oenotrians unleash an even larger assault. Again they win air superiority over Avenel, when, in a massive battle, the Aerial Cruiser HMS Triumph is destroyed resulting in a rout of the British aerial squadron.


Mar 1891 Oenotrian Army besieges Avenel and with air superiority breeched the cityís wall. 2/3rds of British garrison captured and sent to a POW camp just inside the original Oenotrian border. The British are near panicked as the loss of Avenel leaves the main Oenotrian army less than a hundred miles from Syrtis Major. Britain presses every available ether transport to rush reinforcements to Mars.


Apr 1891 British Army digs in 50 miles from Syrtis Major and waits for the next Oenotrian assault. The Oenotrian supply lines have to catch up before they can do so, leaving both sides staring at each other from their fortifications.


Jun 1891 British Army reinforced itself by culling units from the three columns still in the field, city garrisons, and the new troops from Earth. The Royal Navy reinforced itself by culling ships from city squadrons and adding every available quick firing gun to those wooden hulled auxiliaries to increase their firepower. Once ready, the British began their attack on the Oenotrian position threatening Syrtis Major. Using the massive firepower of the Royal Navy to breech the Oenotrian fortifications, the British Army quickly reached Avenel.

Using a prototype auxiliary gunship carrying food, arms, and munitions, the British raided the Oenotrian POW camp holding the survivors of the original Avenel garrison. Once free, these soldiers marched northward and acted as a blocking force for the Oenotrian garrison fleeing southward from Avenel. Caught between the attackers from Syrtis Major, the blocking force, and under the guns of the Royal Navy, less than one in ten of the Oenotrian force escaped back to their empire.


Jul 1891 The heavy fighting caused heavy casualties to both sides and has left both sides too depleted for further action. Both sides are currently resting and refitting before attempting additional action.††