SERENITY Travel Time and Comm Lag

Core (White Sun)




Ariel   (64)

Bellerophon (52)

Bernadette (20)

Sihnon   (48)

Liann Jiun (26)

Londinium (33)      
Osiris   (71)

Persephone (100)

Santo   (86)

Dandelion (495) 

Domino (536)

Jiuxing (641) 

Reno (390)

Sanctuary (666)

Springfield (772) 

Xinglong (330)



Border SW - Georgia

Border NE - Red Sun

Rim SE - Kaladasa

Rim NW - Blue Sun

Athens (257)

Boros   (368)

Ezra (353)

Hera   (431)

Kerry (298)

Meadow (395)

Regina (309)

Shadow (454)

Three Hills (322)

Whitefall (258)

Dyton Colony (536) 

Greenleaf (535)

Harvest (594)

Higgin’s Moon (595)

Jiangyin (561)

New Melbourne (576)

Paquin (672)

Silverhold (690)

St Albans (613)

Triumph (684) 

Aberdeen (762)

Beaumonde (879)

Beylix (848)

Newhall (856)

New Kasmir (836)

Salisbury (781)

Verbena   (814)
Whittier (802) 

Deadwood (923)

Haven (924)

Highgate (962)

Lilac (933)

Muir (945)


Burnham Sun (1,084)

Miranda (1,085)



Step 1: Subtract the larger world value from the smaller to determine the Distance (D).

Step 2: Roll 1d6 and add 4 to determine the Relative Location Multiplier (RLM).  This presumes a direct flight path along charted nav-sat routes.  A ship can fly further “out in the black” to avoid running across other ships by rolling an extra 1d6 for the RLM.

Step 3: Multiply D by the RLM to get the base number of hours travel time.

Step 4: Divide the product by the ship’s Speed Class to determine how many hours it will actually take to travel from one world to another at the current time.

Step 5: If traveling “across the ‘Verse (IE NW to SE or SW to NE, compute the total time by adding the time between start point and Sihnon and end point and Sihnon. Example: flight is from Deadwood to New Melbourne. Figuring an average 7.5 for RLM for both legs the difference between Deadwood (923) and Sihnon (48) is 875 X 7.5 = 6,562.5. The difference between New Melbourne (576) and Sihnon (48) is 528 X 7.5 = 3,960 for a total of 10,522.5 hours. Dividing by a Firefly-Class speed of 4 equals 2,630.625 divided by 24 for a total of 109.6 days.

Step 6: If crossing a quadrant NW to NE, NE to SE, SE to SW, SW to NW calculate the travel time from start point to nearest mid-point Skyplex. Example: Figuring an average 7.5 for RLM for both legs the difference between a trip from Kaladasa to Red Sun starting on Beaumonde (879) to Sanctuary (666) has a difference of 213 X 7.5 = 1,597.5 divided by Firefly-Class speed of 4 equals 399.375. The difference between Greenleaf (535) and Sanctuary (666) is 131 X 7.5 is 982.5.  Dividing by a Firefly-Class speed of 4 equals 245.625 and adding the first leg’s 399.375 = 645 hours or 26.875 days or 26 days and 21 hours.

As the Skyplexes are in a fixed location, there is no RLM roll. If moving through the Core such as from Sanctuary to Juixing, calculate the two legs using Sihnon’s RLM. If traveling between other Skyplexes, they have fixed distances: Dandelion/Juixing 584 hours, Dandelion/Springfield 1,385 hours, Domino/Reno 584 hours, Reno/Sanctuary 622 hours, Reno/Xinglong 685 hours, Sanctuary/Xinglong 629 hours, Springfield/Xinglong 1,378 hours. Divide by Speed Code to find actual travel time. The reason traveling directly between Skyplexes takes less time than going through the Core is the straight trip avoids the heavy traffic in the Core.

Step 7: Divide the result from Step 3 by 600 to determine the comm lag or how long broadcast waves take between the worlds at the current moment; treat less than 1 minute as "real time" communication.

Astrogation: Moving from one location to a desired destination requires an INT + Pilot / Astrogation Skill roll. The Difficulty is calculated by dividing the base travel time from Step 3 by 150 (rounded down).


Planet Listing


1 - Aberdeen: A Rim farming moon that picked up a boost in their economy when Shadow was rendered uninhabitable. Not as populous as Hera and along with Harvest is attempting to break the stranglehold the more established Hera has on the food market of the ‘Verse.

2 - Ariel: A wealthy Core planet with exemplary medical facilities (if not exemplary security).

3 - Athens: A Rim planet with four moons, consisting of the Border Moons and Whitefall, with a well developed light industrial base and an even better agricultural base.

4 - Beaumonde: A wealthier, more civilized Rim planet that is a common trading point between the Border and the Rim, in addition to having an extensive industrialized sector of its own. .

5 - Bellerophon: A Core planet that is a rich man’s paradise. By crude definition, each estate is self-contained on a floating island above the oceans of Bellerophon. Each estate has all the trimmings; grass lawns, landscaping and multi-code locks to keep out any unwanted visitors. There are also local police patrols that cover the area. Durran Haymer owns an estate here.

6 - Bernadette: Home of the only remaining Exodus Ark from Earth-That-Was and was the first planet in the Core to be terraformed after Londinum and Sihnon. Bernadette is a major staging location for ships of settlers headed for the Rim or Border planets  

7 - Beylix: A Rim planet with large farming areas, but is best known as being the garbage dump of the ‘Verse. Heavily under the influence of United Reclamation there are also extensive recycling facilities.  

8 - Boros: A civilized Border planet with both an agricultural and industrialized base. The moon Ares is Iskellian Technology Solution’s primary ship yard for the Alliance and is strictly patrolled and protected to guard the no less than five capital ships building at any one time.

9 - Deadwood: A hardscrabble Rim planet that had its terraforming subsidized by Corone Mining Consortium giving them a total monopoly on all mineral rights to all mining on the planet. Security is run by the Consortium and is notoriously corrupt giving Deadwood a deserved reputation for lawlessness.

10 - Dyton Colony: A Border world made habitable and colonized through judicious use of convicts looking to reduce their prison sentences. Natives of Dyton can be identified fairly easily due to their notable accent. Dyton is a heavily industrialized world supporting both the Rim and the Core with both industrial output and as a trade center.

11 - Ezra: A heavily developed Border planet with a large number of moons and asteroids valuable for mining (and/or equally useful for clandestine dealings). Paradiso and Hancock are located on Ezra and the planet is the source of Bowden’s Malady a degenerative connective tissue disease endemic to working in the mines. Adelei Niska’s privatized Skyplex orbits Ezra as his base of operation allowing him to control the mines.

12 - Greenleaf: A civilized Border planet (or at least one with good medical facilities) not far from several border worlds. Greenleaf is the major source medicines in the ‘Verse to include the illegal narcotic Highleaf. It is an eighteen-hour flight from Higgins' Moon and a ten-hour flight from Jiangyin.

13 - Harvest: Another agricultural Border planet along with Aberdeen that is competing to break the lock Hera has on the title of ‘Breadbasket of the ‘Verse. Harvest has likewise picked up a boost in economy with the decimation of Shadow.

14 - Haven: A small mining Rim moon and not much else. The one small colony is independent of the mining guild and intends to stay that way.

15 - Hera: The agricultural breadbasket of the ‘Verse, this Border planet is also the site of Serenity Valley, the defining and last major battle of Unification War.

16 - Higgin’s Moon: A moon of the Border planet Harvest whose major export is mud and building supplies, peopled mostly by indentured workers, living in squalor. Canton is located here.

17 - Highgate: A Rim mining moon currently independent of the Corone Mining Consortium. The independent miners are facing increasing pressure from the Consortium who has used any means necessary to gain a toe hold and are just as ruthlessly exploiting their initial acquisitions.

18 - Jiangyin: A struggling and backward Border agricultural planet where hill folk have the charming habit of kidnapping skilled folk they need.

19 - Kerry: Another independent Border mining moon that is everything that Muir is not. If not for bad luck this moon would have no luck at all, a struggling economy and no real prospects to make things better on their own. Times have gotten hard enough that the locals have open negotiations with Corone Mining Consortium.

22 - Liann Jiun (Trans: Allied Forces) This planet is the home of the largest Alliance military base in the Core. Used for basic training with a wide variety of climates to provide the most in depth training environment possible. While the primary function of this planet is dedicated to the military, there are enough areas of farming lands to make Liann Jiun nearly self-sufficient.

23 - Lilac: A small crop Rim moon that suffers from high heat and a shortage of water. The moon is self-sustaining but only just. 

24 - Londinium: The Anglo-centric half of the two capitals of the Alliance features the same level of sophistication and technological advances as Sihnon, but lacking the stunning planetary landscaping.

25 - Miranda: Not listed in any Cortex entry or navigation database. A few people will remember when it was declared a blackrock after a failed terraforming more than a dozen years ago.

26 - Muir: Unusual for an independent Rim mining moon, the economy here is thriving. Blessed by a combination of rich ore and skillful negotiations by the council of mine owners has lead to Muir having a long term contract to supply the Alliance military with all their mineral needs. A by-product of this agreement is the frequent Alliance patrols in the area to prevent hijackings.

27 - Newhall: Another largely water Rim planet dedicated to fishing and exporting water, recently terraformed and in need of workers.

28 - New Kasmir: A Rim world with an economy equally split between light industrial and agriculture.

28 - New Melbourne: A Border planet that's known for its heavily fishing-oriented economy. It's also a layover point for most of the systems both in the Core and Rim.

29 - Osiris: A very wealthy Core world. The planet is 'advanced' enough to have developed truly disreputable areas in the urban sprawl -- places known as Blackout Zones where loyal Alliance citizens simply do not go. The main city on Osiris is called Capital City.

30 - Paquin: A Border planet given over largely to entertainment of all sorts. Known as the ‘Gypsy Planet’ in addition to traditional carnivals and circuses, there are a state of the art opera houses and theaters.

31 - Persephone: Civilized Core planet specializing in trade saddled with a heavily stratified societal structure and, as a result, a large slum population bordering on the Eavesdown Docks.

32 - Regina: A mineral rich Border planet with most of the mines under the control of Corone Mining Consortium. The fact that all the mines are not under the control of the Consortium is a never ending source of friction, with the Consortium working very hard to bring the entire planet under their control.

33 - Saint Albans: An ice world on the Border that is little less than two day’s hard burn from the Space Bazaar Skyplex. In addition to the miserable independent mines that are the bread and butter of this world, there is a Fed Station located here to curtail smuggling.

34 - Salisbury: A Rim planet optimized to produce a large portion of the meat for the ‘Verse. Large steppes featuring almost endless grazing land provides the bulk feed for cattle in the millions. Indeed the finest meat in the ‘Verse is under the ‘Salisbury Steak’ brand.

35 - Santo: An extremely successful terraforming project with a robust agricultural base, this Core planet was a resort world renowned for its casinos and other tourist venues. The tourist market was severely disrupted during the war and has only just begun to recover, but with a more adult orientation than before the war.  .

36 - Shadow: This Border planet was massively bombed during the war in an attempt to break the Browncoats, Once the cattle producing center of the ‘Verse, today, Shadow is nearly a ghost planet with only a few die hard inhabitants with no where to go and who refuse to leave.

37 - Sihnon: The crown jewel of the Core worlds, Sihnon far surpasses the sophistication and technology level of any of the planets in the ‘Verse, with the possible exception of Londinum, one of the two capital planets and based on Chinese culture.

38 - Silverhold Colonies: An agricultural planet with a corrupt Fed Station resulting in a world even more meager than is typical for the Border. Law and order can be purchased by the highest bidder, which makes this planet also more lawless than is typical for the Rim as well, as honest folk can’t make enough money to get any justice.

39 - Three Hills: A Border agricultural planet with minimal Alliance presence, great for smugglers and other folk attempting to avoid unwanted official entanglements.

40 - Triumph: A primitive Border planet where fringe religious sects with very strange teachings and practices govern even the most civilized townships.

41 - Verbena: Due to this Rim planet's heavy involvement in the Independents’ side of the Unification War, Verbena is scarcely surviving, barely more than a piece of barren rock. Recently, the Alliance has been making an effort to show the population the error of their ways by leading them back into prosperity through government-funded improvements to the planet's economy.

42 - Whitefall: Fourth moon of Athens, a large percentage of which is owned by a woman named Patience. Mines independent of Corone Mining Consortium make up the bulk of the moon’s exports, but the agricultural output is increasing every year.

43 - Whittier: Another in a large number of Rim mining planets to feed the voracious appetite for raw materials to sustain the massive growth of the Core and the Alliance. Completely under the thumb of the Corone Mining Consortium, Whittier is part of that corporation’s increasingly growing monopoly.


SW – Georgia Quadrant

Athens, Boros, Ezra, Hera, Kerry, Meadow, Regina, Shadow, Three Hills, Whitefall     (Total 10)

5 Agricultural, 4 Mining, 1 Abandoned


SE – Kaladasa Quadrant

Aberdeen, Beaumond, Beylix, Newhall, New Kasmir, Salisbury, Verbena, Whittier                     (Total 8)

4 Agricultural, 2 Industrial, 2 Mining


NE – Red Sun Quadrant

Dyton Colony, Greenleaf, Harvest, Higgin’s Moon, Jiangyin, New Melbourne, Paquin,        (Total 10)

Silverhold, St Albans, Triumph

5 Agricultural, 1 Industrial, 1 Mining, 3 Specilized


NW – Blue Sun Quadrant

Deadwood, Haven, Highgate, Lilac, Muir, Miranda                                                           (Total 6)

1 Agricultural, 4 Mining, 1 Hidden


Core – White Sun

Ariel, Bellerophon, Bernadette, Liann Jiun, Londinum, Osirus, Persephone, Santo, Sihnon (Total 9)

1 Agricultural, 8 Specilized



16 Agricultural, 3 Industrial, 11 Mining, 11 Specialized, 1 Abandoned, 1 Hidden