Shuttle Down!


The planet Kemal is going up in the flames of revolution. Federation attempts to mediate the situation have failed, the government has fallen, and Anarchy rules as various factions vie for power.

A small Starfleet team of mediators and their security were on the planet at the invitation of the old planetary government to try and stop the madness, but was powerless to do anything as the situation spins out of control faster than the mediators could hope to restrain.

One of the faction leaders, one Daraf Didi, blames the Federation for all the ills of Kemal and gains many supporters when the last of the government guards fire on a group of demonstrators while trying to protect the Federation embassy.


With the situation hopelessly out of control, the Federation Secretariat orders the PCís ship to assist in the evacuation of all Federation personnel from the planet. Kemal is cursed with a natural atmospheric condition that precludes the use of transporters, which is one of the key factors in the economic woes that plague the planet and led to the unrest, the evacuation has to be by shuttlecraft.


Due to the increased number of staffers sent to Kemal to assist with the failed negotiations, there aren't enough shuttles to carry everyone in one lift, so it will have to be a phased withdrawal with three increments. First out are the staff, second the ambassador, and the Starfleet security on the last lift.


The first shuttles lift without incident, but in the time it took for the shuttles to turn around for the second run, the anti-Federation faction of Daraf Didi gained control of one of the planet's military armories and heavy weapons. As the second lift begins, the all of the shuttles take very heavy ground fire with one of the shuttles being hit by a primitive, but nonetheless effective shoulder fired surface-to- air missile. The shuttle spirals down barely under control and goes down in the densely populated slum that is the stronghold of Daraf Didiís anti-Federation faction.


The PCs now face two problems; they still have the rear guard Starfleet security personnel trapped from their increasingly untenable position in the embassy and the finding a way to rescue the ambassador from the mob closing on his position.


The ship has two spare shuttles that take 30 minutes to prep for use. A Shuttlecraft Systems Technology roll will cut that time in half. The flight time from the surface to docking and restaging is 15 minutes. The three shuttles that took fire during the evacuation have to be checked before they can be reused. Each requires a Shuttlecraft Systems Technology to verify that they are operational. There is a basic 50% chance the shuttle took enough damage to require repairs before it can be used safely again. If a shuttle did take damage, it takes a Shuttlecraft Systems Technology roll and 3D10 minutes to repair. There is also a limited amount of workspace with the shuttle bay being large enough to work on no more than four shuttles at a time.


The embassy personnel, while unsafe is in the better tactical position than those at the crash site. The embassy is still an intimidating structure and will require time to gather enough people to storm the heavily defended position. The 40 personnel in the embassy have 30 plus 6D10 minutes before enough of Didiís forces can muster for the attack. Armed with a wide variety of weapons including phasers, disruptors, slug throwers, and melee weapons, they will surge toward the walls in a surge of bodies whipped up to such a frenzy that they are oblivious to casualties. The well-trained Security personnel will hold their own for 10 + 2D10 minutes before the sheer numbers of Kemalis breech the perimeter. This defense will cost 2D6 killed. The fighting withdrawal will delay being over run for 10+1D10 more minutes, but the frenzied melee will cost 5D10 killed. If the die rolls do not wipe out all of the Starfleet personnel, the remainder will be severely injured and captured.


The far more exposed crash site does not have anywhere near this much time. The anti-Federation faction will muster within 10 +2D10 minutes. There were the two pilots, the ambassador, the charges-de-affairs, the three negotiators requested by the collapsed Kemali government, and two body guards on the shuttle when it crashed. One pilot and the ambassador were killed on impact, while the second pilot sustained serious injury, with his Max Op End reduced to 23 points and suffering two broken legs. The two bodyguards and the three negotiators survived with only minor injuries (2D10 each). The two bodyguards will only be able to hold out for 2D6 minutes before the shuttle is over run at the cost of both their lives. The frenzied mob is so out of control that it will kill 1D6 of the remaining members on the shuttle. Again if the roll is less than the number of survivors, they will be captured alive, but seriously injured.


Because of the emergency situation and number of personnel to be rescued, the shuttles will have to carry twice their rated capacity this is enough to rescue everyone in one lift. Returning shuttles will draw heavy fire, but the number of surface-to-missiles possessed by Didiís force is extremely limited. Roll 2D10 for total number of weapons. Each has a 25% chance of locking onto a shuttle. Since the pilots are expecting trouble this time, they have a chance to avoid being hit by rolling their Shuttlecraft Piloting skill with a hit doing 2D3 x 20% damage. In addition, there will be heavy phaser/disruptor fire as well, but the hand held weapons are not designed for anti-aircraft fire and do minimal damage. They make up for this in sheer volume of fire and each shuttle will sustain 1D6% damage every minute they are in range (below 100 meters). If a shuttle takes more than 80% damage, it is unable to stay aloft any more, but can make a controlled landing without injury to the crew or passengers. If it takes more than 100% it will immediately crash. The pilot gets to make one Shuttlecraft Piloting roll to reduce the severity of the crash. A success results in 5D10 damage to everyone onboard, a failure results in 2D6 D10 to each.


The shuttles are unarmed, but the PCís ship is extremely well armed. Interference from the atmospheric conditions that preclude using the transporter reduces the effects of the phasers and severely affects the targeting systems as well. Each phaser fires as if the range was 8 + 2D10 farther than it actually is. The yield of a photon is unchanged. If the ship has a full sensor lock, the ships at Ė3, if it only has a weapons lock, it fires at Ė5. A Starship Weapons Operation roll by a character on the ground with a direct line of site to the target will at +3 to the targeting. For each point of damage for a phaser set on stun, the amount of attackers is reduced by 2%. A phaser set on kill or a photon reduces the attackers by 5% and results in the officer ordering or executing such an order to stand a court martial.


A sensors roll will detect the relative size of the attackers, defenders, and the amount of time each group has. It will only take an INT, Starship Strategy/Tactics (one half), or Small Unit Tactics to figure out the proper sequence of rescue, IE downed shuttle crew first, then embassy security personnel. If either group gets over run and prisoners survive to be captured, they are in dire straits. Finding them in the absolute maze of the slums and the chaos of the throngs of the hysterical mob simply isnít possible.




Daraf Didi will contact the ship and offer his terms for a survivorís release. He wants one thing and one thing only, weapons. It will take specific permission from the Federation Secretariat to grant this request. The shipís captain will have to make an averaged roll of Administration, Leadership, Negotiation/Diplomacy, INT, CHA, and LUC to get this permission. Each negotiator that survives to assist the captain adds a bonus of +20% to this roll. If the roll fails, the Secretariat refuses and Daraf Didi sends another signal where to pick up the body(ies). If the roll succeeds, Didi sends a signal where to rendezvous for the exchange. The warlord is actually on the up and up this time and the hostages will be turned over in no worse condition than they were in after the crash. Having to pay a wergild of arms is a huge embarrassment to the Federation and the officers responsible for such an embarrassment will find themselves reassigned to a Larson class destroyer in a sector deep in the Federation interior on the most mind-numbingly boring patrol possible.


Successfully rescuing all personnel will earn the officers involved commendations and continued assignment to their current ship.


The situation on Kemal devolves into madness with the planet being stripped of itís membership in the Federation and an embarrassment for the Federation, but one that the Articles of Federation precludes from being able to correct. The Kemali people will have be the ones that find a means to become a planetary government again before the Federation will even be able to negotiate with them again.