Uses for Renown



Increased Recognition


For each five points of renown in one area (Service to Crown, Exploration, etc.) a person (PC or NPC) gains a one on a D6 of being recognized. Example: A NPC with 17 points or Renown in Scientific Discovery will be known to a PC on a roll of 1-3.


Improving Social Status


For ten points of renown in one area, a PC can exchange them for an increase of one to their Social Level. This can only be done once per area per lifetime and can only reach a maximum of Social Level 4. However, if a PC starts at SL 4 or 5, they can, for 20 points of Renown in one area, raise their SL one level. This can only be done once in a lifetime per character, thus SL4 can go to SL5, or SL5 can go to SL6, but a SL4 canít ever, via Renown, go to SL6.