PCs track Chang to Rim planet until drive emissions are scrambled by normal planetary traffic. If the characters know the Tong negotiating with Chang, finding the hide out is very simple. If they do not, then, they will have to do some investigation. Once located, they will sneak into the Tong stronghold and discover evidence of connection of Chang and Flannery. During departure the PCs are discover initiating a massive fight. This battle results in the destruction of the stronghold and the Tong. Chang can be captured or killed by PCs. Evidence destroys Flannery and ends his connection to Blue Sun and finally breaks the blackball on the ship and crew. Finally, Chang Wen-Shen contacts the PCs via wave; shamed by his son’s actions he compensates the PCs for the damage to their honor.



Scene opens with PCs tracking Chang’s drive emissions. It will take four Hard INT + Electronics rolls to figure out where the young noble fled. A failure adds a two step penalty to pick the trail back up. A liberal use of plot points is recommended as this is for all the marbles.

Due to the huge lead Chang has, the emissions trail is completely scrambled by normal planetary traffic of Verbena. Landing via their ship in an open manner will not cause any problems as Chang wouldn’t think it was possible for him to be followed and no one is watching. Locating when Chang is hiding depends on if they have the name of the Tong or not. If they have that bit of information, then an Easy INT + Streetwise will discover the location of the hideout. It will take a Hard WIL + Intimidation roll will keep that informant quiet. More base methods (seduction, drugging, and murder) will also work. If they PCs have to track Chang by his very memorable flashy yacht the task levels rise to a Formidable and Heroic respectively.

The hideout is in a remote location and will require horses or mules to reach. Approaching the facility will require an Impossible AGL + Stealth roll during the day and a Formidable roll at night. The simple security system only needs a Hard INT + Security Systems roll to bypass. Movement inside the compound needs a Hard AGL + Stealth with two rolls required to find a computer terminal. A fail on these results encounters a single Tong. PCs have three rounds to silence this man quietly before the fight draws a huge raging fight. Accessing the terminal requires a Formidable INT + Hacking to download enough information to prove a link between Chang, Flannery and the Tong.

During the exit, the characters blunder directly into Chang and the leader of the Tong. During the fight a large fire breaks out. The PCs are facing 30 Tongs total. The initial group consists of Chang, the Tong leader, and four guards. The Tong guards are armed with SMG while all reinforcements have rifles, but only the four guarding the leader have body armor. After the fight starts, six Tong reinforcements arrive every five rounds until all are committed to the fight.  There are enough explosives and flammable materials in the hideout that the PCs have ten rounds to escape before the compound is destroyed by a massive explosion.

Chang will escape unless killed or captured by a PC. He does not have script immunity this time and if unconscious by a PC’s actions, he will die in the explosion. Capturing or killing Chang will break the back of the Cartel, but only the computer information will result in Flannery being fired by Blue Sun and ending his ability to blackball the characters.




After the big battle, if Chang is captured the PCs receive a wave from the Chang Wen-Shen after his son is turned over to the Alliance, or if younger Chang is killed the wave comes to the PCs regardless of their location. The message will be no less than a day old where ever it is received. The senior Chang has visibly aged and despite the anger in his voice, his voice clearly shows his pain. He speaks slowly choking back anger and sorrow. “My clan has dishonored you. In return you have taken something precious from me. While I have suffered the greater loss, you have suffered the greater wrong. As a man of some influence, I have spoken to my associates and you will find that the problem you had obtaining work is no more. However, return not to my home world or you will discover that this old dragon still possesses the fire to burn even those such as you.” the wave and season one end.



True to his Chang has spoken to his legitimate business contacts. If the PCs go to any Rim or Border world spaceport and attempt to locate a legal cargo, the PCs find they have gained a two step bonus to negotiations to be hired as the hauler.