After witnessing first hand the chaos caused by the broadcast, it is quickly apparent that things all on the Rim are in turmoil. Rerouted from the initial destination, the PCs are relieved to arrive and unload cargo safely and without incident.

After a couple days of searching for a cargo, it becomes apparent that due to all the problems, legit cargos have become even rarer than normally the case. Also during this time, there are several close encounters with groups of toughs wandering the street robbing those weaker than themselves and precious little response from the local police who are swamped trying to prevent or are responding to murders. Just prior to departing empty, an old Browncoat from a different unit asks the PCs to carry supplies to a remote moon. A Formidable INT + Perception roll realizes that this old buddy should be aware of the captain’s rep and should be more reluctant to hire them. If this is noticed and mentioned, have the PC make an opposed INT + Influence roll. If the PC wins, then old buddy admits he knows her rep, but has had to over look her cowardice as her ship is here and ready and the cargo is desperately needed. If the buddy wins, he spins a yarn believable enough about critically needed supplies at high value.


The 20 heavy crates marked drilling equipment or medical scanners are loaded quickly and this old friend is offering a premium for speed. The deal is good and while it takes the ship a bit deeper into the Rim than might be prudent with all the problems going on, it is a good deal. A Hard INT + Covert will distract the buddy long enough to get a cursory look at the crates and they check out as they should. A Formidable INT + Covert or (Next level harder) INT + Performance will sidetrack the loaders long enough to attempt a physical search of a case, but they find cargo seals and will not be able to actually search the case. With what looks like a legit cargo and good coin waiting, there really isn’t a good reason to pass on the job.


Even if the PCs failed to note that the deal was too easy in coming, they are likely to be very curious about the sealed containers. It will take a 23 level INT + Forging to fabricate a close enough replica to fool a standard inspection copy of the seal. On opening the crate, the PCs find that the case holds exactly what it is supposed to hold. Opening multiple crates finds the same thing with them, medical scanners and drilling equipment. It will take a Formidable INT + Perception to notice the heavy pipe cases of the drilling equipment are actually cleverly painted counterclockwise threaded caps on each end. Inside these cases are dozens of military grade rifles. The medical scanner crates hold just what the labels say, however, none of the scanners are functional if tried and opening the scanners discovers they are hollow and are loaded with ammunition.


The players have a couple choices at this point, the money is good, so they can deliver the goods, or they can figure that the last thing the Rim needs right now is more guns. Delivering the cargo will give the PCs a chance to discover who needs this sort of firepower and possibly discovering what they plan to do with them.


If the PCs decide to space the weapons and head for another planet, no one can stop them. With the whole ‘Verse in an uproar, no one is immediately going to come looking for them. They have however, picked up a bad rep with Browncoats. This also will have a spill over into “friends in low places” causing a one step reduction in any attempts at using this asset. If the PCs decide to get greedy and sell the weapons, in addition to the above penalties, they also find that people are looking for that cargo. Anywhere they go, who ever they talk to will say that they know of a buyer and they will be in touch, shortly afterwards half a dozen ex-Browncoats show up for a chat. They are friendly enough, but the implication is clear, fork over the weapons now and everyone keeps breathing. Try and fight or run and they will be hunted like dogs. They can keep the half up front pay for the initial cargo run for their troubles, but any hopes of calling on their old Browncoat friends is over and “Friends in Low Places” now has a 2 step penalty. If the PCs choose to fight, make the six soldiers good with a good chance of defeating the PCs. Even if the characters beat this group, the next group will be larger, better, and packing more heat. It is the player’s choice, but make it clear it is a bad, bad idea to fight these men.


If the players choose to go ahead and deliver the weapons and gather information on the buyer, they arrive at their original destination as planned and are met by several men with two ground trucks. None of the men are known to the PCs but are obviously Browncoats. Any attempts to talk to the men results in a terse reply to show up at midnight at a barn located about ten miles away. An impossible INT + Influence roll will get the added bit of information that “The Boss” will be there.


The PCs arrive to find the barn closely guarded by ex-Browncoats and they have to check weapons at the door. There is at least one familiar face in the group and the captain trusts him enough to agree. After getting seated in the packed ad hoc conference room, “The Boss” makes his entrance. She is none other than Lieutenant Colonel Jessica Taylor-Leigh. She was once the captain’s brigade commander and is a firebrand for the Independent cause. She speaks with great passion about the Alliance finally going to far and that “The Broadcast” shows just how right the Browncoats were and that it’s time to take advantage of the weakened navy and Parliament to finally break yolk of oppression of the Alliance chains for once and for all.


Taylor-Leigh speaks at length and passionately about how she’s made the right connections and sowed the right seeds since the end of the war and now with the help of our new comrades, here she pauses to acknowledge the PCs, and we now have the means to finish what we started. An Average INT + Influence roll detects that despite her obvious true desire to end the Alliance’s hold on the Rim, there is an almost imperceptible undercurrent to her pitch. Anyone that makes the roll can sense the glint of extremism in her brilliantly delivered recruiting drive.


Realizing that supporting Taylor-Leigh would just be changing one tyranny for a new one, the captain says no thank you. There is an awkward moment and the words “Still a coward” are heard. Taylor-Leigh breaks the tension with: “Remember friends that it was the good captain that has helped to make the Rebellion possible. Be kind to her reasons for choosing to leave and let her and her friends depart in peace.” The crowd parts and the characters are free to go, but just as they reach the door, Taylor-Leigh adds. “You may know us, but do not forget we know you as well, it would stand you in good stead to keep mum about what you know and all will be well. Speak too freely and you will see the limits of our kindness.”


The PCs are free to go and with good sense they fast burn out of the system and try to keep to their own business, so them as what has other ideas will keep to theirs.