RACE:                                                                Maquis                                 

STARSHIP CLASS:                                           Raider                   

Construction Data:

        Model Number-                                          I                 

        Date Entering Service-                                 2/85      

        Number Constructed-                                  ?            

Hull Data:

        Superstructure Points-                                 22          

        Damage Chart-                                            C                  


                Length-                                               40          

                Width-                                                22              

                Height-                                               16              

                Weight-                                               63000mt                


                Cargo units-                                        10           

                Cargo Capacity-                                  500mt

                Landing Capability-                             Yes    

Equipment Data:


                standard 6 person-                              1    

                cargo, small-                                        2

Other Data:

        Crew-                                                         6                          

        Passengers-                                                 50                   

Engines and Power Data:

        Total Power Units Available-                       54                    

        Movement Point Ratio-                                2/1          

        Warp Engine Type-                                                   

                Number-                                             2                

                Power Units Available-                        22   

                Stress Charts-                                     C/E         

                Maximum Safe Cruising-                      Warp 5   

                Emergency Speed-                              Warp 8.6       

        Impulse Engine Power Units Available-        10              

Weapons and Firing Data:

        Beam Weapon Type-              

                Number-                                             4                 

                Firing Arcs-                                         2f, 1f/p, 1f/s           

                Firing Chart-                                        V          

                Maximum Power-                                8         

                Damage Modifiers-

                        +3                                               (1 - 6)

                        +2                                               (7 -15)

                        +1                                               (16-20)

Missile Weapon Type-   

                Number-                                             2                

                Firing Arcs-                                         f, a           

                Firing Chart-                                        O          

                Power to Arm-                                    1          

                Damage-                                             12                

Shield Data:

                 Deflector Shield Point Ratio-               1/3    

                Maximum Shield Power-                     15

Structural Integrity Field

 SIF Point Ratio-                                     1/2

 Maximum Strength                                 5



Fleet Data: When the section of the Federation border was turned over to the Cardassians by treaty, several thousand residents of the area were outraged. They took up arms and, first using modified transport ships, began to fight back against the Cardassians. As time progressed, the Maquis began constructing purpose built raiders to further their aims of independence from the Cardassians and against the Federation ships that tried to enforce the treaty. While it has a slow top warp speed, the raider is very maneuverable at sublight speeds and boasts fairly good weapons. It is no match for a true warship, either Cardassian or Federation, in a one on one battle, but it excels as what it was designed to do, fast raids on unprepared targets.