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[Lazarus] 9:57 am: Welcome to P&PG Chat.
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[Lazarus] 9:58 am: I created room "Serenity Out of the Ashes Session 5"
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[Lazarus] 9:59 am: Sorry to be running late.
[] 9:59 am: wow, 5 meters is amazing
[] 10:00 am: lotsa snow in the Springs? Boulder got about 8 inches so far
[Lazarus] 10:00 am: Lost power twice last night and things have been nuts due to the first snow of the year
[] 10:00 am: Mostly up in the mountain regions street level it varies alot more
[] 10:00 am: Heh if norway lost power due to snow we would be in the stone ages for half a year that would suck
[Lazarus] 10:01 am: Not much, just a couple inches, but I25 corridor people are idiots when it comes to snow, they see a flake and shit all over themselves
[] 10:01 am: Springs is the prime time
[] 10:01 am: For snowboarding and other activities
[] 10:01 am: lol
[] 10:02 am: so needless to say I could lose power/internet at any moment
[Lazarus] 10:02 am: Power is usually very stable, not sue what happened. I'm sure it was fallen tree limbs or something like that
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[Throol] 10:02 am: Hiyas
[Lazarus] 10:02 am: Hey Thool
[] 10:02 am: hey Throol
[Lazarus] 10:02 am: Any word/sign of Rein?
[] 10:02 am: Oh snap
[] 10:02 am: let me check skype
[] 10:03 am: Hes online sent him a msg
[Lazarus] 10:03 am: okay. thanks
[Throol] 10:04 am: Are your Plot points reset back to 6 now?
[Throol] 10:04 am: *our
[] 10:04 am: Hes on his way
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[monster87] 10:04 am: greetings all
[Lazarus] 10:04 am: anyone have any questions/concerns before we start. Just to like you know white wine is the proper accompanyment to Long Pork
[Lazarus] 10:05 am: and speak of the devil! Hey Rein
[Throol] 10:05 am: heh I thought it was moonshine
[Lazarus] 10:05 am: Only if you are from West Virginia
[monster87] 10:05 am: I'm grabbing some food in the meanwhile, but don't let me stop you from starting - i'll read it
[Lazarus] 10:08 am: Okay then, as there seem to be no questions...
[] 10:08 am: Im ready to go
[Throol] 10:08 am: I asked one, didn't get answered
[] 10:08 am: Oh
[] 10:08 am: Yes they do
[] 10:08 am: Every session Throol
[] 10:08 am: You get 6 back even if you have 0
[Lazarus] 10:08 am: Out of the Ashes Session 5, GM - Lazarus. Players - Throol, Gabel, monster87, and starjunky
[Lazarus] 10:09 am: yes, plot points have reset
[] 10:09 am: If you have more then 6 they get converted to EXP
[] 10:09 am: No more then 12
[] 10:09 am: I think thats correct
[Throol] 10:09 am: And any we have above 6 at the end convert to advancement points?
[Lazarus] 10:10 am: yes
[Lazarus] 10:11 am: Okay, when we last left our intrepid adventurers....
[Lazarus] 10:11 am: John and Ian, along with Doc were with the Reaver refugee
[Lazarus] 10:11 am: Boomer was making hot cocoa
[] 10:11 am: Actualy i ran to the bridge
[] 10:12 am: Once Alex said that stuff on the intercom
[] 10:12 am: (unless your starting with that this time around)
[Lazarus] 10:12 am: and Alex was on the bridge, with a chill in his gut as he noticed a ship approaching fast that was running without core containment
[Lazarus] 10:13 am: As soon as he announced this, John started to run as the scene faded to black
[monster87] 10:14 am: actually I just checked out the pod and reported to the captain that it was a "a Sheelback-Class Freighter the Cecilia"
[Lazarus] 10:14 am: the refugee, upon hearing Alex's announcement has a look of absolute terror on his face before folding into a fetal position mumbling over and over "I won’t go bacth"
[Lazarus] 10:15 am: okay then Boomer is in the makeshift sickbay as well
[] 10:15 am: *Running into the bridge* What did i just hear on the coms alex you saying that ships flying without containment
[] 10:16 am: "Aye Capn"
[Lazarus->] 10:16 am: It's just one ship. You didn't see it due to the background radiation and debris from the refugee's ship
[] 10:16 am: I got a bad feeling about this its way to convenient with our pickup here and with what hes been telling us
[monster87] 10:16 am: * as Boomer starts to follow the captain she sees the man crumble and turns to check it out, but then changes her mind at seeing his appearance and runs to the bridge as well *
[] 10:17 am: Lose em alex do anything you can
[monster87] 10:17 am: (btw what does it mean that the approaching ship is without core containment?)
[] 10:17 am: "just one ship, didn't see due to radiation and that half-Reaver's wrechage
[] 10:18 am: If they follow us punch it
[] 10:18 am: I aint sticking around to find out what they want
[] 10:18 am: "yeah, will do
[Lazarus] 10:19 am: (The engine shielding has been romoved. This makes the ship run faster, but is decidedly unhealthy has it irradiates the ship)
[] 10:19 am: (Deadly to human beings)
[Throol] 10:19 am: Ian keeps watching the refugee.
[] 10:20 am: Im going to try and find out some stuff about this Freighter the Cecilia on the cortex Alex dont hesitate to use full burn our ships fast i know she will get us out of this *walks out*
[Lazarus] 10:20 am: And soon as Alex pivots the ship, the closing ship, now visible on scanners, shows signs off all sorts of odd modifications
[Lazarus] 10:21 am: parts removed, other things add, most notibly a large EMP projector on the port side
[Throol] 10:21 am: (that not good)
[monster87] 10:21 am: * hears the last statement of the captain * "Cap'n, I already tried, but we're too far out to access the Cortdex"
[Lazarus] 10:22 am: ALex please roll the ship's agility w/ your born behind the wheel for a d8+your piloting skill
[] 10:22 am: *stopping* Gorram it
[] 10:22 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d12)
[] 10:22 am:

-> 1d8 (6)+ 1d12 (3) = 9

[monster87] 10:23 am: Can I somehow assist Ace by turning on the turbo at the right moment or something :P?
[Lazarus] 10:23 am: If you can make a formidable int+mech eng, I'll give him a one step bonus to maneuverability
[Lazarus] 10:24 am: Formidable = 15
[Lazarus] 10:24 am: The Pride isn't known for being nimble
[monster87->Lazarus] 10:24 am: can I add in the intuition :)?
[Lazarus->monster87] 10:24 am: not this time
[monster87->Lazarus] 10:25 am: ah I thought it a perfect opportunity, but ok i'll roll without it
[monster87] 10:25 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d12+1d10)
[monster87] 10:25 am:

-> 1d12 (11)+ 1d10 (3) = 14

[monster87] 10:25 am: ill add a plot point
[Lazarus] 10:25 am: kk
[Lazarus] 10:25 am: ok star, reroll with d10+d12 keep higher roll
[] 10:25 am: (am I reacting to something?
[] 10:26 am: starts rolling some dice: (d10+d12)
[] 10:26 am:

-> 1d10 (7)+ 1d12 (11) = 18

[Lazarus] 10:26 am: Yes in fact you are, nice
[monster87] 10:26 am: haha nice
[] 10:26 am: (woohoo
[monster87] 10:26 am: (we're a great time Ace, that's why)
[monster87] 10:26 am: *team\
[] 10:26 am: "nice work there Boomr!
[Lazarus] 10:26 am: as the Fire Angel comes about, the closing ship fires....
[Lazarus] 10:26 am: starts rolling some dice: (2d8)
[Lazarus] 10:26 am:

-> 2d8 (8,8 = 16)

[monster87] 10:26 am: "You too Ace, let's be quicker than this modified mumbo-jumbo
[Lazarus] 10:27 am: DAMN god thing she helped or that would have hit you
[monster87] 10:27 am: "Phew that was damn close Cap'n "
[] 10:27 am: ( was mulling about using a pre roll pp...
[Throol] 10:27 am: Don't forget plot points guys!
[] 10:27 am: Just get us the heck out of here full burn as soon as you can
[] 10:27 am: "Battle Stations - we're under attack!
[Lazarus] 10:27 am: as it is, the coronal discharge was so close, when Alex looks down at the scanners, they are scrambled by all the high energy particles
[Lazarus->] 10:28 am: YOu have noticed, the other ship is fast, way fast, probably faster than your ship, even at hard burn
[] 10:28 am: "that gorram ship is prolly faster than us even on hard burn!
[] 10:29 am: * I kick in Hard Burn mode
[] 10:29 am: The hell she is my angel aint going down without a fight
[Lazarus] 10:29 am: Racing ahead the Fire Angel strains at her best speed,b ut with the scanners blinded, it is hard to tell if the toher ship is gaining
[] 10:29 am: ( I gots a d8 in Tactics.. can I roll to see if an epiphany hits me?
[monster87] 10:29 am: "Ahh, what do I do? What does battle stations mean exactly" * clearly Boomer is not well suited to deal with this situation *
[] 10:30 am: Boomer get down to engineering see if you cant boost the engines somehow
[] 10:30 am: We need all the speed we can get
[Lazarus] 10:30 am: (roll int+tactics, if you can roll an 11, you'll squeeze out a d2 onto your piloting)
[monster87] 10:30 am: "Aye Cap'n" * hurries to the engine room *
[] 10:31 am: starts rolling some dice: (d6+d8)
[] 10:31 am:

-> 1d6 (4)+ 1d8 (5) = 9

[] 10:31 am: spend 2 pp
[Lazarus->monster87] 10:31 am: You realize, that the improvement to maneuverability is probably more useful than speed)
[Lazarus] 10:31 am: kk
[] 10:31 am: oh wait, behind wheel doubles ship realted pps?
[] 10:31 am: so just 1 needed?
[monster87->Lazarus] 10:32 am: ok, i'll spent some time to think about it, but I vote for some penalty due to battle stress (which is not her best thing)
[] 10:32 am: not double, but +2
[] 10:32 am: *Picks up ships coms* This is your captain speaking we mite be in for Wong Dahn right now so i suggest you all buckle up keep the guy we saved safe and pray to whatever gods you pray to that we make it through this
[Lazarus] 10:33 am: yes that is correct,
[] 10:33 am: rgr, so spend 1 and get 3 total
[Lazarus] 10:33 am: so alex uses one plot point
[] 10:33 am: down to 5 pp then
[Lazarus] 10:33 am: on next roll you will have d12+2d piloting
[] 10:33 am: (nice
[Lazarus->] 10:33 am: however, you will have to stay on bridge to keep providing the boost to maneuverability
[] 10:34 am: "come lady bird.... gimme all you got!
[Lazarus->monster87] 10:34 am: however, you will have to stay on bridge to keep providing the boost to maneuverability
[Throol] 10:35 am: I'll carefully secure the refugee, then myself
[->Lazarus] 10:35 am: ok
[] 10:35 am: I head on down to the medbay to make sure their okay down there and give alex my vote of confidence he will get us out of this mess *leaves the bridge*
[monster87] 10:36 am: * after a short time Boomer returns to the bridge *
[Lazarus] 10:36 am: He cringes at your touch, but when he doesn't sense manevolence on your part he relaxes long enough for you to get him belted in
[monster87] 10:36 am: "Sorry lost my head there cap'n, but I think that I'm much more useful here, helping with the maneuverability"
[] 10:37 am: "think we should broadcast mayday Capn? Or too far out of range for help anyways?
[Lazarus] 10:37 am: banking the ship hard to make the Fire Angel the most difficult target he can, Alex gets a glimpse of the other ship and it had closed from Long to Medium range
[] 10:38 am: " they're gaining on us!
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[Lazarus] 10:38 am: (You can alwaysy send a mayday, but whether that will bring help is unknown)
[->Lazarus] 10:38 am: Before i head into the medbay im going to activate my distress beacon this has longer range then our coms right ?
[Lazarus->] 10:39 am: I'd say the main comm has the best range, but both are limited to speed of light
[->Lazarus] 10:39 am: Or longer range then our wave for Maydays
[->Lazarus] 10:39 am: This is a ship distress beacon i bought btw
[Lazarus->] 10:40 am: the beaconis a more powerful signal, so it will cut through more interference
[Lazarus->] 10:41 am: As you get that glimpse, you realize the ship is getting ready to fire
[Lazarus] 10:41 am: Alex and boomer do your thing, bommer roll first
[->Lazarus] 10:41 am: Im going to take it back to the bridge with me
[] 10:41 am: *over comms - Looks like they are about to fire!
[monster87] 10:41 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d12+1d10)
[monster87] 10:41 am:

-> 1d12 (6)+ 1d10 (2) = 8

[Lazarus] 10:42 am: okay, the roll is d8+d12+d2 for Alex
[] 10:42 am: starts rolling some dice: (d10+d12+d2)
[] 10:42 am:

-> 1d10 (5)+ 1d12 (1)+ 1d2 (1) = 7

[] 10:42 am: oops
[Lazarus] 10:42 am: eep
[->Lazarus] 10:42 am: After i have been to the medbay
[] 10:42 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d12+d2)
[] 10:42 am:

-> 1d8 (1)+ 1d12 (10)+ 1d2 (2) = 13

[Lazarus] 10:42 am: keep your fingers crossed ladies and gentlemen
[Lazarus] 10:43 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8)
[Lazarus] 10:43 am:

-> 1d8 (6)

[Lazarus] 10:43 am: starts rolling some dice: (2d6)
[Lazarus] 10:43 am:

-> 2d6 (1,6 = 7)

[Lazarus] 10:43 am: complete miss
[] 10:43 am: *Walking in on the doc and Ian*
[] 10:43 am: Hows our passenger doing ?
[Throol] 10:44 am: "Little jumpy, otherwise doing well."
[Lazarus] 10:44 am: Dodging wildly, the Fire Angel avoids the other ship's fire.
[] 10:44 am: "Boomer, could we run without containment for a short while? else I fear we're toast anyways
[Lazarus->] 10:44 am: roll alertness+perception
[->Lazarus] 10:45 am: k
[->Lazarus] 10:45 am: (btw i already activated it before i head to the medbay if i was not clear on that)
[->Lazarus] 10:45 am: (Im just bringing it with me as its only a small thing anyway)
[Lazarus] 10:45 am: "Yeah, if you call bein' in a fetal position 'well' he's okay"
[Lazarus->] 10:45 am: ok
[monster87->Lazarus] 10:45 am: what do I think about running without containment for a while?
[->Lazarus] 10:45 am: got d8 in precep-intuition, htat apply?
[Lazarus] 10:46 am: "Never met anyone that met Reavers and lived, but you all know the stories. If they board us, save a round for yourselves."
[Throol] 10:46 am: (no biggie, lots of people act that way)
[Lazarus->] 10:46 am: no
[] 10:46 am: starts rolling some dice: (d6+d6)
[] 10:46 am:

-> 1d6 (5)+ 1d6 (5) = 10

[Lazarus->] 10:47 am: you get the distinct impression that a plot point will be useful
[] 10:47 am: I dont know whats going on but i know for sure we being attacked if by reavers or no he seems to be afraid as hell
[] 10:47 am: (spend a plot point, not sure if +2 behid wheel applies thoi?
[] 10:47 am: down to 4
[Throol] 10:48 am: "Well, he's been through a lot, it's understandable."
[] 10:48 am: Just keep him safe i need to run up to the bridge i already activated my distress beacon so if any Alliance vessels are nearby hopefully we mite get out of this mess
[Lazarus->] 10:48 am: The scanners clear long enough for you to notice something detach from the other ship. It's large, might be a missile and it is moving fast
[] 10:48 am: But we mite jus have to fend this one out for ourselves
[] 10:48 am: *Runs back to the bridge*
[] 10:49 am: *over comms - They've launched something bug and fast, coming at us - could be a missile
[] 10:49 am: big*
[] 10:49 am: (Using his own coms* Evade it gorram it Evade !
[Lazarus->monster87] 10:49 am: bad idea, this other ship is faster and none of you need the radiation at best, you might be able to equal their speed
[Serenity Out of the Ashes Session 5]: has left at 10:49 am+
[monster87] 10:50 am: "ahhh we're Wong Dahn"
[Lazarus] 10:50 am: gabel, you are going to have to roll agility + Athletics as alex goes full tilt on the maneuvering
[Lazarus] 10:50 am: Boomer and Alex do your thing
[] 10:50 am: ( sure glad I bumped up Piloting with AP last session - hope its enuff
[monster87] 10:51 am: with 2 plot points in advance
[monster87] 10:51 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d12+1d10+d4)
[monster87] 10:51 am:

-> 1d12 (12)+ 1d10 (2)+ 1d4 (4) = 18

[] 10:51 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d12+d2)
[] 10:51 am:

-> 1d8 (2)+ 1d12 (9)+ 1d2 (2) = 13

[] 10:51 am: *Getting in to the bridge* I got our distress beacon activated so if helps out there its on the way hopefully
[Lazarus] 10:51 am: (Boomer succeeded, so reroll with 1d10 Alex)
[] 10:52 am: starts rolling some dice: (d10+d12+d2)
[] 10:52 am:

-> 1d10 (6)+ 1d12 (6)+ 1d2 (1) = 13

[] 10:52 am: (bah
[Lazarus] 10:52 am: (Before you can reach bridge Gabel, you have to roll agility+athletics
[Lazarus] 10:52 am: starts rolling some dice: (2d8)
[Lazarus] 10:52 am:

-> 2d8 (1,4 = 5)

[] 10:52 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d6)
[] 10:52 am:

-> 1d6 (2)+ 1d6 (1) = 3

[Lazarus] 10:53 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d10+1d8)
[Lazarus] 10:53 am:

-> 1d10 (5)+ 1d8 (6) = 11

[] 10:53 am: (im so gonna slip and fall)
[Lazarus] 10:54 am: As the ship wildly gyrates, John is tossed about violently. Roll Endurance Vitality+Willpower
[] 10:54 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d10+1d10)
[] 10:54 am:

-> 1d10 (1)+ 1d10 (1) = 2

[] 10:54 am: ARE YOU F KIDDING ME
[Lazarus] 10:54 am: ow
[Lazarus] 10:54 am: starts rolling some dice: (2d4)
[Lazarus] 10:54 am:

-> 2d4 (2,2 = 4)

[] 10:54 am: (yikes
[monster87] 10:54 am: i think we just lost our captain :P
[] 10:54 am: Im telling you laz dice are out to get me
[] 10:55 am: can i plot point
[] 10:55 am: ?
[Lazarus] 10:55 am: you take 4 points of stun as you slam against various parts of the ship
[] 10:55 am: Or not
[Lazarus] 10:55 am: the only time you can reroll a Botch is with Major Things Go Smooth
[] 10:55 am: kk
[monster87] 10:55 am: (that's not that bad - he could've had you unconscious for blotching)
[] 10:56 am: Yeah but a double 1
[] 10:56 am: Is just silly face
[monster87] 10:57 am: (what happened to the missle?)
[Lazarus] 10:57 am: The larger ship misses wide again and the Fire Angel maintain distance of Medium. However the second object fired and it's shot was much closer and it has closed to Short range
[monster87] 10:57 am: "Wo Bu Shin Wo Dah Yan Jing. Did we REALLY avoid that missle? Great job Alex"
[Lazarus] 10:58 am: (Missiles firing EMP cannon is not something anyone has ever heard of)
[] 10:58 am: *Walking up to the bridge slightly shaken* Ugh Nice manouvers there i got our distress beacon activated *holding it out*
[Lazarus] 10:58 am: (It's a little dented from breaking John's fall, but it is sending)
[] 10:58 am: "were running out of options, folks! any ideas? how bout dropping containment?
[monster87] 10:59 am: "Won't help us damn it. Will at most match their speed"
[monster87] 10:59 am: "And risking ourselves in the proces"
[] 10:59 am: (Yeah im guessing distress beacons are supposed to survive a fall since they can survive in the pressure of space as well?)
[Lazarus->] 10:59 am: you can see the second object for a second and it looks like a shuttle, an impossibly fast shuttle
[] 10:59 am: " I get the distinct quesy feeling we're Humped
[Lazarus->] 11:00 am: and the two are manuevering in conjunction to cut off your escape
[] 11:00 am: over comms_ another object launched, looks like a shuttle but is flyin waay too fast
[monster87] 11:00 am: * looks at the screen *
[] 11:00 am: Gorram it i need to find out who is following us
[] 11:01 am: "they are tryin to cut us off!
[Lazarus->] 11:01 am: you can see you've one of two equally screwed choices. Either evade the main ship's next shot OR avoid the shuttle, but you can't do both
[monster87] 11:01 am: "At least we can be damn sure it's not Nien Mohn (Alliance)"
[] 11:01 am: (There anything we can launch at them ?)
[Lazarus] 11:02 am: the screens are largely hash because of the EMP bursts, but there are two objects out there attempting to hem you in
[] 11:02 am: "capn, I can only evade main ship shot, or evade shuttle, but not both
[] 11:02 am: Evade the shot we dont want to be dead in the water
[monster87->Lazarus] 11:02 am: (can I do something with explosives?)
[Lazarus->monster87] 11:02 am: you'd have to have something you can pitch out the airlock
[Lazarus] 11:03 am: boomer make your roll to boost maneuverability
[] 11:03 am: *picking up the coms* Theres a gorram shuttle on its way if we mite get boarded if the rumors about these crazies is correct
[monster87->Lazarus] 11:03 am: I can throw a flash granade out of the airlock.. not sure how much effect it'll have in space though
[Lazarus->Throol] 11:04 am: at that announcement the refugee begins to thrash about with a look of abject terror
[] 11:04 am: Make sure your packing heat down in the med bay dont leave the patients sight keep him safe be prepared for anything.
[] 11:05 am: If this ship thats following us really is reavers we gotta get away as fast as possible but i got a plan to stop that shuttle
[->Lazarus] 11:05 am: Can i try something with the shuttle ?
[Lazarus] 11:05 am: Alex tightens his grip on the control yoke and spares a quick 'this is it glance' at Boomer
[Lazarus->] 11:06 am: what sort of thing?
[->Lazarus] 11:06 am: I want to vent the escape pod and try and hit the shuttle
[->Lazarus] 11:06 am: willing to use 6 Plot points
[Lazarus->monster87] 11:06 am: Rein? Roll int+mech eng
[->Lazarus] 11:06 am: If i cant do it in time for the shuttle il try it for the Ship following us
[Throol->Lazarus] 11:06 am: (can pistols penetrate the hull?)
[monster87] 11:06 am: "If there's anyone who can do it, it's you Alex"
[Lazarus->] 11:06 am: it is possible, but will take a mech eng roll to set up
[->Lazarus] 11:07 am: Alright
[->Lazarus] 11:07 am: (Gotta try cool stuff like that)
[->Lazarus] 11:07 am: Hehe
[] 11:07 am: Boomer i need a hand we can use that escape pod as a makeshift weapon
[] 11:07 am: "thanks Boomer, smoke 'em if ya got 'em!
[Lazarus->] 11:07 am: of crouse, that's what heroes do, but if you can hit anything, it is probaby the larger ship
[monster87] 11:07 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d12+1d10)
[monster87] 11:07 am:

-> 1d12 (6)+ 1d10 (5) = 11

[Lazarus->Throol] 11:08 am: no they can not
[->Lazarus] 11:08 am: Then thats what im aiming for
[monster87] 11:08 am: * then follows the captain *
[Lazarus] 11:08 am: call that good enough, now that she's go the hang of it
[Lazarus] 11:08 am: Alex, roll your int+tactics
[] 11:08 am: Follow me boomer we gots to rig up the escape pod so we can vent it into atmo
[Throol->Lazarus] 11:09 am: (what kind of shot range do I have? Is it even worth using a ranged weapon?)
[Lazarus] 11:09 am: you two will have to roll agility+athletics
[monster87] 11:09 am: "Sure. I also have smokers, flashes and other explosives..
[monster87] 11:09 am: athletics (running) helps?
[] 11:09 am: Gorram it boomer your a genious we can rig it blow as well get your explosives
[Lazarus->Throol] 11:09 am: You can fire as far as the corridors are long
[] 11:10 am: I will meet you in the hangarbay *runs ahead*
[monster87] 11:10 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d8)
[monster87] 11:10 am:

-> 1d8 (6)+ 1d8 (1) = 7

[Lazarus] 11:10 am: running will not, this is more keeping your feet
[] 11:10 am: starts rolling some dice: (d6+d8)
[] 11:10 am:

-> 1d6 (6)+ 1d8 (2) = 8

[monster87] 11:10 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d8)
[monster87] 11:10 am:

-> 1d6 (1)+ 1d8 (3) = 4

[monster87] 11:10 am: (last roll then)
[] 11:10 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d6)
[] 11:10 am:

-> 1d6 (6)+ 1d6 (2) = 8

[Lazarus] 11:10 am: ok star full evade 1d10+1d12=1d2
[] 11:10 am: (Thats my roll)
[] 11:10 am: (If i make the roll i do this)
[Lazarus] 11:11 am: John staggers along, but does manage to move slowly forward. Boomer is just too light to make any headway
[Throol->Lazarus] 11:11 am: Ok, Ian unbuckles himself, keeps a good grip on something stable with his left hand and draws a pistol with his right hand
[] 11:11 am: *getting to the hangarbay and starts rigging up the escape pod to vent it into atmo* (Just getting it in place and whatnot so only that gets vented)
[Lazarus] 11:11 am: uh star that should be 1d10+1d12+d2
[] 11:11 am: (Whenever i get there after the rolls that is)
[Throol->Lazarus] 11:12 am: I look at the refugee. "I think we'll be fine. If it goes bad though, you want me to kill you rather than let 'em get you?"
[Lazarus->monster87] 11:12 am: a flash bang is way too small to do anything to a ship in space
[] 11:12 am: ( that was int + tactics
[] 11:12 am: starts rolling some dice: (d10+d12+d2)
[] 11:12 am:

-> 1d10 (4)+ 1d12 (3)+ 1d2 (1) = 8

[monster87->Lazarus] 11:12 am: something like a mag charge or a mining charge then?
[Lazarus->Throol] 11:13 am: "He barely manages to hear you through his terror, but slowly, very slowly thought returns and after several long seconds, he nods. "Thakth youth"
[Lazarus] 11:13 am: eep
[Lazarus] 11:13 am: starts rolling some dice: (2d8)
[Lazarus] 11:13 am:

-> 2d8 (5,8 = 13)

[Lazarus] 11:13 am: EEP
[Lazarus->monster87] 11:13 am: a bundle of mining charages could
[monster87->Lazarus] 11:14 am: so I'm en route getting that.. but I rolled 3 on my athletics
[] 11:14 am: (Btw i left the distress beacon with Alex i forgot to say that)
[] 11:14 am: (Not carrying it around anymore after i went to medbay)
[Lazarus] 11:14 am: Alex banks hard, but the other ship's gunner seemed to antipicate his move and the beam strikes the ship
[] 11:14 am: (Forgot to say it sorry)
[Serenity Out of the Ashes Session 5]: has left at 11:15 am+
[Lazarus] 11:15 am: the ship almost screams in pain, even though that is impossible, she screms nonetheless
[Throol->Lazarus] 11:15 am: I make sure to keep track of how many bullets I have left in the gun
[Lazarus] 11:15 am: blue lightning splays acorss the Fire Angel and half her systems go dark
[Lazarus->Throol] 11:15 am: kk
[Lazarus] 11:16 am: starts rolling some dice: (d6)
[Lazarus] 11:16 am:

-> 1d6 (4)

[Lazarus] 11:17 am: The main drive shuts down and primary lighting goes out
[Lazarus] 11:18 am: the dim emergency lighting activates and everyone can hear the heavy CLUNK as something large strikes the hull
[Serenity Out of the Ashes Session 5]: has left at 11:18 am+
[Throol] 11:18 am: Does the ship stabilize?
[] 11:18 am: * Alex secures systems as best he can, then races to don ballistic mesh and grab AR
[Lazarus->] 11:18 am: you've got thrusters to move with, but that's it. scanners and comms are down
[Lazarus] 11:19 am: Alex has enough control that the ship does slowly flatten out and comes to halt
[] 11:19 am: "yells - got thrusters, but comms and scanner down
[] 11:19 am: *using ships coms if they are still working* Alex send out a mayday NOW if you have not already done it the distress beacon is on but send out on all frequencies
[] 11:20 am: (lol just as i said that)
[Throol] 11:20 am: (Is the ship sitting still?)
[] 11:20 am: I turn around to get my ammo in my room i stock up to full
[] 11:20 am: as we are standing still now
[] 11:21 am: ( thought I already sent mayday earlier?
[Lazarus] 11:21 am: You can hear further thumps on the top of the hull at the airlock. You know you;ve got only a couple minutes before whoever is out there manages to get in
[] 11:21 am: If i pass by medbay i will yell to Ian to get his ballistic mesh on
[] 11:21 am: (If you sent mayday then np)
[] 11:21 am: (The distress beacon will help boost signal)
[Throol] 11:21 am: "Dumbass I never take my armor off. You shouldn't neither."
[Lazarus] 11:21 am: mayday sent via comm and distress beacon
[Lazarus] 11:22 am: the larger ship is not in sight
[] 11:22 am: Alex heads to strategic shooting position near airlock after getting his gear. Also grabs combat knif
[] 11:22 am: Im also going to tell the doc to lock the doors and tell the patient to stay inside
[] 11:22 am: Then head to the airlock as far away as possible
[Throol->Lazarus] 11:22 am: I let go of the support with my left hand, get both sets of brass knuckles easy to get out, and draw my second pistol.
[] 11:23 am: With my Rifle aimed right at the gorram thing
[] 11:23 am: I just quickly fit my bayonet btw while im getting ammo
[Throol->Lazarus] 11:23 am: I position myself so I can see both the corridor (as far as I I can) and the refugee
[] 11:23 am: I already had my rifle and ballistic mesh on and an extra mag im just getting the rest
[Lazarus] 11:23 am: "I'm a might busy geting ready for battle and all, but I think our passenger is about as ready for this as you can get. Remember for Buddha's sake SAVE A ROUND FOR YOURSELF!" Doc growls back
[monster87] 11:24 am: I get a weapon, some nades and hurry back to the bridge or wherever I hear sounds of others
[Lazarus] 11:24 am: There is a further burst of thumping on the hull and then silence
[] 11:25 am: Shoot to kill people if they look anything like that fellah earlier *i chuck some glowlights near the airlock entrance*
[Lazarus] 11:25 am: aside from Gabel, who else is at the airlock?
[monster87] 11:26 am: alex was heading there and chances are I hear one of 'em and join 'em there
[] 11:26 am: I'm in prtailly sheltered shooting positoin at airlock
[] 11:26 am: You were origionally getting explosives
[] 11:26 am: Yeah im far in the back as well aiming at the airlock
[Lazarus] 11:26 am: Ian there too?
[] 11:26 am: Ian is with the doc
[] 11:27 am: (Or he should be)
[] 11:27 am: (Less he moved)
[] 11:27 am: (Throol ?)
[] 11:27 am: ( are nades advisable inside starships? just wondering
[] 11:28 am: (NO)
[monster87] 11:28 am: (probably flash and smokes don't do much damage)
[Throol] 11:28 am: (Im here)
[] 11:28 am: (If i had not previously made it clear i wont allow nades inside my ship)
[] 11:28 am: ( ahh gotcha
[Lazarus] 11:28 am: The Pride has two decks, the lower deck is the cargo bay and engine room
[] 11:28 am: (at least explosive ones)
[] 11:28 am: But theres only 1 airlock right
[] 11:29 am: And if shooting starts im sure Ian can hear it
[] 11:29 am: ( brb, biobreak
[Lazarus] 11:29 am: the upper deck is a common room, the dining room/galley, thenthe long corridor with all the cabins that leads to the bridge
[Lazarus] 11:30 am: there is the main forward cargo ramp airlock. and smaller portside personnel airlock that leads to the dining room/galley
[Throol] 11:30 am: (yah bio break here too)
[] 11:30 am: (If thats correct then i would have already told Ian to cover the doc and the patient cause i know i can trust him)
[] 11:30 am: ( bk
[] 11:31 am: (And i dont think Ian has moved anyway)
[Throol] 11:31 am: (back - I've moved around the room, but that's it)
[] 11:32 am: (Okay)
[Lazarus] 11:32 am: during the potty break I am about ti send you a doc with the ship's layout
[Lazarus] 11:35 am: sent
[Lazarus] 11:35 am: take a couple seconds to figure out the lay of the land as it were
[monster87] 11:37 am: what's "Head"?
[monster87] 11:38 am: a toilet right :P?
[Lazarus] 11:38 am: yes the can man
[monster87] 11:38 am: haha
[monster87] 11:38 am: not native english speaker "P
[] 11:38 am: Hmm weird
[] 11:38 am: Sec
[] 11:39 am: Oh sweet you made your own layout of the ship Laz
[] 11:39 am: Had to redownload the file was corrupted first time :)
[] 11:39 am: (nice job
[Lazarus] 11:40 am: I know, but as a natie speaker, you wouldn't know it Rein. I am so jealous of your English comprehension. I can fumble a long with some high school German, but I'm about a fluent as a 2 year old and my writing would be an embarassment
[] 11:41 am: Wow what program you use for the images
[Lazarus] 11:41 am: No dude, I can write, not do graphics, these were done by the brilliant Lynn Lefay AKA Lynn Blackson that wrote most of Sixshooters and Spaceships
[] 11:41 am: but thats the Cambridge
[] 11:41 am: Not the pride
[Lazarus] 11:42 am: damn it, hold on FUDGE
[] 11:42 am: Prides in the first book on Cortex Shipyards
[Throol] 11:42 am: Which room's the medic one?
[] 11:43 am: (None of the ones you see on the document laz sent you its a different ship :P)
[] 11:44 am: At least it should be in Cortex Shipyards 1
[] 11:44 am: I think
[Lazarus] 11:45 am: ok, you should have it now
[Throol] 11:46 am: Might want to put it in Google docs, then any of us could access it anytime
[Lazarus] 11:46 am: meh don't get me started on what I think of Google
[Throol] 11:46 am: ?? I've yet to hear anything negative
[Lazarus] 11:48 am: Google docs is okay gmail is who I have an issue with
[Throol] 11:48 am: Which room on this one's the sickbay?
[Throol] 11:48 am: Oh. Hope you tell me about it sometime, I have my professional e-mail on gmail
[Lazarus] 11:48 am: however, okay rewind. lower deck is whee the cabins common areas and cargo are all located
[] 11:48 am: Yeah i was about to say that only the engine room and the shuttles are on another level
[monster87] 11:49 am: i got it on google docs https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pgN4gDrNhqk0ylAdk-aDPsi8xTB1bGS9NHZiNAadPJ8/edit
[] 11:49 am: From what i can tell
[Lazarus] 11:49 am: The 'sickbay' ws always notional, that is, no one ever picked a room. Since Bloodangel has moved on, go ahead and pick one Throol
[] 11:50 am: ( need to take 10 mins to deal with some tree damage due to snow, bbiab
[] 11:51 am: I always thought the sickbay was near the messhall and close to our quarters
[Lazarus] 11:51 am: as you can see, two rooms front directly on the common area/galley
[Lazarus->Throol] 11:52 am: not going to be possible. The upper deck is where the airlock is located, and the refugee will be on the lower deck
[Lazarus] 11:53 am: personally, I think the large double aftmost cabin makes the most sense
[monster87] 11:53 am: (where is starjunky living that he has snow)
[] 11:53 am: Well its only a makeshift medbay where the doc put up his stuff
[] 11:53 am: The double one yeah thats what i was thinking
[Lazarus] 11:53 am: Colorado I believe. North of me
[] 11:53 am: Just put it there laz
[] 11:53 am: Makes more sense
[Lazarus] 11:53 am: I have snow, but not that much
[Throol->Lazarus] 11:54 am: (Bugger.)
[Lazarus] 11:54 am: okay. now we know
[Lazarus->Throol] 11:54 am: don't think the refugee will like tht
[] 11:54 am: Theres only 1 airlock on this ship far as i can tell
[] 11:55 am: Or are those side things airlocks as well ?
[Lazarus] 11:55 am: On the up side, there is only one way from the upper airlock so the bad guys are channeled
[] 11:55 am: Yeah
[] 11:56 am: Ah no their workbenches
[Throol->Lazarus] 11:56 am: Alright, guess I'm moving both of us to a better firing position, where I can also keep tabs on him
[Lazarus] 11:56 am: you've the main aft bay, port and starboard airlocks and that dark circle aft on the upper deck
[] 11:57 am: Gorram it the airlocks should have been marked with another colour to make it easier to identify :p
[Lazarus] 11:57 am: okay, ready for the mayhem? Where is everyone going to set up?
[Lazarus] 11:58 am: I'll be sure to bring that up to Lynn
[] 11:58 am: Im setting up in the back far away as possible with a clear shot
[] 11:58 am: (obviously the picture itself is awesome just would make it easier to identify where the actual exits are hehe:)
[Lazarus] 11:58 am: they are a bit of a differnt color, they are light gray compared to the dark grey of the rest of the deck
[monster87] 11:59 am: I'm going with the cap'n unless he tells me different
[] 11:59 am: the one with the Circle has a dark grey though
[] 11:59 am: so
[] 11:59 am: On second deck
[Lazarus] 11:59 am: three top deck, two lower deck, plus the main aft cargo bay PLUS the dark circle aft on the upper deck
[] 12:00 pm: (theres the shuttle ones obviously)
[Lazarus] 12:00 pm: the three upper deck are the shuttle acess points
[] 12:00 pm: Yeah
[Lazarus] 12:00 pm: okay John is midships near engine room with a shot down the length of the corridor
[] 12:00 pm: Anyway i setup near the aft airlock far back with my rifle ready to shoot anything that moves
[Lazarus] 12:00 pm: where is everyone else?
[] 12:01 pm: I tell the others to cover the other airlocks and the doc to take care of the prisoner
[] 12:01 pm: (So setup where ya want while i cover this place)
[Throol] 12:01 pm: I look at the doc. Look like he could handle himself in a fight with the refugee, if it came to that?
[] 12:01 pm: ( gonna need another 20 mins or so, need to saw a branch thats about to damage our roof gutter
[Lazarus] 12:02 pm: Ian will then set up midships lower deck where he can see the port and starboard airlicks and still see aft toward the refugee
[monster87] 12:02 pm: * following the captain to a good spot * "What do you want me to do Cap'n, you know I'm not good with shootin'"
[Lazarus] 12:03 pm: "He's a complete wreck, none too stable either. He could flip either way."
[Lazarus] 12:03 pm: Doc will take up near sickbay to cover main cargo bay and refugee
[Lazarus] 12:03 pm: I think Alex would set up near captain
[monster87] 12:04 pm: ye
[] 12:04 pm: As i know Boomer is skittish in fights i tell her to stay with the doc
[] 12:05 pm: (Im guessing we did all this while we had the time before anyway)
[Serenity Out of the Ashes Session 5]: shadovar has left at 12:05 pm+
[] 12:05 pm: I also tell her to give the others some flash grenades just incase if she has any
[] 12:05 pm: and i take one for myself
[Lazarus] 12:05 pm: You did have a couple minutes as the intruders over rode the airlock
[Lazarus] 12:06 pm: okay Alex and John are on upper deck with rifles, armor and a flash bang
[monster87] 12:06 pm: kk so I go to the doc
[Lazarus] 12:06 pm: Boomer is with doc, doc has rifle and a flash bang, boomer pistol and flash bang
[Lazarus] 12:06 pm: Ian is midships and can move to help either pair
[monster87] 12:06 pm: and more explosives I'm not allowed to use :P
[Lazarus] 12:07 pm: with good cause
[monster87] 12:07 pm: xD
[] 12:07 pm: (Dont want you blowing my gorram ship up)
[Lazarus] 12:07 pm: (Explosive + ships = bad)
[Lazarus] 12:07 pm: AND you're the one that has to fix anything you blow up
[] 12:07 pm: I also tell people to use the flashbangs as soon as the airlocks open to stun them right off the bat so we can get a clear shot
[] 12:09 pm: Can i use my leadership for this somehow ?
[Lazarus] 12:09 pm: okay everyone, be prepared for the fight of your lives
[Lazarus] 12:09 pm: if ANYTIME was tailor made for Leadership, now is is the time
[] 12:09 pm: Im using leadership then
[Lazarus] 12:10 pm: If you activate leadership, you will all get a two-step bonus to guns skill
[] 12:10 pm: I do
[Lazarus] 12:10 pm: that includes specialties so d8 pistols becoms d12
[] 12:10 pm: Hey laz can i do something
[Lazarus->] 12:11 pm: Time fer some stirrin' words there Cap.
[Lazarus] 12:11 pm: I'm sure you must be able to do something
[] 12:12 pm: Alright people we seen what these goons have done to others just look at that ther guy we picked up if these are reavers we are in for a mess o trouble but dont worry i been through worse during my years in the war and anything they throw at you throw it back harder kill them before they kill you shoot to kill !
[Lazarus] 12:13 pm: At least John THINKS he's been through worse, but nothing, and that includes the worst of the U-War could have prepared him for what happens next
[Lazarus] 12:13 pm: The upper airlock hatch opens and figures drop inside
[] 12:13 pm: Remember Squeeze the trigger dont pull it
[Lazarus] 12:14 pm: these make the refugee look almost normal and the screaming...God have mercy the screaming. It is a viceral wailing that grates on the nerves and the soul
[->Lazarus] 12:14 pm: Im activating some plot points for my nerves of steel
[->Lazarus] 12:14 pm: Making them HARD nerves of steel
[Lazarus] 12:14 pm: roll initialtive
[->Lazarus] 12:14 pm: To not be frightened at all
[->Lazarus] 12:15 pm: (I gotta upgrade that to a major tbh i really do see John with a major in that)
[Throol] 12:15 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6)
[Throol] 12:15 pm:

-> 1d8 (7)+ 1d6 (2) = 9

[] 12:15 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d8)
[] 12:15 pm:

-> 1d6 (3)+ 1d8 (6) = 9

[monster87] 12:15 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d8)
[monster87] 12:15 pm:

-> 1d8 (4)+ 1d8 (2) = 6

[->Lazarus] 12:15 pm: (If i live through today)
[Lazarus->] 12:16 pm: we'll see, but i think John will be very good with mustard
[Lazarus] 12:16 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d8)
[Lazarus] 12:16 pm:

-> 2d8 (8,6 = 14)

[Serenity Out of the Ashes Session 5]: loudriver23 has left at 12:16 pm+
[->Lazarus] 12:16 pm: Gorram Reavers
[Lazarus] 12:16 pm: Despite being prepared, the horrors move with an unnatural speed, charging forward with abandon bearing a mixed bag of firearms and hand weapons
[Lazarus] 12:17 pm: their speed is unnatural as they surge forward with an evil HUNGRY look in their eyes
[] 12:17 pm: (Can i use plotpoints to get the drop?)
[] 12:18 pm: (Im not sure if plot points could be used in initiative
[Lazarus] 12:18 pm: John roll willpower + mental discipline
[Lazarus] 12:18 pm: you will get the two step bonus for steady calm
[] 12:18 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d12+1d12)
[] 12:18 pm:

-> 1d12 (5)+ 1d12 (5) = 10

[Lazarus] 12:19 pm: that is enough to be able to take an action, but with a one step penalty for shaking hands, unless you choose to spend the plot point to raise it to 11
[] 12:19 pm: (btw do i get a bonus to my die for using plot points to steel my nerves ?)
[] 12:19 pm: ( ok, crises avertd for now, reading past chat
[] 12:19 pm: (I did say i wanted to use plot points before they attacked btw i wasnt sure how that adds to my die)
[] 12:19 pm: (Scroll up in private chat)
[Lazarus->] 12:20 pm: I did see that, but in reading through steady calm, the only way that plot points would help, would be to use them in the frear check roll
[->Lazarus] 12:20 pm: Ahh okay
[] 12:20 pm: ( bah, more wife aggro, brb
[Lazarus->] 12:20 pm: as it is, one plot point will give you normal to hit
[Serenity Out of the Ashes Session 5]: PrivateNewbie has left at 12:20 pm+
[->Lazarus] 12:20 pm: okay
[->Lazarus] 12:20 pm: If i raise would i still have a penalty ?
[->Lazarus] 12:21 pm: Or arent you alowed to tell me that
[Lazarus->] 12:21 pm: nope, you only missed roll by 1
[] 12:21 pm: I raise
[] 12:21 pm: so use 1 plot point then ?
[Lazarus] 12:21 pm: Alex surprisingly just blinks at the surging mass and sights in calmly ready to fire
[->Lazarus] 12:21 pm: Forgot theres a difference between major and minors
[Lazarus] 12:22 pm: ok, John is still stunned to discover all the ghost stories are true and that Reavers are ever more horrifying than the worst of the stories, but is able to push that away for the task at hand
[Lazarus->] 12:22 pm: you do have 10 XP :-)
[->Lazarus] 12:23 pm: True but cant exactly upgrade during a session now can i
[] 12:23 pm: I will make sure Alex averts his eyes as i throw the flashbang into the crowd of crazies that are running to me
[Lazarus] 12:24 pm: Even with their speed, the Reavers start 120 feet away and will take two rounds to reach you
[Lazarus->] 12:24 pm: yeah
[] 12:26 pm: Okay im not used to feet as a measurement but can i throw the grenade to stun the incomming horde ?
[Lazarus] 12:27 pm: you will have to kind of cross sling the grenade as you can't arch it due to the low corridor
[] 12:27 pm: Okay so it would be better to wait a round
[] 12:27 pm: (ok, back
[] 12:27 pm: Because then they would be closer
[] 12:27 pm: And i would not have to throw it as far
[Lazarus] 12:27 pm: they are 30 meters away, si that is a fairly tough throw, you will need to roll an 11 with Agility + Athletics
[] 12:27 pm: I can plot point roll that right ?
[monster87] 12:27 pm: 120 feet = 36.5 meters
[Lazarus] 12:27 pm: sure can
[] 12:28 pm: And how many die does 2 plot points add 2 skillsteps ?
[Lazarus] 12:28 pm: sorry 20 meters away after their move
[] 12:28 pm: Okay so their closer now ?
[Lazarus] 12:29 pm: plot points, if used before the roll, adds an additional die. in this case, 2 would buy a d4
[] 12:29 pm: okay so an extra d4 roll that is
[] 12:29 pm: (Sorry i forgot it)
[Lazarus] 12:29 pm: as you mentioned they startd 36 meters away and closed half that distance, so they are 18 meters away now
[] 12:29 pm: But they still need 2 turns to get to me ?
[] 12:30 pm: As you said
[Lazarus] 12:30 pm: they will be upon you next round
[Lazarus] 12:30 pm: two rounds total
[] 12:30 pm: Okay i throw the nade to stun them
[] 12:30 pm: Using all my plot points for the throw
[Lazarus] 12:30 pm: target number is 11
[Lazarus] 12:30 pm: all 5?
[] 12:30 pm: Yeah
[Lazarus] 12:31 pm: strength+athletics+d10
[] 12:31 pm: Wait wasnt it agility ?
[] 12:31 pm: Or can i use strength ?
[Lazarus] 12:31 pm: whichever is higher
[] 12:31 pm: okay
[] 12:31 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d6+1d10)
[] 12:31 pm:

-> 1d8 (2)+ 1d6 (3)+ 1d10 (3) = 8

[] 12:31 pm: Seriously
[] 12:31 pm: Dice hate me
[Lazarus] 12:31 pm: Having thrown grenades myself, it uses both equally
[] 12:32 pm: (Getting under 4's On all my rolls im gonna get eaten by reavers ! AHHHHH)
[Lazarus] 12:32 pm: however, you can not roll lower on the plot point die than the number of points you spent, the forum can't do that in advance, so that 3 becomes a 5 for a total of 10
[] 12:32 pm: Okay
[] 12:33 pm: Not that bad then i did not botch it TO badly
[Lazarus] 12:33 pm: the grnades skitters across the deck, but comes to a halt short of the mass of the Reavers
[Lazarus] 12:33 pm: BOOM
[Lazarus] 12:34 pm: Those below decks hear the explosion and a chill creeps eeper into their bones. "Good god already?"
[Lazarus] 12:34 pm: roll initiative for next round
[Serenity Out of the Ashes Session 5]: omegaa6977 has left at 12:34 pm+
[] 12:35 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d8)
[] 12:35 pm:

-> 1d6 (1)+ 1d8 (1) = 2

[] 12:35 pm: (Laz im going to hunt down the pen and paper webmaster then strangle him brb)
[Lazarus] 12:35 pm: star?
[] 12:35 pm: ( got +2 Agiolity step for Initiative due to major Linghtnin reflex
[Throol] 12:35 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d6)
[Throol] 12:35 pm:

-> 2d6 (3,2 = 5)

[Lazarus] 12:36 pm: (lol, I don't blame you)
[Serenity Out of the Ashes Session 5]: kilometer has left at 12:36 pm+
[Lazarus] 12:36 pm: yes you do star, so go ahead and roll
[] 12:36 pm: ( so with agil d10, +2 step is what?
[] 12:37 pm: (not d14?
[Lazarus] 12:37 pm: d12+d2+d6
[] 12:37 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d12+d2+d6)
[] 12:37 pm:

-> 1d12 (12)+ 1d2 (2)+ 1d6 (2) = 16

[] 12:37 pm: ( k thx
[Lazarus] 12:37 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d8)
[Lazarus] 12:37 pm:

-> 2d8 (7,6 = 13)

[Lazarus] 12:37 pm: you ae up first Alex
[monster87] 12:37 pm: should I roll too?
[monster87] 12:37 pm: i'm not there right
[Lazarus] 12:38 pm: You see the first two Reavers stagger from the shock, but the ones behind them just shove them out of the way and keep charging
[Lazarus] 12:38 pm: (No Rein not yet, this is on the upper deck)
[] 12:39 pm: I shot AR at nearest reaver that is moving the least
[] 12:39 pm: ( not sure what to roll, got d8 AR
[Lazarus] 12:39 pm: roll agility+guns with a two step bonus
[] 12:39 pm: step on aginilty?
[Lazarus] 12:39 pm: d10+d12
[Lazarus] 12:39 pm: on skill
[] 12:40 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d10+d12)
[] 12:40 pm:

-> 1d10 (9)+ 1d12 (7) = 16

[] 12:40 pm: (booyah
[] 12:40 pm: ( ar d8 W dmg
[Lazarus] 12:40 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8)
[Lazarus] 12:40 pm:

-> 1d8 (1)

[] 12:40 pm: (frak
[Lazarus] 12:40 pm: roll the d8
[] 12:40 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8)
[] 12:40 pm:

-> 1d8 (4)

[Lazarus] 12:41 pm: roll a d6 star
[] 12:41 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d6)
[] 12:41 pm:

-> 1d6 (1)

[] 12:41 pm: ( /facepalm
[Lazarus] 12:42 pm: The shot hits the lead Reaver square in the chest and makes it stumble backward, but Alex can only blink as it continues to stagger forward, blood bumbling from the obvious sucking chest wound
[] 12:43 pm: "dang, some tough muthas
[] 12:43 pm: Shoot em in the head they wont move after that gorram crazies
[Lazarus] 12:44 pm: The wounded Reaver is knocked out of the way by the ones behind and they charge forward ready to strike
[Lazarus] 12:44 pm: normally, they would go before you gabel, but just based on distance, I'm giving you a shot before they make contact
[Lazarus->] 12:44 pm: I STRONGLY suggest using autofire
[] 12:44 pm: Im guessing their so close i can use autofire
[] 12:45 pm: Their in closed quarters i should be able to spray them now right
[->Lazarus] 12:45 pm: Oh
[->Lazarus] 12:45 pm: Yeah thats what i was thinking
[] 12:45 pm: Im going to pump them full of lead
[] 12:45 pm: Literally
[Lazarus] 12:45 pm: roll agility+guns with the two step bonus
[] 12:45 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d12)
[] 12:45 pm:

-> 1d6 (2)+ 1d12 (12) = 14

[Lazarus] 12:46 pm: starts rolling some dice: (3d8)
[Lazarus] 12:46 pm:

-> 3d8 (6,2,7 = 15)

[Lazarus] 12:47 pm: roll three 38 Gabel
[Lazarus] 12:47 pm: 3 d8
[] 12:47 pm: starts rolling some dice: (3d8)
[] 12:47 pm:

-> 3d8 (2,7,5 = 14)

[] 12:47 pm: 14
[] 12:47 pm: ( hmm, can AR fire auto too< not familiar with Serenity rules for it
[] 12:47 pm: (Isnt Autofire more then 3 shots? 3 shots should be burstfire right ?)
[] 12:48 pm: I know the gun has a 3! i dont know what the ! means
[Lazarus] 12:48 pm: autofire uses one third of magazine, in this case 10 rounds
[Lazarus] 12:48 pm: ROF is you can take three single shots per combat turn
[] 12:48 pm: Okay
[] 12:49 pm: So Autofire is just basicly a spray and pray ?
[] 12:49 pm: You dont actualy do damage with the 10 bullets just 3 of them
[Lazarus] 12:49 pm: the thunder of the rifle chattering on full auto in the confines of the corridor is deafening, loud enough to even drown out the god awful screaming of the reavers for an instant
[Lazarus] 12:50 pm: (Depends on how many targets are in the area of the spray)
[] 12:50 pm: (damn i really felt like screaming out buuurn heretic in the name of the emperor)
[] 12:50 pm: (but this is kinda the wrong game for that lol)
[Lazarus] 12:50 pm: The burst hits the three closest and even the one Alex shot
[] 12:51 pm: Nice
[] 12:51 pm: ( can I spend a pp and say that my turn was full auto instaed of semi-auto? so I can roll 2 more damage die?
[Lazarus] 12:51 pm: but sweet merciful Buddha, none of them fall!
[Lazarus] 12:51 pm: (bit late for that star)
[] 12:52 pm: ( ok, live and learn :)
[] 12:52 pm: (Or die and learn )
[Lazarus] 12:52 pm: the two that get closest swing wicked looking chopping weapons of some sort
[] 12:52 pm: (Which we are painfully about to find out)
[Lazarus] 12:53 pm: I strongly suggest dodging. Agility +Dodge - one step for second action
[] 12:53 pm: Yeah if i had dodge that would be awesome
[->Lazarus] 12:54 pm: Unless you will allow me to get a 1d10 in dodge with my 10 exp lol
[Lazarus] 12:54 pm: sounds painful
[] 12:54 pm: Unless you will allow me a sudden dodge spurt
[Lazarus] 12:54 pm: roll agility then
[] 12:54 pm: ( no dogde heir either
[] 12:54 pm: What about Athletics ?
[] 12:54 pm: Thought you could dodge with that
[Throol] 12:55 pm: (yeah dodge defaults to Athletics)
[Lazarus] 12:55 pm: yes agility+athletics will do
[] 12:55 pm: Okay
[] 12:55 pm: Tbh i was not aware dodge could be used like that
[Lazarus] 12:55 pm: minus one step on athletics though
[] 12:55 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d6-1)
[] 12:55 pm:

-> 1d6 (2)+ 1d6 (5)- 1 (1) = 6

[] 12:55 pm: The god of dice is a whore
[Serenity Out of the Ashes Session 5]: WYRD has left at 12:55 pm+
[Lazarus] 12:55 pm: minus a skill step, d6=d4
[] 12:55 pm: Excuse the french
[] 12:55 pm: Ah a whole
[Lazarus] 12:55 pm: d6+d4
[] 12:55 pm: fucking
[] 12:55 pm: (lol
[] 12:56 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d4)
[] 12:56 pm:

-> 1d6 (6)+ 1d4 (1) = 7

[Lazarus] 12:56 pm: okay 7
[Lazarus] 12:56 pm: star, you can roll agility + plot points
[Lazarus] 12:57 pm: or just agility for an Innate Defense
[Lazarus] 12:57 pm: everyone always can take up to three actions in a turn
[Lazarus] 12:57 pm: first action is at no penalty, second - one step, third -2 steps
[] 12:58 pm: (ok d10 agil + 1 pp so d12?
[Lazarus] 12:58 pm: however, you can always take an Innate Defense, which is agility
[Lazarus] 12:58 pm: however many plot points you wish to rol
[] 12:58 pm: But its not actualy my turn right now right ?
[] 12:58 pm: Or is it ?
[Lazarus] 12:58 pm: however, plot points add a die
[Lazarus] 12:58 pm: one plot point buys a d2
[Lazarus] 12:58 pm: You are both dodging the Reavers attacks
[] 12:59 pm: Yeah
[] 12:59 pm: ( ok 1 pp
[] 12:59 pm: So we used our second action for that
[] 12:59 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d10+d2)
[] 12:59 pm:

-> 1d10 (10)+ 1d2 (2) = 12

[Lazarus] 12:59 pm: you went first with full skill, the dodge is your second action
[] 12:59 pm: ( 3 pp left
[] 12:59 pm: Can i use my third action to smack the reaver in the face with the butt of my gun before he attacks me ?
[Lazarus] 1:00 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6;d8+d6)
[Lazarus] 1:00 pm:

-> 1d8 (4)+ 1d6 (3) = 7

-> 1d8 (5)+ 1d6 (5) = 10

[] 1:00 pm: Or after either way.
[Lazarus] 1:00 pm: Alex nimbly avoids his attack, but John feels the sting of the blade as it dances across his skin
[Lazarus] 1:00 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d6)
[Lazarus] 1:00 pm:

-> 1d6 (2)

[Lazarus] 1:00 pm: for a minor cut of 2 wounds
[Lazarus] 1:01 pm: reduced to 1 wound by your armor
[Lazarus] 1:01 pm: John is now 4 stun 1 wound
[] 1:01 pm: kk
[Lazarus] 1:01 pm: initiative
[Lazarus] 1:02 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d8)
[Lazarus] 1:02 pm:

-> 2d8 (8,1 = 9)

[] 1:02 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d8)
[] 1:02 pm:

-> 1d6 (1)+ 1d8 (4) = 5

[] 1:02 pm: (Im really just hoping i get a dice roll worth anything before i die a horrible death)
[Throol] 1:02 pm: (Should I bother rolling initiativve?)
[Lazarus->Throol] 1:03 pm: you get the gut feeling that things are going real bad on the upper deck
[] 1:03 pm: Well unless you decided to leave your post and join us where we are im guessing no ?
[Lazarus->Throol] 1:03 pm: no, you are far enough away that it will take this whole round to get up the stairs
[Lazarus] 1:03 pm: star?
[Lazarus] 1:04 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d12+d2+d6)
[Lazarus] 1:04 pm:

-> 1d12 (3)+ 1d2 (1)+ 1d6 (1) = 5

[Lazarus] 1:04 pm: hmmm
[Lazarus] 1:04 pm: Reavers go first
[] 1:04 pm: ( yes?
[] 1:04 pm: ( oh iniit
[Lazarus] 1:04 pm: roll init
[Throol->Lazarus] 1:04 pm: Ok I'll bring the refugee with me
[] 1:05 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d12+d2)
[] 1:05 pm:

-> 1d12 (12)+ 1d2 (2) = 14

[Lazarus] 1:05 pm: you left off the d6, but you still go first
[Lazarus] 1:05 pm: NOW you can go roll and roll
[] 1:05 pm: hey ! dont we reroll if its the same laz ! :P
[] 1:06 pm: ( so roll once to hit, then 3d8 for dmg if hit?
[] 1:06 pm: (Seriously SJ double Ace no wonder your Called Ace)
[Lazarus] 1:06 pm: the 3d8 was because gabel happened to hit three of them
[] 1:06 pm: ( hehe, stole all Gabel's Mojo
[] 1:06 pm: I should have nicknamed my guy John Lucky something
[] 1:06 pm: ( so full auto fire this time
[] 1:07 pm: Or just called him Lucky
[Lazarus] 1:07 pm: ok star, burn em
[] 1:07 pm: ( d8 in ar, any ldr bonus?
[Lazarus] 1:07 pm: d10+d12
[] 1:07 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d12)
[] 1:07 pm:

-> 1d8 (2)+ 1d12 (12) = 14

[Lazarus] 1:07 pm: leader bonus is in effect for the duration of the battle
[] 1:07 pm: Again :D
[] 1:07 pm: Love your rolls sj
[] 1:08 pm: ( 3d8 dmg?
[Lazarus] 1:09 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6;d8+d6;d8+d6;d8+d6;d8+d6)
[Lazarus] 1:09 pm:

-> 1d8 (5)+ 1d6 (2) = 7

-> 1d8 (2)+ 1d6 (6) = 8

-> 1d8 (3)+ 1d6 (5) = 8

-> 1d8 (1)+ 1d6 (3) = 4

-> 1d8 (3)+ 1d6 (5) = 8

[monster87] 1:09 pm: (to doc and Ian) "Damn it Ace and Cap'n are getting slaughtered down there! Shouldn't we go and help 'em?"
[Lazarus] 1:09 pm: actually 6, you hit all of them
[Lazarus] 1:09 pm: 6d8
[] 1:10 pm: starts rolling some dice: (6d8)
[] 1:10 pm:

-> 6d8 (5,3,5,1,7,8 = 29)

[] 1:10 pm: "eat lead you monsters!
[monster87] 1:10 pm: (and his last words were...)
[Throol] 1:10 pm: (I've already headed up with the refugee)
[] 1:10 pm: Blrghrhghgh
[] 1:10 pm: Im guessing
[monster87] 1:11 pm: (then I've followed Ian)
[] 1:11 pm: (We already locked the Refugee inside the medbay with the doc)
[] 1:11 pm: (Unless you went and got him obviously)
[Lazarus] 1:12 pm: The thunder of fully automatic fire scythes through the Reavers yet again and this time, two crumple to the deck twitching
[Throol] 1:12 pm: (We did? Lazarus had explained that I took him with me earlier)
[Lazarus] 1:12 pm: but that still leaves four of the horrors
[Lazarus] 1:12 pm: (Refugee stayed in sick bay)
[] 1:13 pm: (Yeah we locked the doors)
[Throol] 1:13 pm: (ok then I'm heading up myself)
[Lazarus] 1:13 pm: one looks badly wounded, but doesn't care, the other three still look hungry
[Lazarus] 1:13 pm: okay alex and john dodge
[Lazarus] 1:14 pm: john you have full skill as this is your first action
[Throol] 1:14 pm: (wish I'd known that earlier, I would've started in the fight
[Lazarus] 1:14 pm: alex can roll agility + any plot points he likes
[] 1:14 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d6)
[] 1:14 pm:

-> 1d6 (4)+ 1d6 (5) = 9

[] 1:14 pm: 1 pp dodge
[] 1:14 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d10+d2)
[] 1:14 pm:

-> 1d10 (3)+ 1d2 (1) = 4

[] 1:14 pm: (Meh better then my other rolls aint gonna save me)
[] 1:14 pm: ( 2 pp left
[Lazarus] 1:15 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6;d8+d6)
[Lazarus] 1:15 pm:

-> 1d8 (2)+ 1d6 (5) = 7

-> 1d8 (7)+ 1d6 (3) = 10

[] 1:15 pm: Btw can i take other actions after i dodge at a minus btw ?
[Lazarus] 1:15 pm: This time John dodges cleanly with alex feeling the bit of jagged metal
[] 1:16 pm: (When its my turn in initiative obviously)
[Lazarus] 1:16 pm: you can take third ation at - two steps skill
[] 1:16 pm: Okay
[] 1:16 pm: Wait that would be second action
[] 1:16 pm: As i dodged with first right ?
[Lazarus] 1:16 pm: For John this will be second action, so he is only - one skill step
[] 1:16 pm: KK
[Lazarus] 1:17 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d6)
[Lazarus] 1:17 pm:

-> 1d6 (2)

[Lazarus] 1:17 pm: Even with the armot, Alex stagers from the blow taking 3 stun and 4 wounds
[Lazarus] 1:17 pm: john can go now
[] 1:18 pm: ( ok, I have 12 life points, wounds subtract from that?
[] 1:19 pm: Can i step back and spray another full auto into them ?
[Lazarus->Throol] 1:19 pm: he's at the sick bay, you'd have to go get him
[] 1:19 pm: at a -1 skillstep obviously as second action
[Lazarus] 1:19 pm: you can take up to 12 stun and wounds total
[Lazarus] 1:19 pm: stun would knock you ouot, wounds kill
[Lazarus] 1:20 pm: if you go over half in wounds, youlose two steps to all stats due to pain and blood loss
[Lazarus] 1:20 pm: Yes Gabel
[] 1:20 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d10)
[] 1:20 pm:

-> 1d6 (6)+ 1d10 (10) = 16

[] 1:20 pm: w00t FINALLY
[] 1:20 pm: GOD OF DICE I LOVE YOU !
[monster87] 1:20 pm: lol
[Lazarus] 1:20 pm: LOL
[] 1:21 pm: Is is my Boomstick !
[] 1:21 pm: ( thx Laz
[Lazarus] 1:21 pm: starts rolling some dice: (5d8)
[Lazarus] 1:21 pm:

-> 5d8 (3,6,3,6,2 = 20)

[] 1:21 pm: 3d8 ?
[Lazarus] 1:23 pm: sorry dog had to go out and I had to get snow off of him
[Lazarus] 1:23 pm: still figuring out damage
[] 1:24 pm: Take This you crazy Kuh Wu Ung Jeong Jia
Ching Jien Soh (Dispicable Filthy fornicators of livestock!)
[Lazarus] 1:24 pm: roll 4d8 john hit them all too
[] 1:24 pm: starts rolling some dice: (4d8)
[] 1:24 pm:

-> 4d8 (7,3,2,7 = 19)

[] 1:25 pm: *Alex chuckles at Capn's 'colorful' language
[Lazarus] 1:25 pm: However, despite the close range savaging, only one of the Reavers falls!
[monster87] 1:26 pm: (so we arrive to join the last of the fight ;)?)
[Lazarus] 1:26 pm: Three are still on their feet with two looking decidedly worse for wear
[] 1:26 pm: *spits on the ground where one of them fell* This is for all the murderin son of a *traling off into gibberish chinease*
[Lazarus] 1:26 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d6)
[Lazarus] 1:26 pm:

-> 1d6 (1)

[Lazarus] 1:27 pm: Two Reavers rush alex and the third one swings at john again
[Serenity Out of the Ashes Session 5]: PrivateNewbie has left at 1:27 pm+
[Lazarus] 1:28 pm: ale roll burst of strength, strength+strength, for Alex that is 2d4
[] 1:28 pm: ( yeah, I'm a scrawny SOB
[Lazarus] 1:28 pm: john needs to dodge, you are -two steps for third action
[] 1:28 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d4)
[] 1:28 pm:

-> 2d4 (3,3 = 6)

[] 1:29 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d2)
[] 1:29 pm:

-> 1d6 (2)+ 1d2 (2) = 4

[Lazarus] 1:29 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d10;2d10)
[Lazarus] 1:29 pm:

-> 2d10 (10,9 = 19)

-> 2d10 (1,9 = 10)

[] 1:29 pm: Sweet jesus
[Serenity Out of the Ashes Session 5]: loudriver23 has left at 1:29 pm+
[Serenity Out of the Ashes Session 5]: pruttm has left at 1:30 pm+
[Lazarus] 1:30 pm: Alex is thrown violently back and bounces off the bulkhead leading to engineering
[Lazarus] 1:30 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d4)
[Lazarus] 1:30 pm:

-> 1d4 (1)

[Lazarus] 1:30 pm: luckily only taking 1 more stun
[Lazarus] 1:31 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d4)
[Lazarus] 1:31 pm:

-> 1d8 (5)+ 1d4 (2) = 7

[Lazarus] 1:31 pm: John is hit again by the Rever's axe/sword/thing
[Lazarus] 1:31 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d6)
[Lazarus] 1:31 pm:

-> 1d6 (6)

[] 1:31 pm: Yay Flailing Axes
[Lazarus] 1:32 pm: taking 3 stun and 3 wounds
[Lazarus] 1:32 pm: John is now at 6S and 4W, Alex is at 4S 4W
[] 1:33 pm: (Im Glad now laz that i build John like a brick shithouse)
[] 1:33 pm: Buildt*
[Lazarus] 1:33 pm: Ian bounds up the stairs in time to see two Reavers standing over Alex and one facing John, both men are bleeding and looking in bad shape
[monster87] 1:33 pm: (I'm running behind Ian)
[Lazarus] 1:33 pm: new round inititative
[Throol] 1:34 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d6)
[Throol] 1:34 pm:

-> 2d6 (6,2 = 8)

[] 1:34 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d8)
[] 1:34 pm:

-> 1d6 (6)+ 1d8 (1) = 7

[monster87] 1:34 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d8)
[monster87] 1:34 pm:

-> 2d8 (5,7 = 12)

[Lazarus] 1:35 pm: okay, Ian is unflappable and takes in the scene with aplomb. Boomer, roll Willpower + Discipline
[Lazarus] 1:35 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d8)
[Lazarus] 1:35 pm:

-> 2d8 (1,3 = 4)

[] 1:35 pm: init (iirc)
[Lazarus] 1:35 pm: you are stunned Alex
[] 1:35 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d12+d2)
[] 1:35 pm:

-> 1d12 (4)+ 1d2 (1) = 5

[monster87] 1:36 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d2)
[monster87] 1:36 pm:

-> 1d8 (4)+ 1d2 (2) = 6

[Lazarus] 1:36 pm: roll Willpower+Vitality
[monster87] 1:36 pm: (willpower+disc)
[] 1:36 pm: ( I tally 4 of 12 stun?
[Lazarus] 1:36 pm: Boomer stares at the raging horrors in front of her and freezes in panic
[Lazarus] 1:36 pm: yes 4 stun and 4 w
[monster87] 1:37 pm: "Rung Tse Song Di Ching Dai Wuo Tzo"
[Lazarus] 1:37 pm: you can roll Second wind Vitality OR willpower once per session to shake off stun. Wounds must be healed by Doc
[monster87] 1:37 pm: (Merciful God, please take me out of here)
[Lazarus] 1:38 pm: Alex roll d6+d4 to recover from being stunned
[Lazarus] 1:38 pm: In any case, Ian goes first
[] 1:38 pm: add a pp
[] 1:39 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d6+d4+d2)
[] 1:39 pm:

-> 1d6 (6)+ 1d4 (1)+ 1d2 (1) = 8

[] 1:39 pm: ( 1pp left
[Lazarus] 1:39 pm: Alex shakes off the stars dancing between his eyes and fights off the darkness threatening to engulf him
[Lazarus] 1:40 pm: He stays conscious, but he will go last in the round
[] 1:40 pm: ( YES!
[] 1:40 pm: (nice work)
[Throol] 1:40 pm: Ok, how does this work? I have Fightin' type, which gives me a free move. I have Two-Fisted, and my Pistols each has a ROF of 3
[Lazarus] 1:40 pm: However...wait for it....Plot Points begin to fall like rain.... Both John and Alex gain 2 Plot Points for the scheer audacity of fighting six reavers alone
[] 1:41 pm: ( yay, back to 3
[Lazarus] 1:41 pm: okay Ian...
[Lazarus] 1:41 pm: Fightin' Type gives you a free NON combat action
[monster87] 1:42 pm: (can I shake off the fear in my turn? I did have the highest initiative)
[Lazarus] 1:42 pm: like draw a weapon, move, dodge or et al
[Lazarus] 1:42 pm: with two fisted, you can fire both weapons at a single target with no penalty
[Lazarus] 1:43 pm: ROF means you can do this three times in a round, but remember you only get 3 actions, if you go all Gatling, you will have no defense
[Throol] 1:44 pm: How far away are the Reavers, and how many have ranged weapons?
[Lazarus] 1:44 pm: (Since Boomer did roll highest init, sure, I'll let her roll willpower+disclpline to recover)
[monster87] 1:44 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d2)
[monster87] 1:44 pm:

-> 1d8 (8)+ 1d2 (1) = 9

[Lazarus] 1:44 pm: At this point the reavers are attacking with hand weapons
[Throol] 1:44 pm: And how far away are they?
[Lazarus] 1:44 pm: range is only 10 feet
[Throol] 1:45 pm: I'll back up out of melee range, then open fire
[Lazarus] 1:46 pm: Boomer manags to shake off the mind numbing fear and her body begins to un freeze. She dos notice that a large shadow passes over the ship, meaning only one thing, the mian Reaver ship has closed and is about to dock with the Fire Angel
[Throol] 1:47 pm: So we're up 2 steps for Leadership still?
[Lazarus] 1:47 pm: At the top of the stairs, you are out of range and can fire, however, you are firing into a crowded field
[monster87] 1:47 pm: can I somehow restart the engines or smoething to get us out of here?
[Lazarus] 1:47 pm: normally yes, but because of the crowd, you only get +one step
[Throol] 1:47 pm: Do I have to declare all actions, or can I do them one at a time?
[Lazarus] 1:48 pm: If Boomer can make an Agility+ Athletics roll of 7 or higher , she can squeeze into the engine
[monster87] 1:48 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d6)
[monster87] 1:48 pm:

-> 1d8 (3)+ 1d6 (1) = 4

[monster87] 1:48 pm: Gorram it
[Lazarus] 1:48 pm: You can do them one at a time, but each action after the first has a penalty
[] 1:48 pm: Can i push one of the Reavers out of the way to help her
[] 1:48 pm: and use 2 plotpoints
[Throol] 1:48 pm: Ok, what do my targets look like?
[Lazarus] 1:48 pm: 3 plot points will get you there Boomer
[Throol] 1:48 pm: And how injured are our guys?
[monster87] 1:49 pm: kk ill do it
[Lazarus] 1:49 pm: ok boomer
[Lazarus] 1:49 pm: John has a reaver in his face and is a bit busy to help Alex
[Lazarus] 1:49 pm: if anyone is going to help him, it is Ian
[Throol] 1:50 pm: Ok I'll fire both guns to help Ian
[Throol] 1:50 pm: One roll, or two?
[Lazarus] 1:50 pm: Init order for combat is Ian, John, Reavers, Alex
[Lazarus] 1:51 pm: roll both weapons, Agility+Guns with a one step bonus
[Lazarus->monster87] 1:51 pm: your whole action will be recovering and squeezing into engineering, you can roll next turn to kick start the engines
[Throol] 1:52 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d12+1d6)
[Throol] 1:52 pm:

-> 1d6 (3)+ 1d12 (3)+ 1d6 (6) = 12

[Throol] 1:52 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d12+1d6)
[Throol] 1:52 pm:

-> 1d6 (4)+ 1d12 (1)+ 1d6 (3) = 8

[Lazarus] 1:52 pm: actually that should be d8+d12+d6
[Throol] 1:52 pm: Not with my armor
[Lazarus] 1:52 pm: ah so ka. Got it
[Lazarus] 1:52 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8)
[Lazarus] 1:52 pm:

-> 1d8 (6)

[Throol] 1:53 pm: Pistols do d6W each
[Lazarus] 1:53 pm: both hit, roll 2d6
[Throol] 1:53 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d6)
[Throol] 1:53 pm:

-> 2d6 (2,2 = 4)

[Lazarus] 1:54 pm: ok, john next
[Throol] 1:54 pm: Huh? My other actions go later?
[] 1:54 pm: How many reavers left ?
[] 1:54 pm: 3 ?
[Lazarus] 1:54 pm: yes, each action goes in init order
[Throol] 1:54 pm: kk
[Lazarus] 1:54 pm: three yes, John has one stabbing him
[] 1:55 pm: Can i try to disarm the reaver somehow ?
[] 1:55 pm: By knocking his weapon out of his hand
[Lazarus] 1:55 pm: You can try a clled shot to its arm, but unless you are trying to capture the thing, I wouldn't recommend that
[] 1:55 pm: im guessing i cant autofire now
[Lazarus] 1:56 pm: you can go to burst fire and cut the thing in half
[] 1:56 pm: ( folks, don't forget you can spend PP to reduce wounds
[] 1:56 pm: Yeah i will do that
[Lazarus] 1:56 pm: You are close enough to put the muzzle against it
[] 1:56 pm: (Just a quick question about pp now)
[Lazarus] 1:56 pm: for a one step point blank bonus
[] 1:56 pm: (When i have 2 PP now and go to next session i get 6 again right i dont get 8?)
[] 1:57 pm: Like the rest of the PP i have now dont get converted over
[] 1:57 pm: Has to be over 6
[Lazarus] 1:57 pm: Plot Points will reset
[] 1:57 pm: Yes
[Lazarus] 1:57 pm: yes only over 6 convert
[] 1:57 pm: Then i understood it correctly
[] 1:58 pm: I will point blank burst shoot the guy
[] 1:58 pm: Reaver*
[] 1:58 pm: Can i do an aimed shot to his head
[] 1:58 pm: And negate the point blank bonus
[] 1:58 pm: ?
[Lazarus] 1:59 pm: your shot is d10+d10 after all modifiers, but you roll 3 times
[] 1:59 pm: okay
[Lazarus] 1:59 pm: too close for an aimed shot
[] 1:59 pm: Ok well i just gut shot him then
[Lazarus] 1:59 pm: roll it
[Throol] 2:00 pm: (Just a heads-up, I'm gonna have to leave in about an hour)
[] 2:00 pm: Wait i got 1d12 for assault rifles right with the ladership ?
[Lazarus] 2:00 pm: game is about to wrap I jope
[monster87] 2:00 pm: I thought we were stopping soon, cuz it's the time we normally stop right now
[Lazarus] 2:00 pm: 2d10 three times gabel
[Lazarus] 2:01 pm: I'm trying to speed this up
[] 2:01 pm: Im unsure how to roll that fast
[] 2:01 pm: the command
[Lazarus] 2:01 pm: type roll 2d10; 2d10; 2d10
[] 2:01 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d10;2d10;2d10)
[] 2:01 pm:

-> 2d10 (10,3 = 13)

-> 2d10 (4,6 = 10)

-> 2d10 (2,5 = 7)

[] 2:02 pm: Ah okay
[Lazarus] 2:02 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6)
[Lazarus] 2:02 pm:

-> 1d8 (7)+ 1d6 (2) = 9

[Lazarus] 2:03 pm: two hits, roll 2d8
[] 2:03 pm: (I should have asked about combat before the game started we havent had that much of it earlier so the 3 step action stuff ive totally forgotten among other stuff sigh i do Apologise for this)
[] 2:03 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d8)
[] 2:03 pm:

-> 2d8 (6,1 = 7)

[] 2:04 pm: ( I'm total noob to Cortex in general, gae
[Lazarus] 2:04 pm: The burst stiches right through the thing's heart and despite its rage, it still needs a heart and that is finally enough to kill the thing
[monster87] 2:04 pm: (me too)
[Lazarus] 2:04 pm: The two reavers over alex attack
[] 2:05 pm: (Yeah i know its just its just like ive been asking questions all game hampering the progress somewhat kind of made me feel a bit guilty heh)
[Lazarus] 2:05 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d4;d8+d4)
[Lazarus] 2:05 pm:

-> 1d8 (3)+ 1d4 (4) = 7

-> 1d8 (2)+ 1d4 (2) = 4

[Lazarus] 2:05 pm: roll your dodge Alex
[] 2:05 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d10)
[] 2:05 pm:

-> 1d10 (10)

[monster87] 2:06 pm: Ace Ace'd it :p[
[Lazarus] 2:06 pm: however, your agility is reduced to d6 because you are prone against a hand to hand attack
[Lazarus] 2:06 pm: hmmm I'll say he rolled a 6
[] 2:06 pm: spend 1pp
[] 2:06 pm: ( eh?
[Lazarus] 2:06 pm: either way, he snaked between the blows
[] 2:06 pm: ( schweet!
[Lazarus] 2:06 pm: Ian is up
[monster87->Lazarus] 2:07 pm: (that means a new round right, ill quick start the engines then)
[Throol] 2:07 pm: So we got 3 reavers still up, one on Alex, the other on John?
[monster87] 2:07 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d12+1d10)
[monster87] 2:07 pm:

-> 1d12 (3)+ 1d10 (4) = 7

[Lazarus] 2:07 pm: two on alex
[Throol] 2:08 pm: Ok, gonna try something fancy - headshots on the one I hit before
[Lazarus->monster87] 2:08 pm: still part of the same round, so boomer has to wait for the combat. should only take one action
[Throol] 2:08 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d12+1d4)
[Throol] 2:08 pm:

-> 1d6 (5)+ 1d12 (2)+ 1d4 (3) = 10

[monster87->Lazarus] 2:08 pm: ah soz thought that if Ian is again then its the new round
[Throol] 2:08 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d12+1d4)
[Throol] 2:08 pm:

-> 1d6 (5)+ 1d12 (9)+ 1d4 (2) = 16

[Lazarus] 2:09 pm: woha slow down there hoss
[Throol] 2:09 pm: Doesn't it just change the difficulty?
[Lazarus] 2:09 pm: there is a two step penalty for a head shot and another step for seond action roll is d6+10
[Lazarus] 2:10 pm: d6+d10
[Lazarus] 2:11 pm: fastest command would be /roll d6+d10; d6+d10
[Lazarus] 2:12 pm: Jon?
[Throol] 2:12 pm: Sorry, tired and trying to do math...
[Lazarus] 2:12 pm: I feel your pain
[Throol] 2:13 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d6+d10;d6+d10)
[Throol] 2:13 pm:

-> 1d6 (2)+ 1d10 (2) = 4

-> 1d6 (4)+ 1d10 (10) = 14

[Lazarus] 2:13 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8)
[Lazarus] 2:13 pm:

-> 1d8 (1)

[] 2:13 pm: Hah now you know how i feel i think i had 2 hours of sleep today or just about (Yes i got fucking woken up again laz like last friday sigh)
[Lazarus] 2:13 pm: needless to say it's head paints the bulkhead in various splatters of red, pink, gray, and chucks of white
[Lazarus] 2:14 pm: and to save time, John's last next shots kill the last one
[Lazarus] 2:14 pm: Everyone's ears are ringing with the sounds of gunfire in enclosed space
[] 2:14 pm: ( huzzah for Divine Intervention!
[Lazarus] 2:15 pm: however, afer a moments thought, there wasn't another Clunk that the large reaver ship had docked
[Lazarus] 2:15 pm: Odd that
[] 2:15 pm: Mighty strange
[Lazarus] 2:15 pm: Boomer starts working her magic in the engine roll
[Lazarus] 2:16 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d6)
[Lazarus] 2:16 pm:

-> 1d6 (4)

[monster87] 2:16 pm: what should I roll? or can I just do this 'simple' task?
[Lazarus] 2:16 pm: She manages to reduce the 'stun' damage from the EMP from 9 to five and the main power comes back on line
[Lazarus] 2:17 pm: Alex and John, both bleeding badly stagger to the bridge assisted by Ian
[] 2:17 pm: Im actualy not as badly wounded compared to Alex
[Lazarus] 2:17 pm: as the look ouotside their jaws drop open in amazement
[] 2:17 pm: * Alex lights a cig and says "That was too rutting close"
[Lazarus] 2:17 pm: Especially galling for the ex-Browncoats in the crew...an ALiiance Patrol cruiser is here!
[] 2:18 pm: Gorram it the cavalary has arrived
[] 2:18 pm: I knew that distress beacon was a good purchase
[Lazarus] 2:18 pm: The Reeaver ship is fighting back furiously, but the EMP gun is no match for a warship shielded against that sort of thing
[Lazarus] 2:18 pm: the Reave ship is badly damaged, but you notice something
[] 2:18 pm: "not often GLAD to see Alliance in my neighborhood
[Lazarus] 2:19 pm: her course is straight for the Alliance ship
[monster87] 2:19 pm: "How about our goods?"
[] 2:19 pm: What do we notice ?
[Lazarus] 2:19 pm: the Purplebelly captain sees it too, but it is too late
[] 2:19 pm: "Kamaikze Reavers? that don't take all
[Lazarus] 2:19 pm: the Reave ship rams the Alliance ship
[] 2:19 pm: SHIT
[Lazarus] 2:20 pm: the Reaver ship however was substantially smaller than the Alliance ship
[Lazarus] 2:20 pm: but when the flash clears, the Alliance ship is drifting, badly damaged
[Lazarus] 2:20 pm: the Reaver ship is rapidly cooling plasma
[] 2:21 pm: Gorram Lurn Shwei Jah Jwohn (Merciless Bastards)
[Lazarus] 2:22 pm: Yo do know one thing, with the ship's systems still recovering rom the EMP blast, you can not stick around if you are going to make your deadline
[Lazarus] 2:23 pm: Hard Burn is not an option as Boomer strugles to close popped circuit breakers and get the ship functional on a normal basis let along full speed
[monster87] 2:23 pm: "Do we really leave our rescuers adrift?"
[] 2:23 pm: We cant just leave the alliance ship dead in the water
[Lazarus] 2:24 pm: You know the contract stipulates an penalty for every six hours you are late
[Lazarus] 2:24 pm: and with the damage to the ship, you figure you have only half of your 12 hour cushion left
[Lazarus] 2:24 pm: If everything goes right
[] 2:24 pm: "leave behind Doc in a shuttle to help out, maybes?
[Lazarus] 2:24 pm: and there is that treasure the refugee mentioned
[Lazarus] 2:25 pm: Doc has work right here
[] 2:25 pm: This is a gorram mess *looking around*
[Lazarus] 2:25 pm: Ain't live in the Black always?...
[Lazarus] 2:25 pm: FADE TO BLACK
[] 2:25 pm: (Im guessing you want to fade to black)