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[Lazarus] 9:57 am: Welcome to P&PG Chat.
[Lazarus] 10:00 am: I created room "Serenity From the Ashes: The Warehouse"
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[Gabel] 10:01 am: Bip Bop
[Gabel] 10:02 am: Hey laz
[Lazarus] 10:02 am: hey gabel, was skyping Z
[Gabel] 10:02 am: Ah yes
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[Gabel] 10:03 am: Thought we might have missed the game or something you are usually on earlier i thought maybe the clock was turned back on your end
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[] 10:03 am: I created room "Serenity From the Ashes"
[Zeenix] 10:03 am: hi chats
[Lazarus] 10:03 am: I know, but wife wanted to watch Meet the Press with her
[Gabel] 10:03 am: Hey Z
[Lazarus] 10:03 am: hey z
[->Lazarus] 10:03 am: need in the chat room
[Lazarus->] 10:04 am: hang on
[->Lazarus] 10:04 am: Damn you. Disappeared on me.
[->Lazarus] 10:04 am: But I see you have a game starting.
[Lazarus->] 10:04 am: sorry time for my game
[->Lazarus] 10:04 am: no worries.
[] 10:04 am: Hey zeez
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[->Lazarus] 10:04 am: ty
[Lazarus->] 10:05 am: you can lurk if you like
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[Gabel] 10:05 am: Oh thats fine laz i was just worried the times might have changed because of the summer/winter times
[->Lazarus] 10:06 am: I may.
[->Lazarus] 10:06 am: thanks
[Lazarus] 10:06 am: Hmmm we seem to be missing roman, which really blows as we left on his cliffhanging all or nothing shot
[Gabel] 10:06 am: We are due to change our clocks back 1 hour next week
[Lazarus->] 10:06 am: kk
[Lazarus] 10:06 am: yeah and that's going to cause mega confusion as we don't change yet
[Lazarus] 10:07 am: just like it hosed things up in summer
[Lazarus] 10:08 am: Hey wayne, do you have irishpikey's phone number?
[] 10:08 am: working on it
[Lazarus] 10:08 am: kk
[Lazarus] 10:08 am: I'll do the intro
[] 10:08 am: yeah
[Lazarus] 10:09 am: Welcome to session 41 of Serenity: From the Ashes: The Warehouse. GM - Lazarus. Players Gabel, Dusterboy, omegaa as Anton Barone, Zeenix, waynerlane. MIA for the moment: IrishPikey
[Lazarus] 10:10 am: During our last session...
[Lazarus] 10:10 am: after trying to track down Colonel Travis, you met a fellow that asked you to do a simple job
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[Lazarus] 10:10 am: Namely pickup some high grade tungsten ore
[Lazarus] 10:11 am: Since you were already on the Planet Regina, you agreed for 200 credits
[Lazarus] 10:11 am: As soon as you landed at the crude airstrip next to the mine, you felt something was off
[Gabel] 10:12 am: "Spider senses were tingling"
[Lazarus] 10:12 am: Whenyou spoke to the 'manager' in the operations building, you knew he was five pounds of gos se in a one pound bag
[Lazarus] 10:12 am: John took the unusual step of drawing down on the man after he said the cargo wasn't ready
[Lazarus] 10:13 am: this led to no shortage of unpleasantness
[Lazarus] 10:13 am: gunshots insued and John and Roman found themselves pinned down in the building with gun men attacking from the front and back
[Lazarus] 10:14 am: of the five attackers from the front, John and Roman took out three
[Lazarus] 10:14 am: but this allowed the attackers from the back to enter the back and throw a grenade
[Lazarus] 10:14 am: fortunately, the throw was short and the counter absorbed the blast, but now it's in splinters
[Lazarus] 10:15 am: At the same time, Frank took off running as Richard grabbed his car to try and help the two trapped in the building
[Lazarus] 10:16 am: Richard slowed and Frank made a bad leap, only to be saved by Richard's quick actions and driving skills
[Lazarus] 10:16 am: Anton is at the controls of the Fire Angel tracking the fight, but unable to do anything at the moment
[Lazarus] 10:17 am: The survivor from the mine (that's you wayne), is in the infirmary and has just regained consciousness. He is weak and still disoriented
[Anton Barone] 10:18 am: ( anton is looking for a turn and burn opening , turn around and burn the enemies )
[Lazarus] 10:18 am: In the operations building, things have come to the decisive moment as Roman detected an arm about to throw another grenade
[Lazarus] 10:18 am: That was where we faded to black
[Gabel] 10:20 am: I did take down that one guy who was about to throw the grenade so im on the front entrance right ?
[Lazarus] 10:20 am: Since Irish isn't here...who wants to roll to try and stop the man from throwing the grenade? Roman has Agility d10 and Guns d6, for acalled shot with a -1 step penalty.
[Gabel] 10:20 am: Or In*
[Lazarus] 10:21 am: Irish had the initiative, it ws his shot
[Gabel] 10:21 am: No i mean the other guy in the front had a grenade as well
[Gabel] 10:21 am: I already took him down
[Lazarus] 10:21 am: yes, you had stopped him, there only seem to be two men in front still firing
[] 10:22 am: i can roll it for irish
[Gabel] 10:22 am: Well if i roll you know im going to roll bad
[Lazarus] 10:22 am: the car is 110 meters from the building, but due to its speed of 240KPH, it can cover that distance in one round
[Lazarus] 10:22 am: Okay wayne, roll d10+d4...you can also add plot points, you have 6 at the moment
[] 10:23 am: roll d10 d4
[->Lazarus] 10:23 am: This is the last time Frank is leaving the ship without his medical kit
[Gabel] 10:23 am: Plot points add a d2 to the roll one each
[->Lazarus] 10:23 am: how do i roll them again
[Gabel] 10:23 am: If used after you can only add 1 to the roll per point
[Lazarus->] 10:23 am: the command is /roll
[Gabel] 10:23 am: So if you use 2 plot points before roll you get a d4 3 d6 and so on
[Lazarus->] 10:24 am: yeah, unusual for him to charge into combat
[] 10:24 am: starts rolling some dice: (d10d4)
[] 10:24 am:

-> 1d10 (5)

[Lazarus->] 10:24 am: full command is /roll d10+d4
[Gabel] 10:24 am: If you want to roll in sequence
[Gabel] 10:24 am: you do this
[Gabel] 10:24 am: ,/roll 1d10, 1d4
[Gabel] 10:24 am: without the ,
[Lazarus] 10:24 am: you can do /roll d10+d4
[Gabel] 10:24 am: If you are adding them
[] 10:25 am: starts rolling some dice: (d10+d4)
[] 10:25 am:

-> 1d10 (1)+ 1d4 (3) = 4

[Lazarus] 10:25 am: but you need to declare plot points now
[Gabel] 10:25 am: then ,/roll 1d10+1d4
[Gabel] 10:25 am: You already rolled the D10 if laz will allow you to keep it heh.
[->Lazarus] 10:25 am: I know. Only Frank thought he was saving a man's life, and he didn't know the landing site was an ambush
[Serenity From the Ashes: The Warehouse]: has left at 10:26 am+
[Lazarus] 10:26 am: considering it is a 5 instead of a 1 yes, he can
[] 10:26 am: still learning bare with me
[Gabel] 10:26 am: (Duster NOOO!)
[Lazarus] 10:26 am: only question is did you want to use plot points
[Gabel] 10:26 am: Thats why were helping wayner :)
[Lazarus] 10:26 am: no worries on learning the system or the forum commands
[Serenity From the Ashes: The Warehouse]: Dusterboy has entered at 10:26 am+
[] 10:26 am: yeah
[Anton Barone->Lazarus] 10:26 am: i have 17 xp ?
[Lazarus->Anton Barone] 10:26 am: d6
[Dusterboy] 10:27 am: ((Sorry, 'bout that))
[Lazarus] 10:27 am: I would have recommended using thee plot points for an extra d6
[Lazarus->Anton Barone] 10:27 am: yes
[] 10:27 am: so i will use 3 plot points
[Lazarus] 10:27 am: then roll the d6
[Lazarus] 10:27 am: minimum will be 3
[] 10:28 am: starts rolling some dice: (d6)
[] 10:28 am:

-> 1d6 (5)

[Lazarus] 10:29 am: net is 13 lets hope that is enough
[Lazarus] 10:30 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6)
[Lazarus] 10:30 am:

-> 1d8 (2)+ 1d6 (3) = 5

[Lazarus] 10:31 am: Roman knows everything rides on this shot and carefully squeezes the trigger, the bullet slams into the thrower's arm and spins him around, away from his throw
[Lazarus] 10:31 am: roll a d6 wayne
[Lazarus] 10:32 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6)
[Lazarus] 10:32 am:

-> 1d8 (8)+ 1d6 (3) = 11

[Lazarus] 10:33 am: wayne?
[] 10:33 am: starts rolling some dice: (d6)
[] 10:33 am:

-> 1d6 (1)

[Lazarus] 10:33 am: starts rolling some dice: (d5)
[Lazarus] 10:33 am:

-> 1d5 (3)

[Lazarus] 10:34 am: The arm spins out of sight, but there isn't an explosion. Seems as if the man managed to hang onto the grenade. He won't be playing piano anytime soon though
[Lazarus] 10:35 am: Okay, that end's last session's business
[Lazarus] 10:35 am: time for new init, this is for everyone
[Zeenix] 10:35 am: Everyone?
[Zeenix] 10:35 am: as in me aswell
[Gabel] 10:35 am: (Heh sorry for making a two session out of something that was supposed to be one)
[Gabel] 10:35 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d8)
[Gabel] 10:35 am:

-> 1d8 (7)+ 1d8 (2) = 9

[] 10:35 am: yaaay
[Lazarus] 10:36 am: And GM note, car is 140 meters from building, so you will not be able to reach the others this round
[Zeenix] 10:36 am: Agility+ Alertness?
[Anton Barone] 10:36 am: ( int is what i hate asking but i spaced the roll )
[Lazarus] 10:36 am: Yes, everyone as there are multiple things going on
[Lazarus] 10:36 am: Yes Z
[Zeenix] 10:36 am: I forgot what init was already
[Lazarus] 10:36 am: Agility+Alertness
[Zeenix] 10:36 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d12)
[Zeenix] 10:36 am:

-> 1d8 (5)+ 1d12 (1) = 6

[Anton Barone] 10:36 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d8)
[Anton Barone] 10:36 am:

-> 1d8 (4)+ 1d8 (4) = 8

[Zeenix] 10:36 am: Woowee
[Lazarus] 10:37 am: wayne, you can roll as well
[Dusterboy] 10:37 am: starts rolling some dice: (d6+d6)
[Dusterboy] 10:37 am:

-> 1d6 (3)+ 1d6 (3) = 6

[Lazarus] 10:37 am: starts rolling some dice: (2d10)
[Lazarus] 10:37 am:

-> 2d10 (3,1 = 4)

[Lazarus] 10:38 am: hmmm Roman is a bit shaken by the grenade experience
[Lazarus] 10:38 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6)
[Lazarus] 10:38 am:

-> 1d8 (4)+ 1d6 (4) = 8

[Lazarus] 10:38 am: John moves first
[] 10:38 am: what im i rolling?
[Gabel] 10:38 am: I take aim and fire off a burst of fire into the second person firing on us
[Gabel] 10:39 am: From the front
[Gabel] 10:39 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d8)
[Gabel] 10:39 am:

-> 1d8 (5)+ 1d8 (7) = 12

[Lazarus] 10:39 am: initiative, for you that is d10+d8 wayne
[Gabel] 10:39 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d8)
[Gabel] 10:39 am:

-> 1d8 (1)+ 1d8 (6) = 7

[Gabel] 10:39 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d8)
[Gabel] 10:39 am:

-> 1d8 (3)+ 1d8 (5) = 8

[Gabel] 10:39 am: thats 3 shots
[Gabel] 10:39 am: Wow
[Gabel] 10:39 am: Im fucking impressed at my rolls
[Gabel] 10:39 am: Whats going on
[] 10:40 am: starts rolling some dice: (d10+d8)
[] 10:40 am:

-> 1d10 (10)+ 1d8 (8) = 18

[Lazarus] 10:40 am: like the freaking ninja
[] 10:40 am: thats a roll
[Zeenix] 10:40 am: 1 barely below average, one average and one above average? Wheres the real gabel?
[Lazarus] 10:41 am: okay, as john's brain is trying to process telling his finger to tighten, a blur flashes across his line of sight too fast to identify
[Gabel] 10:41 am: I know right Z
[Gabel] 10:42 am: (A blur ?)
[Lazarus] 10:42 am: On the ship, the survivor manages to sit up. he is in an unfamiliar infirmary. He doesn't remember coming here. Last thing he can relly remember is crawling in the desert and the terrimble thrist
[Gabel] 10:42 am: (I thought i acted first wouldnt the car act after me ?)
[Dusterboy] 10:42 am: ((Maybe the dice lice haven't woken up yet....))
[Lazarus] 10:42 am: Wayne doubled your init, he can do whatever he bloody well wants before you can think about movin
[Anton Barone] 10:43 am: ( gotta love poopy diapers)
[Lazarus] 10:43 am: (aww new dad talk)
[Gabel] 10:43 am: (Oh that was Romans Int ?)
[Gabel] 10:43 am: (Just asking thats all)
[Lazarus] 10:43 am: (You don't know john) Roman got a 4
[Lazarus] 10:43 am: what do you do first wayne?
[] 10:44 am: well
[] 10:44 am: what are are my options
[Lazarus] 10:44 am: you are sitting on a diagnotic bed in an informary, you tell me what you want to do
[] 10:45 am: yeah
[] 10:45 am: ross is waking up
[Lazarus] 10:46 am: [Lazarus] 10:42 am: On the ship, the survivor manages to sit up. he is in an unfamiliar infirmary. He doesn't remember coming here. Last thing he can really remember is crawling in the desert and the terrible thirst
[] 10:46 am: right now hes disorented
[Gabel] 10:46 am: (Im pretty sure he can hear gunshots from there ?)
[] 10:46 am: got it
[Lazarus] 10:46 am: however John, yo uhave to reroll your attack, a burst is always a two step penalty so you roll d8+d4
[Gabel] 10:47 am: Go with a single shot then and use my first roll
[Lazarus] 10:47 am: (It's two hundred meters away and he's inside the ship, so no he can't hear gunfire)
[Lazarus] 10:47 am: kk
[Gabel] 10:47 am: That okay ?
[Lazarus] 10:47 am: .roll d8+d6
[Lazarus] 10:47 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6)
[Lazarus] 10:47 am:

-> 1d8 (7)+ 1d6 (2) = 9

[Gabel] 10:47 am: (Im not used to gunfire myself im not really sure how far you can hear a gunfight)
[Lazarus] 10:47 am: roll d8 damage John
[Gabel] 10:48 am: (so thats why i was asking the expert which would be you Laz :D)
[Gabel] 10:48 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d8)
[Gabel] 10:48 am:

-> 1d8 (1)

[Gabel] 10:48 am: ...
[Gabel] 10:48 am: There we go
[Gabel] 10:48 am: Theres my famous fuck you rolls
[Lazarus] 10:48 am: you pissed him off more than anything
[Gabel] 10:48 am: Shoulda just said
[Gabel] 10:48 am: Use my second roll
[Gabel] 10:48 am: Yeah laz i wasted all my good rolls
[Lazarus] 10:48 am: roll a d6 anton
[Gabel] 10:48 am: God damn it
[Lazarus] 10:48 am: starts rolling some dice: (d6)
[Lazarus] 10:48 am:

-> 1d6 (6)

[Anton Barone] 10:48 am: starts rolling some dice: (d6)
[Anton Barone] 10:48 am:

-> 1d6 (4)

[Gabel] 10:49 am: I retreat back into cover once the shot is taken laz
[Gabel] 10:49 am: For my second action
[Lazarus] 10:49 am: ok, the goons go next, anton after that
[->Lazarus] 10:49 am: is there any one in the infirmary?
[Gabel] 10:49 am: (Tbh i like the combat system in serenity its more fluid then d20)
[Lazarus->] 10:49 am: just you
[Lazarus] 10:50 am: starts rolling some dice: (2d8;d8+d6)
[Lazarus] 10:50 am:

-> 2d8 (4,3 = 7)

-> 1d8 (7)+ 1d6 (2) = 9

[Gabel] 10:50 am: (Albeit more deadly)
[->Lazarus] 10:50 am: ok can my character start yelling for people
[Serenity From the Ashes: The Warehouse]: Hatch has left at 10:50 am+
[Lazarus] 10:50 am: roll agility +dodge -1 step john, all you have to do is not fumble
[Lazarus->] 10:50 am: certainly
[->Lazarus] 10:50 am: ty
[Lazarus->Anton Barone] 10:51 am: roll alertness + perception
[Gabel] 10:51 am: Okay remind me
[Gabel] 10:51 am: Only skills are -1 step right ?
[Gabel] 10:51 am: Or both
[Gabel] 10:51 am: (We are outside)
[Gabel] 10:51 am: (Oh you are roleplaying sorry)
[Gabel] 10:51 am: (My bad hehe)
[Anton Barone] 10:51 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6)
[Anton Barone] 10:51 am:

-> 1d8 (6)+ 1d6 (2) = 8

[] 10:51 am: your alright
[Lazarus] 10:52 am: in this case, john you roll 2d8
[Gabel] 10:52 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d8)
[Gabel] 10:52 am:

-> 1d8 (2)+ 1d8 (8) = 10

[Gabel] 10:52 am: Yeah i dodge like a boss
[Gabel] 10:52 am: I dont regret getting 1d10 dodge
[Lazarus] 10:52 am: the two outside fire and miss horribly
[Gabel] 10:52 am: I think im going to pick up talented at one point
[Gabel] 10:52 am: Like we discussed a few sessions back
[Lazarus->Anton Barone] 10:52 am: you can hear some faint shouting behind you in the ship, but you can't make out the words
[Lazarus->Anton Barone] 10:52 am: it is a man's voice
[Lazarus] 10:53 am: starts rolling some dice: (d6)
[Lazarus] 10:53 am:

-> 1d6 (3)

[Anton Barone->Lazarus] 10:53 am: can i tweak the comms to hear him ?
[Lazarus] 10:54 am: Roman sees two figures appear at the door behind the counter and tries to swing his pistol to fire. but they go first
[Lazarus->Anton Barone] 10:54 am: you could try
[Lazarus->Anton Barone] 10:54 am: int + Tech eng
[Serenity From the Ashes: The Warehouse]: has left at 10:54 am+
[Lazarus] 10:54 am: starts rolling some dice: (2d8;2d8)
[Lazarus] 10:54 am:

-> 2d8 (4,1 = 5)

-> 2d8 (2,5 = 7)

[Anton Barone] 10:54 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6)
[Anton Barone] 10:54 am:

-> 1d8 (6)+ 1d6 (6) = 12

[Lazarus] 10:54 am: starts rolling some dice: (d6)
[Lazarus] 10:54 am:

-> 1d6 (4)

[] 10:55 am: CAN ANY ONE HERE ME!!
[Lazarus] 10:55 am: John, dodge against a 7 , this time your dodge is d8+d6
[Gabel] 10:55 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d6)
[Gabel] 10:55 am:

-> 1d8 (3)+ 1d6 (4) = 7

[Lazarus] 10:56 am: Anton fiddles with the intercom and can hear someone clearly now: [waynerlane] 10:55 am: CAN ANY ONE HERE ME!!
[Lazarus] 10:56 am: you'll probably want to spend a plot point for that to miss
[Lazarus->Anton Barone] 10:57 am: sounds like the guy in the infirmary is awake
[Anton Barone] 10:57 am: " who ever you are you are on the ship i fly and you are safe i would recomend you grab something to hold on to as its gonna get bummpy ".
[Gabel] 10:57 am: eh plot point spent
[Lazarus] 10:58 am: kk
[Lazarus] 10:58 am: starts rolling some dice: (d10+d4)
[Lazarus] 10:58 am:

-> 1d10 (4)+ 1d4 (3) = 7

[Gabel] 10:58 am: I am still behind medium cover though right ?
[] 10:58 am: where is that voice comming from
[Anton Barone] 10:58 am: ( over the coms )
[] 10:58 am: excuse me is this your ship
[Lazarus] 10:58 am: the two men fire on john and roman with both missing, but for john it was too damn close
[Lazarus] 10:59 am: not from inside you don't john, cover is from the guys outside
[Gabel] 10:59 am: *John kind of jumps a little as he sees a bullets whiz right past him*
[Lazarus] 10:59 am: And Anton is up
[Anton Barone] 10:59 am: over the comms " every hold on it gonna get bumpy ".
[Lazarus] 11:00 am: anton, roll alertness + perception
[Anton Barone->Lazarus] 11:00 am: can i blast some witht he engines
[Anton Barone] 11:00 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6)
[Anton Barone] 11:00 am:

-> 1d8 (1)+ 1d6 (6) = 7

[Lazarus->Anton Barone] 11:01 am: you are too far this round, you will have to move the ship and try and roast someone next round
[Zeenix] 11:01 am: (BRB)
[Anton Barone->Lazarus] 11:01 am: i wanna move the ship
[Lazarus] 11:01 am: As anton grips the controls and decides what to do, he can see the doors of the warehouse being pulled open by the two guards
[Lazarus->Anton Barone] 11:01 am: d8+piloting to get into place
[Lazarus] 11:02 am: frank and richard can also roll alertness + perception
[Anton Barone->Lazarus] 11:03 am: shuttles ?
[Lazarus->Anton Barone] 11:03 am: mid-bulk transports, you are flying the ship not a shuttle
[Serenity From the Ashes: The Warehouse]: has left at 11:03 am+
[Anton Barone->Lazarus] 11:03 am: same num
[Anton Barone] 11:03 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d10)
[Anton Barone] 11:03 am:

-> 1d8 (2)+ 1d10 (2) = 4

[Anton Barone->Lazarus] 11:04 am: can i fix that roll
[Lazarus] 11:04 am: The Fire Angel lurches into the air awkwardly and is completely out of position to do anything at the moment
[Dusterboy] 11:05 am: starts rolling some dice: (d6+d4)
[Dusterboy] 11:05 am:

-> 1d6 (1)+ 1d4 (3) = 4

[Lazarus->Anton Barone] 11:05 am: even if you burned all your plot points, no
[Anton Barone->Lazarus] 11:05 am: k
[Dusterboy] 11:05 am: ((frank and richard have gonbe blind, temporaneously))
[Lazarus] 11:06 am: duster roll d12+d6 for Z
[Dusterboy] 11:06 am: starts rolling some dice: (d12+d6)
[Dusterboy] 11:06 am:

-> 1d12 (5)+ 1d6 (3) = 8

[Serenity From the Ashes: The Warehouse]: has left at 11:06 am+
[Lazarus] 11:06 am: Richard spots the doors of the warehouse being pulled open too
[Lazarus] 11:07 am: figuring he would continue toward the building, he closes to within 30 meters
[Lazarus] 11:07 am: coming up from the front, he can see the two men shooting at the building
[Lazarus] 11:08 am: what does Frank do?
[Lazarus] 11:09 am: Duster?
[Lazarus] 11:09 am: Guess he holds on for deal life
[Lazarus] 11:09 am: Next round
[Dusterboy] 11:09 am: He does indeed
[Lazarus] 11:09 am: initiatives please
[Gabel] 11:09 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d8)
[Gabel] 11:09 am:

-> 1d8 (3)+ 1d8 (1) = 4

[Gabel] 11:09 am: ugh
[Dusterboy] 11:09 am: starts rolling some dice: (2d6)
[Dusterboy] 11:09 am:

-> 2d6 (3,4 = 7)

[Lazarus] 11:10 am: starts rolling some dice: (d12+d2+d10)
[Lazarus] 11:10 am:

-> 1d12 (8)+ 1d2 (2)+ 1d10 (6) = 16

[Gabel] 11:10 am: (i cant get Z on skype either)
[] 11:10 am: starts rolling some dice: (d10+d8)
[] 11:10 am:

-> 1d10 (6)+ 1d8 (7) = 13

[Lazarus] 11:10 am: looks like getting shot at has roman moving now
[Lazarus] 11:10 am: He did say brb, might be in the potty
[Gabel] 11:10 am: (Maybe)
[Zeenix] 11:11 am: (Back)
[Dusterboy] 11:11 am: ((I thought you military types said "head"?))
[Lazarus] 11:11 am: anton? need your and Z's init
[Zeenix] 11:11 am: again?
[Zeenix] 11:11 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d12)
[Zeenix] 11:11 am:

-> 1d8 (6)+ 1d12 (9) = 15

[Lazarus] 11:11 am: (Only squids and jarheads say head, REAL military people say latrine)
[] 11:11 am: its a matter of choice
[Anton Barone] 11:12 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d8)
[Anton Barone] 11:12 am:

-> 1d8 (3)+ 1d8 (3) = 6

[] 11:12 am: real military
[Lazarus] 11:12 am: new round Z
[Lazarus] 11:12 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6)
[Lazarus] 11:12 am:

-> 1d8 (7)+ 1d6 (1) = 8

[Anton Barone] 11:12 am: ( gabel get away from me )
[Dusterboy] 11:12 am: ((LOL, laz. I think your prejudices are showing))
[Gabel] 11:12 am: (... Dont look at me)
[Lazarus] 11:12 am: Roman goes first and shoots at one of the goons
[Lazarus] 11:13 am: starts rolling some dice: (d10+d6)
[Lazarus] 11:13 am:

-> 1d10 (4)+ 1d6 (2) = 6

[Lazarus] 11:13 am: and misses badly
[] 11:13 am: HES mad because us squids are better looking
[Dusterboy] 11:13 am: You a SEAL, wayne?
[Lazarus] 11:13 am: Richard is next, you are 30 meters from the building now, you can see two goons firing at the building's front
[] 11:14 am: Nope Cook
[Lazarus] 11:14 am: As good looking as the southern end of a north bound horse can look yes
[Anton Barone] 11:14 am: rofl
[] 11:14 am: I was a bubble head
[Zeenix] 11:14 am: hmm
[Lazarus] 11:14 am: interesting, boomers or attack boat?
[] 11:14 am: bommers
[Anton Barone] 11:14 am: (laz you were army right )
[Lazarus] 11:14 am: nice
[Lazarus] 11:15 am: STILL army. lol
[Anton Barone] 11:15 am: (your a weekend warrior now )
[] 11:15 am: we sit and sit and sit Navy Pide
[Zeenix] 11:15 am: could I realistically run them over without becoming one with the building behind them?
[Anton Barone] 11:15 am: ( army hurry up and wait )
[] 11:16 am: wanna see the world ...dont go boomer
[Lazarus] 11:16 am: what does richard do? He can see the big doors of the warehouse being thrown open
[Lazarus] 11:16 am: You can try Z
[Lazarus] 11:16 am: you roll an 11 and you can hit one, roll a 15 and you can hit both
[Zeenix] 11:16 am: ok sure
[Gabel] 11:16 am: Plot points like a boss
[Zeenix] 11:16 am: so piloting plus cars agi?
[] 11:17 am: starts rolling some dice: (d10+d8)
[] 11:17 am:

-> 1d10 (9)+ 1d8 (7) = 16

[Lazarus] 11:17 am: your base is d10 + d12
[] 11:17 am: my bad
[Zeenix] 11:18 am: starts rolling some dice: (d10+d12+d6)
[Zeenix] 11:18 am:

-> 1d10 (7)+ 1d12 (6)+ 1d6 (2) = 15

[] 11:18 am: good roll though
[Zeenix] 11:18 am: "Wroooooo"
[Lazarus] 11:18 am: RIchard barrels down on the two prone men who look on in shock as you bear down on them
[Lazarus] 11:19 am: starts rolling some dice: (d4+d6;d4+d6)
[Lazarus] 11:19 am:

-> 1d4 (4)+ 1d6 (2) = 6

-> 1d4 (2)+ 1d6 (6) = 8

[Lazarus] 11:19 am: THUMP THUMP
[Dusterboy] 11:19 am: *Frank winces but says nothing*
[Lazarus] 11:19 am: now roll again, -1 step skill to keep control asyou slam into nearly 400 pounds of dudes
[Gabel] 11:19 am: Oh crap Wayner can you change your colour
[Gabel] 11:19 am: I cant see that on my background :(
[Gabel] 11:20 am: Anything blue i wont be able to see unless its really bright blue
[] 11:20 am: how about now
[Zeenix] 11:20 am: So d10+d10?
[Zeenix] 11:20 am: or d8+d10?
[Gabel] 11:20 am: Well thats fine since its white but i just cant see any colour thats dark blue thats all :)
[Lazarus] 11:21 am: 2d10 z
[Zeenix] 11:21 am: starts rolling some dice: (2d10+d4)
[Zeenix] 11:21 am:

-> 2d10 (9,2 = 11) + 1d4 (2) = 13

[Lazarus] 11:21 am: The barely fishtails as it runs over the two men
[Lazarus] 11:22 am: Z, roll d4 Vehicle scale
[] 11:22 am: EXCUSE ME
[Zeenix] 11:22 am: I ehm uh.
[Zeenix] 11:23 am: what would that be for a hovercar
[Lazarus] 11:23 am: yep
[Lazarus] 11:23 am: D4
[Zeenix] 11:23 am: starts rolling some dice: (d4)
[Zeenix] 11:23 am:

-> 1d4 (2)

[Lazarus] 11:23 am: vehicle scale is x10, so 20 points of squishy to the two men
[Gabel] 11:24 am: Splat
[Lazarus] 11:24 am: they are actually both alive, but won't survive without major surgery, so effectively splatted
[Lazarus] 11:25 am: Ruins the paint job on the car though
[Lazarus->Anton Barone] 11:25 am: THe guy in the infirmary is talking again
[Zeenix] 11:25 am: :(
[Anton Barone] 11:26 am: " yes mr sick/injured guy what do you need i am kind busy here "?
[Gabel] 11:28 am: (Did Z just splat the 2 guys shooting at us ?)
[Anton Barone] 11:28 am: " get some water i dont have time right now to put a iv in , yurn on the sink over there and get a drink ".
[Dusterboy] 11:28 am: (He did)
[Lazarus] 11:29 am: (Yes two in front are hors de auto
[Gabel] 11:29 am: Whos left now the guy at the backdoor ?
[Lazarus] 11:29 am: starts rolling some dice: (d6)
[Lazarus] 11:29 am:

-> 1d6 (6)

[Lazarus] 11:29 am: this time, the attackers from the back of the building rush John and Roman
[Lazarus] 11:30 am: me. anton, frank, john is the init order now
[Gabel] 11:30 am: Roman ?
[Lazarus] 11:30 am: he went first and missed
[Lazarus] 11:31 am: starts rolling some dice: (2d8;2d8;2d8;2d8)
[Lazarus] 11:31 am:

-> 2d8 (1,8 = 9)

-> 2d8 (7,8 = 15)

-> 2d8 (1,7 = 8)

-> 2d8 (4,6 = 10)

[Lazarus] 11:31 am: okay, I will roll d6 to see which shot goes at who gabel, do you want high or low?
[Gabel] 11:31 am: So im in the front door roman is at the back ?
[Gabel] 11:31 am: Uh
[Gabel] 11:31 am: High
[Lazarus] 11:31 am: (both of you are near the front door)
[Gabel] 11:31 am: Why you say these things im a jinxed guy
[Gabel] 11:32 am: I thought roman was covering the back
[Lazarus] 11:32 am: starts rolling some dice: (4d6)
[Lazarus] 11:32 am:

-> 4d6 (2,3,3,1 = 9)

[Gabel] 11:32 am: While i was shooting at the front
[Gabel] 11:32 am: FUCKING FUCK
[Lazarus] 11:32 am: hmm, looks like ROman pissed them all
[Gabel] 11:32 am: Yeah no shit
[Gabel] 11:32 am: Thats bad =/
[Lazarus] 11:32 am: (He was covering the back, but was still near the front facing backwards
[Gabel] 11:33 am: Ah okay
[Gabel] 11:33 am: (Just askin thats all i like to have a general overview)
[Lazarus] 11:33 am: okay, he only has two active dodges left
[Lazarus] 11:35 am: starts rolling some dice: (d12+d2+d2;d12+d2+d2;d12+d2;d12+d2)
[Lazarus] 11:35 am:

-> 1d12 (10)+ 1d2 (2)+ 1d2 (2) = 14

-> 1d12 (7)+ 1d2 (1)+ 1d2 (1) = 9

-> 1d12 (7)+ 1d2 (2) = 9

-> 1d12 (9)+ 1d2 (1) = 10

[Serenity From the Ashes: The Warehouse]: has left at 11:35 am+
[Gabel] 11:35 am: Shit how many dudes were at the back door
[Lazarus] 11:35 am: not as bad as it could be, he dodged two completely
[Lazarus] 11:35 am: Four fired
[Lazarus] 11:35 am: starts rolling some dice: (2d8)
[Lazarus] 11:35 am:

-> 2d8 (4,4 = 8)

[Lazarus] 11:36 am: fortunately, he does have mesh
[Lazarus] 11:37 am: but damage is 11 stun and 3 wounds
[Lazarus] 11:37 am: still conscious, but only just
[Lazarus] 11:38 am: anton, you are up
[->Lazarus] 11:38 am: Who all is on the ship right now
[Lazarus] 11:38 am: starts rolling some dice: (d6)
[Lazarus] 11:38 am:

-> 1d6 (2)

[Lazarus->] 11:38 am: you've only heard the one voice
[->Lazarus] 11:38 am: ok
[Lazarus->] 11:38 am: you can get up, you aren't strapped down. you do have an IV though
[Anton Barone] 11:39 am: any i can blast with the engines and keep party safe ?
[Lazarus->Anton Barone] 11:39 am: You're up
[Serenity From the Ashes: The Warehouse]: jpatterson has left at 11:39 am+
[->Lazarus] 11:39 am: hes laying back down
[Lazarus] 11:39 am: You really can't see anyone outside the building except for Richard and Frank in the car
[Lazarus->] 11:39 am: ok
[Lazarus] 11:39 am: however anton, roll alertn+Perception again
[Anton Barone] 11:40 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6)
[Anton Barone] 11:40 am:

-> 1d8 (4)+ 1d6 (4) = 8

[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:40 am: Is it at all possible to upgrade good name to Major ?
[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:40 am: you kinda have to earn that one
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:41 am: Im trying to lol
[Lazarus->Anton Barone] 11:41 am: You see the doors of the warehouse open fully and the nose of a ship, an Alliance Patrol boat inside and it is on the move
[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:41 am: we'll see
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:42 am: At least im trying to stay true to John's Origional goal.
[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:42 am: yes you are
[Lazarus] 11:42 am: Outside, Frank and Richard can hear engines spooling up, but it's not coming from the airfield, it's coming from the warehouse
[Lazarus] 11:43 am: They trun in that direction and can see the nose of an Alliance Patrol Boat slowly exiting the warehouse
[Anton Barone] 11:43 am: "i see a purple belly patrol boat comming out of the ware house we need to move or shut it down ".
[Lazarus] 11:44 am: And it is Anton's move
[Anton Barone->Lazarus] 11:44 am: can i block it in ?
[Lazarus->Anton Barone] 11:44 am: The other ship is larger, but you can try
[Anton Barone->Lazarus] 11:44 am: trying
[Dusterboy] 11:44 am: "I'm open to suggestions. Shame you're not packing a rocket launcher."
[Anton Barone] 11:44 am: " this is risky but we need to slow it down hold on ".
[Lazarus] 11:45 am: Anton steers the fire angel to try and block the larger ship AND stay out of the way of the ship's weapons
[Anton Barone] 11:45 am: ( i need time to hack it
[Dusterboy] 11:45 am: *Frank does as he's told, not liking the direction of Richard's thought*
[Anton Barone] 11:45 am: )\
[Lazarus] 11:45 am: d8+d10 anton, plot points are up to you
[Anton Barone] 11:45 am: 3 pp
[Lazarus] 11:46 am: kk
[Lazarus] 11:46 am: add a d6
[Anton Barone] 11:46 am: what does that equate to for me ?
[Anton Barone] 11:46 am: 1=3 piloting
[Gabel] 11:46 am: (What holy shit what are the feds doing here)
[Lazarus] 11:46 am: oh right, d10
[Gabel] 11:46 am: (... Man if we could steal that ASERV i could fly that)
[Anton Barone] 11:47 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d10+d10)
[Anton Barone] 11:47 am:

-> 1d8 (2)+ 1d10 (5)+ 1d10 (3) = 10

[Lazarus] 11:47 am: not a ASREV think big enough to carry TWO ASREVs
[Anton Barone] 11:47 am: *slams head on table *
[] 11:47 am: good job
[Lazarus] 11:47 am: net is 15 anton
[Gabel] 11:47 am: (Oh fuck)
[Gabel] 11:47 am: (Oh fuck its a patrol boat)
[Lazarus] 11:47 am: minimal on the plot point die is 5
[Gabel] 11:47 am: (Sorry i missread)
[Dusterboy->Lazarus] 11:47 am: Am I back on ship? I thought we heading towards the others?
[Lazarus->Dusterboy] 11:48 am: you are in the car, right outside the building
[Anton Barone] 11:48 am: is 15 good "
[Gabel] 11:48 am: (Wait Patrol boats are gunships arent they or not the ASERVS are i keep forgetting)
[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:48 am: you know the car is right outside the building
[Lazarus] 11:48 am: They are NOT ASREVs
[Gabel] 11:49 am: (No i know i was just wondering if they were Gunships)
[Dusterboy->Lazarus] 11:49 am: Oh wait, don't tell me. There's a player called Anton and a PC called Anton
[Gabel] 11:49 am: (Its hard to know what exactly every ship comes under what category thats all)
[Lazarus] 11:49 am: ASREVs were seen in the episode The Message, APB were mentioned in Our Misses Reynolds, much larger
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:49 am: Laz
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:50 am: Im going to do something risky by blinding those guys with a flash grenade and picking up Roman to drag him out to the car
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:50 am: I have lots of mental resistance and heavy tolerance
[Lazarus->Dusterboy] 11:50 am: no, omega is the player, he just set up an account with his PC name
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:50 am: So im betting on my skills to get me out of the initial *Blindness*
[Lazarus] 11:51 am: THe ASREV is 83 feet long, the APB is 340 feet long
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:51 am: No wait sorry Steady calm for the bang
[Gabel] 11:51 am: (hooo nice okay thanks)
[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:52 am: steady clam means you don't get scared by stuff
[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:52 am: doesn't protect you from concussion
[Dusterboy->Lazarus] 11:52 am: So who's piloting the Fire Angel and who's in the car with me?
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:52 am: Mental resistance would though
[Dusterboy->Lazarus] 11:52 am: ((I is confusticated))
[Anton Barone] 11:52 am: ( sucessful ?)
[Lazarus] 11:52 am: starts rolling some dice: (d6+d8)
[Lazarus] 11:52 am:

-> 1d6 (6)+ 1d8 (1) = 7

[Lazarus] 11:53 am: starts rolling some dice: (2d6)
[Lazarus] 11:53 am:

-> 2d6 (5,1 = 6)

[Lazarus] 11:54 am: The Fire Angel comes screaming in fast and low, The Pilot of the patrol boat tries to avoid by diving, but is too low for that and the ship skips off the ground
[Lazarus] 11:54 am: starts rolling some dice: (d6)
[Lazarus] 11:54 am:

-> 1d6 (3)

[Lazarus] 11:55 am: starts rolling some dice: (d6+d4)
[Lazarus] 11:55 am:

-> 1d6 (5)+ 1d4 (4) = 9

[Lazarus] 11:55 am: THe pilot manages to lurch back up into the air, but the ship is clearly damage from the impact
[Lazarus] 11:55 am: okay Frank, you are up
[Lazarus->Dusterboy] 11:56 am: Richard is driving the car, antonis flying the ship
[Lazarus->Dusterboy] 11:56 am: everyoneis where they are supposed to be
[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:56 am: having mental toughness does nothing to pretect you from concussion
[Lazarus->Dusterboy] 11:57 am: You are up
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:57 am: How could i get a concussion from a flash grenade ?
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:57 am: im not using the Concussion grenade
[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:57 am: It's a flash bang
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:57 am: But you let me use Mental Resistance to resist the effects of a flash bang before
[Dusterboy] 11:57 am: ((I'm still in the car, right?))
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:58 am: When we were on the space rock
[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:58 am: If I did, I shouldn't have
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:58 am: So what the fuck is Mental Resistance good for because i thought it counted for counteracting Torture/Outside Influences on the mind ect
[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:58 am: I don't care how much resistance to torture you have or training to avoid torture, it doesn't make your skull thicker
[Lazarus] 11:59 am: yes
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:59 am: So its Vitality+Willpower to resist a flashbang ?
[Serenity From the Ashes: The Warehouse]: asher dragoone has entered at 11:59 am+
[asher dragoone] 11:59 am: (lurking)
[Dusterboy] 11:59 am: ((Is there anything for me to do?))
[Lazarus] 12:00 pm: (hi ash, have fun)
[Dusterboy->Lazarus] 12:00 pm: ((Hang on, was the Angel being piloted remotely?))
[Lazarus] 12:00 pm: Up to you duster. the car is right in front of the door. you don't see anyone shooting at the moment, but you hear heavy gunfire inside the building
[Lazarus->Gabel] 12:00 pm: yes
[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:01 pm: Mental resistance has to be good for something other then resisting talking during torture and stuff im sure
[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:02 pm: Dont get me wrong im just trying to use a skill... that i have never used thats why im asking
[Zeenix] 12:02 pm: I'll probably stay and make sure we have a get away car intact
[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:02 pm: I have had it since character creation but never used it thats why im asking for other uses for it
[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:02 pm: Except for that one time when you let me use it on the space station obviously
[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:02 pm: I figured Mental resistance also gives resistance towards people trying to read your actions and stuff
[Dusterboy] 12:03 pm: I very cautiously approach the building, taking care not to be seen.
[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:03 pm: Anyway lets talk about this once the game is over i dont want to keep you occupied lets focus on the game
[Lazarus] 12:03 pm: Frank exits the car and reaches the door.
[Lazarus] 12:03 pm: do you look inside?
[Lazarus] 12:04 pm: that would take agility + covert not to be seen
[Dusterboy] 12:04 pm: Yes
[Dusterboy] 12:04 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d6+d4)
[Dusterboy] 12:04 pm:

-> 1d6 (6)+ 1d4 (1) = 7

[Lazarus] 12:05 pm: At a quick peek, you see Roman to your right looking decidedly worse for wear. John is to the right trying to hold off four gunmen
[Lazarus->Dusterboy] 12:05 pm: no, Anton is at the controls
[Lazarus->Gabel] 12:05 pm: and you are now up
[Lazarus] 12:06 pm: And it is John's action
[Dusterboy] 12:06 pm: ((Mmmm, my ideal scenario is to get to Roman without being seen and try to get him out of there))
[Gabel] 12:07 pm: Will i be able to drag or throw Roman over my shoulders ?
[Lazarus] 12:07 pm: not possible, you will have to make the grab and try to escape before the others can fire
[Gabel] 12:07 pm: I am probably the strongest guy here right now
[Gabel] 12:07 pm: Ah crap
[Lazarus] 12:07 pm: Isame for john
[Gabel] 12:07 pm: Flash bang then ?
[Lazarus] 12:08 pm: he can grab roman and make a fast break
[Gabel] 12:08 pm: I see two options
[Lazarus] 12:08 pm: You can do either action
[Dusterboy] 12:08 pm: ((Little help here, Gabel?))
[Lazarus] 12:08 pm: everyone else has gone
[Dusterboy->Lazarus] 12:08 pm: And Zeenix is playing Richard, in the car with me
[Lazarus] 12:08 pm: roll alertness + perception John
[Lazarus->Dusterboy] 12:08 pm: yes
[Gabel] 12:08 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d6)
[Gabel] 12:08 pm:

-> 1d8 (7)+ 1d6 (6) = 13

[Gabel] 12:08 pm: I just wasted my good roll now im not going to grab roman lol
[Lazarus] 12:09 pm: You spot Frank just outside the door
[Dusterboy] 12:09 pm: ((Wowzerss))
[Gabel] 12:09 pm: Okay can i provide cover fire by switching to full auto forcing these mooks to take cover ?
[Lazarus] 12:09 pm: you can both roll agility + athletics
[Gabel] 12:09 pm: So Frank can grab Roman ?
[Gabel] 12:09 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d6)
[Gabel] 12:09 pm:

-> 1d8 (4)+ 1d6 (6) = 10

[Lazarus] 12:09 pm: you can try that too
[Dusterboy] 12:09 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d6+d6)
[Dusterboy] 12:09 pm:

-> 1d6 (6)+ 1d6 (2) = 8

[Gabel] 12:09 pm: 10 on agi ath
[Lazarus] 12:10 pm: Okay, you both get ahold of him
[Lazarus] 12:10 pm: both roll strength + athletics to life him, you can add the results for the direct assistance
[Gabel] 12:10 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d6)
[Gabel] 12:10 pm:

-> 1d8 (8)+ 1d6 (4) = 12

[Gabel] 12:11 pm: I just oneman fistpump into the air and grab his sorry ass :p
[Dusterboy] 12:11 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d6+d6)
[Dusterboy] 12:11 pm:

-> 1d6 (3)+ 1d6 (1) = 4

[Lazarus] 12:11 pm: you manage to sntach him up and stagger out the door, you haven't reach the car yet, but you did get out the door
[Lazarus] 12:11 pm: End of Round
[Lazarus] 12:11 pm: Inits from everyone
[Gabel] 12:12 pm: Now my init will be 1
[Gabel] 12:12 pm: or 2
[Gabel] 12:12 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d8)
[Gabel] 12:12 pm:

-> 1d8 (7)+ 1d8 (6) = 13

[Gabel] 12:12 pm: WHAT IS GOING ON
[Dusterboy] 12:12 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d6+d6)
[Dusterboy] 12:12 pm:

-> 1d6 (5)+ 1d6 (4) = 9

[Gabel] 12:12 pm: Waynerlane i am declaring you my lucky charm
[Gabel] 12:12 pm: Dont ever leave this game.
[] 12:12 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d10+d8)
[] 12:12 pm:

-> 1d10 (1)+ 1d8 (7) = 8

[Lazarus] 12:12 pm: lol
[Anton Barone] 12:12 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d8)
[Anton Barone] 12:12 pm:

-> 1d8 (1)+ 1d8 (3) = 4

[Dusterboy] 12:12 pm: ((Crikey, Gabe!))
[Lazarus] 12:13 pm: Z?
[] 12:13 pm: woohoo horse shoes for everyone
[Gabel] 12:13 pm: Were on a roll Duster dont stop !
[Gabel] 12:13 pm: Im dancing in my chair right now
[Gabel] 12:13 pm: Never been this happy to roll above average more then once.
[Lazarus] 12:13 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d10+d8)
[Lazarus] 12:13 pm:

-> 1d10 (6)+ 1d8 (7) = 13

[Dusterboy] 12:13 pm: ((Just don't break it, Gabe))
[Zeenix] 12:14 pm: oh
[Lazarus] 12:14 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6)
[Lazarus] 12:14 pm:

-> 1d8 (7)+ 1d6 (4) = 11

[Anton Barone] 12:14 pm: ( we need to stop this ship )
[Zeenix] 12:14 pm: what?
[Lazarus] 12:14 pm: roll init Z
[Zeenix] 12:14 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d12)
[Zeenix] 12:14 pm:

-> 1d8 (1)+ 1d12 (12) = 13

[Serenity From the Ashes: The Warehouse]: jpatterson has left at 12:14 pm+
[Serenity From the Ashes: The Warehouse]: jb105 has left at 12:14 pm+
[Lazarus] 12:15 pm: RIchard, Roman, and John all move at the same time
[Lazarus] 12:15 pm: Roman is out on his feet, but is still able to move
[Zeenix] 12:15 pm: Well I'd be still waitin for em to get aboard
[Lazarus] 12:16 pm: kk, Richard is holding his action
[Gabel] 12:16 pm: I Throw a flashbang inside the building
[Lazarus] 12:16 pm: ok
[Gabel] 12:16 pm: Im not sure on the roll to throw a grenade
[Lazarus] 12:16 pm: agility + athletics -1 step for throwing while supporting Roman
[Gabel] 12:17 pm: kk
[Dusterboy] 12:17 pm: So, we bundle Roman on board, gets our own arses in and tell Ricky to floor it
[Gabel] 12:17 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d4)
[Gabel] 12:17 pm:

-> 1d8 (1)+ 1d4 (2) = 3

[Lazarus] 12:17 pm: you probably don't want to botch this one
[Gabel] 12:17 pm: i add 4 plot points
[Lazarus] 12:17 pm: hmm
[Lazarus] 12:17 pm: ok
[Gabel] 12:17 pm: to make that a 7
[Gabel] 12:17 pm: Fuck... (Damn it always at the worst moment)
[Lazarus] 12:17 pm: ok, John throws the grenade and DOES get in the door
[Gabel] 12:18 pm: (Sorry Duster i failed the epic streak :( )
[Lazarus] 12:18 pm: Frank will have to move Roman on his action
[Dusterboy] 12:18 pm: ((But the explosion blows us all off our feet :D))
[Lazarus] 12:18 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6;d8+d6;d8+d6;d8+d6)
[Lazarus] 12:18 pm:

-> 1d8 (3)+ 1d6 (5) = 8

-> 1d8 (1)+ 1d6 (5) = 6

-> 1d8 (8)+ 1d6 (6) = 14

-> 1d8 (3)+ 1d6 (5) = 8

[Lazarus] 12:19 pm: Frank is up, with John half supporting Roman, getting him into the car is a Hard Agility + athletics
[Lazarus] 12:19 pm: plot points might be useful
[Zeenix] 12:19 pm: "I wonder if the Browncoats will pay for my Betsy's new paintjob, its practically a combat vehicle."
[Dusterboy] 12:19 pm: I'm using 4 pp foir this
[Lazarus] 12:19 pm: Hard is a TN of 11
[Lazarus] 12:19 pm: kk that is a d8
[Lazarus] 12:20 pm: 2d6+d8
[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:20 pm: Okay i have gotten so involved i actually want to get artistry and paint the fire angel with an actual angel.
[Dusterboy] 12:20 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d6+d8)
[Dusterboy] 12:20 pm:

-> 1d6 (6)+ 1d8 (7) = 13

[Dusterboy] 12:20 pm: ((I ROCK!))
[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:21 pm: Basically get a paint job for the ship its not for anything but roleplay but holy crap i liked that idea
[Lazarus] 12:21 pm: Grnting with the effort, Frank tosses the sei conscious Roman into the car and reaches the door himself
[Lazarus] 12:21 pm: Ross is now up if he wants to do anything?
[] 12:21 pm: he wants to find people
[] 12:22 pm: he has no ideal where he is so he wants asnswers
[Lazarus] 12:22 pm: He grabs the IV stand and slowly moves toward the bridge
[Lazarus] 12:22 pm: he will reach there next round
[] 12:22 pm: ok
[Gabel] 12:23 pm: Laz can i get into the car for second action ?
[Lazarus] 12:23 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d5)
[Lazarus] 12:23 pm:

-> 1d5 (2)

[Gabel] 12:23 pm: With the rest of the guys ?
[Dusterboy] 12:23 pm: ((Good. If he'd removed the IV, I'd've had to slap him in the head, paitent or no)
[Lazarus] 12:23 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6;d8+d6;d8+d6)
[Lazarus] 12:23 pm:

-> 1d8 (1)+ 1d6 (1) = 2

-> 1d8 (2)+ 1d6 (2) = 4

-> 1d8 (4)+ 1d6 (3) = 7

[Gabel] 12:24 pm: (Guys i have just made up my mind about something for the ship as its been with us for such a long time i will tell you all in game after)
[Dusterboy] 12:24 pm: ((Brb, getting supper))
[Lazarus] 12:24 pm: You would have to push Frank into the car, but yes you can john
[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:24 pm: How i envisoned it would be an angel with Fire wings like a pheonix that rises up from the ashes
[Lazarus] 12:25 pm: burst of strength aka str+str
[Gabel] 12:25 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d8)
[Gabel] 12:25 pm:

-> 1d8 (1)+ 1d8 (8) = 9

[Gabel] 12:25 pm: I need 34 exp to upgrade a d8 to a d10 or was it 42 ?
[Lazarus] 12:25 pm: 40 to go from d8 to d10
[Serenity From the Ashes: The Warehouse]: has left at 12:25 pm+
[Gabel] 12:25 pm: Okay
[Lazarus] 12:26 pm: John gets Frank into the car, but doesn't quite make it in himself
[Gabel] 12:26 pm: Btw i told you my idea in pm laz
[Lazarus] 12:26 pm: HOWEVER....
[Lazarus] 12:26 pm: If Richard can succeed with a Hard drive roll, he can essentually scoop you into the car
[Lazarus] 12:27 pm: that is a d10+d12 for you Z
[Gabel] 12:27 pm: You botch and run me over imma be so pissed
[Lazarus] 12:27 pm: lol
[Lazarus->Gabel] 12:27 pm: sounds nice
[Lazarus] 12:28 pm: As Richard makes his manuever...
[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:28 pm: I figured we could get the hovercar and derringer painted as well in equal fashion and have our own Emblem so to speak
[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:28 pm: The derringer could have a warrior angel
[Zeenix] 12:28 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d10+d12)
[Zeenix] 12:28 pm:

-> 1d10 (10)+ 1d12 (5) = 15

[Lazarus] 12:28 pm: In the air, Anton sees the APB try to swing around for an attack.
[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:28 pm: With a flaming sword or something
[Lazarus] 12:29 pm: Richard brilliantly pivots the car and tossed John into the seat perfectly doing everything but fasten the seat belt for him
[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:29 pm: Its small things like this that gives me so much more incentive to play games like this though makes it all the more worthwhile because we get invested in our characters in the people we meet in the things we see do.
[Lazarus->Gabel] 12:29 pm: SOunds like a nice addition
[Lazarus] 12:29 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d2+d8)
[Lazarus] 12:29 pm:

-> 1d2 (1)+ 1d8 (8) = 9

[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:30 pm: Its just we have been on the move so much never had time to do it i figured once this is over we could head over to lauras place and get her painted.
[Lazarus] 12:30 pm: Anton spots the Patrol Boat coming around and is going to have to beat a 9 to stay out of the line of fire
[Anton Barone] 12:30 pm: tell me when
[Lazarus->Gabel] 12:30 pm: Laura's place is a LONG way from where you are right now
[Zeenix] 12:31 pm: "I trust you had fun captain?"
[Lazarus] 12:31 pm: now would be the time :-)
[Anton Barone] 12:31 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d10)
[Anton Barone] 12:31 pm:

-> 1d8 (7)+ 1d10 (3) = 10

[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:31 pm: A system away i see
[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:31 pm: But then i suppose any starport would do
[Anton Barone] 12:31 pm: " i would kill for a shoulder mounted rocket launcher right about now ".
[Lazarus] 12:32 pm: Squeaking out the line of fire, Anton avoids beig fired on, but really can't take any action against the other ship
[Lazarus] 12:32 pm: Next round
[Lazarus] 12:32 pm: No need for init
[Anton Barone] 12:32 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d8)
[Anton Barone] 12:32 pm:

-> 1d8 (6)+ 1d8 (7) = 13

[Gabel] 12:32 pm: You see a slight grin on the captains face before it turns serious again like his usual facial expression of not showing what hes thinking.
[Lazarus] 12:32 pm: except for Anton
[Lazarus] 12:32 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d2)
[Lazarus] 12:32 pm:

-> 1d8 (6)+ 1d2 (2) = 8

[Lazarus] 12:33 pm: Richard needs to roll as well, the passengers do not
[Zeenix] 12:33 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d12)
[Zeenix] 12:33 pm:

-> 1d8 (3)+ 1d12 (7) = 10

[Serenity From the Ashes: The Warehouse]: has left at 12:33 pm+
[Lazarus] 12:33 pm: Anton is up first, what is Richard doing?
[Zeenix] 12:34 pm: im guessing we are riding back to the ship
[Anton Barone] 12:34 pm: ( i wish i had weapons )
[Lazarus] 12:34 pm: Ross reaches the bridge in time to see the ship that took over their base trying to engage the ship he is on
[Lazarus] 12:34 pm: (You have an armored ship)
[Gabel] 12:35 pm: (Noo dont shoot my baby)
[Lazarus] 12:35 pm: You've already tricked this guy into one controlled crash
[Anton Barone] 12:35 pm: ( fraid of that i think ill smash in to the cockpit )
[Anton Barone] 12:35 pm: ( or play chicken at least )
[Lazarus] 12:35 pm: you got off scot free last time
[] 12:35 pm: Sweet a personal ship?
[Anton Barone] 12:36 pm: ( imm hopeing but it will be broken )
[Lazarus] 12:36 pm: Mid-Bulk freighter of some kind Ross, you're not sure which one yet
[] 12:36 pm: so im dazeled by it
[Anton Barone] 12:36 pm: ( cargo bay door is down isnt it )?
[Lazarus] 12:37 pm: Frank checks out Roman, roll Int + Medical Expertise
[Lazarus] 12:37 pm: You never said you closed it Anton
[Gabel] 12:37 pm: (Wait what happened to those guys i threw the flash on ?)
[Anton Barone] 12:37 pm: ( spin and slam cargo bay door in to cock pit window )
[Lazarus] 12:37 pm: you have no idea, you ran outside the building and Richard burned antigrav out of there
[Anton Barone] 12:37 pm: ( open cargo bay door )
[Gabel] 12:38 pm: Alright
[Lazarus] 12:38 pm: that WILL destroy the cargo ramp
[Gabel] 12:38 pm: (The cargo bay door is already open it was never closed was it)
[Anton Barone] 12:38 pm: ( unless he dives in to the ground )
[Gabel] 12:38 pm: You destory my gorram ship its comming out of your gorram pay
[Anton Barone] 12:39 pm: ( you want to get peices of a gun boat or shot to shit )
[Anton Barone] 12:39 pm: " imm gonna make this shiny ".
[Gabel] 12:39 pm: (you can pick us up you know do the swoop manouver like in the series)
[Gabel] 12:39 pm: (No wait that was in the movie)
[Lazarus] 12:39 pm: SO what do you do Anton?
[Anton Barone] 12:40 pm: scare the piss out of the pilot
[Lazarus->Gabel] 12:40 pm: yep
[Lazarus->Gabel] 12:40 pm: no real cost except for the paint
[Lazarus->Gabel] 12:40 pm: and the artistry roll
[Lazarus] 12:40 pm: rollit
[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:40 pm: Well fuck if Anton breaks my god damn ship its going to be expencive
[Anton Barone] 12:41 pm: 2 pp
[Lazarus] 12:41 pm: kk
[Gabel] 12:41 pm: (Think about this for two secs)
[Lazarus] 12:41 pm: 2d10+d8
[Gabel] 12:41 pm: (If you fucking break the cargo ramp you cant exit atmo)
[Gabel] 12:41 pm: Or can we ?
[Anton Barone] 12:42 pm: ( thought about it i am playing chicken and if we run he has guns and we still haven gotten the ore )
[Lazarus] 12:42 pm: nope
[Anton Barone] 12:42 pm: ( we can seal the cargo hold after tieing stuff doen i assume )
[Gabel] 12:42 pm: (Okay do the math how much does a cargo ramp cost)
[Gabel] 12:42 pm: (Compared to how much your getting out of this)
[Lazarus] 12:42 pm: the interior door isn't rated for space flight for any length of time, like that little doughnut spare tire
[Gabel] 12:42 pm: Exactly
[Gabel] 12:43 pm: You ram my ship into that ship your going to fuck space travel
[Lazarus] 12:43 pm: as john and anton argue, the patrol boat begins lining up for a shot
[Anton Barone] 12:43 pm: so flie up in front of the ship and spin it around swinging the open cargo door at the cock pit rolling off at the last minute hopeing to scare the piss out of the pilot
[Anton Barone] 12:44 pm: how much is 2 pp
[Anton Barone] 12:44 pm: effectivly 6
[Lazarus] 12:44 pm: total roll is 2d10+d8
[Gabel] 12:44 pm: *Coms* Pick us up gorram it we need to get the hell out of here fly low and dodge so we can get outta here!
[Anton Barone] 12:44 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d10+d8)
[Anton Barone] 12:44 pm:

-> 2d10 (1,6 = 7) + 1d8 (5) = 12

[Serenity From the Ashes: The Warehouse]: has left at 12:44 pm+
[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:45 pm: Omegaa has some crazy ideas but i got to think with a level head about this.
[Lazarus] 12:45 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d2)
[Lazarus] 12:45 pm:

-> 1d8 (7)+ 1d2 (1) = 8

[Lazarus] 12:45 pm: The other pilot avoids the crash, but this time does not fly into the ground
[Anton Barone] 12:46 pm: * follows orders now *
[Lazarus->Gabel] 12:46 pm: you have a one third chance of taking no damae from a collision
[Anton Barone] 12:46 pm: " that was fun ".
[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:46 pm: True but he said he was going to ram the gorram cargo bay door into the ship thats crazy
[Lazarus->] 12:47 pm: YOu hear the get the hell out of here comment and don't like it very much. These pirates took over the base sevaral days ao and stranded you and your freinds in the deep desert
[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:47 pm: Instead of using our thick armour plating
[Lazarus->Gabel] 12:47 pm: yeah the ramp isn't that strong
[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:47 pm: The idea to ram their ship is not a bad one as we do have armour
[Lazarus->] 12:47 pm: You managed to crawl back, but the others are still out there dying
[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:47 pm: But using the bay door is out of line thats all.
[->Lazarus] 12:48 pm: so what do i need to do
[Lazarus->Gabel] 12:48 pm: you can do the barn swallow, but in your case, it's a reverse one
[Lazarus->Gabel] 12:48 pm: your ramp is in the back
[->Lazarus] 12:48 pm: what all do i have
[Lazarus->] 12:48 pm: no one else knows thigs
[Lazarus->] 12:48 pm: this
[Gabel] 12:48 pm: *Coms* Anton if you can do the reverse barn swallow do it.
[Anton Barone->Lazarus] 12:48 pm: i was hopeing i could do it again
[Anton Barone] 12:48 pm: " sounds easy enough ".,
[Lazarus->Anton Barone] 12:49 pm: you will have to roll to keep the ship[ level and low
[->Lazarus] 12:49 pm: so these piratse hit the mines where i was at?
[Anton Barone->Lazarus] 12:49 pm: tell me when
[Lazarus] 12:49 pm: Richard accellerates to maximum speed and lines up to try and drive up the rear facing ramp onto the ship
[Lazarus->] 12:49 pm: yes, that is who these other people are fighting right now
[Serenity From the Ashes: The Warehouse]: has left at 12:49 pm+
[Lazarus] 12:50 pm: Both of you will have to succeed with a HARD ship's agility + Piloting
[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:50 pm: I did make the right call against omegaa there i feel that the ramp is way to precious to waste for 200 credits WE MIGHT get although if we disable a Patrole boat that is also quite a big feat its a matter of keeping our people safe and the ship operational as well.
[Lazarus] 12:50 pm: Anton first, then Richard
[->Lazarus] 12:50 pm: do i know the pirates
[Anton Barone] 12:50 pm: ok
[Anton Barone] 12:50 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d10)
[Anton Barone] 12:50 pm:

-> 1d8 (2)+ 1d10 (7) = 9

[Zeenix] 12:51 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d10+d12+d6)
[Zeenix] 12:51 pm:

-> 1d10 (6)+ 1d12 (3)+ 1d6 (2) = 11

[Anton Barone] 12:51 pm: ( failed )
[Lazarus->] 12:51 pm: you know about them, you don't know them beyond being able to recognize who left you in the desert
[Gabel] 12:51 pm: if you add 3 plot points you wont
[Lazarus] 12:51 pm: you have 2 plot points left
[Lazarus] 12:51 pm: so you can just squeak it
[Gabel] 12:51 pm: 2 yeah sorry
[->Lazarus] 12:51 pm: do they have a clan name?
[Anton Barone] 12:51 pm: 1 = 3 points after so i need 6 after points
[Lazarus] 12:52 pm: not after the roll only 1 for 1
[Lazarus->] 12:52 pm: they didn't mention one
[Anton Barone] 12:52 pm: what ever needed i do it
[Lazarus] 12:53 pm: The two pilots manage the tricky maneuver and get the hover car aboard the ship. Do you close the ramp?
[Anton Barone] 12:53 pm: unless we have guns to hurt a gun boat
[->Lazarus] 12:53 pm: so do i need to bring this in fo to the captian
[Lazarus->Gabel] 12:53 pm: trying to do the ramp thing was crazy talk
[Anton Barone] 12:53 pm: in cargo
[->Lazarus] 12:54 pm: because right now im on a ship and dont know anyone
[Lazarus] 12:54 pm: everyone involved in the fight gets 3 plot points
[Lazarus->] 12:54 pm: you could tell the pilot you are standing next to
[->Lazarus] 12:55 pm: i guess i can
[Lazarus] 12:55 pm: The damaged patrol Boat staggers to come around to fire on the Fire Angel
[->Lazarus] 12:55 pm: anton is pilot right
[Lazarus->] 12:55 pm: yes
[Lazarus] 12:55 pm: roll init Anton
[] 12:55 pm: excuse me pilot what was the alarm for
[Anton Barone] 12:56 pm: ( i need to flip around and land on the patrol boat so we can board it )
[Anton Barone] 12:56 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d8)
[Anton Barone] 12:56 pm:

-> 1d8 (2)+ 1d8 (2) = 4

[Lazarus] 12:56 pm: did you close the ramp?
[Anton Barone] 12:56 pm: ( gabel move over there )
[Anton Barone] 12:56 pm: ( yes )
[Dusterboy] 12:56 pm: *to Russ* "Not to be a nag, but why are you out of bed?"
[Anton Barone] 12:57 pm: ( do we have a gatlin mounted on cargo ramp )?
[Lazarus] 12:57 pm: Frank is more occupied with Roman then had time to go to bridge
[Lazarus] 12:57 pm: what does ricahrd and john do?
[Serenity From the Ashes: The Warehouse]: Soft Serve has left at 12:57 pm+
[Lazarus] 12:57 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d2+d8)
[Lazarus] 12:57 pm:

-> 1d2 (1)+ 1d8 (4) = 5

[Gabel] 12:57 pm: Do i remember how many people usually crew a patrol boat
[Zeenix] 12:57 pm: I guess Id have to go to the engine room
[Lazarus] 12:58 pm: roll int+will
[Gabel] 12:58 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d10)
[Gabel] 12:58 pm:

-> 1d8 (2)+ 1d10 (6) = 8

[Lazarus] 12:58 pm: Does john go to the bridge?
[Gabel] 12:58 pm: I start making my way to the bridge
[Lazarus] 12:58 pm: As john runs, he recalls a standard Alliance Patrol Boat has a crew of 28
[Anton Barone] 12:58 pm: " that boat ". * points out the window *
[Lazarus] 12:59 pm: Somehow, the other pilot manages to get the patrol boat aligned to fire
[Gabel] 12:59 pm: *Coms* Anton get us the hell out of here Alliance patrol boats are crewed by 30 men we aint storming that fort unless you can somehow disable the ship)
[Lazarus] 12:59 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d2+d8)
[Lazarus] 12:59 pm:

-> 1d2 (2)+ 1d8 (3) = 5

[Anton Barone] 12:59 pm: " working on it ".
[Lazarus] 12:59 pm: roll your evade Anton
[Lazarus] 12:59 pm: at least d8+d10
[Serenity From the Ashes: The Warehouse]: asher dragoone has left at 12:59 pm+
[->Lazarus] 1:00 pm: did i have any gear
[Anton Barone] 1:00 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d10)
[Anton Barone] 1:00 pm:

-> 1d8 (5)+ 1d10 (3) = 8

[Gabel] 1:00 pm: might want a plot point since we are gettin shot at .. maybe not
[Lazarus->] 1:00 pm: you did, but they took everything from you when they dumped you in the desert, odds are your stuff is still at the base
[Anton Barone] 1:00 pm: do i need one ?
[Gabel] 1:01 pm: I typed it as you rolled so
[Lazarus] 1:01 pm: nope, he rolled 5 you rolled 8 clean miss
[->Lazarus] 1:01 pm: ok
[Gabel] 1:01 pm: *Coms* Swoop over em and lose the patrol boat we should be faster then them.
[Lazarus] 1:01 pm: John reaches the bridge and finds the survivor on the bridge
[Gabel] 1:01 pm: Okay as i come in i tell that to Anton
[Anton Barone] 1:02 pm: " we can lose them toward the mine ".
[] 1:02 pm: are you the captian of this ship
[Lazarus] 1:02 pm: Anton and John roll int + perception
[Gabel] 1:02 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d6)
[Gabel] 1:02 pm:

-> 1d8 (5)+ 1d6 (6) = 11

[Anton Barone] 1:02 pm: " we came here for ore we need ore ".
[] 1:02 pm: that mine was hit bad
[Gabel] 1:03 pm: Sorry son not now i will answer all your questions once we are out of harms way good to see your standing.
[] 1:03 pm: by that same ship you where fighting
[Anton Barone] 1:03 pm: " we dont fail a mission ".
[Lazarus] 1:03 pm: anton...alert + perception
[Anton Barone] 1:03 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6)
[Anton Barone] 1:03 pm:

-> 1d8 (4)+ 1d6 (4) = 8

[Lazarus->Gabel] 1:03 pm: now that you are out over the desert, if you went hard burn in atmo, you might just drive the patrol boat into the dirt
[Gabel] 1:04 pm: Anton Hit Hard burn into atmo we might disable the ship.
[Lazarus] 1:04 pm: init anton
[->Lazarus] 1:04 pm: do the pirates still occupy the base
[Lazarus] 1:04 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d2+d8)
[Lazarus] 1:04 pm:

-> 1d2 (1)+ 1d8 (4) = 5

[Anton Barone] 1:04 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d8)
[Anton Barone] 1:04 pm:

-> 1d8 (6)+ 1d8 (1) = 7

[Gabel] 1:04 pm: We can come back once we force it down into the ground.
[Lazarus->] 1:04 pm: going by the fight, it would seem so
[Anton Barone] 1:04 pm: 'good idea heading up ".
[Gabel] 1:05 pm: PUNCH IT !
[Dusterboy] 1:05 pm: ((BISHOP!))
[Gabel] 1:05 pm: Grab a hold of something *looks at the passenger*
[Lazarus->Gabel] 1:05 pm: might be a good idea to tell everyone to hang on and tell richard to set it up
[Gabel] 1:05 pm: Anton reminds me more of Murdoc from the A - Team with his crazy stunts
[Dusterboy] 1:05 pm: *grabs hold of something solid*
[Gabel] 1:05 pm: *coms* Hang on to something people NOW !
[Anton Barone] 1:06 pm: ( i is crazy some times )
[Gabel] 1:06 pm: *Coms* Richard setup Hardburn !
[Lazarus] 1:06 pm: Richard roll int + mech eng
[->Lazarus] 1:06 pm: ok cool can i tell the captian to be carefull at the mine there are things in there that dosnt work well with bullits
[Gabel] 1:06 pm: I love it when a plan comes together.
[Lazarus] 1:07 pm: Anton, hard burn in atmo is tough as in a 19 tough
[Lazarus] 1:07 pm: Z?
[Anton Barone] 1:07 pm: ( if i had junk in the cargo hold i would have chucked it at the other ship )
[] 1:07 pm: um captin not to alarm you but there are extreamly high grade explosives in that base
[Gabel] 1:07 pm: Oh shit we need plot points out the whazoo
[Lazarus] 1:07 pm: LEADERSHIP
[] 1:07 pm: and 10 to 1 there are some on that ship as well
[Gabel] 1:07 pm: Activated
[Anton Barone] 1:08 pm: " oooooo boom fun ".
[Gabel] 1:08 pm: *Coms* Starts directing everyone to do their jobs in a calm way.
[Gabel] 1:08 pm: Explosives ?
[] 1:08 pm: no boom would be a fire cracker compared to whats in that base
[Lazarus] 1:08 pm: ok Anton. ship's agility is d8...your pilot skill is d12+d2 with the boost from John, 3 plot points will give you a d10 for a total of d8+d12+d2+d10
[] 1:09 pm: yeah i make them
[Anton Barone] 1:09 pm: roling it
[Lazarus] 1:09 pm: hang on
[Lazarus] 1:09 pm: Not sure what happened to Z
[Anton Barone] 1:09 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d12+d2+d10)
[Anton Barone] 1:09 pm:

-> 1d8 (1)+ 1d12 (1)+ 1d2 (1)+ 1d10 (1) = 4

[Gabel] 1:09 pm: ...
[Anton Barone] 1:09 pm: ( i quit )
[Gabel] 1:09 pm: I think anton just killed us
[Lazarus] 1:09 pm: He needs to roll d10+d6 to set up the engines first
[Gabel] 1:09 pm: How the fuck did that just happen
[Dusterboy] 1:10 pm: ((I think I saw my first botch.....))
[Lazarus] 1:10 pm: he also has 3 plot points
[Anton Barone] 1:10 pm: ( you stood to close gabel )
[Gabel] 1:10 pm: THAT BOTCH was worse then all my rolls combined !
[] 1:10 pm: liquid nitrgen/ c4/ do you need more of the list of explostive odinace in there
[Lazarus] 1:10 pm: well until the engines are ready, no roll occured
[Serenity From the Ashes: The Warehouse]: has left at 1:10 pm+
[Dusterboy] 1:10 pm: *starts praying, HARD*
[Gabel] 1:10 pm: Seriously laz
[Lazarus] 1:10 pm: waves hand. "t was not the Botch you were looking for."
[Gabel] 1:10 pm: Have you ever seen that before /
[Anton Barone] 1:10 pm: ( that was a wonky cad drawing i guess )
[Gabel] 1:11 pm: 4 1's in a row is statistically improbable.
[Lazarus] 1:11 pm: who wants to roll for Z?
[] 1:11 pm: have i seen the ship befor
[Gabel] 1:11 pm: Wayner can roll for Zee
[Gabel] 1:11 pm: Wait
[Gabel] 1:11 pm: let me check skype
[Lazarus] 1:11 pm: ok, d10+d6
[] 1:12 pm: do i need to roll it
[Gabel] 1:12 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d10+1d6)
[Gabel] 1:12 pm:

-> 1d10 (5)+ 1d6 (6) = 11

[Gabel] 1:12 pm: i did
[Gabel] 1:12 pm: I risked everything with my rolls to do it but whatever
[Lazarus] 1:12 pm: ok, Richard calls up from engineering that he's ready
[Lazarus] 1:13 pm: Anton do NOT botch again...
[Lazarus] 1:13 pm: it would be bad
[Anton Barone] 1:13 pm: what numbers ?
[Lazarus] 1:13 pm: as before
[Zeenix] 1:13 pm: Oh sorry, my firefox seems like it froze or something
[Zeenix] 1:13 pm: I didnt hear the chat ques
[Gabel] 1:13 pm: (Firefox does have issues with flash)
[Dusterboy] 1:13 pm: (wb Z))
[Lazarus] 1:13 pm: no prob
[Gabel] 1:13 pm: (wb)
[Gabel] 1:13 pm: I rolled for you zee zee
[Gabel] 1:13 pm: i made you proud
[Anton Barone] 1:13 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d12+d2+d10)
[Anton Barone] 1:13 pm:

-> 1d8 (1)+ 1d12 (3)+ 1d2 (2)+ 1d10 (6) = 12

[Gabel] 1:13 pm: Since i rolled well and all
[Gabel] 1:14 pm: Wow i think Anton has my curse
[Gabel] 1:14 pm: Are you using plot points ?
[Anton Barone] 1:14 pm: (* flips table *)
[Lazarus] 1:14 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d2+d8)
[Lazarus] 1:14 pm:

-> 1d2 (1)+ 1d8 (4) = 5

[Dusterboy] 1:14 pm: (((Makes a keening sound))
[Anton Barone] 1:14 pm: i used 3
[->Lazarus] 1:14 pm: are they still fighting the ship that attacked my base?
[Gabel] 1:15 pm: ()╯ ┻━┻
[Gabel] 1:15 pm: Thats Anton right now
[Anton Barone] 1:15 pm: ( it is )
[Lazarus] 1:15 pm: John sees the shockwave from the hard burn hit the patrol boat and the damaged ship try to remain flying, but in its damaged state, it doesn't make it and plows into the ground with a violent explosion
[Gabel] 1:15 pm: This is me everyday i roll
[Gabel] 1:15 pm: ()
[Gabel] 1:16 pm: *Tries to hold on for his life*
[Lazarus] 1:16 pm: however, the Fire Angel begins to tumble and anton is oging to have to find a miracle to avoid the same fate
[Lazarus->] 1:16 pm: It just turned into a lawn dart
[Lazarus] 1:16 pm: everyone on the ship except for Anton, roll Agility + athletics as they are thrown around
[Gabel] 1:16 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d6)
[Gabel] 1:16 pm:

-> 1d8 (2)+ 1d6 (5) = 7

[Lazarus] 1:17 pm: Anton, piloting roll
[Gabel] 1:17 pm: Thats Average i hope i made that
[Serenity From the Ashes: The Warehouse]: has left at 1:17 pm+
[Dusterboy] 1:17 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d6+d6)
[Dusterboy] 1:17 pm:

-> 1d6 (1)+ 1d6 (1) = 2

[Lazarus] 1:17 pm: d8+d12+d2
[Gabel] 1:17 pm: OH SHIT
[Anton Barone] 1:17 pm: any pp left ?
[Gabel] 1:17 pm: Duster :(
[->Lazarus] 1:17 pm: do they have any ideal what we were minning fore?
[Lazarus] 1:17 pm: anton is out of plot points
[Anton Barone] 1:17 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d12+d2)
[Anton Barone] 1:17 pm:

-> 1d8 (6)+ 1d12 (11)+ 1d2 (2) = 19

[Dusterboy] 1:17 pm: *Frank goes flying and slams into something hard - LIGHTS OUT VIENNA*
[Anton Barone] 1:17 pm: ( finally )
[Zeenix] 1:17 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6)
[Zeenix] 1:17 pm:

-> 1d8 (4)+ 1d6 (2) = 6

[Gabel] 1:17 pm: (Have we gained any plot points for escaping safely from the ground and all that ?)
[Lazarus] 1:18 pm: Rol agility + Athletics wayne
[Serenity From the Ashes: The Warehouse]: has left at 1:18 pm+
[Lazarus] 1:18 pm: I gave everyone 3 plot points that was in the fight, anton used his
[Gabel] 1:18 pm: (This session turned out to be so much action im kind of amazed at it myself laz and this was supposed to be a one session thing last week lol)
[Gabel] 1:18 pm: ah okay
[Gabel] 1:18 pm: i have how many now ?
[Gabel] 1:18 pm: 4 ?
[Lazarus] 1:18 pm: if Richard uses a plot point, he will be fine
[Lazarus] 1:19 pm: yes, john has 4
[] 1:19 pm: d10+d6
[Gabel] 1:19 pm: Just making sure my calculations werent off
[Lazarus] 1:19 pm: (Yeah this has gone on and on
[] 1:19 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d10+d6)
[] 1:19 pm:

-> 1d10 (6)+ 1d6 (6) = 12

[Zeenix] 1:19 pm: ok i will
[Lazarus] 1:19 pm: kk Z
[Gabel] 1:20 pm: (Yeah but its Fun ! Laz even though we are in a desperate situation right now)
[Lazarus] 1:20 pm: As the ship spins volently (Like in the movie when Serenity got hit by the EMP), everyone is tossed around
[Lazarus] 1:20 pm: Frank, busy taking care of Roman was caught unprepared and is thrown from the hover car
[Lazarus] 1:20 pm: starts rolling some dice: (3d6)
[Lazarus] 1:20 pm:

-> 3d6 (2,4,4 = 10)

[Lazarus] 1:21 pm: Frank slams into the deck with a resounding thump taking 5 stun and 5 wounds
[Lazarus] 1:21 pm: However, Anton somehow cancels the flat spin and gets the wildly bucking Fire Angel back under control
[] 1:22 pm: godd job pilot
[Lazarus->] 1:22 pm: several different things. Silver, Tungsten, Copper
[Gabel] 1:23 pm: *Once he gets his bearings and the ship is back in control* Anton fly over the explosion i want to get a look at the site see how badly damaged it is.
[Lazarus] 1:23 pm: After a few terrifying seconds, the ship levels out and the madness stops
[->Lazarus] 1:23 pm: can i have a few peices of each
[->Lazarus] 1:23 pm: in my inventory
[Anton Barone] 1:23 pm: " now we can get the ore "
[->Lazarus] 1:23 pm: at the base of course
[Lazarus] 1:23 pm: flying back to the crsh site, the Patrol Boat is completely destroyed and burning violently
[Lazarus->] 1:24 pm: sure
[->Lazarus] 1:24 pm: ok ty
[Lazarus->] 1:24 pm: you might want to tell the others about the pirates
[Gabel] 1:24 pm: How is the Mining site ?
[Lazarus] 1:24 pm: Flying back over the base, it seems fine
[] 1:24 pm: they hit us hard sir
[Gabel] 1:24 pm: *Turns to the unknown guy* Is the tungsten ore still intact down there ?
[Lazarus->] 1:25 pm: and about your friends left in the desert
[] 1:25 pm: o yeah
[Gabel] 1:25 pm: (It was tungsten ore we were picking up i am guessing)
[Lazarus] 1:25 pm: yes
[] 1:25 pm: its the silver they wanted though
[Gabel] 1:25 pm: Do you know where it is located *Looks at wayner)
[Anton Barone] 1:25 pm: "we can get the hand heald weapons from down there ".
[Lazarus->] 1:25 pm: ore is in the warehouse
[Lazarus] 1:26 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d6)
[Lazarus] 1:26 pm:

-> 1d6 (5)

[] 1:26 pm: im the one who puts the explosives in down there i have a map of the mine in my office in the base
[Anton Barone] 1:26 pm: " can i get out this time "?
[Gabel] 1:26 pm: Right im getting into the derringer to provide air cover against the ground troops
[Gabel] 1:26 pm: We left 4 guys down there if they are still there they better fucking surrender.
[] 1:27 pm: out of the mines
[Lazarus] 1:27 pm: anton roll d8+d4=d2
[Lazarus] 1:27 pm: d8+d4+d2
[Anton Barone] 1:27 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d4+d2)
[Anton Barone] 1:27 pm:

-> 1d8 (7)+ 1d4 (4)+ 1d2 (2) = 13

[asher dragoone] 1:27 pm: I created room "~Musica~ Labrythium Escape"
[Serenity From the Ashes: The Warehouse]: asher dragoone has left at 1:27 pm+
[] 1:27 pm: can i come with you i have a little debt to repay
[] 1:28 pm: and the ore is in the warehousw
[Gabel] 1:28 pm: You up for it *looks at wayner* You were in a sorry shape when they found you.
[] 1:28 pm: warehouse
[Lazarus->Anton Barone] 1:28 pm: when you scan the wreck with the scanners, you detect multiple weak life signs
[Gabel] 1:28 pm: Anton take us down low hover over the base and put the intercom on
[] 1:28 pm: yeah its what happens when pirates come
[Gabel] 1:29 pm: I will force a surrender of the feds if they surrender willingly we will let them go.
[Anton Barone] 1:29 pm: *follows orders*
[] 1:29 pm: and friends call me Button
[Lazarus] 1:29 pm: Frank awakens on his back in the cargo bay in a lot of pain
[Gabel] 1:29 pm: *Reaches out his hand* Names John John Helios Iskellian *shakes*
[Gabel] 1:29 pm: Im the captain of this here boat.
[Lazarus->Anton Barone] 1:29 pm: you going to tell the others about the life signs?
[Gabel] 1:29 pm: *Coms* Are you guys alright back there
[Dusterboy] 1:30 pm: *staggers to the infirmary, examines himself for injuries*
[] 1:30 pm: *shakes Johns hand * if you need a fireworks to A grade Explosives im your man
[Anton Barone] 1:31 pm: " hey there are weak life sigs in the wreak ".
[Gabel] 1:31 pm: Always good to have somone with a knowledge of explosives i had a crewmember called Boomer who knew a bit about em as well not long ago *smiles*
[Lazarus] 1:31 pm: Frank finds lots of bruising and a mild concussion
[] 1:31 pm: those are my boys down there
[] 1:31 pm: is there any survivors
[Anton Barone] 1:31 pm: " are we letting them burn "?
[Lazarus] 1:31 pm: The life signs are about a mile from the wreck
[Lazarus] 1:32 pm: no way in 70 worlds spinnin' that anyone survived the crash
[Gabel] 1:32 pm: Lets head to the lifesigns
[Gabel] 1:32 pm: No wait
[Anton Barone] 1:32 pm: " doubled checked there bout a mile from wreck".
[] 1:32 pm: bommer
[Gabel] 1:32 pm: Did you not see any lifesigns on the ground
[Gabel] 1:32 pm: we left 4 goons ?
[Lazarus] 1:32 pm: starts rolling some dice: (4d6)
[Lazarus] 1:32 pm:

-> 4d6 (2,2,3,1 = 8)

[Anton Barone] 1:32 pm: *heads to lifev signs*
[Dusterboy] 1:32 pm: *tends to himself and lies down in his cabin for w while*
[] 1:32 pm: Boomer name sounds familier
[Serenity From the Ashes: The Warehouse]: Executive Spike has entered at 1:33 pm+
[Lazarus] 1:33 pm: Now that he's looking for them, Anton finds eight lifesigns a mile from the crash about thirty from the base
[Lazarus] 1:33 pm: (Hi spike)
[Serenity From the Ashes: The Warehouse]: Executive Spike has left at 1:33 pm+
[Gabel] 1:33 pm: That was quick
[Gabel] 1:33 pm: Guess he hit the wrong window
[Lazarus] 1:34 pm: Button knows there should be twenty-five life signs
[Gabel] 1:34 pm: Take us down to the lifesigns
[Anton Barone] 1:34 pm: *does it*
[Lazarus] 1:34 pm: Anton touches down
[Lazarus] 1:34 pm: Who goes off ship? No one has seen frank since the hard burn
[Gabel] 1:35 pm: Im walking out to the back cargo ramp
[] 1:35 pm: i would go
[Gabel] 1:35 pm: I did ask in coms if they were all okay back there
[Lazarus] 1:35 pm: Frank never responded
[Gabel] 1:35 pm: *Yells* Frank Roman you there !
[Gabel] 1:35 pm: *Walking towards the cargo ramp*
[Lazarus] 1:36 pm: Ross exits and finds his friends, but only eight of them are still alive and in bad shape. After checking the others, there are seventeen that did not survive a week in the desert.
[Lazarus] 1:37 pm: With help from the crew, the dead and the survivors are all taken aboard the ship
[Gabel] 1:37 pm: (Duster are you here or not ?)
[] 1:37 pm: "those where good men
[Lazarus] 1:37 pm: With frank injured and no medics, saving the eight survivors is going to be tough
[Gabel] 1:37 pm: Im sorry for your loss but i need to get that tungsten ore to get back into contact with the browncoat resistance.
[] 1:38 pm: thats fine i help you with that
[Anton Barone] 1:38 pm: every one forget the pilot knows medical?
[Gabel] 1:38 pm: Frank is injured but i can help out with basic first aid
[Lazarus] 1:38 pm: Assuming John orders the ship back to the mine, they land and when they sweep through the base, you find five men unconscious in the operations building
[Anton Barone] 1:38 pm: *polices up weapons*
[Lazarus] 1:39 pm: Saving these men is going to be tough. You will have to roll Int + medical expertise with a +2 step bonus for the fully stocked infirmary\
[Gabel] 1:39 pm: Can i assist laz
[Gabel] 1:39 pm: I do have basic medical training
[Lazarus] 1:39 pm: a total of eight rolls, Frank will manage two
[Anton Barone] 1:39 pm: what is 2 step bonus ?
[Lazarus] 1:39 pm: increse your skill by two steps
[Gabel] 1:39 pm: 1d4 = 2steps
[Gabel] 1:40 pm: So a d4 would become a 1d10
[Gabel] 1:40 pm: er 1d8
[Lazarus] 1:40 pm: d4 + 2 steps is d8
[Gabel] 1:40 pm: sorry
[Gabel] 1:40 pm: Okay how many rolls do i have ?
[Anton Barone] 1:40 pm: ok d6=d10
[Anton Barone] 1:40 pm: ok so rolling d6+d10
[Lazarus] 1:40 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d10+d8;d10+d8)
[Lazarus] 1:40 pm:

-> 1d10 (8)+ 1d8 (4) = 12

-> 1d10 (2)+ 1d8 (8) = 10

[Anton Barone] 1:40 pm: er d8+d10
[Lazarus] 1:40 pm: Frank saves two
[Lazarus] 1:41 pm: who is making the other six rolls?
[->Lazarus] 1:41 pm: can i blow up the warehouse
[Gabel] 1:41 pm: Anton has higher skill
[Gabel] 1:41 pm: then me
[Anton Barone] 1:41 pm: i can
[Lazarus->] 1:41 pm: well you could, but why?
[Anton Barone] 1:41 pm: all at once ?
[Lazarus] 1:41 pm: sure
[Anton Barone] 1:41 pm: 6 rolls
[Lazarus] 1:41 pm: yes
[Gabel] 1:42 pm: I will assist the best i can with bandages and so on
[Lazarus] 1:42 pm: I'll give you another step
[->Lazarus] 1:42 pm: after we get the goods / and to keep the pirates from hitting the base ....say theres something in there that they were looking fo
[->Lazarus] 1:42 pm: for*
[Lazarus] 1:42 pm: total is d8+d12 six times anton
[Dusterboy] 1:42 pm: ((Sorry, I was elsewhere))
[Lazarus->] 1:43 pm: THe pirates are all dead except for five you captured
[Anton Barone] 1:43 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d12;d8+d12;d8+d12;d8+d12;d8+d12;d8+d12)
[Anton Barone] 1:43 pm:

-> 1d8 (5)+ 1d12 (6) = 11

-> 1d8 (8)+ 1d12 (3) = 11

-> 1d8 (4)+ 1d12 (7) = 11

-> 1d8 (2)+ 1d12 (10) = 12

-> 1d8 (2)+ 1d12 (1) = 3

[Serenity From the Ashes: The Warehouse]: Roto has left at 1:43 pm+
[Gabel] 1:43 pm: Aww one guy died
[Lazarus] 1:43 pm: need one more roll
[->Lazarus] 1:43 pm: ooo can i put them in the warehouse and blow it up as a revenge thing
[Gabel] 1:43 pm: But wow that was a good roll streak
[Lazarus] 1:43 pm: forum only allows so many at once
[Lazarus] 1:43 pm: sure was
[Anton Barone] 1:44 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d12)
[Anton Barone] 1:44 pm:

-> 1d8 (1)+ 1d12 (4) = 5

[->Lazarus] 1:44 pm: those where my firends they killed
[Lazarus] 1:44 pm: you can roll it Frank
[Dusterboy] 1:44 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d10+d8)
[Dusterboy] 1:44 pm:

-> 1d10 (7)+ 1d8 (6) = 13

[Dusterboy] 1:44 pm: ((I think that did it:) ))
[Lazarus] 1:44 pm: ok, you saved seven of eight
[Lazarus] 1:44 pm: counting Ross, you saved Seven of Nine
[Gabel] 1:44 pm: Once these guys are bandaged i will go around looting the weapons ammo from the dead/unconcious soldiers we took out and restock our armory.
[Dusterboy] 1:44 pm: ((Not seven of nine?))
[Lazarus] 1:44 pm: and she is DAMN hot
[Gabel] 1:44 pm: Seven of nine !
[Anton Barone] 1:45 pm: se was hot
[Anton Barone] 1:45 pm: she
[Dusterboy] 1:45 pm: ((yes, Jeri Ryan is still hot))
[Lazarus] 1:45 pm: A total of eight survived the terrible ordeal in the desert abandoned with no gear or water
[Anton Barone] 1:45 pm: time to loot ?
[Dusterboy] 1:45 pm: ((LOOT!))
[->Lazarus] 1:45 pm: the pirates killed my friends i say let me drag them in the warehouse to send a message
[Gabel] 1:45 pm: I will open our food stores to the survivors awake enough to eat and drink
[Lazarus] 1:45 pm: She's okay, but none of the Trek chicks can hold a candle to Jadzia Dax
[Lazarus] 1:46 pm: There is food at the base
[Gabel] 1:46 pm: Okay use that then
[Gabel] 1:46 pm: Just doing what i feel is right thats all :)
[Lazarus] 1:46 pm: Exploring the warehouse, you find the ore shipment
[Gabel] 1:46 pm: I also tie up the unconcious soldiers
[Lazarus] 1:46 pm: You get the cargo loaded.
[Gabel] 1:46 pm: With the equivilent of ducktape *Patch tape*
[Lazarus] 1:47 pm: What are you going to do with the survivors and the captured pirtes?
[] 1:47 pm: I want them
[Gabel] 1:47 pm: I will ask them if they want to stay here or be dropped off somewhere
[] 1:47 pm: I WANT THE PIRATES
[Lazarus] 1:47 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d6)
[Lazarus] 1:47 pm:

-> 1d6 (5)

[Lazarus] 1:48 pm: The assistance manager is among the survivors
[Gabel] 1:48 pm: I go over and talk to him
[Lazarus] 1:48 pm: He asks to send a wave to the corporate headquaters
[Gabel] 1:48 pm: I can do that
[Gabel] 1:48 pm: I ask them if they need weapons since we just took some
[Lazarus] 1:48 pm: He does and the report is, the mine was just too marginal to reactivate with a new crew
[Lazarus] 1:49 pm: the mine is being shut down
[Gabel] 1:49 pm: Okay
[Serenity From the Ashes: The Warehouse]: has left at 1:49 pm+
[] 1:49 pm: John what are yor plans with the pirates
[Lazarus] 1:50 pm: The central office asks that they be taken to Helene for medical care. Not all that far on the planet, but out of the way to get back to the guy who asked you to pick up the ore
[Lazarus] 1:50 pm: The pirates can be left in Helene as well
[Gabel] 1:50 pm: I tell them that we need to make a pitstop first
[Gabel] 1:50 pm: To drop off the ore we requested
[Serenity From the Ashes: The Warehouse]: has left at 1:50 pm+
[Gabel] 1:50 pm: If that is okay with them we will then drop them all off at helene
[Serenity From the Ashes: The Warehouse]: Xhaosdaemon has left at 1:51 pm+
[Lazarus] 1:51 pm: They seem to be very greatful, so they tell you to take your time
[] 1:51 pm: john i have a little bit of silver orr that will help twords gas cash if you let me have those pirates
[Gabel] 1:51 pm: Okay that is what we do then the pirates are placed under 24/7 guard inside a locked shuttle that has the undock function removed.
[Lazarus] 1:52 pm: ok, but what do you tell Ross?
[Gabel] 1:52 pm: *Looks at ross* And what exactly are you going to do to them.
[] 1:53 pm: John we just met but you look like a family man what do you think im going to do with them
[Anton Barone] 1:53 pm: " its better not to know "
[] 1:53 pm: and pleas call me button
[Serenity From the Ashes: The Warehouse]: has left at 1:53 pm+
[Gabel] 1:53 pm: And you dont think they have families
[Serenity From the Ashes: The Warehouse]: has left at 1:53 pm+
[Gabel] 1:53 pm: You aint touching them anymore then they will touch your friend anymore but blind vengance aint going to sit right with me.
[Anton Barone] 1:53 pm: " we just need to be payed ".
[] 1:54 pm: Not around here
[Gabel] 1:54 pm: I dont know you but you need to know something i dont killed unarmed prisoners no matter what their crimes are they will be dealt with at Helena.
[Gabel] 1:55 pm: Kill*
[Gabel] 1:55 pm: There has been enough death today...dont you think.
[] 1:55 pm: so your going to trust the system to a group that killed peaopl
[] 1:55 pm: people
[Anton Barone] 1:55 pm: "we need to move on "
[Gabel] 1:55 pm: If we have no system then it is no better then anarchy.
[Lazarus] 1:56 pm: Roman adds, well Piracy, Murder, Kidnapping, Grand Theft, all of those are enough to have all of them at the end of a rope by the end of the month
[] 1:56 pm: isnt anarchy a system?
[Gabel] 1:56 pm: I aint arguing on this their going to prison to serve out their sentance by trial.
[Lazarus] 1:57 pm: You've got plenty of witnesses to testify
[Gabel] 1:57 pm: Exactly
[Gabel] 1:57 pm: Their going to hang anyway
[Gabel] 1:57 pm: Blind vengance has no place on this ship.
[] 1:57 pm: If that be the case i want to be there when the danggle
[Gabel] 1:57 pm: That is your choice.
[Lazarus] 1:57 pm: Unless Button does something to intervene, the ship will lift as soon as the tungsten cargo is ready
[Lazarus] 1:58 pm: The Fire Angel makes the short trip to the small town where their contact meets them
[Lazarus] 1:58 pm: He takes control of the cargo and pays the 200 credits promised
[] 1:58 pm: If there is no killing on your ship i will except your policy
[Lazarus] 1:58 pm: He has news for you.
[Gabel] 1:58 pm: I also tell him how we took out a Patrol boat
[Gabel] 1:59 pm: Basically i tell him what went down at the mines.
[Anton Barone] 1:59 pm: " i havent even left the bridge save to get on a diff one ".
[Lazarus] 1:59 pm: "Seems I got an update. Looks like Travis and the others that escaped Three Hills are on Santo with the main effort
[Lazarus] 2:00 pm: "Y'all seem to be some right resourceful fellows. No wonder Travis thinks so highly of you."
[Gabel] 2:00 pm: And looks like we picked off some feds who straggled behind that turned to piracy.
[Lazarus] 2:00 pm: "The Neos are lucky to have y'all."
[Gabel] 2:00 pm: Well i wish you luck *Takes his hand out to shake*
[Gabel] 2:00 pm: I am off to helena to drop off the people we saved.
[Lazarus] 2:00 pm: "Wheren't no Feds. Pirates that got lucky and got an old Patrol Boat running is like."
[Gabel] 2:01 pm: That would explain alot.
[Lazarus] 2:01 pm: He returns the hsake firmly with the first smile you've seen him make."
[Anton Barone] 2:01 pm: "Sad we had to destroy it ".
[Gabel] 2:01 pm: It was us or them Anton.
[Lazarus] 2:01 pm: You fly on to Helene and land
[Anton Barone] 2:01 pm: " ill get a noter boat soon enough "
[Lazarus] 2:02 pm: The mine officials are also very graetful and have their men taken to the hospital
[Lazarus] 2:02 pm: The pirates are bound by law
[Gabel] 2:02 pm: I restock fuel and food then i pay the crew split for the 200 creds.
[Anton Barone->Lazarus] 2:02 pm: when this over ?
[Lazarus->Anton Barone] 2:02 pm: just a couple more minutes, I'm trying to wrap now
[] 2:02 pm: *Lookes Pirate in the face its not over yet
[Gabel] 2:02 pm: I give the Assistant mine overseer my Cortex number incase he ever needs a hand again or just wants to keep in contact.
[Lazarus] 2:03 pm: There is a trail and the magistrate hears from the survivors and the crew
[Anton Barone] 2:03 pm: " how much money have we been payed so far ".
[Lazarus] 2:03 pm: The case is open and shut and thanks to frontier justice, the five survivors are hanged within a week
[Lazarus] 2:04 pm: After the trail, one of the mine officials seeks you out
[Gabel] 2:04 pm: (Within that week i will be working on what we discussed laz in pm about the paint)
[Gabel] 2:04 pm: I talk to him
[Gabel->Lazarus] 2:05 pm: I will also Cortex Laura and ask if she wants a lift to Santo
[Lazarus->Gabel] 2:05 pm: ."
[Lazarus] 2:05 pm: "I wanted to thank you personally for your help. Shame we lost so many men, but if not for you, we would have lost more. As a reward for your service, we heard your cargo run was 200 credits. We are going to match that to show our gratitude"
[Lazarus->Gabel] 2:05 pm: Going to take some time for a wave to get that far and she lives on her ranch, unlikely to want to go to santo
[Gabel] 2:06 pm: *scratches his head* well thats mighty fine of you sir.
[Gabel->Lazarus] 2:06 pm: kk then we just head there i guess after
[Gabel->Lazarus] 2:06 pm: Im guessing you want to fade soon anyway
[Lazarus] 2:06 pm: As soon as you have the ship topped off and restocked, you kick the tires and light the fires with the destination of Santo
[Lazarus] 2:06 pm: FADE TO BLACK
[Gabel] 2:06 pm: Man
[Lazarus->Gabel] 2:06 pm: yep
[Zeenix] 2:06 pm: Daww
[Gabel] 2:06 pm: Alot of shit happened today
[Gabel->Lazarus] 2:06 pm: :)
[Lazarus->Gabel] 2:07 pm: bet
[Zeenix] 2:07 pm: Yeah
[Gabel] 2:07 pm: Did we get plot points
[Dusterboy] 2:07 pm: ((Just like Amy Winehouse, only sober))
[Gabel] 2:07 pm: for successfully saving them getting the cargo and all that
[Zeenix] 2:07 pm: sorry for being a bit slow to the draw
[Dusterboy] 2:07 pm: No probs, Zee
[Gabel] 2:07 pm: We will have to get to know each other better next session wayne !
[Gabel] 2:07 pm: Our characters that is
[Lazarus] 2:07 pm: your fuel costs come to 50 credits, how much food and what kind do you buy gabel?
[Gabel] 2:08 pm: i get our standard supply of food
[] 2:08 pm: hey no prob
[Gabel] 2:08 pm: i think its 4 weeks of canned and 2 weeks of fresh
[Lazarus] 2:08 pm: I;m sorry, what is that?
[Gabel] 2:08 pm: Or 1 week of fresh
[Lazarus] 2:08 pm: crew is six now as Jo departs the crew after the trial
[Anton Barone] 2:08 pm: how much money have we been payed so far or does it go in to a pool ?
[Gabel] 2:08 pm: I sort out the money split after i take care of crew needs
[Gabel] 2:08 pm: such as food water ect
[Anton Barone] 2:08 pm: k
[Lazarus] 2:09 pm: 120 for the canned
[Anton Barone] 2:09 pm: brb
[Gabel] 2:09 pm: 1 week of fresh laz
[Gabel] 2:09 pm: Not 2
[Lazarus] 2:09 pm: one week fre4sh is 48
[Lazarus] 2:09 pm: so total spent is 218 credits
[Lazarus] 2:09 pm: 4 weeks canned, 1 week fresh 50 credits fuel
[Gabel] 2:09 pm: Rest is split amongst the crew
[] 2:10 pm: soo are we done for the day?
[Gabel] 2:10 pm: We also gained a few rifles and ammo i am guessing from those people ?
[Lazarus] 2:10 pm: call that 30 credits each
[Gabel] 2:10 pm: Add 30 creds to your characters guys
[Gabel] 2:10 pm: Equal split for all
[Lazarus] 2:10 pm: You got the weapons from the ten that attacked the building
[Lazarus] 2:10 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d4)
[Lazarus] 2:10 pm:

-> 2d4 (1,3 = 4)

[Lazarus] 2:11 pm: only six are still functional after the grenade
[->Lazarus] 2:11 pm: i dont get credits yet do i
[Gabel] 2:11 pm: But i never used any explosive grenades
[Lazarus] 2:11 pm: ANd yes wayne, that's it for the day. You each get after plot points and XP 5 net XP
[Lazarus] 2:11 pm: you gave Ross a cut John?
[Lazarus] 2:12 pm: They did John
[Gabel] 2:12 pm: How many are we ?
[Gabel] 2:12 pm: 7 or 6 ?
[Lazarus] 2:12 pm: six counting ross and les jo
[] 2:12 pm: i wouldnt give ross crap right now
[Lazarus] 2:12 pm: 30 credits was the split for six
[Gabel] 2:12 pm: I give everyone a cut anyone on my ship gets a cut no matter how much they participated
[magiclabrat] 2:13 pm: I created room "Innersea1"
[Lazarus->] 2:13 pm: so yes you got 30 credits and 5XP
[Zeenix] 2:13 pm: next stop find crimson paint for car
[Gabel] 2:13 pm: 5 exp thats damn nice
[Lazarus] 2:13 pm: I have John, Anton and ROman at 22
[Lazarus] 2:14 pm: richard at 19
[Gabel] 2:14 pm: I forgot to mention because we kind of wanted to get things out of the way
[Lazarus] 2:14 pm: Frank at 6 and Ross at 5
[Gabel] 2:14 pm: I am intending to pain the fire angel