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[Lazarus] 8:57 am: Welcome to P&PG Chat.
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[Lazarus->] 9:01 am: Richard looks good, but there are a couple things that need clarification...
[->Lazarus] 9:01 am: Ok
[->Lazarus] 9:01 am: Anything that ya need.
[Lazarus->] 9:02 am: first, on your traits, you have 3 complications, but only 2 assets
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[->Lazarus] 9:02 am: dont you get bonus points for extra complications etc.
[Lazarus->] 9:02 am: you can either take another minor asset, upgrade one of your minors to a major OR, take two stat points
[Gabel->Lazarus] 9:02 am: Hey laz you think i should get Talented in leadership/Upgrade leadership or get Talented in dodge like we discussed or Upgrade my gun skills ?
[->Lazarus] 9:02 am: Yeah.
[->Lazarus] 9:03 am: Dont think Mech empathy has a major
[Lazarus->Gabel] 9:03 am: your choice, you have 10 points
[->Lazarus] 9:03 am: so It would be either Talented (Hovercraft) or the 2 points
[Gabel->Lazarus] 9:04 am: Or maybe even a d10 in brawling now that i went toe to toe with smith
[->Lazarus] 9:04 am: I looked the thing through, couldnt find any fitting assets.
[Lazarus->] 9:04 am: up to you, I would suggest taking the stat points to get your will up to d4
[Lazarus->] 9:05 am: up to d6 that is
[Gabel->Lazarus] 9:05 am: Hey did you get around to checking how far along John was on the Big damned hero thing
[Lazarus->Gabel] 9:05 am: another option
[->Lazarus] 9:05 am: I guess ill do that
[Lazarus->] 9:05 am: good plan
[Lazarus->] 9:06 am: next, you have prejudice...who do you hate?
[->Lazarus] 9:06 am: Yes, didnt remember to write that on the sheet
[->Lazarus] 9:07 am: The prejudice would be against all "goverment types" I guess.
[->Lazarus] 9:07 am: Probably need to be more specific
[->Lazarus] 9:08 am: Its because of the shitty life he had while working etc. He doesnt have a problem with "local" authority
[Lazarus->] 9:08 am: If you say Alliance that is all you will need
[->Lazarus] 9:08 am: Ok
[->Lazarus] 9:09 am: Also, I forgot the name of the crime organisation we agreed on, so I left it out of the backstory.
[Lazarus->] 9:10 am: aright. next. Your hovercraft...
[->Lazarus] 9:10 am: Yeah, I had a bit of thinking there
[Lazarus->] 9:10 am: you have a block where you have a question mark next to some of the stats
[->Lazarus] 9:10 am: Yeah
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[Lazarus->] 9:11 am: the bulk of what you have have, number of seats, and speed is fine
[->Lazarus] 9:11 am: Those are the basic stats for hovercraft, I didnt know if the traits etc would modify them
[Lazarus->] 9:11 am: the M: d8 thing you can disregard as you have done the full stats for it
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[->Lazarus] 9:12 am: If its fine, then cool.
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[Lazarus->] 9:13 am: finally, why are you branded?
[->Lazarus] 9:14 am: Because of the conflict with the crime organisation, they wanted to make sure he wouldnt be able to do buissness
[->Lazarus] 9:15 am: So they spread lies about him
[Lazarus->] 9:16 am: That reminds me, you never named your crime organization you pissed off, so I'm going to say the Hip Sing Tong
[->Lazarus] 9:16 am: Thats cool, Ill add the name to my sheet to remind me.
[Gabel->Lazarus] 9:17 am: Im not sure what John is missing at this point
[Gabel->Lazarus] 9:18 am: Should i diverse into other stuff like mechanic ect ? or maybe upgrade my metalworking or get another type of crafting like carpentry or something
[Gabel->Lazarus] 9:18 am: I was thinking Talented in Leadership if you would allow me to get that and upgrade leadership cheaper next time since you did say leadership will play a larger role soon
[Lazarus->] 9:19 am: kk
[Gabel->Lazarus] 9:19 am: Ah no wait its a major talented to upgrade cheaper forgot that
[Lazarus->] 9:23 am: okay, we are good now
[->Lazarus] 9:26 am: Good.
[->Lazarus] 9:32 am: If you were referring to me not replying to your email, sorry. Power's been in-and-out with storms, and I pretty much just forgot it.
[->Lazarus] 9:33 am: No thanks though. It has nothing to do with what's going on with shit I am dealing with either. But appreciate the thought.
[Lazarus->] 9:35 am: Wasn't referring to you at all. I was referring to people that have ignored my direct question in chat about SK
[->Lazarus] 9:35 am: Ah
[->Lazarus] 9:35 am: Just that you saying that reminded me I hadn't replied to you yet.
[Lazarus->] 9:35 am: I'm am sorry that you've decided you can't game with me, but that is your choice
[->Lazarus] 9:37 am: Yeah, just feel like you broke the GM/Player trust.
[Lazarus->] 9:39 am: One of the drawbacks of a rules lite system is the GM has to make on the spot rules based on player actions. I do not feel that making you roll to see if all three rounds of your burst fired into a melee was either unusual or unfair
[Lazarus->] 9:40 am: however, what happened in serenity should not have had anything to do with SK
[->Lazarus] 9:41 am: Except that it had never been used before, you made it up on the spot after already punishing me IC for OOC stuff, and I almost doubled his dodge. If I had rolled 1,1,1.. then according to your system, all three of my rounds would have missed even though I rolled a 14 and he rolled an 8.
[->Lazarus] 9:42 am: You already take a penalty for burst fire, so not only did I get the burst fire penalty to hit, but then you added in a on-the-spot mechanic where I have to roll to hit twice..
[Lazarus->] 9:43 am: It was made up based on your action. However, that is immaterial now. I'm not talking serenity, I don't see why you dropped from SK, I don't run that
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[->Lazarus] 9:44 am: Hm? I told you that, you made me feel pretty unwelcome from word go, my first two sessions you were pretty dickish about me joining/playing.. so that already made me lose most of the fun. Then some bad timing, combined with you telling me that "if a cloud even appears in the sky, your character is dying"... really kind of made me lose the rest of my fun.
[->Lazarus] 9:44 am: At that point, once you said that, the scales kind of tipped from enough fun to keep playing, to not enough fun to keep playing.
[Lazarus->] 9:46 am: Well, your response to "no more tornadoes" was "I do what I want." that is what started the problem, but leaving SK is your loss.
[->Lazarus] 9:47 am: Except, I simply called a storm. You're the one who even though I said it like 3 times, refused to accept it was Jpat that destroyed the house until the very last time I told you.
[Lazarus->] 9:49 am: You've made your decision, I can live with it, but I don't think quitting was necessary.
[->Lazarus] 9:50 am: As I said, the lack of fun outweighed the fun. And at that point, there's no point in playing if it's no longer fun. Then it becomes a bit like a chore.
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[Lazarus] 9:55 am: I created room "Serenity From the Ashes: Session 33 "
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[Dusterboy] 9:55 am: Hi Lazarus
[Lazarus] 9:55 am: hi Duster
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[Lazarus] 9:57 am: yo gabel
[Gabel] 9:57 am: Yahahaharrr
[Gabel] 9:57 am: Yeah Hey.
[Dusterboy] 9:58 am: Hi Gabel
[Lazarus] 9:58 am: In theory, red will be here
[Dusterboy] 9:58 am: wonders if Mick has relented and will join us
[Lazarus] 9:58 am: not holding out a lot of hope on that one
[Gabel] 9:58 am: Laz
[Lazarus] 9:58 am: not a chance. I suck as a GM and I hurt his feelings
[Gabel] 9:59 am: I dont know if you saw if i asked or not but i will ask again just incase
[Lazarus] 9:59 am: ok
[Gabel] 9:59 am: Did you check to see how far along people had come along veteran rookie big damn hero thingy ?
[Lazarus] 9:59 am: I know you've asked multiple times and I simply have not had the time
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[Gabel] 10:00 am: Thats fine Laz
[Lazarus] 10:00 am: since everyone isn't here, I can take a quick look
[Lazarus] 10:00 am: hi red!
[Gabel] 10:00 am: Hey red :)
[redwolffclaw] 10:00 am: hey
[Gabel] 10:00 am: You know
[Gabel] 10:00 am: It feels like im at an end of an era or something
[Dusterboy] 10:00 am: Hello red
[Dusterboy] 10:00 am: Glad you could make it
[Gabel] 10:01 am: John is the only guy left from the origional Crew
[Gabel] 10:01 am: Hows things red ?
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[] 10:02 am: im here
[] 10:02 am: Is this everyone?
[Gabel] 10:02 am: Hey Z
[Lazarus] 10:02 am: pretty much. Adventure says he has a PC, but could not promise to be here
[redwolffclaw] 10:03 am: tired but ok.
[Lazarus] 10:03 am: I was under the impression he would show up early today to finish up, but, as you can see, he's not here
[Dusterboy] 10:03 am: You've got your new PC, Zee?
[Gabel] 10:03 am: So Zee is our pilot now then ?
[Lazarus] 10:05 am: looking at JOhn, he's 2 stat points below BDH level. skills are BDH level
[Lazarus] 10:05 am: z is going to be the mechanic.
[Lazarus] 10:05 am: adventure is supposed to be the pilot
[] 10:05 am: Yes, but mine is the mechanic
[Gabel] 10:05 am: Wait what ah okay
[Dusterboy] 10:05 am: Laz - did I get d10 for Surgery, or only d8?
[Gabel] 10:05 am: So i need higher stat points
[] 10:06 am: buing stats is a nuicance
[Gabel] 10:06 am: I thought it was based on Exp earned hah
[] 10:06 am: buying.
[Gabel] 10:06 am: I did buy a level of agility way back though
[Lazarus] 10:07 am: I have surgery at d10
[Gabel] 10:07 am: So you think i should start saving my exp then laz ?
[Dusterboy] 10:07 am: Thanks
[Lazarus] 10:08 am: up to you gabel. I have you at 50 stat points a BDH is 54, that's a LOT of savings
[Gabel] 10:08 am: Ahh damn it
[Lazarus] 10:08 am: buying stats after chargen is very expensive in cortex
[Gabel] 10:09 am: True but John being John i kept upgrading his talents and skills
[Gabel] 10:09 am: Although i did get the agility because i was stupid and thought strength was used for fighting
[Gabel] 10:10 am: But then its not like i need to be a BDH i can feel like one !
[Dusterboy] 10:10 am: lol Gabe
[Lazarus] 10:11 am: you can use strength in fighting,
[Lazarus] 10:11 am: I haven't really used it much, but I have a house rule that uses strength to attack and agility for defense
[Lazarus] 10:12 am: it keeps agility from being the super stat and strength from being a dump stat
[Lazarus] 10:12 am: However, I do have an announcement...
[Gabel] 10:12 am: I had my strength higher cause i always saw John as brawny
[Gabel] 10:12 am: Oh ?
[Lazarus] 10:12 am: As you all know I am in the reserves
[Lazarus] 10:13 am: Next wekk and the following weekend I will not be able to run because I will be out doing army stuff
[Gabel] 10:13 am: Well we already waited this long laz whats another 2 weeks not like we have gotten into anything imporant yet anyway :)
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 10:13 am: I have to make sure before I play that there is no issue between us. I got some messages that said you were pretty harsh last week and I want to make sure you are ok with me being here.
[Gabel] 10:14 am: Important*
[Lazarus] 10:14 am: The next session will be 22 July. I hate that I have another interruption, but I have no choice
[Gabel] 10:14 am: Oh
[Lazarus] 10:14 am: however, this is the last interruption I know about
[Gabel] 10:14 am: 22 July will be a problem for me laz
[Gabel] 10:14 am: I Will be celebrating my birthday with some friends away from home and i wont be near a computer
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 10:15 am: I am very happy that you are here. I was in a foul mood last week, because of Mick who ended up quitting
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 10:15 am: I know you have RL issues and normally I don't mind, but the last second cancellation really upset me
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 10:16 am: however, I don't want you to drop out
[] 10:16 am: ok... so 29th of july then?
[Gabel] 10:16 am: But im sure you guys can play without me.
[Lazarus] 10:16 am: I can do 22 or 29
[Gabel] 10:16 am: I could try and drag a laptop with me where i am going but i dont know how the internet will be or how drunk i will be ...
[] 10:16 am: Can we though? seems a bit unlikely.
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 10:16 am: I had every intention of playing, but what I didnt tell you at the time is I had a concussion, just got done working 20 hours and my husband said No, go to bed. You are injured and tired.
[Lazarus] 10:16 am: Enjoy your birthday gabel
[Gabel] 10:17 am: Sorry laz i forgot to mention it you reminded me when you said the 22nd
[] 10:17 am: Dont gabgab, have fun at the party rather
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 10:17 am: jeez, what happened to get a concussion?
[Gabel] 10:17 am: My birthday is on the 12th but a friend has it on the 22nd so we decided to celebrate together for once.
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 10:18 am: my husband was shutting the back of our vehicle and he didnt see me coming up underneith it so he slammed it on my head. Not a good feeling.
[Dusterboy] 10:18 am: Uh-huh
[Lazarus] 10:18 am: As you know reliablity is a personal peeve of mine and for me to be unreliable is even worse. However, I had no choice on either absence
[Gabel] 10:18 am: Usually i spend the day like any other normal day i dont really celebrate birthdays anymore but my friends dragged me into it lol
[Lazarus] 10:18 am: two long breaks so close together are more than enough to kill a campaign
[Dusterboy] 10:18 am: What else are friends for?
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 10:18 am: I can bet, glad you are okay though
[Gabel] 10:19 am: Well laz i can wait as long as it takes im patient it does not worry me.
[Lazarus] 10:19 am: as it is, we've had more than enough disruption than I care for and it took me a long time to find good gamers
[Lazarus] 10:19 am: I don't want this campaign to end
[Gabel] 10:20 am: And i said you guys can play without me that day
[Gabel] 10:20 am: You can take over John while im gone if you want im sure you wont get him into to much trouble.
[Dusterboy] 10:20 am: Nor do I,. At least, not before it reaches its natural end point
[Lazarus] 10:20 am: I had hoped adventure would be here, but with the critical role of pilot unfilled, this will be a problem going forward
[Gabel] 10:21 am: Well Laz maybe we can do other stuff say we have engine problem and Z has to fix it or something ?
[Gabel] 10:21 am: But i guess you are unprepared for something like that so
[Lazarus] 10:21 am: I ask all of you to ask anyone you know that can join us to see if anyone you know would like to join
[Lazarus] 10:21 am: I can go with the ship having a break down
[Lazarus] 10:22 am: In fact, there is a good reason for you to be planet bound for a bit
[Gabel] 10:22 am: Laz
[Gabel] 10:22 am: Quick Pm
[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:22 am: I decided to pick up talented in leadership if that was okay with you laz ?
[Lazarus->Gabel] 10:22 am: ok
[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:22 am: I think John has done good as a leader
[Dusterboy] 10:22 am: Okay. I can do planetbound
[Dusterboy] 10:23 am: Maybe we could use a chance to unwind a bit
[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:23 am: And he does have the Leadership trait and the skill no reason he should not be a talented leader is there ?
[] 10:23 am: Im fine either way
[] 10:23 am: I want this to continue aswell
[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:23 am: Added it to my sheet now
[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:23 am: One last question
[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:24 am: Can i pick up talented Dogde after like we discussed ?
[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:24 am: Since talented works for singular skills not all
[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:24 am: Then i think i might save for stats unless something else comes up
[Lazarus->Gabel] 10:25 am: ok
[Lazarus] 10:25 am: Okay then, let's push forward today and see what happens with the change out of crews
[Gabel] 10:25 am: Okay well im ready at least
[Dusterboy] 10:26 am: Let's do this
[Lazarus] 10:27 am: Serenity: From the Ashes: session 33: Helloes and Goodbyes. GM - Lazarus. Players Gabel, redwolffclaw, Zeenix, and Dusterboy
[redwolffclaw] 10:27 am: ok, what happened when i was played by another person? Just want to make sure they didnt get me plastic surgery or anything. Wouldnt want to ruin my wonderful looks....;)
[Gabel] 10:27 am: You kicked ass
[Dusterboy] 10:27 am: No plastic surgery, red
[Lazarus] 10:27 am: not a lot, jo helped fight Smith and Jones, she took no damage
[Dusterboy] 10:27 am: Gave a bad guy a *KABOOM!* punch
[Gabel] 10:28 am: We left them butt ass naked on a planet
[redwolffclaw] 10:28 am: There is a reason my icon is a ninja.
[Dusterboy] 10:28 am: And with a map shoved up one's heiney
[Gabel] 10:28 am: With some canned food without a can opener and i left a note in smiths ass.
[Lazarus] 10:28 am: When the scene opens, John and Jason Travis the Neo-Browncoat commander were talking on the ship's ramp
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[Lazarus] 10:30 am: He'd just told John he was glad that he and his ship were here, but if he turned out to be an Alliance spy, he would gut him and strangle him with his own intestines\
[Lazarus] 10:31 am: As Travis and John stand there, but before John can reply, an runner comes up with a message for Travis
[Lazarus] 10:32 am: "Sir, the scouts have finally found a sheltered draw to approach the mine."
[redwolffclaw] 10:33 am: am I there or are they in a private meeting?
[Lazarus] 10:33 am: "Well hot damn! That's good news. Send word to the battalion commanders, I want to brief them on an attack as soon as possible." Travis turns to face John again. "Might as well set up here, we are going to be needing your services all too soon I'm afraid."
[Gabel] 10:33 am: (Standing on the ramp of the ship)
[Gabel] 10:34 am: *Yells inside* Get the Medbays ready.
[Gabel] 10:34 am: Their on it.
[Dusterboy] 10:34 am: *Frank hustles to get things ready*
[Lazarus] 10:35 am: "Since you have things in hand captain, I've got to go."
[Lazarus] 10:35 am: Travis and the runner leave and when John turns, he ses Luke and Boomer waiting to talk to him
[Gabel] 10:35 am: Be seeing you travis.
[Gabel] 10:36 am: *Turns around toward luke and boomer*
[Lazarus] 10:37 am: "There isn't an easy way to say this Captain, but neither of us signed on to be in a war, so we'll be leaving you here. We'll hitch a ride to the next town and find work as we can. Best of luck to you."
[Gabel] 10:38 am: Nobody signs up for war... it just happens. I never wanted any of this either but you gotta make the best with what you got *Shakes his head* Your always welcome on my ship and you know that.
[Gabel] 10:38 am: *Shakes Lukes hand* Keep flying you old dog.
[Gabel] 10:39 am: *Hugs booms* And you keep safe now im gonna miss you we had fun times dident we *Looks around the ship*
[Gabel] 10:40 am: You were the only one to stick to the angel even though people called her a flying deathtrap.
[Lazarus] 10:40 am: Luke is stoic, and Boomer appears to be on the verge of tears, but holds it together long enough to say. "I could see she still had heart, just like you. Stay safe." and then the two head off to disappear into the bustling base.
[Lazarus] 10:41 am: John then has to move as the medical personnel start setting up the field hospital
[Lazarus] 10:41 am: THe base isn't all that large, nestled in a wide, but short box canyon.
[Gabel] 10:42 am: *Moves out of the way leans against the ship as he watches the two dissapear*
[Gabel] 10:42 am: *Pats the Angel* Looks like its just you and me left huh girl.
[Lazarus] 10:42 am: In addition to the four anti-aricraft cannon on the ridge line protecting the base, John looks out to see several ships.
[Gabel] 10:43 am: *Smiles solemnly as he pats the ship *Flips his sunglasses from his hat and turns around again to peruse the ships*
[Lazarus] 10:43 am: Frank and Jo help set up the hospital and then move outside to join John
[Lazarus] 10:43 am: you can all roll Int+ Knowledge
[Gabel] 10:44 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d2)
[Gabel] 10:44 am:

-> 1d8 (2)+ 1d2 (1) = 3

[redwolffclaw] 10:44 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d6)
[redwolffclaw] 10:44 am:

-> 1d8 (3)+ 1d6 (6) = 9

[Dusterboy] 10:44 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6)
[Dusterboy] 10:44 am:

-> 1d8 (2)+ 1d6 (1) = 3

[Lazarus->] 10:44 am: You are haggardly busy as usual
[Dusterboy] 10:44 am: S***
[Gabel] 10:44 am: Remind me to upgrade my int and knowledge next sigh
[Dusterboy] 10:44 am: Gabe's cursed my dice again :(
[Gabel] 10:44 am: NOT that it will do me alot of good my rolls are back to their old selves lol
[Lazarus->] 10:45 am: but you see an old Pride class freighter being used as a medical ship off to one side that you have not seen before
[Lazarus->] 10:45 am: neverhaving seen that configuration, you are curious enough to want to go take a look and talk to her crew, especially their mechanic
[->Lazarus] 10:45 am: K.
[Lazarus] 10:46 am: Jo, having been around the block with Browncoats before, recognizes the ships and describes them to John and Frank
[->Lazarus] 10:47 am: So, you want me to just go ahead and describe myself?
[Lazarus] 10:47 am: There are a Corsair-class PT Boat, a Shellback-class mid-bulk freighter, and a Basurero-class light freighter. In addition, there are four Derringer fighters, much like the one the Fire Angel carries as well
[Lazarus->] 10:47 am: go ahead and do it IC with the others to get you into the mix
[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:49 am: Ah crap i forgot i was going to upgrade my covert (if you can help me remember to do that if you remember me telling you lol)
[Dusterboy] 10:49 am: "They look newer, though," Frank says
[Lazarus] 10:49 am: There also seems to be a fairly large ground contingent at the base too, probably 500 plus
[Lazarus->Gabel] 10:49 am: ok
[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:49 am: Thanks laz i forgot since the last game we had was a long time ago lol
[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:49 am: Because i was in the process of upgrading it then
[Lazarus] 10:50 am: New being a relative term for derringers being cobbled together from junk
[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:50 am: forgot i had not upgrade it fully yet
[] 10:50 am: *A relatively short man of around 30 years approaches the others* "Now thats an interesting sight." *He says while looking at the ship.*
[Gabel] 10:50 am: *looks around* Never thought id be in another war to be honest. Ones enough for any person.
[Dusterboy] 10:50 am: ((Uh-huh))
[Gabel] 10:51 am: *Looks at the new guy*
[Dusterboy] 10:51 am: "I'd never thought I'd be in this one," Frank says. "At least, not like this"
[Gabel] 10:51 am: Well we all make our beds Frank and all that *John Chuckles slightly*
[Gabel] 10:52 am: Interesting you say *Looks at the other guy*
[Dusterboy] 10:52 am: "We do."
[Lazarus] 10:53 am: Jedidia Wilks, one of the nurses joins the rest of the crew. "We are set up. Record time too."
[Gabel] 10:53 am: Thanks Wilks.
[Gabel] 10:53 am: Appreciate it.
[] 10:53 am: *The man is wearing an old blue jumpsuit, with a vest over it, with its pockets filled with different tools. On top of that he wears a relatively new looking brown colored coat. on his head he is wearing a oil stained red bandana, with his brown hair showing a bit from under. He has brown eyes and a bit of stubble on the chin.* "How has she been holding up?"
[Gabel] 10:54 am: Like a charm *Pats the angel* Old girl has been through alot but she has seen us through them.
[Lazarus] 10:54 am: "Battlefield triage is a lot different form helping the fuzzy wuzzies. I just hope the others are ready for this."
[Gabel] 10:54 am: You want me to talk to them Jedidia ?
[Gabel] 10:54 am: Although im unsure how she will run now that our mechanic up and left.
[Lazarus] 10:56 am: "Might not be a bad idea. Wounded come in screaming, pissing, and shitting, which is not what most medics are trained to handle. I know I did my fair share of all three as a young Corpsman during the U-War when I started out."
[] 10:56 am: "Thats a shame, I would have wanted to see the man who can make a thing like that "Work like a charm". "
[Gabel] 10:57 am: Woman actually
[Lazarus] 10:57 am: Up close, the new guy can see that the ship sports a new application of armor
[Gabel] 10:57 am: You might have seen her in the base she dident leave all that long ago with a man who had a peg leg.
[Gabel] 10:58 am: Well Jedidia i will have a talk with them they all inside ? I will check up on them in a minute.
[Lazarus->] 10:58 am: You did see a pair like that hopping into the back of a supply truck heading for town
[Lazarus] 10:59 am: "Yes they are Captain. All dressed up and waiting for their first dance."
[] 10:59 am: *The man looks suprised, but then turns back to the ship* "That thing must have quite the history. Havent seen anyone make "an ambulance" out of one of these."
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[Gabel] 10:59 am: First time for everything.
[Gabel] 11:00 am: She's fast and has enough fuel to run for a long time.
[Gabel] 11:00 am: And she has never failed us when we needed her the most.
[Lazarus->] 11:00 am: you know the pride is fast and has long legs. only take a bit of modifaction to turn one into a carrier
[] 11:01 am: "Though I'm pretty sure that armor wasnt put on here, I'm guessing you've done more than just fixing people in the past."
[Gabel] 11:01 am: I dont believe i have introduced myself *Takes out his hand to shake* Names John Helios Iskellian Nice ter meet ya.
[Gabel] 11:02 am: Armor was a last minute fix when we decided to join in on this party.
[] 11:02 am: "Rick Russell, nice to meet ya."
[Gabel] 11:03 am: So what brings you to this end of the universe Rick.
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 11:03 am: With Jo's trained eye, she can see a well run base with god perimeter security. AA Defenses are decent, but not great, from what she's seen of the troops, they seem well led
[redwolffclaw] 11:03 am: Jo waves "Names Jo."
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 11:03 am: that is good.
[CroixAura->Lazarus] 11:04 am: is it alright if i lurk?
[Lazarus->CroixAura] 11:04 am: certainly
[CroixAura->Lazarus] 11:04 am: ty
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 11:04 am: indeed
[Serenity From the Ashes: Session 33 ]: CroixAura has entered at 11:04 am+
[Lazarus->CroixAura] 11:04 am: np
[Lazarus] 11:05 am: (hey Croix)
[Gabel] 11:05 am: Other then war and depravity that is.
[] 11:05 am: "To be honest, this has been my end of the verse for quite the long time, as for joining the browncoats thats a bit of a longer story."
[Gabel] 11:06 am: Well how bout you tell me about it over a drink. I hate to cut this short but i got to have a pep talk. *Nods at Jedidia*
[Gabel] 11:06 am: This heres Frank our genius medical officer.
[Gabel] 11:06 am: And Jo who just introduced herself Security.
[Lazarus] 11:06 am: There seems to be an increase in activity as troops move about drawing ammunition and other supplies, the ground crews loading up the fighters. clearly something is afoot
[Dusterboy] 11:07 am: "How do you do, Mr Russell?" Frank holds out a hand
[Gabel] 11:07 am: *Tips his hat* Moves to the medical personell.
[redwolffclaw] 11:07 am: Captain. It looks like they are mobilizing
[] 11:07 am: "Sure." *Looks at both Frank and Jo* "The names Rick"
[Lazarus] 11:08 am: Wilks has gathered Fisher, Deng, and Ling in the cargo bay
[Gabel] 11:08 am: Looks that way jo *Capn says over his shoulders as he heads for the cargo bay*
[] 11:08 am: *shakes Franks hand, and in the deed gives it a nice black stain*
[Gabel] 11:08 am: *Moves up to the medical crew*
[Lazarus] 11:09 am: Fisher looks like a puppy that can only just barely be restrained, the others look pensive at best.
[] 11:09 am: *Upon noticing that Rick smiles apologetically*
[Gabel] 11:09 am: *Looks over the crew while thinking about what to say*
[Gabel] 11:09 am: You look rather spiffy Fisher.
[Dusterboy] 11:10 am: "It's wash off," Frank doesn't sound bothered.
[Lazarus] 11:10 am: "Roger that Captain. Feels good to be in the fight!"
[Lazarus] 11:10 am: delivered with all the enthusiam of the COMPLETELY clueless
[Gabel] 11:11 am: Calm down Fisher it aint even sarted yet your attitude will soon change *Captain keeps a calm tone*
[Dusterboy] 11:11 am: ((There speaks one who has never been to war before))
[Lazarus] 11:11 am: (Aye)
[Dusterboy] 11:11 am: ((All he sees is honour and glory and heroics))
[Lazarus] 11:12 am: "I'm ready Captain. Gorram Feds are gonna pay for what they did in the U-War this time."
[Dusterboy] 11:12 am: *Frank just shakes his head*
[Lazarus] 11:13 am: Wilks just rolls his eyes.
[Gabel] 11:13 am: Fisher will you calm down this aint a gorram amusement park. People are dying out there as we are talking and it's your job to keep em breathing.
[Dusterboy] 11:13 am: ((Attitudes like that are what keeps wars going))
[] 11:13 am: *Rick glances back from whence he came moment ago, thinking if he should return to working, but decides he can spare a moment so see what the commotion is about.*
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[Lazarus] 11:14 am: "Yes sir. We always going to be stuck here on the ship? I volunteer to be a field medic so I can get closer to the front."
[Lazarus->] 11:15 am: you see about half of the cargo bay his full of medical equipment, top of the line stuff.
[Gabel] 11:15 am: You want to get yourself killed son ? is that it ? *Looks him in the eye* What are you gonna do when the bullets start flying over you and the soldiers your trying to patch up are screaming for their mothers.
[Gabel] 11:15 am: With their guts hanging out.
[Lazarus->] 11:15 am: You saw the ship has three shuttles and three cargo containers along the dorsal spine
[Lazarus] 11:16 am: Fisher stiffens. "I will do my duty Captain. I'm not afraid."
[Gabel] 11:16 am: Dont be to eagre to get into war because when your in it you will think of nothing but to get out of it.
[Dusterboy] 11:16 am: Or their limbs blown off
[] 11:16 am: *Rick
[] 11:17 am: *Rick calmly inspects the ship, only half hearing what the others are arguing about.*
[Gabel] 11:17 am: You should be Fisher
[Lazarus->] 11:17 am: You could easily remove the shuttles and replace them with fighters with the containers carrying spare parts and spare ordnance
[Lazarus->] 11:17 am: The engine room shows a very well maintained ship
[Lazarus->] 11:17 am: extra parts are stored neatly
[redwolffclaw] 11:18 am: Jo turns to Fisher. "I once heard a saying, Being brave is not being unafraid. It is being afraid but having the courage to continue."
[Lazarus->] 11:18 am: There is even a Gremlin missle launcher at the back of the cargo bay, but it is empty
[Gabel] 11:18 am: Fear keeps you awake and alert.
[Lazarus] 11:18 am: "You give me the chance captain and I will show you what I can do."
[Lazarus] 11:19 am: "We aren't going to be forced to be field medics are we?" Deng asks.
[Dusterboy] 11:19 am: "Any man who says he's never afraid is either a liar,] or insane."
[] 11:19 am: *While he is doing this, he tinkers around with everything he finds.*
[Gabel] 11:20 am: Sorry kid but you need a level head to work in the field. You stick to patching up soldiers who get carred in then come back to me and see what you think.
[Lazarus] 11:20 am: He's been aboard a Pride before, long time ago, but this ship feels different, more than just a ship, it somehow feels like a home.
[] 11:20 am: *After he is done he goes back to the others*
[Lazarus] 11:21 am: "I will captain. I'll show you I may not have battle experience, but I have what it takes."
[Gabel] 11:21 am: Just listen to Wilks and dont get carried away.
[Gabel] 11:22 am: I want to see you live through the war not get killed on the first day.
[Lazarus] 11:23 am: "This is really about to happen isn't it?" Nancy Ling asks, biting her lip.
[Gabel] 11:23 am: Yes Nancy it is this is why i asked you all in all honesty if this is what you wanted
[Gabel] 11:23 am: But dont be disheartened the work you will do here will save lives
[Gabel] 11:24 am: Many lives. But people will die there is no getting away from that you cant save everyone you are not gods.
[Gabel] 11:24 am: You do your best to the best of your ability and keep a level head and it will see you through the days to come.
[Dusterboy] 11:25 am: "We're going to get through this, Nancy," Frank says. "All of us. Hopefully even that young fool over there," Gestures to Fisher. "If he doesn't get his head blown off."
[Gabel] 11:25 am: The patients you will be recieving are nothing like you are used to
[] 11:25 am: *Rick slides to the cargo bay on a wheeled chair he picked up somewhere on the way.* "What this commotion about?" *He puts his legs down to stop the chair.* "Judging from the ship you have a good start right here."
[Gabel] 11:26 am: They will be kicking screaming for their mothers there will be blood guts and shit everywhere it aint going to be pretty what i learned in basic training aint enough to patch the poor souls who need our help up
[Gabel] 11:27 am: That is why you all need to think about home when you are patching them up and think about the home you and they will go to once this is all over.
[Gabel] 11:28 am: *Looks over at rick but ignores him til his speech was finished then looks over at him again*
[Gabel] 11:28 am: Just preparing the crew Rick.
[Lazarus] 11:29 am: Deng and Ling look a little pale, but nod in understanding. Wilks looks like he's heard and seen this thing before and looks the calmest of the bunch. Fisher's jaw is set to show just how ready he is to prove himself.
[Lazarus] 11:30 am: A runner enters the ship, looks like the same man that told Travis about the scout's report. "Captain Iskellian."
[] 11:30 am: "Uhuh." *Rick nods while sitting*
[Gabel] 11:30 am: *Turns to the runner*
[Gabel] 11:31 am: Yes
[Lazarus] 11:31 am: "Message from Colonel Travis, the attack will start in thirty minutes. Be prepared for casualties."
[Gabel] 11:32 am: The Medical bay has been set up and the field hospital is prepped
[] 11:32 am: *Rick frowns*
[Lazarus] 11:32 am: Outside, Jo can see the four fighters and the Corsair PT-Boat lifting off with a heavy load of missile and bombs
[Gabel] 11:32 am: So rick what brings you inside my ship.
[] 11:33 am: *Rick looks back again, with regret. Cursing the fact that he is so easily distracted.*
[Lazarus] 11:33 am: "Understood Captain." He turns to leave, but then stops and faces John again. "Praise be to God you are here Sir. You are a God send for the troops and we will have a chance now."
[] 11:34 am: "I... uhm." *Rick spins around with the chair once* "Professional curiosity, I guess."
[Gabel] 11:34 am: I just hope the young fools wont all go and get themselves killed *Looks at the runner* I hope we can make a difference to.
[] 11:34 am: "I also wanted to see if anything you said to me was true."
[Lazarus] 11:35 am: The runner departs with a half smile
[->Lazarus] 11:35 am: Just to clarify, We are attacking, right? We arent being attacked.
[Lazarus->] 11:35 am: right, the ground troops are making another attack on the feds hold up inside the gold mine
[redwolffclaw] 11:36 am: Captain. What did you want me to do? Just protect your ship and make sure no one tries to kill the docs?
[Gabel] 11:37 am: Your job Jo just like mine is to protect the crew and keep them out of harms way.
[Gabel] 11:37 am: We aint here to fight on the front lines but to make sure people who do get a fighting chance.
[] 11:38 am: "From what I saw, you atleast left some parts out." *Rick stands up* "You could make this ship into a formidable thing, John. Judging from the armor and the missile launcher back there, you seem to know how to do so aswell."
[redwolffclaw] 11:38 am: kk
[Gabel] 11:39 am: Well the Missiles were a gift got us out of some nasty reaver business
[Gabel] 11:39 am: We have a derringer in the hold as well
[Gabel] 11:40 am: But my pilot up and bailed on me.
[] 11:40 am: "Likely story, dont worry, we accept everyone to our cause it seems, even pirates and the like."
[Gabel] 11:42 am: Well does not suprise me the independants have all sorts in their ranks
[Lazarus] 11:42 am: The runner returns out of breath. "Message from Colonel Travis!"
[] 11:42 am: "Yeah, you'd do well to get a couple more of those, this could be a carrier of sorts."
[] 11:43 am: *^ about the derringers
[Gabel] 11:43 am: Prides used to be used in the old U-War as Carriers
[Gabel] 11:43 am: Nobody suspects them to be med ships though *John Chuckles*
[Gabel] 11:43 am: Especially not well armed Med ships
[Gabel] 11:45 am: *waits for the runner to catch his breath*
[Gabel] 11:45 am: Well spit it out.
[Lazarus] 11:45 am: "The attack has broken through the outer line of the Fed's position. However, casualties have been heavier than expected. There are reports of many critically wounded that will not survive a ground extraction. Even though extraction was never part of your medical duties. You have shuttles to spare. Are you willing to use one as an ambulance?"
[] 11:45 am: "You should call it an angel of death instead"
[Gabel] 11:46 am: Get a shuttle prepped
[Lazarus] 11:46 am: As John says that, he realizes, he's the only pilot on the ship
[] 11:46 am: "Eep, sounds like our talk has run its course."
[Gabel] 11:47 am: *Looks around*
[Gabel] 11:47 am: Well crap looks like im the only pilot left.
[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:47 am: probably need a doc and some security
[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:47 am: even the mech might be useful if he knows how to shoot
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:47 am: Okay.
[Gabel] 11:48 am: Grab your medical gear your armor
[Gabel] 11:48 am: *Goes to grab his assault rifle and armor some nades and ammo*
[Gabel] 11:48 am: Looks like we have been called out Rick you feel like joining us ?
[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:48 am: question is, do you want to take any of the nurses or medics? You have two of each.
[redwolffclaw] 11:48 am: (now I am pissed I switched out pilot for survival lol)
[Lazarus] 11:49 am: (Next time I guess red)
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:49 am: I should really upgrade my pilot skills if we might be out of a pilot for a while
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:49 am: I wont take the kid
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:49 am: He will get himself killed
[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:49 am: oh my, you might hurt his feelings
[Lazarus] 11:50 am: (Now that john realizes he's the only pilot, he might be willing to give lessons)
[] 11:50 am: "Well I... ehm..." *He looks out, realizing that all the vehicles have left, including the one he was working on earlier.*
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:50 am: Since i havent used The talented yet maybe i should just upgrade piloting lol
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:50 am: Since who knows if adventure can play or not
[] 11:50 am: "I guess."
[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:50 am: you could buy shutlle to d8
[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:50 am: and still have 2 XP
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:51 am: Might be more useful then talented leadership
[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:51 am: You're pretty damn good at leadership already
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:51 am: Well i only have a D8
[Lazarus] 11:51 am: "You'll do it sir?" THe runner asks.
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:51 am: Or you mean otherwise.
[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:52 am: you've got the leadership trait too
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:52 am: True
[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:52 am: otherwise your pilot skill will be d6
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:52 am: Can i take D8 Small Craft so it includes the derringers ?
[Dusterboy] 11:52 am: *Frank is watching all of this*
[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:52 am: sorry, fighters and shuttles are differnt types f ships
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:52 am: Fuck
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:53 am: And i still need a D8 for freighters if im going to be flying the ship incase adventure does not log on
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:53 am: Okay go with Shuttles
[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:53 am: one is a sports car, the other a panel truck
[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:53 am: true as frieghters are like semi trucks
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[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:54 am: Thats alot of D8's
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:54 am: Just to be able to fly a few of the things on the ship lol
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:54 am: wait
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:54 am: What if i got
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:54 am: Born behind the wheel ?
[] 11:54 am: *Rick leans on his chair, hoping that the ship he was doing last minute check on before he got distracted actually was working.*
[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:54 am: however I won't make you super specialize like Pride class or Derringer
[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:55 am: born behind the wheel applies to all classes, but that only boosts SHIP'S agility, not your skill which will still be d6
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:55 am: Ah shit
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:55 am: Well Shuttles is the most useful at this point
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:55 am: Although i like this
[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:55 am: ok, and you have to respond to the runner
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:56 am: Since John does need to upgrade his ship capabilities
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:56 am: He was a pilot for peets sake
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:56 am: I just never bothered because i was stuck in the leader role and had to make people do things lol
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:56 am: Still am but anyway.
[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:56 am: true
[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:56 am: hopefully we can find a pilot
[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:57 am: I have added pilot:shuttle d8
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:57 am: Although it kind of feels like cheating
[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:57 am: back to our show
[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:57 am: So have i
[Gabel] 11:57 am: *Grabs his grenades assault rifle armor*
[Gabel] 11:57 am: Well grab your equipment if you have any and meet up here.
[Lazarus] 11:57 am: "What should I tell Colonel Travis Sir?"
[Gabel] 11:58 am: Tell him we are preparing an ambulence for takeoff
[Lazarus] 11:58 am: "THANK YOU Sir!"
[Gabel] 11:58 am: We will take off as soon as the medical personell are on board.
[Lazarus] 11:58 am: THe runner takes off at a sprint
[Gabel] 11:58 am: I tell Wilks and the other guy not the kid to prepare with Frank
[Lazarus] 11:58 am: Rick has enough time to grab whatever gear he wants to take and returns to the ship as the shuttle is ready to go
[Gabel] 11:59 am: I tell the kid and ling to prepare the rooms for when we return.
[] 11:59 am: *Rick remembers, and quickly runs to get his shotgun, and back.*
[Lazarus] 11:59 am: Wilks and Deng. Leaving Ling and Fisher
[Lazarus] 11:59 am: John can see that Fisher is livid at being left behind
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[Lazarus] 12:00 pm: Rick is the last one back, as he had the farthest to go to get his gear.
[Gabel] 12:01 pm: *Prepares for takeoff*
[Lazarus] 12:01 pm: As soon as he's aboard, you are ready to go
[Lazarus] 12:01 pm: Joh hears the comm crackle
[redwolffclaw] 12:01 pm: do I come too?
[Gabel] 12:01 pm: Yes need you with us
[Dusterboy] 12:01 pm: "Don't worry, Captain" Frank says "I#ll make sure Boy Hero here doesn't get into trouble"
[Gabel] 12:01 pm: Jo need you to gear up as well.
[redwolffclaw] 12:01 pm: ok
[redwolffclaw] 12:02 pm: I bring my two pistols and my katana
[Gabel] 12:02 pm: You have armor put it on
[Gabel] 12:02 pm: I dont want anyone taking undeeded risks.
[redwolffclaw] 12:02 pm: extra ammo and my ballistic mesh
[Lazarus] 12:03 pm: "Angel Flight, this is Bandit one. As soon as you lift, I will be on your four oclock. I will escort you in as top cover. the pick up is at, these coordinates. Area is not secure, watch for ground fire. Godspeed to you."
[Gabel] 12:03 pm: *Angel Flight to Bandit one* Roger That Over.
[Lazarus] 12:04 pm: John detaches the shuttle and stays low heading for the LZ.
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[Lazarus] 12:05 pm: It only takes a few minutes to reach the battlefield. A series of hills with a larger peak in the center.
[Gabel] 12:05 pm: This might get rough hang on to something.
[] 12:05 pm: *Rick tinkers around the shuttle, opening doors and looking at buttons*
[] 12:06 pm: (As in container doors, not the shuttle exits)
[Lazarus] 12:06 pm: The LZ is on the southeaster slope of one of the smaller hills in a draw that seems to be the neo-browncoat axis of attack
[Gabel] 12:06 pm: *Starts looking for a landing site to get the wounded*
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[Lazarus] 12:07 pm: A pair of derringers conduct a strafing runto suppress Fed fire
[Lazarus] 12:07 pm: "Go Angel Flight. I've got your six!" Bandit one barks.
[Lazarus] 12:07 pm: Finding a good landing zone is an Average task of ALert + Perception
[] 12:08 pm: Can the others help?
[Gabel] 12:08 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d6)
[Gabel] 12:08 pm:

-> 1d8 (7)+ 1d6 (5) = 12

[Lazarus] 12:08 pm: "Landing is a hard task of pilot + ship's agility of d8
[Lazarus] 12:08 pm: Anyone in the co-pilot seat could look
[Gabel] 12:08 pm: 12 is for Landing zone
[Lazarus] 12:09 pm: anyone else would be unrestrained and that could get tough
[] 12:09 pm: Ah, too bad in that case
[Lazarus] 12:09 pm: John sees a good approach and makes his run
[Gabel] 12:09 pm: Now for the god awful rolls i bet im going to crash the ship in typical John fashion
[Lazarus] 12:09 pm: There is an increase in ground fire despite the strafing.
[Gabel] 12:09 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d8)
[Gabel] 12:09 pm:

-> 1d8 (4)+ 1d8 (2) = 6

[Lazarus] 12:10 pm: john is going to have to take two actions, an evasion and the Hard piloting roll to land
[Gabel] 12:10 pm: What do i roll for evasion ?
[Lazarus] 12:11 pm: ship's agility + piloting -1 step
[Gabel] 12:11 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d6)
[Gabel] 12:11 pm:

-> 1d8 (6)+ 1d6 (3) = 9

[Gabel] 12:11 pm: Thats evasion then
[Lazarus] 12:11 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d6;2d6;2d6)
[Lazarus] 12:11 pm:

-> 2d6 (6,2 = 8)

-> 2d6 (5,5 = 10)

-> 2d6 (4,4 = 8)

[Gabel] 12:11 pm: I spend 1 pp to negate the fire
[Gabel] 12:11 pm: or 2
[Gabel] 12:11 pm: depending on what i need
[Lazarus] 12:12 pm: the storm of fire surprises John, but at the last second, he manages to evade
[Lazarus] 12:12 pm: however...the landing is rough, real rough
[Lazarus] 12:12 pm: (2 points will evade all fire)
[Gabel] 12:12 pm: Done and done
[Gabel] 12:12 pm: Not trying to get people killed flying a shuttle for the first time in ages lol
[Gabel] 12:13 pm: *Mumbles something about used to be better at this*
[Lazarus] 12:13 pm: (1 more point will give you an average, which is better than a 6, still going to be hard on eveyone, you don't have enough points to reach 11)
[Gabel] 12:13 pm: Done and done
[Gabel] 12:14 pm: At least their buckled in =/
[Lazarus] 12:14 pm: John rolls the shuttle violently and despite the restraints everyone is pitched around violently and just when they thought it was over,there is the bone jarring impact of the landing
[redwolffclaw] 12:14 pm: oy
[Lazarus] 12:14 pm: everyone roll strength + vitality
[Gabel] 12:15 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d10)
[Gabel] 12:15 pm:

-> 1d8 (2)+ 1d10 (10) = 12

[Gabel] 12:15 pm: Mental Resistance count Laz ?
[Lazarus] 12:15 pm: no
[] 12:15 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d6+d8)
[] 12:15 pm:

-> 1d6 (4)+ 1d8 (6) = 10

[Dusterboy] 12:15 pm: (me too?)
[Lazarus] 12:15 pm: this is physial impact
[Lazarus] 12:15 pm: everyone on board
[Gabel] 12:15 pm: Well i aced my Vitality
[Gabel] 12:15 pm: at least
[Gabel] 12:15 pm: lol
[Dusterboy] 12:15 pm: (I'm not on board, I
[Lazarus] 12:15 pm: then no
[redwolffclaw] 12:16 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d6)
[redwolffclaw] 12:16 pm:

-> 1d8 (1)+ 1d6 (3) = 4

[Gabel] 12:16 pm: Oh fuck red
[redwolffclaw] 12:16 pm: yeah.
[Gabel] 12:16 pm: Dont spill your cookies all over me
[Lazarus] 12:16 pm: Z, you have a feeling that a plot point would be useful
[] 12:17 pm: Do I have one?
[Lazarus] 12:17 pm: you have 6
[Gabel] 12:17 pm: We all have 6
[Gabel] 12:17 pm: We always start with 6
[] 12:17 pm: Ok.
[Gabel] 12:17 pm: every session dont forget ! :)
[] 12:17 pm: sure.
[Lazarus] 12:17 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6;d8+d6)
[Lazarus] 12:17 pm:

-> 1d8 (3)+ 1d6 (4) = 7

-> 1d8 (1)+ 1d6 (5) = 6

[Dusterboy] 12:17 pm: BRB - getting supper
[Lazarus] 12:18 pm: Rick and John manage to shake off the shock of the impact, but Deng, Wilks and Red are all badly winded by the 'landing'.
[Lazarus] 12:19 pm: those rattled are at -2 steps to all stats. Deng for a round, Wilks and Red for two rounds.
[Gabel] 12:20 pm: *Unbuckles his seatbelts but keeps the engine running* *Grabs his weapon and slings it over his shoulder* *Turns around to the others* Been to long since i flown in a warzone i figure.
[] 12:22 pm: "So, uhm, what am I supposed to do?"
[Gabel] 12:22 pm: *Helps the others out of their seats if he sees their to rattled*
[Lazarus] 12:22 pm: John reaches the hatch and can see that the only person moving is Rick
[Gabel] 12:22 pm: Hey Wake up !
[Gabel] 12:23 pm: I try to slap them to conciousness.
[Lazarus] 12:23 pm: Deng staggers to his feet. "Ren ci de fozou I hope that's not normal."
[Gabel] 12:23 pm: Just a bad landing Deng.
[Gabel] 12:23 pm: Shape up man we got lives to save.
[redwolffclaw] 12:23 pm: i try to shake it off
[Gabel] 12:23 pm: *Goes to check on wilks and jo*
[Lazarus] 12:23 pm: Red's ears ring and everything seems fuzzy and she has difficulties working the seatbelt
[Gabel] 12:24 pm: *Helps Jo with the seatbelt*
[Gabel] 12:24 pm: Rick just make sure the shuttles still flyable by the time we gotta get out of here.
[Lazarus] 12:24 pm: roll vitality + will to shake it off red
[Gabel] 12:25 pm: *Looks at Jo* You allright ?
[Lazarus] 12:25 pm: roll int + maintenance Rick
[redwolffclaw] 12:25 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d6)
[redwolffclaw] 12:25 pm:

-> 2d6 (5,6 = 11)

[redwolffclaw] 12:26 pm: HA
[] 12:26 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d10+d12)
[] 12:26 pm:

-> 1d10 (9)+ 1d12 (1) = 10

[] 12:26 pm: awesome roll.
[redwolffclaw] 12:26 pm: fine. just knocked my jujubies loose
[Lazarus] 12:26 pm: Red shakes her head and the fuzziness and things start coming back into focus
[] 12:26 pm: Oh.
[] 12:27 pm: I have machine empathy btw
[] 12:27 pm: soo plotpoints?
[Lazarus->] 12:27 pm: you feel a plot point would give you a better chance of figuring out what happened
[->Lazarus] 12:27 pm: yeah then Ill use it
[Lazarus->] 12:28 pm: kk
[Gabel] 12:28 pm: Yeah sorry about that came in rough after avoiding the gunfire.
[Lazarus] 12:28 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d6;d8;d10;12)
[Lazarus] 12:28 pm:

-> 1d6 (1)

-> 1d8 (8)

-> 1d10 (4)

-> 12 (12)

[Lazarus->] 12:29 pm: looks like the primary fuel feed bent and the shuttle is grounded.
[Lazarus] 12:30 pm: as everyone makes it to their feet, they can hear gunfire outside
[->Lazarus] 12:30 pm: Nothing I can fix without good tools at hand
[Lazarus->] 12:30 pm: indeed
[Lazarus] 12:30 pm: John hears the engines begin to lose speed and then sputter to a halt
[Gabel] 12:31 pm: Gorram that cant be good.
[] 12:31 pm: *Rick walks around, then takes a step back* "Eep!"
[] 12:32 pm: "Looks like we'll have to walk. The fuel feed is busted." *Rick points it out.*
[Lazarus->] 12:32 pm: probably can fix it easy enough
[Lazarus->] 12:32 pm: just take a few minutes
[Gabel] 12:32 pm: Are you kidding me we were supposed to be helping evac people gorram it.
[Lazarus->] 12:32 pm: or so
[Gabel] 12:32 pm: Cant you fix it ?
[] 12:32 pm: "I could try, would take a bit though."
[Lazarus] 12:33 pm: "Captain, if this thing is down for the count, we should get out of it, it seems to be drawing fire." Wilks says
[Gabel] 12:34 pm: *Looks around* You think you can fix it if we cover you Rick ?
[Gabel] 12:34 pm: *Starts to open the hatch slowly*
[] 12:34 pm: "Yeah... No need for anyone else to stay in this death bucket." *Rick whimpers*
[Lazarus->] 12:34 pm: SURE YOU CAN
[Lazarus] 12:34 pm: As the hatch opens, the noise of the battle increses exponentially
[Lazarus->] 12:35 pm: just need some tools to clip the line, attach a couple hoses with clamps, it will hold long enough to get back to the ship
[Gabel] 12:35 pm: okay Deng, Wilks we need to find the wounded even though the ship is down Rick might be able to fix it
[->Lazarus] 12:36 pm: Rick isnt the most confident person in the verse
[Gabel] 12:36 pm: We should look for the forward command post Either me or Jo should go with you for protection while one of us stays behind here with rick.
[Lazarus] 12:36 pm: A dirty soldier pokes his head in the hatch, "I thought we had more casualties."
[Lazarus->] 12:36 pm: you'd think he'd be sure of his skills
[Gabel] 12:37 pm: No were fine just a Rough landing. Ships busted though Mechanic needs to fix it before we can lift off again with the wounded.
[Lazarus] 12:37 pm: "We've got three dozen wounded. eight criticals. I suggest you get moving before the Purplebellies can start dropping mortars on you."
[redwolffclaw] 12:37 pm: I will go wherever you need me
[->Lazarus] 12:37 pm: You would. Aint always the case though.
[Gabel] 12:38 pm: Rick you heard the man get started.
[Gabel] 12:38 pm: Lead the way to the wounded.
[Lazarus] 12:38 pm: The draw when Joh set down is screened from direct fire, but there is a lot of shooting going on that acounts for all the noise
[Serenity From the Ashes: Session 33 ]: has left at 12:38 pm+
[Serenity From the Ashes: Session 33 ]: LucasPuryear has left at 12:39 pm+
[Lazarus] 12:39 pm: Anyone exiting the ship willhave to make two rolls of agility + Dodge
[Lazarus->] 12:39 pm: true
[] 12:39 pm: *Starts working* "..Fine fine! Let me consentrate."
[Gabel] 12:39 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d10)
[Gabel] 12:39 pm:

-> 1d8 (1)+ 1d10 (7) = 8

[Lazarus->] 12:39 pm: go ahead and roll int + repairs
[Gabel] 12:39 pm: thats my dodge
[Lazarus] 12:39 pm: kk
[] 12:39 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d10+d12+2)
[] 12:39 pm:

-> 1d10 (5)+ 1d12 (10)+ 2 (2) = 17

[Lazarus] 12:40 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d8;d8+d10)
[Lazarus] 12:40 pm:

-> 2d8 (5,3 = 8)

-> 1d8 (5)+ 1d10 (5) = 10

[Lazarus] 12:40 pm: red? Dodge
[Gabel] 12:40 pm: Zeenix
[] 12:40 pm: whoops, thats +d2 not +2
[Gabel] 12:40 pm: Theres no such thing as +2
[Gabel] 12:40 pm: yeah
[redwolffclaw] 12:40 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d12)
[redwolffclaw] 12:40 pm:

-> 1d6 (1)+ 1d12 (12) = 13

[] 12:40 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d2)
[] 12:40 pm:

-> 1d2 (2)

[Gabel] 12:40 pm: put another 1d4 in
[Lazarus->] 12:40 pm: easy fix, you've got the engine running before the others reach the casualties
[Gabel] 12:40 pm: No another 1d4 its 2 skillsteps
[Gabel] 12:40 pm: not 1
[redwolffclaw] 12:40 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d12)
[redwolffclaw] 12:40 pm:

-> 1d6 (5)+ 1d12 (6) = 11

[redwolffclaw] 12:40 pm: I think i am good
[Gabel] 12:41 pm: so another 1d2 now
[] 12:41 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d2)
[] 12:41 pm:

-> 1d2 (2)

[Lazarus] 12:41 pm: everyone is good for the first roll, everyone outside has to make a second roll
[Gabel] 12:41 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d10)
[Gabel] 12:41 pm:

-> 1d8 (3)+ 1d10 (10) = 13

[Gabel] 12:41 pm: Second roll
[redwolffclaw] 12:41 pm: oh. I got 11
[Gabel] 12:42 pm: (Im glad i upgraded my dodge now)
[redwolffclaw] 12:42 pm: rolled it twice.
[Lazarus] 12:42 pm: right
[Lazarus] 12:42 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d8;d10+d8)
[Lazarus] 12:42 pm:

-> 2d8 (2,5 = 7)

-> 1d10 (1)+ 1d8 (2) = 3

[Lazarus] 12:43 pm: The movement to the aid station is a crazy steplechase across broken ground. You are all almost to the wounded, when you hear Deng cry out in surprise and fall to the ground
[] 12:43 pm: *Rick replaces the feed with a hose and fastens it with clamps where the line used to be. Once he is done, he lets his ass fall onto the floor*
[Gabel] 12:44 pm: Deng !
[Lazarus] 12:44 pm: At the aid station, there is chaos. medics screaming for supplies on top of the wounded screaming in pain
[Lazarus] 12:45 pm: Wilks moves in professionally and begins doing triage
[redwolffclaw] 12:45 pm: I run to Deng
[Lazarus] 12:45 pm: he's face down when Jo reaches him
[redwolffclaw] 12:45 pm: I roll him over carefully to assess the damage.
[Lazarus] 12:46 pm: "Get those Gorram walking wounded walking. You hun dan are going to have to wlak, we don't have room for all of you gold bricks MOVE!" He barks with clearly practiced ease.
[Gabel] 12:46 pm: I get a stretcher to help jo get deng
[Lazarus] 12:46 pm: Jo rolls him and he coughs. "Oh gos se that hurt."
[Lazarus] 12:47 pm: "Thanks to the Buddha for body armor."
[Gabel] 12:47 pm: *Runs over to deng* Gorram it deng dont scare me like that.
[Lazarus] 12:47 pm: "Scare YOU? I'm the one that got shot!"
[Serenity From the Ashes: Session 33 ]: Kylen has left at 12:48 pm+
[redwolffclaw] 12:48 pm: Complain to me when you lose half your face boy. Now get up and lets get gorram moving
[Gabel] 12:48 pm: Yeah scare me you mighta just up and died on me for trippin on a pebble ja gorram fool *Reaches down to give him a hand up* I aint letting people die on my watch.
[Lazarus] 12:49 pm: When Joh realizes Deng isn't really hurt, he has a second to look around and can see that whoever is supposed to be in charge here is clearly over his head. Return fire is dulsitory at best and it looks like the aid station is in trouble.
[] 12:49 pm: Jo and John share the same attitude.
[Gabel] 12:50 pm: Gorram it
[Lazarus] 12:50 pm: Jo looks up and can see the same thing as John
[redwolffclaw] 12:50 pm: Cap... with your permission...
[Gabel] 12:50 pm: *Walks over to the command tent* Who in gorram hell is in charge here.
[Lazarus] 12:51 pm: A lieutenant looks around at John's outburst. "I am, who are you?"
[redwolffclaw] 12:51 pm: I walk down the line while he is talking to the person in charge and I start barking orders like I own the place. "YOU! Cover fire there! Don't aim at your own men soldier! Hey pretty boy, take the safety off!"
[Lazarus] 12:52 pm: John and Jo roll alert + perception
[Gabel] 12:52 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d6)
[Gabel] 12:52 pm:

-> 1d8 (5)+ 1d6 (1) = 6

[Lazarus] 12:52 pm: coughplotpointcough
[redwolffclaw] 12:52 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d6)
[redwolffclaw] 12:52 pm:

-> 2d6 (2,2 = 4)

[redwolffclaw] 12:52 pm: I am too busy yelling
[Lazarus] 12:53 pm: Jo is too busy barking orders to see much of anything beyond the immediate need of shoring up the defenders
[Lazarus] 12:53 pm: Deng takes the hand up and staggers over to the wounded to help Wilks
[Gabel] 12:54 pm: I guess i dont notice anything either
[Lazarus] 12:54 pm: Jo roll willpower + leadership
[Gabel] 12:54 pm: Captain John Helios Iskellian thats who i am what in the gorram hell are you doing your lines are faltering and the aid station is in trouble
[Lazarus] 12:54 pm: a plot point might change that john
[Gabel] 12:54 pm: i use a plot point
[Lazarus->Gabel] 12:55 pm: As you enter, you catch a flash of "Oh thank god" look from a sergeant in the tent
[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:55 pm: I start barking orders i activate leadership right away
[redwolffclaw] 12:55 pm: i am gonna spend 3 plot points.
[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:55 pm: This is a gorram disgrace
[redwolffclaw] 12:55 pm: starts rolling some dice: (3d6)
[redwolffclaw] 12:55 pm:

-> 3d6 (3,6,5 = 14)

[Lazarus] 12:55 pm: ok jo
[redwolffclaw] 12:55 pm: hahah
[Gabel] 12:56 pm: (I said what i did in PM Laz brb 1 sec)
[Lazarus] 12:56 pm: Jo's command have an almost instant effect, the return fire picks up and becomes more disciplined and that reduces the amount of fire being taken as the attackers are suppressed
[Gabel] 12:57 pm: Okay im back
[Lazarus] 12:58 pm: the feeling that things were about to fall apart also slackens as the neo-browncoat's morale begins to stiffen
[redwolffclaw] 12:58 pm: Damn i am good!
[Dusterboy] 12:58 pm: ((Or to put it another way: "You! Pretend you're an officer - get out there, and organize your men!")
[Lazarus] 12:59 pm: The lieutenat faces John, "And who in the south side of Sihnon do you think you arestepping on my authority?"
[Lazarus] 1:00 pm: Wilks organizes some litter teams and with the increased defensive fire, the first stretchers head out for the shuttle
[Gabel] 1:01 pm: Someone who sees the crapola of a job you are doing out there are you even watching what you are doing ! My gorram crew member is stepping out there to keep your men in line thats your gorram job Soldier.
[Lazarus] 1:03 pm: The lieutenant's face reddens and he steps in close to John. Get the hell out of here. *I* am in command here and you have no authority to question me."
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 1:04 pm: You can take charge of the walking wounded and litter teams
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 1:05 pm: Ok i do that
[Gabel] 1:05 pm: Laz
[Lazarus] 1:05 pm: yes?
[Lazarus] 1:06 pm: Jo spots Wilks efforts and takes charge of the litter teams and begins herding the walking wounded away from the aid station
[Gabel] 1:06 pm: Pm again just real quick
[redwolffclaw] 1:06 pm: I get the ones able to walk moving. "Lets go gorram it! You still got legs! Lets hussle up! Hey soldier you wanna look like me? No? Then get going!" (hehe)
[Gabel->Lazarus] 1:06 pm: Can i have the Sergeant relieve the lieutenant of his command and have him escorted to travis for his failure of command ?
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 1:07 pm: roll will + leadership +2 step as john has activated his leaership trait
[Gabel->Lazarus] 1:07 pm: Because it seems like he is botching shit up on the frontlines.
[Lazarus->Gabel] 1:07 pm: you can try, no telling how the LT will take it
[Gabel->Lazarus] 1:07 pm: Or can i just cheapshot him
[Gabel->Lazarus] 1:08 pm: And say that Sergeant is now in command lol
[Lazarus->Gabel] 1:08 pm: true
[Gabel->Lazarus] 1:08 pm: That would be just like mal
[Gabel->Lazarus] 1:08 pm: Punch first talk later
[Lazarus->Gabel] 1:08 pm: indeed
[Gabel->Lazarus] 1:08 pm: we are in a warzone after all
[Gabel->Lazarus] 1:08 pm: Okay i punch him
[redwolffclaw] 1:08 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d10)
[redwolffclaw] 1:08 pm:

-> 2d10 (5,3 = 8)

[Lazarus->Gabel] 1:08 pm: your choice
[redwolffclaw] 1:08 pm: Oh wait....
[Gabel] 1:09 pm: You were in command here Sergeant relieve the lieutenant here of his command.
[redwolffclaw] 1:09 pm: only one is d10
[redwolffclaw] 1:09 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d10)
[redwolffclaw] 1:09 pm:

-> 1d6 (3)+ 1d10 (9) = 12

[redwolffclaw] 1:09 pm: better anywho
[Lazarus] 1:09 pm: The wounded get to moving and the stretchers successfully evactuate the most critica cases
[Serenity From the Ashes: Session 33 ]: Adventure has entered at 1:09 pm+
[Adventure] 1:09 pm: ( I'm here! )
[Adventure] 1:09 pm: ( Hello guys! )
[Lazarus] 1:10 pm: in the shuttle, Rick has made his repairs and sees a stream of wounded heading for the shuttle
[Dusterboy] 1:10 pm: (Hi Adventure!)
[Lazarus] 1:10 pm: (Hi adventure)
[Dusterboy] 1:10 pm: ((Gotta PC, Adventure?)
[Adventure] 1:10 pm: ( So I think i can play without the gear and backstory for now, right? )
[Lazarus] 1:10 pm: The lieutenant's faces goes purple in rage. "GET OUT!!!"
[Adventure] 1:10 pm: ( Atleast the skills, traits and attributes are all set. )
[Lazarus] 1:11 pm: (Yes you can adventure)
[Gabel] 1:11 pm: Escort the lieutenant back to base the fool doesnt even know how to lead men
[Adventure] 1:11 pm: ( Ok. )
[Gabel] 1:11 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d8)
[Gabel] 1:11 pm:

-> 1d8 (8)+ 1d8 (6) = 14

[Adventure] 1:11 pm: ( How'll I upload it? )
[Lazarus] 1:11 pm: (Someone catch adventure up in pm pleae)
[Adventure] 1:11 pm: ( Want me to email it to you Laz? )
[Lazarus] 1:12 pm: ok
[Adventure] 1:12 pm: ( I need to choose a name though. )
[Lazarus] 1:12 pm: the lieutenant is completely shocked and caught completely surprised by the punch.
[Lazarus] 1:12 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d6)
[Lazarus] 1:12 pm:

-> 2d6 (4,6 = 10)

[Gabel] 1:12 pm: I cheap shot the Lieutenant and Order the sergeant in a commanding voice to relieve the lieutenant of his duties.
[Lazarus] 1:13 pm: he staggers back still on his feet, but clearly not fighting back.
[Gabel] 1:13 pm: No Lieutenant you are relieved of your duities report back to Travis and explain to him how you failed here.
[Gabel] 1:13 pm: Sergeant !
[Lazarus] 1:14 pm: "SIR!"
[Gabel] 1:14 pm: Situational Report Status ! NOW !
[Lazarus] 1:14 pm: The sergeant butt strokes the lieutenant, who crumples in a pile
[Lazarus] 1:15 pm: "The lieutenant was knocked out the concussion of a martar round. I had to assume comand."
[Lazarus] 1:15 pm: "The wounded are being evacuated and I am jumping the aid station to a more secure area."
[Serenity From the Ashes: Session 33 ]: CroixAura has entered at 1:15 pm+
[Lazarus] 1:16 pm: (hi croix)
[Gabel] 1:16 pm: *Listens to the report*
[Lazarus] 1:17 pm: "You might want to take the lieutenant with you though. A blow to the head won't make him any better."
[Adventure] 1:17 pm: (The name can be anything, right? )
[Lazarus] 1:17 pm: Wilks and Deng get the wounded loaded aboard the shuttle
[Lazarus] 1:18 pm: (Within reason adventure)
[Gabel] 1:18 pm: Gorram fool should not be leading men while wounded
[Gabel] 1:18 pm: *Grabs his ass and slumps him over his shoulders*
[Lazarus] 1:18 pm: Jo and John are the last two
[Adventure] 1:18 pm: ( I got one but I'd figure that it's no acppetable. )
[] 1:18 pm: (A normal modern day name.)
[Adventure] 1:18 pm: ( It's the thing I came up with, so it won't work. )
[Lazarus] 1:18 pm: John boards the shuttle and seals the hatch
[Gabel] 1:19 pm: lol maybe i should have been nicer to the lieutenant but it got the situation sorted out
[] 1:19 pm: *Rick, sitting on the shuttle floor, gives a faint smile and lays the loaded shotgun to his side."
[Lazarus] 1:20 pm: He fires up the shuttle and while there is a bit of a sputter as the fuel seems uneven, but otherwise the shuttle seems to be ready
[Gabel] 1:20 pm: Alright lets get the hell out of here.
[Adventure] 1:20 pm: ( Nathan Wayfare, sounds good? )
[Lazarus] 1:20 pm: "Angel Flight, this is Bandit One, I hope you take off better than you land."
[Lazarus] 1:21 pm: (That's okay ad)
[Adventure] 1:21 pm: ( Ok, I think it's enough, unless I need gear right away? )
[Gabel] 1:21 pm: *Angel Flight to bandit one* Been a while since i flew in a warzone but my takeoffs where always better then my landings anyway Angel flight out.
[Lazarus] 1:21 pm: "You've got a small window of opportunity here. Lift as soon as I make my run."
[Gabel] 1:22 pm: (I will lift as soon as he makes his run)
[Lazarus] 1:22 pm: The derringer spins and accellerates with the gun firing in continous mode.
[Lazarus] 1:23 pm: The small cannon chews up the Fed position, but off to one side, a missile trail streaks up from the ground
[Lazarus] 1:23 pm: the fighter spots the trail and pivots hard enough to avoid the missile, but the proximity fuse detonates
[Lazarus] 1:24 pm: and the fighter begins to steam smoke as it lurches away from the fight
[Lazarus] 1:24 pm: "Go gorram it Angel GO!"
[Gabel] 1:24 pm: *Takes off*
[Adventure->Lazarus] 1:24 pm: Name: Nathan Wayfare Attributes: Agility d10 Strength d8 Vitality d6 Alertness d8 Intelligence d10 Willpower d6 Traits: Sharp Sense: Sight (Minor Asset) Sharp Sense: Hearing (Minor Asset) Born Behind the Weel (Major Asset) Wanderlust (Minor Complication) Memorable (Minor Complication) Credo: Quest for Knowledge (Minor Complication) Straight Shooter (Minor Complication) Skills: Pilot d6: Space Survival d8 Astrogation d10 Aerial Navigation d10 Astronomy d8 Astrophysics d8 Knowledge d6:
[Lazarus] 1:25 pm: ship's agility + piloting
[Gabel] 1:25 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d8+1d4)
[Gabel] 1:25 pm:

-> 1d8 (1)+ 1d8 (3)+ 1d4 (1) = 5

[Gabel] 1:25 pm: ...
[Gabel] 1:25 pm: I used the last of my plot points
[] 1:25 pm: Bam ba dam dam dam.
[Serenity From the Ashes: Session 33 ]: pruttm has entered at 1:25 pm+
[redwolffclaw] 1:25 pm: can i give him mine....
[redwolffclaw] 1:25 pm: lol
[Gabel] 1:25 pm: See this is why John never fly's ships
[Lazarus] 1:25 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d6)
[Lazarus] 1:25 pm:

-> 2d6 (3,5 = 8)

[Adventure->Lazarus] 1:25 pm: Cultures d8 History d8 Law d8 Appraisal d10 Survival d6 Athletics d6 Dodge d8 Guns d6 Pistols d8 Rifles d8 Melee Weapon Combat d6 Swords d8
[Gabel] 1:25 pm: Wait i still have leadership
[Gabel] 1:26 pm: But fuck it to late now
[Adventure] 1:26 pm: Zee, can you PM me the "story so far"?
[Lazarus->Adventure] 1:26 pm: you can just cut and paste this into an email
[Adventure] 1:26 pm: Laz, sent you my sheet.
[Adventure->Lazarus] 1:26 pm: Sure.
[Adventure->Lazarus] 1:26 pm: I wasn't sure wether you wanted that way or not.
[Dusterboy] 1:27 pm: Hi, Pete
[Lazarus] 1:27 pm: The shuttle lifts off and as John turns to escape, another missle streaks up to slam into the shuttle.
[Gabel] 1:27 pm: Hey laz
[Gabel] 1:27 pm: I couldnt get a plot point for punching the lieutenant for that was cool ? lol
[Lazarus] 1:27 pm: There is a violent explsion and the ship pitches downward
[Lazarus] 1:28 pm: actually sure you could
[Gabel] 1:28 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d2)
[Gabel] 1:28 pm:

-> 1d2 (1)

[Gabel] 1:28 pm: FUCKITY
[Gabel] 1:28 pm: 3 1's
[Gabel] 1:28 pm: i give up
[Gabel] 1:28 pm: That was the last plot point
[Lazarus] 1:28 pm: I'm keeping track of plot point awards but forgot to give you that one
[Lazarus] 1:28 pm: john roll ship's agility and piloting again
[Lazarus] 1:29 pm: you don't want to be a lawn dart
[Gabel] 1:29 pm: With all my plot points ?
[Gabel] 1:29 pm: Or without ?
[Gabel] 1:29 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d8)
[Gabel] 1:29 pm:

-> 1d8 (1)+ 1d8 (1) = 2

[Gabel] 1:29 pm: ...
[Gabel] 1:29 pm: Good bye cruel world
[Lazarus] 1:29 pm: well I hadn't ruled on plot points yet
[Adventure] 1:29 pm: ( Sent the email Laz. )
[Gabel] 1:30 pm: (oh i assumed it was for another roll laz)
[Lazarus] 1:30 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d3)
[Lazarus] 1:30 pm:

-> 1d3 (3)

[Lazarus] 1:31 pm: ok, everyone gets 4 plot points for getting control of the wounded, repairing the shuttle, AND shoring up the defenses
[Gabel] 1:31 pm: lol i think i remember why i never flew ships
[Lazarus] 1:31 pm: So before you roll your control roll, john has 4 plot points
[Gabel] 1:31 pm: okay
[Lazarus] 1:32 pm: roll and please don't botch this one
[Gabel] 1:32 pm: Laz ... im not doing it on purpouse am i !
[Gabel] 1:32 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d8+1d8)
[Gabel] 1:32 pm:

-> 1d8 (4)+ 1d8 (3)+ 1d8 (1) = 8

[Gabel] 1:32 pm: Look at that shit
[Gabel] 1:32 pm: All my plot points
[Gabel] 1:32 pm: That last one is a 4
[] 1:32 pm: NoooOOoooOOoooo
[Gabel] 1:32 pm: so 13 ?
[Gabel] 1:32 pm: no wait 11
[Gabel] 1:33 pm: 4+4+3 = 11
[Gabel] 1:33 pm: Since its minimum 4 if i spent 4 plot points right ?
[Lazarus] 1:33 pm: yes, 11 is minimum
[Lazarus] 1:34 pm: John struggles with the controls, but manages to get the nose up in time to avoid the ground and limp his way back to the fire angel
[Lazarus] 1:34 pm: roll your landing,
[Gabel] 1:34 pm: Fuck me i think i just died a little just now
[Gabel] 1:34 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d8)
[Gabel] 1:34 pm:

-> 1d8 (1)+ 1d8 (7) = 8

[Lazarus] 1:35 pm: You died? How do you think I felt? Duster is a great guy, but rebuilding a campaign around the ship's doctor would have been a challenge
[Dusterboy] 1:35 pm: ((Feel that Gabe: That's Death's scythe whistling just past your head))
[Gabel] 1:35 pm: Dude i feel older just by sitting here talking at this point
[Gabel] 1:35 pm: I feel for you Laz
[Gabel] 1:36 pm: It's a wonder John has lived this long with all the 1's and botches
[Gabel] 1:36 pm: You said it yourself
[Lazarus] 1:36 pm: John catches a glimpse of Bandit one manages a safe landing as john chooses to land next to the fire angel to make evacutating the casualties easier
[] 1:37 pm: *Rick sits, his lip shaking and making whimpery sounds while waiting for the likely crash.*
[Gabel] 1:37 pm: Also it would be a short fucking game for Zeenix ... Jesus
[Lazarus] 1:37 pm: Frank hasa bad moment as he sees the shuttle streaming smoke as it approaches
[redwolffclaw] 1:37 pm: Jo turns to John after the close call "Are you sure you quit the alliance or did they just let you go for fear of their lives...."
[Lazarus] 1:37 pm: LOL
[Lazarus] 1:37 pm: Okay that was good, take a plot point Jo
[Dusterboy] 1:38 pm: Jo obviously has "Knowledge: Snark" at d10. . . :)
[Lazarus->Adventure] 1:38 pm: You are at the neo-browncoat base and you see the medevac shuttle coming in streaming smoke
[] 1:39 pm: John will have to make a counter concentration roll.
[Gabel] 1:39 pm: If half my gorram crew had not bailed on me i wouldnt have to be flying ships i aint touched in years.
[Lazarus] 1:39 pm: Even John wimpers a bit as he powers down the shuttle thinking about just how close that was to complete fiasco
[] 1:40 pm: *Rick bolts, opens the door and jumps outside*
[Gabel] 1:40 pm: I need a gorram drink (What John always says when close calls are concerned)
[Lazarus] 1:40 pm: Wilks unbelts and gets the hatch open. "Move gorram it, we missed the ground so it was a good trip MOVE!"
[Gabel] 1:40 pm: *Powers down the ship and helps move the wounded*
[Lazarus] 1:40 pm: Wilks' words breaks the moment and everyone starts moving
[] 1:41 pm: *Quietly* "If I knew that was going to happen, I wouldnt have fixed the shuttle to begin with."
[Lazarus] 1:41 pm: Frank sees the wounded coming on and gets a new admiration for Wilks talents as he concurs with the nurse's decisions regarding the triage
[Lazarus] 1:42 pm: Frank is suddenly up to his elbows in surgery trying to save the wounded
[Lazarus] 1:42 pm: roll your int+surgery frank, total of 8 rolls for the criticals
[Lazarus->Adventure] 1:43 pm: You make your way over to the medical ship that is in the process of unloading wounded
[Lazarus->Adventure] 1:43 pm: you see whom you take to be the pilot next to the shuttle looking a little shaken
[Adventure] 1:43 pm: Nathan was brought back from a thought by the harsh landing in the base. As he saw many making theiir way for assistance he follows.
[Adventure] 1:44 pm: He glances at the crew that is exiting the shuttle and wounded units are pulled from within.
[Adventure] 1:44 pm: Someone jumps to his sight, he deems that person the pilot and aproaches.
[Gabel] 1:44 pm: *Seeing he cant do much as hes no doctor captain heads to his room to get his whiskey*
[Adventure] 1:45 pm: "Good day to you."
[Lazarus] 1:45 pm: John spots a man appraoching
[redwolffclaw] 1:45 pm: Jo follows next to him. "Sorry about the alliance crack. That was out of line but damn you know I get sarcastic when I am about to die.
[Lazarus] 1:46 pm: Rick looks at the shuttle and knows it's going to take some time to get it operational again
[Dusterboy] 1:46 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d10)
[Dusterboy] 1:46 pm:

-> 1d8 (3)+ 1d10 (1) = 4

[Lazarus] 1:46 pm: "Good thing they have two more" He thinks
[Lazarus] 1:46 pm: oh well, can't save them all
[Dusterboy] 1:46 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d10)
[Dusterboy] 1:46 pm:

-> 1d8 (8)+ 1d10 (6) = 14

[Lazarus] 1:47 pm: one and one
[] 1:47 pm: *although he wonders if he should not fix it, to protect the innocent.*
[Dusterboy] 1:47 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d10)
[Dusterboy] 1:47 pm:

-> 1d8 (7)+ 1d10 (3) = 10

[Lazarus] 1:47 pm: a plot point will save that one
[Gabel] 1:47 pm: *Stops and looks at the man*
[Dusterboy] 1:47 pm: Okay
[Lazarus] 1:47 pm: two and one
[Dusterboy] 1:47 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d10+d2)
[Dusterboy] 1:47 pm:

-> 1d8 (1)+ 1d10 (4)+ 1d2 (1) = 6

[Dusterboy] 1:48 pm: crap - I'm as bad as Gabel
[Lazarus] 1:48 pm: didn't need to re-roll, you were at 10 a plot point got you to 11 to save him
[Dusterboy] 1:48 pm: Oh, good
[Lazarus] 1:48 pm: so two alive one died
[Lazarus] 1:49 pm: 5 left
[Dusterboy] 1:49 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d10)
[Dusterboy] 1:49 pm:

-> 1d8 (5)+ 1d10 (6) = 11

[Lazarus] 1:49 pm: three and one
[Dusterboy] 1:49 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d10)
[Dusterboy] 1:49 pm:

-> 1d8 (6)+ 1d10 (9) = 15

[Lazarus] 1:49 pm: five and one
[Dusterboy] 1:49 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d10)
[Dusterboy] 1:49 pm:

-> 1d8 (6)+ 1d10 (10) = 16

[Gabel] 1:49 pm: *Grabs his glass of whiskey and pours jo a glass of whiskey as well hands it to her*
[Lazarus] 1:49 pm: nice
[Gabel] 1:50 pm: Crack jokes all you want Jo i dont pay no mind to it.
[Dusterboy] 1:50 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d10)
[Dusterboy] 1:50 pm:

-> 1d8 (3)+ 1d10 (3) = 6

[Gabel] 1:50 pm: I drink to calm the nerves.
[Lazarus->Adventure] 1:50 pm: you follow on board because you really want to talk to the pilot to find out what happened
[Dusterboy] 1:50 pm: Two gone
[redwolffclaw] 1:50 pm: i dont drink. but thanks
[Dusterboy] 1:50 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d10)
[Dusterboy] 1:50 pm:

-> 1d8 (4)+ 1d10 (3) = 7

[Dusterboy] 1:50 pm: Three
[Lazarus] 1:50 pm: Pretty damn good for your first major surgery
[Adventure->Lazarus] 1:50 pm: Not right now, though, right?
[redwolffclaw] 1:50 pm: Drinking brings on flash backs. Learned to stay away from it
[Gabel] 1:50 pm: Fine all the more for me as he *Chugs down the other drink*
[Dusterboy] 1:51 pm: And you can#t save 'em all
[Gabel] 1:51 pm: GAH That sure hit the spot.
[] 1:51 pm: *Rick seeing his chance, steps in and offers his hand to grab the drink*
[Lazarus->Adventure] 1:51 pm: sure, you're super curious
[] 1:51 pm: seems like he is dissapointed
[redwolffclaw] 1:51 pm: (I thought some guy was approaching the captain)
[Lazarus->Adventure] 1:51 pm: got to get in into the plot somehoe
[Adventure->Lazarus] 1:51 pm: Ok.
[Lazarus->Adventure] 1:51 pm: somehow
[Gabel] 1:51 pm: (So did i i just waited to see who it was)
[redwolffclaw] 1:51 pm: aw. cap give him a drink
[Gabel] 1:51 pm: *Pours Rick another drink and hands him a fresh glass*
[Lazarus] 1:52 pm: Frank steps away from the table as the last of the casualties is wheeled away.
[Gabel] 1:52 pm: More the merrier they say.
[Dusterboy] 1:52 pm: And Frank isn't a combat surgeon - he's a little out of his depth here
[Lazarus] 1:52 pm: "Damn it all it's been a long day." he thinks.
[Gabel] 1:52 pm: *Walks over to the man who was approaching*
[Dusterboy] 1:53 pm: *Frank washes up, thoroughly, then sterilizes everything that's been used.*
[Adventure] 1:53 pm: "Everyone is so distracted..."
[Lazarus] 1:53 pm: Suddenly a siren begins to sound, something you've never heard before, so it instantly catches your attention.
[Adventure] 1:54 pm: Nathan was sure that he needed to get that done now, or else his coming to the base was useless...
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 1:54 pm: would I know it?
[Adventure] 1:54 pm: He sends his gaze around, in an attempt to find the source of the noise.
[Lazarus] 1:54 pm: "Alliance attack force in bound, this is no drill. All ships capable of flight LIFT LIFT LIFT"
[Adventure] 1:54 pm: "Now." He thought.
[redwolffclaw] 1:55 pm: Oh... I would know that sound.
[Adventure] 1:55 pm: Nathan started to shout:
[Lazarus->redwolffclaw] 1:55 pm: the siren? Not really
[Adventure] 1:55 pm: "Who the hell needs them a pilot!? "
[redwolffclaw->Lazarus] 1:55 pm: oh ok. nm
[] 1:55 pm: *Ricks mouth snaps open.*
[Lazarus] 1:55 pm: FADE TO BLACK
[Dusterboy] 1:55 pm: Brilliant, Laz :D
[Adventure] 1:55 pm: ( Tum tum tum! )
[Gabel] 1:56 pm: Thanks for the game laz
[Serenity From the Ashes: Session 33 ]: Death_Jester has entered at 1:56 pm+
[Lazarus] 1:56 pm: bows with great flourish
[Gabel] 1:56 pm: Dont forget to save the log
[Lazarus] 1:56 pm: hey jester
[] 1:56 pm: And now 2-3 weeks for the next session :P