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[Lazarus] 9:59 am: I created room "Serenity Out of the Ashes - Session 10"

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[->Lazarus] 9:59 am: embarassing buut

[->Lazarus] 9:59 am: how do i jump in?

[monster87] 9:59 am: does he know how to switch channel?

[->Lazarus] 10:00 am: :P

[Lazarus->] 10:00 am: up at the top next to the ADD button

[Lazarus->] 10:00 am: drop down menu

[Serenity Out of the Ashes - Session 10]: has entered at 10:00 am+

[] 10:00 am: I see

[Lazarus] 10:00 am: Telling him via PM

[] 10:00 am: Ha ha

[Lazarus] 10:00 am: Ola Amigo

[monster87] 10:00 am: welcome ;)

[] 10:01 am: by the way, how do the roll commands work

[Lazarus] 10:01 am: Or more properly for Serenity...Ni Hao

[monster87] 10:01 am: starts rolling some dice: ()

[monster87] 10:01 am:

-> (0)


[Lazarus] 10:01 am: to roll dice is / roll

[Lazarus] 10:01 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6)

[Lazarus] 10:01 am:

-> 1d8 (2)+ 1d6 (5) = 7


[monster87] 10:01 am: --> /roll 1d6+1d8 (for example)

[] 10:01 am: starts rolling some dice: (2d12)

[] 10:01 am:

-> 2d12 (8,2 = 10)


[] 10:01 am: like that

[] 10:01 am: ok

[monster87] 10:01 am: did you play serenity before?

[] 10:02 am: no not really

[Lazarus] 10:02 am: however, you can not type anything else but the roll command, you add text and the thing has a fit

[] 10:02 am: so there may be spots where you need to bear a little with me

[] 10:02 am: ok

[monster87] 10:02 am: well most of us (if not all) are new to serenity

[monster87] 10:02 am: only we have 10 sessions of experience now ;)

[Lazarus] 10:03 am: no worries, this is everyone's first exposure to cortex

[] 10:03 am: I'm actually pretty new to roleplaying in general

[] 10:03 am: but that wont pose a problem

[monster87] 10:03 am: my experience is that new players often add a new dimension to the game - which is always fun

[Lazarus] 10:04 am: I'm a bit surprised not to see Gabel, he's usually first in

[] 10:04 am: The only thing im having a little trouble understanding are some parts of the combat

[monster87] 10:04 am: haha didn't expect to see me before 18:00 right ;)

[Lazarus] 10:04 am: monster is Boomer, the ship's mechanic chick

[] 10:04 am: Well thanks for the support monster

[Lazarus] 10:04 am: Well, truth be told, do I didn't Rein. :-)

[] 10:04 am: I wish i hadnt played left for dead...

[Lazarus] 10:05 am: left for dead where?

[] 10:05 am: its a videogame

[monster87] 10:05 am: well I mostly don't follow the combat either. Besides chat-based combat is usually pretty annoying in my experience. But Laz handles it well, filling it in a bit for us where it gets slow

[] 10:05 am: it has a character with the name boomer

[Lazarus] 10:06 am: Combat is always the hardest part of any RPG

[monster87] 10:06 am: haha well I didn't get the name from there

[] 10:06 am: and its a mortally obese zombie man...

[] 10:06 am: who attacks with his puke...

[Lazarus] 10:06 am: Well this Boomer is an attractive Japanese woman

[] 10:06 am: so yeah that mental image is going to stick a little while

[Lazarus] 10:06 am: Haven't seenher puke once yet

[] 10:06 am: well yeah that helps ;)

[Serenity Out of the Ashes - Session 10]: Gabel has entered at 10:07 am+

[] 10:07 am: She holds her sake then huh?

[Gabel] 10:07 am: Argh

[Lazarus] 10:07 am: Hey Gabel

[Gabel] 10:07 am: Hey Laz

[Gabel] 10:07 am: Sorry im late

[] 10:07 am: Hello gabel

[Lazarus] 10:07 am: more PC troubles?

[Gabel] 10:07 am: Just way to busy i need another 10 minutes to be fully ready im sorry about this

[Gabel] 10:07 am: havent even had time to be at my pc today

[monster87] 10:07 am: well if you want to change it - my boomer is partly inspired by boomer from battlestar galactica - you can google image for it and you'll have a much better picture :P

[Lazarus] 10:07 am: Well, we are still waiting on starjunky and Throol

[Lazarus] 10:08 am: Hmmm Grace Park, nice looking woman, tad to sinny for me, but nice

[Lazarus] 10:08 am: skinny*

[Lazarus] 10:08 am: Even though she is Korean

[Gabel] 10:08 am: I still need to tell you what skills im trying to upgrade

[Gabel] 10:08 am: sigh what a day

[] 10:09 am: i see women in bikinis

[] 10:09 am: I like this session already

[monster87] 10:09 am: type Boomer Galactica .. not grace park

[Lazarus] 10:09 am: pours Gabel a latte and leads him to psych couch. "Tell me about it. I'm listening."

[Gabel] 10:10 am: yahaharrrr

[Gabel] 10:10 am: Alright lets see

[monster87] 10:10 am: I don't want to be pictured in a bikini for the rest of the session..

[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:10 am: Okay

[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:10 am: I wanted to do this before the session

[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:10 am: but i guess will have to do it now

[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:10 am: How many skill upgrades can i take ?

[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:10 am: 2 ?

[] 10:10 am: there are no such things as fully clothed women in my head

[Lazarus] 10:10 am: okay, I'm confused Galactica Boomer is Grace Park. On Hawaii Five-O now

[] 10:10 am: I'm sorry :(

[Lazarus->Gabel] 10:11 am: the hard core rules say ONE skill ONE level

[Lazarus] 10:11 am: well, you are a dude, so join the crowd

[Lazarus->Gabel] 10:11 am: however, I allow two skills one level or one skill two levels

[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:11 am: Okay so can i upgrade my survival to a D6

[] 10:12 am: I also found a picture where some woman wears a "jacket"

[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:12 am: But am i still allowed to add a trait ?

[Lazarus] 10:12 am: Seems Grace Park has a knack for taking over a guy's role whenever she gets a part in a reimage

[Lazarus->Gabel] 10:12 am: what trait?

[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:12 am: Ah crap let me check what it was called

[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:12 am: Sigh

[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:13 am: At least i got a pdf reader now lol

[Lazarus] 10:13 am: Boomer was a dude and so was Kono

[monster87] 10:13 am: :P

[monster87] 10:13 am: you know more than me

[Lazarus] 10:14 am: I was around to see both of those those original shows

[Lazarus] 10:14 am: The original Five-O was good

[Lazarus] 10:14 am: I was in the army when the orignal BSG started and by the time I got to see it, I just couldn't get into it

[monster87] 10:15 am: anyway I made the char before I thought of her as Boomer.. only when I decided she was an asian girl and needed a nice nickname I thought of the boomer on galactica and decided that'd be about how she looked, only a bit more baggy clothing :P

[Lazarus] 10:15 am: the FX budget was done on a credit card and reclaimed aluminum cans, so they really sucked

[Lazarus] 10:16 am: And the script was pretty cheesy too. My wife liked the show though

[monster87] 10:16 am: anyway shall we start.. it's 15 past

[Lazarus] 10:16 am: She watched the Reimaged pilot and bailed after that

[Lazarus] 10:16 am: the Pilot was SOOOOO dark and she just couldn't get into the fact that Starbuck and Boomer were chicks now

[Lazarus] 10:17 am: I can procede, but not having starjunky is going to be a problem

[Lazarus] 10:17 am: being the pilot and all

[monster87] 10:18 am: I can pilot the ship :P

[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:18 am: Things go Smooth

[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:18 am: Rank 1

[monster87] 10:18 am: or you can roll for him

[monster87] 10:18 am: he'll get here eventually probably

[Lazarus] 10:18 am: I don't have starjunky's skype contact or know if he is even on skype

[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:19 am: So i would like a D6 Survival and Things go Smooth Minor

[Lazarus->Gabel] 10:19 am: ok, survival d6 and things go smooth minor, for a total of 16 points

[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:19 am: yeah

[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:19 am: leaving me with 8 points

[Lazarus->Gabel] 10:19 am: that leaves 8 by my count

[Lazarus] 10:19 am: ok. I guess we can start

[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:20 am: Okay i updated my sheet

[] 10:20 am: fine by me

[monster87] 10:20 am: remind us of last sessino please

[Gabel] 10:20 am: Im ready now

[] 10:20 am: yes please

[Lazarus] 10:20 am: Serenity Out of the Ashes - Session 10. GM - Lazarus. Players monster87, Gabel, and Zeenix taking over Ray for this session

[Lazarus] 10:20 am: okay, you are on the planet Regina

[Lazarus] 10:21 am: You had found a lead with an odd fellow named Kenner

[Lazarus] 10:21 am: he is an ex gambler turned businessman

[Lazarus] 10:21 am: he like to award shipping contracts to the 'lucky'

[Lazarus] 10:22 am: so he creates challenges for a group of crews and the winner of the challenge gets the job

[Lazarus] 10:22 am: You and the one of the other crews are the finalists for the challenge

[Gabel] 10:22 am: And i was trying to tie some rope and get somone to help me do it so i could bungi jump off the ship.

[Lazarus] 10:22 am: you are currently inyour shuttle just above a heavily wooded hill

[Lazarus] 10:23 am: The other cre landed in a clearing at the based of the hill and is runing up, with one very fast running getting close

[Lazarus] 10:23 am: The other shuttle saw you tried to drop someone from above and moved to block you with their shuttle

[Lazarus] 10:24 am: the two shuttles were on a collision course

[Lazarus] 10:24 am: And that was the fade to black

[] 10:24 am: Ok so what is the objective of this challenge?

[Lazarus->Gabel] 10:25 am: I just double checked, your survival was only d2, you will only be able to raise it to d4 if you get things go smooth

[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:25 am: So you only allow 1 trait and 1 skill ?

[monster87] 10:25 am: to get to a radio first of everyone

[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:25 am: I figured traits were different from skills

[Lazarus] 10:25 am: You had to slove a couple riddles and they gave you a set of coordinates, which is where you are now

[monster87] 10:25 am: and we solved some puzzles to get this far

[] 10:25 am: alright

[Lazarus] 10:26 am: there is a transmitter at the top of the hill. Whoever transmits ship name first gets the cargo

[] 10:26 am: we use this radio supposedly to get the assingment?

[Lazarus->Gabel] 10:26 am: yes

[] 10:26 am: alright

[Lazarus->Gabel] 10:26 am: so you have 10 XP left over

[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:26 am: Sigh i hate restrictions like this i always like saving up so i have time to figure out what i want but just go with the D6 survival so we can get the show on the road

[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:27 am: ignore the things go smooth for now

[monster87] 10:27 am: that's not sure yet right Laz? we don't know if the transmitter is actually there

[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:27 am: That should leave me with 14 points

[Lazarus->Gabel] 10:27 am: ok, then that leaves you 14 XP

[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:27 am: er

[Gabel->Lazarus] 10:27 am: Yeah

[Lazarus] 10:28 am: You can see it through the trees

[Lazarus] 10:28 am: okay. I checked the log from last week and here's whre we stand....

[Lazarus] 10:29 am: ALex, the pilot rolled a 15 for his piloting roll

[monster87] 10:29 am: "star can you somehow evade that shuttle and get us close to 'em trees over there as you can? Cap'n wants to jump and get the radio

[Lazarus] 10:29 am: but John, the captin rolled a botch you rig his bungee

[Gabel] 10:29 am: Tbh i wanted Boomer and Ian to help me tie it off

[Gabel] 10:30 am: As i prepared to jump

[Lazarus] 10:30 am: neiter of them have survival

[Lazarus] 10:30 am: So here's the rub....

[Gabel] 10:30 am: They would if i pushed up my leadership.

[Gabel] 10:30 am: But boomer kept telling me not to use it

[Gabel] 10:30 am: So i never used it once that session

[monster87] 10:31 am: we can still jump if we're real close without ropes

[Lazarus] 10:31 am: it was the end of last session, using it now might not be the best considering there is a lot more adventure left to go

[Gabel] 10:31 am: Excatly

[Gabel] 10:31 am: so i missed an oppertunity

[] 10:31 am: how high are the trees?

[] 10:31 am: in case we jump with no rope

[Lazarus] 10:31 am: going by the wild maneuvering and avoiding with john standing by an open hatch and not tied in...

[Lazarus] 10:32 am: You were 80 feet up

[monster87] 10:32 am: Yeah if we jump in trees it'll probably break or fall pretty well

[Lazarus] 10:32 am: however, I have not rolled the other shuttle's roll yet

[Lazarus] 10:33 am: but with John's Botch...here is the result....you have the possibility to get pitched out of the shuttle

[Gabel] 10:33 am: Laz

[Gabel] 10:33 am: I hate you so much right now

[Gabel] 10:33 am: lol

[Lazarus] 10:33 am: Alex can choose to use his 15 to save you....

[Lazarus] 10:33 am: but that will automatically give the roll to the other shuttle blocking you

[Lazarus] 10:34 am: by the time you can come around, the sprinter will reach the transmitter

[monster87] 10:34 am: well that's your call cap'n; )

[Lazarus] 10:34 am: however, you can let me roll and if I win, then your blocked with the same roll and have to save not to get thrown out

[Gabel] 10:34 am: Do that

[Gabel] 10:35 am: Can we at least assume i had the rope tied around me

[Lazarus] 10:35 am: If I lose, you still get thrown out, but the roll is easier

[Gabel] 10:35 am: so somone might get a chance to grab it

[Gabel] 10:35 am: doing a burst STR ?

[Lazarus] 10:35 am: Okay then, here is the other pilot's roll

[Lazarus] 10:36 am: First Agility + athletics to grab rope

[Gabel] 10:36 am: (Be ready to see your captain plummet)

[Lazarus] 10:36 am: then burst of strength to stop your fall

[Lazarus] 10:36 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6+d8)

[Lazarus] 10:36 am:

-> 1d8 (1)+ 1d6 (2)+ 1d8 (8) = 11


[Lazarus] 10:36 am: ok, ALex prevaled in avoiding the other shuttle

[Gabel] 10:36 am: Pwewe

[Lazarus] 10:37 am: but the violent maneuver pitches john out

[Gabel] 10:37 am: Giraaanimoooo

[Lazarus] 10:37 am: Ray and Boomer can make agility + athletics to catch the rope

[monster87] 10:37 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d6)

[monster87] 10:37 am:

-> 1d8 (4)+ 1d6 (4) = 8


[] 10:37 am: Alright

[Lazarus] 10:37 am: hey z, have you got skpe going?

[Gabel] 10:37 am: Hey roll for throol as well !

[Gabel] 10:37 am: hes here just NPC

[] 10:37 am: yes

[Lazarus] 10:38 am: ok, hang on. let me send you Ray's character sheet

[] 10:39 am: im going to take a wild guess that his stats arent going to be very good in this kind of situation

[Lazarus] 10:39 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6)

[Lazarus] 10:39 am:

-> 1d8 (8)+ 1d6 (6) = 14


[Lazarus] 10:40 am: Ian manages to grab the rope

[monster87] 10:40 am: wow max

[Lazarus] 10:40 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d8)

[Lazarus] 10:40 am:

-> 1d8 (4)+ 1d8 (2) = 6


[Lazarus] 10:40 am: but can not hold!

[] 10:40 am: did you roll for me?

[Lazarus] 10:40 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d4)

[Lazarus] 10:40 am:

-> 1d8 (1)+ 1d4 (4) = 5


[monster87] 10:40 am: no for another guy who isn't ehre

[] 10:40 am: k

[] 10:41 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6)

[] 10:41 am:

-> 1d8 (7)+ 1d6 (2) = 9


[Lazarus] 10:41 am: He's slding toward the hatch as well!

[Gabel] 10:41 am: Zeenix you are from finland ?

[Lazarus] 10:41 am: ok, here's the deal...

[] 10:41 am: yes

[Gabel] 10:41 am: im from norway :)

[] 10:42 am: alright

[Lazarus] 10:42 am: Ray and Boomer have each managed to catch one of the two heading out the hatch....

[Lazarus] 10:42 am: both of you need to roll Brust of Strength thats str+str

[Lazarus] 10:42 am: Burst even

[monster87] 10:42 am: starts rolling some dice: (2d4)

[monster87] 10:42 am:

-> 2d4 (4,4 = 8)


[monster87] 10:42 am: max result lol

[Gabel] 10:42 am: o.O

[] 10:42 am: starts rolling some dice: (2d6)

[] 10:42 am:

-> 2d6 (1,5 = 6)


[monster87] 10:43 am: "I got you cap'n!"

[Gabel] 10:43 am: Aint i already out the door ?

[Lazarus] 10:43 am: Boomer does her abosolute best, but simply can not hold onto the rope. Ray manages to slow Ian enough that he gets another chance to save himself

[Lazarus] 10:43 am: John is indeed freefalling

[Gabel] 10:44 am: Ma Jung Hwaaaaaaaaaa (Last words comming out of johns mouth before heading out the hatch)

[Lazarus] 10:44 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d2+d4)

[Lazarus] 10:44 am:

-> 1d8 (2)+ 1d2 (2)+ 1d4 (2) = 6


[] 10:44 am: SHIT

[Lazarus] 10:44 am: not good enough! even with the plot points, he goes flying as well

[Lazarus] 10:44 am: (in Chinese Z, that would Gos se!)

[] 10:45 am: Gos se!

[Lazarus] 10:45 am: I'm going to be nice and call this another round, so you won't have multiple action penalties

[Lazarus] 10:46 am: There lots of trees, lots of VERY hard trees

[monster87] 10:46 am: lol what can we do when they are freefalling?

[monster87] 10:46 am: trees only help break the fall

[Gabel] 10:46 am: im going to try and soften my landing by latching onto one of the trees and skimmy down one of them

[Gabel] 10:46 am: Plot point time

[Lazarus] 10:46 am: roll Agility + athletics to save yourself. you do NOT want to Botch this roll!

[Gabel] 10:46 am: I use all my plot points

[monster87] 10:46 am: what happends if you die in serenity ;)?

[Gabel] 10:46 am: To save myself

[Gabel] 10:46 am: Your dead

[Gabel] 10:47 am: Thats it

[Gabel] 10:47 am: This aint dnd cant ressurect me with a scroll of ressurection or a high level cleric :P

[Gabel] 10:47 am: A d6 that gives me a d12 right ?

[Lazarus] 10:47 am: Well, that is a great philosophical question Boomer, one many a monk and shephed has pondered for centuries

[Gabel] 10:47 am: er

[Gabel] 10:47 am: 6 Plot points ?

[Gabel] 10:47 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d6+1d12)

[Gabel] 10:47 am:

-> 1d6 (1)+ 1d6 (6)+ 1d12 (6) = 13


[Lazarus] 10:48 am: yes 6 plot points is a n extra d12

[Gabel] 10:48 am: Im going to cry in a corner

[Gabel] 10:48 am: By myself now

[Lazarus] 10:48 am: Well, it's not all that bad, at least there's something for Ray to do now

[Gabel] 10:48 am: At least im a tough sonofabitch

[] 10:48 am: D:

[Lazarus] 10:48 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6+d8)

[Lazarus] 10:48 am:

-> 1d8 (1)+ 1d6 (6)+ 1d8 (3) = 10


[Lazarus] 10:49 am: ouch for Ian though

[Lazarus] 10:49 am: John and Ian smash through the heavy branches and it's not a fun trip

[Gabel] 10:50 am: I still say the forum chat is after me in a bad way Laz

[Lazarus] 10:50 am: but John is luck that his trailing rop fouls in the tress bringing him up short of the ground. The cinching of the rope hurts like a sonofabitch, but you open your eyes and are still breathing...

[Lazarus] 10:51 am: It HURTS to breathe, but you are breathing

[Gabel] 10:51 am: want me to roll for vit and will ?

[Lazarus] 10:51 am: but maybe that's because the rope feels like it's cutting you in half and you are upside down

[Lazarus] 10:52 am: Ianon the other hand is lying on the ground below you and not moving

[Serenity Out of the Ashes - Session 10]: Xhaosdaemon has left at 10:52 am+

[Gabel] 10:52 am: Youch

[Lazarus] 10:52 am: On the shuttle, over the radio, you hear "Brass Monkey! This is the Brass Monkey!!"

[monster87] 10:52 am: "That doesn't look like a nice fall... alex better get us to the ground quick as possible"

[Gabel] 10:53 am: Am i still able to move ?

[monster87] 10:53 am: "How is it that radio is linked to us?"

[Lazarus] 10:53 am: "In response, you hear the cultred tones of Kenner. “Well done my friends, fate has been kind to you and now for your reward. Please have the Brass Monkey report to the spaceport in my humble home town of Rex. You will find the cargo in warehouse nineteen."

[Serenity Out of the Ashes - Session 10]: has left at 10:53 am+

[Lazarus] 10:54 am: "I will see to all the loading arrangements. To the Crew of the Fire Angel, there is an old saying that fortune favors the bold and it seems that despite your efforts, lady luck has smiled on another."

[Lazarus] 10:54 am: "If you too will report to warehouse nineteen, my foreman will provide you with a data disc outlining my next contest scheduled to take place in a few days.”

[] 10:54 am: "Shit, we better get down quickly then. We lost this round."

[Gabel] 10:54 am: I grab my comunit and say *Wheezee* *Huff* Roger That

[monster87] 10:54 am: "pff like we'll be up to that, look at our friends on the ground!" *spits out the hatch *

[Lazarus] 10:55 am: Alex comes around to the clearing and Ray grabs his aid bag and runs over to the two others

[Gabel] 10:55 am: If i can i will cut myself down with my combat knife

[Lazarus] 10:55 am: John has limited movement and can respond

[] 10:55 am: I inpect his injuries

[Lazarus] 10:56 am: getting down, will take some effort

[Lazarus] 10:56 am: John roll agility + athletics

[monster87] 10:56 am: I check on Ian first.. seems he's more badly wuonded

[Gabel] 10:56 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d6)

[Gabel] 10:56 am:

-> 1d6 (1)+ 1d6 (4) = 5


[] 10:57 am: can i help him to come down

[Lazarus] 10:57 am: You can help either man Z

[Gabel] 10:57 am: Im really starting to regret having 6 agility

[monster87] 10:58 am: increase it with ap

[Gabel] 10:58 am: I figured i could compensate with strength in some things

[Lazarus] 10:58 am: Boomer finds Ian is breathing, but out cold

[Gabel] 10:58 am: Increasing str from d6 to d8 takes like 34 AP

[Gabel] 10:58 am: or something

[Gabel] 10:58 am: Agi

[monster87] 10:58 am: "Doc, need your help over here!"

[Gabel] 10:58 am: i mean

[Lazarus] 10:58 am: you can increase stats

[Gabel] 10:58 am: I will climb down myself and tell them to check on ian first

[Gabel] 10:58 am: And thats an order

[] 10:59 am: "Right then cap'n"

[Lazarus] 10:59 am: A 5 isn't good enough to get free yet

[Lazarus] 10:59 am: you can roll again John

[Gabel] 10:59 am: Laz to get free could i not use STR ?

[Gabel] 10:59 am: Instead of Agility

[Lazarus] 10:59 am: It's not so much strength as you are upside down and tangled. you must get the knife into position to cut free

[Lazarus] 11:00 am: task is only average or a 7

[Gabel] 11:00 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d6)

[Gabel] 11:00 am:

-> 1d6 (1)+ 1d6 (5) = 6


[Gabel] 11:00 am: yeah

[Lazarus] 11:00 am: Okay, Ray gets to Ian and finds he's hurt

[Gabel] 11:00 am: Average aint good enough for me

[Lazarus] 11:00 am: not critically, but not good

[Gabel] 11:01 am: Stupid rolls tell me when i can roll again :P

[] 11:01 am: I have no way to help captain get down?

[Lazarus] 11:01 am: Ray, roll Int + First AId

[] 11:01 am: aight

[Gabel] 11:01 am: I already ordered you to take care of ian

[Gabel] 11:01 am: hes more badly wounded

[Lazarus] 11:01 am: Well, you could Ray, but you are rather busy saving Ian

[] 11:01 am: starts rolling some dice: (D8+D8)

[] 11:01 am:

-> 1d8 (5)+ 1d8 (2) = 7


[Lazarus] 11:01 am: Boomer can help

[Lazarus] 11:02 am: starts rolling some dice: (d2)

[Lazarus] 11:02 am:

-> 1d2 (1)


[monster87] 11:02 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d12)

[monster87] 11:02 am:

-> 1d12 (12)


[monster87] 11:02 am: heh guess I'll be upping first aid next ;)

[Lazarus] 11:02 am: with Boomer's help, John manages to climb down

[monster87] 11:03 am: ah sorry I rolled int for first aid help

[Lazarus] 11:03 am: Ian is still unconscious, but doesn't seem to have any broken bones

[monster87] 11:03 am: helping john is another orll

[Lazarus] 11:03 am: roll

[monster87] 11:03 am: agi+ath?

[Lazarus] 11:03 am: agility + athletics

[monster87] 11:03 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d6)

[monster87] 11:03 am:

-> 1d8 (1)+ 1d6 (3) = 4


[Lazarus] 11:04 am: roll again john, you are well and truly stuck

[Gabel] 11:04 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d6)

[Gabel] 11:04 am:

-> 1d6 (2)+ 1d6 (4) = 6


[] 11:04 am: " This isin't looking good"

[Gabel] 11:04 am: im shooting this website

[Gabel] 11:04 am: IN the foot

[Lazarus] 11:04 am: I'll give the one point with Boomer's help to get down

[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:05 am: Can i retract the survival Laz ?

[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:05 am: Tbh i see agility is way to important

[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:05 am: I do believe I mentioned that all the stats are useful in one way or another

[] 11:05 am: so hes down now?

[Lazarus->] 11:06 am: In game terms he's taken 6 stun and 3 wounds from the fall after your first aiding. He's in no danger of dying and can be moved

[Lazarus] 11:06 am: yes, the captain is finally untangled

[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:06 am: I know but agility has been excesively used :P

[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:06 am: I would have added more into it if i knew it was used for spaceship flight and stuff

[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:06 am: It's central in firearms and dodging

[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:06 am: As i was a pilot

[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:06 am: Yeah exactly

[] 11:06 am: "How's it hanging captain? Saw you had a rough trip."

[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:07 am: And a D6 agility John's a pilot he should not really have a D6

[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:07 am: How many AP do i need to upgrade to a D8 ?

[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:07 am: you've taken 3 stun, 3 wound

[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:07 am: Okay

[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:07 am: i will add that

[monster87] 11:07 am: sorry Cap'n.. couldn't hold you ..

[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:07 am: But can i retract my Survival skill please laz

[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:07 am: And just save up for more agility

[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:07 am: 32

[] 11:08 am: do you have Ian covered or will I come over there while you take care of the captain?"

[Gabel] 11:08 am: *Touching his ribs* Im sore but im fine hows Ian doing

[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:08 am: ok, you are back to 24. Just be glad you didn't use the skill this time or I would have had to say no

[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:09 am: Yeah thanks Laz

[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:09 am: I know i really should not ask

[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:09 am: But its been knawing at me

[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:09 am: ive been failing so many agility rolls of late

[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:09 am: I wont touch my AP til i get more agility

[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:09 am: bad luck, is bad luck, you could have d12 and still have bad luck

[] 11:09 am: "Seeing as how you both survived that fall, I think you both are gonna be ok soon. As long as you stay put."

[Lazarus] 11:10 am: you can roll the int + first aid on the captain Ray

[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:10 am: True but bad luck every session is just bad karma

[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:10 am: or to low a skill level on rolls

[] 11:10 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d8)

[] 11:10 am:

-> 1d8 (3)+ 1d8 (5) = 8


[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:10 am: I've always found the forum roller to be pretty fair. You have been on a bad run

[Lazarus] 11:10 am: starts rolling some dice: (d2)

[Lazarus] 11:10 am:

-> 1d2 (2)


[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:10 am: Very bad run lol

[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:11 am: Reason to why i wanted things go smooth because of my bad rolls

[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:11 am: Was not taking it from an RP standpoint

[Lazarus] 11:11 am: nice, after Ray binds you up, he converts 2 wounds to stun, so john is at 5 stun 1 wound

[Lazarus] 11:11 am: Ian is at 6 stun 3 wounds

[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:11 am: But i think if i save up for my agility i will have a nicer time of things

[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:11 am: Hopefully But anyway thanks for letting me do it

[] 11:11 am: "Captain is starting to look good, hows Ian?"

[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:12 am: I hope!

[Lazarus] 11:12 am: You cary Ian down to the shuttle and Alex takes you back to the ship

[Lazarus] 11:12 am: Amouth the time you land, Ian wakes up

[Lazarus] 11:12 am: "D-d-did w-we win?"

[Gabel] 11:13 am: What a gorram mess ive done crazy things in my life but thats up there with the big ones *sighs*

[Gabel] 11:13 am: You alright there buddy was worried about you there for a spell

[] 11:13 am: "Lets worry about getting you together first"

[Lazarus] 11:13 am: C-crazy is o-okay if you w-win. Uh did we?"

[Gabel] 11:14 am: We lost bud they got there before us

[Lazarus] 11:14 am: "Ching wa cao de lui mang"

[monster87] 11:14 am: "we can't win with you down, now can we?"

[Lazarus] 11:14 am: (Frog humping sonofabitch"

[] 11:15 am: "Yeah, so you just relax so we can have another try at this"

[Gabel] 11:15 am: Kinda makes you wish you had all them snacks and beer now huh Ian *chuckles trying to lighten up the situation*

[] 11:15 am: *Tries to laugh with*

[Lazarus] 11:15 am: After Alex has the shuttle redocked and everyone is back aboard this ship, there is that little issue of going over to get the disc from Kenner.

[Lazarus] 11:16 am: "Right, luagh it up funny boy. First time we get rutting paid in a couple weeks and I blow off a little steam. grumble grmble grumble" He trails off as he goes to rest in his cabin

[monster87] 11:16 am: "Guess it'd be best to just go get the disc, who knows he liked our show and has somethin in mind for us after all

[Gabel] 11:17 am: I will come with

[] 11:17 am: " Yeah, but lets hope this show was the last of its kind."

[Lazarus] 11:17 am: When you get to warehouse 19, you see the Firefly-class Brass Monkey already loading the cargo

[Lazarus] 11:18 am: THe foreman notices you and waves you over

[monster87] 11:18 am: "heya"

[Serenity Out of the Ashes - Session 10]: starjunky has entered at 11:19 am+

[Lazarus] 11:19 am: "Hey, close one from what I hear. How are the two chuckleheads what got pitched out of the shuttle?"

[monster87] 11:19 am: (heya star!!)

[Lazarus] 11:19 am: Hey star! Glad you made it

[starjunky] 11:19 am: hey all, internet going up,down on me, can't make this session

[Gabel] 11:19 am: Just fine thank ya *Touching his ribs just a little sore*

[monster87] 11:19 am: "They'll live, though bastards"

[starjunky] 11:19 am: apologies

[Lazarus] 11:19 am: bummer, thanks for letting us know what happened

[starjunky] 11:19 am: will hang until next outage

[Lazarus] 11:19 am: kk

[monster87] 11:19 am: "kk laterz star"

[Gabel] 11:20 am: Other ones resting on the ship though he got it a bit rougher

[Serenity Out of the Ashes - Session 10]: Throol has entered at 11:20 am+

[Lazarus] 11:20 am: "Uh..right. But anyway, here's the disc the boss wanted you to have, Better luck with the next challenge."

[Throol] 11:20 am: Sorry I'm so late, overslept my alarm

[Lazarus] 11:20 am: (Hey THrool, the gang's all here)

[monster87] 11:20 am: "lol what time is it at your place?"

[Gabel] 11:21 am: *Takes the disc* Thank ya *Tips his hat*

[monster87] 11:21 am: "see ya!"

[Lazarus] 11:21 am: You depart and after a couple hours, you jealously watch the Brass Monkey lift with the cargo

[] 11:22 am: is ian still in rough shape? Should i try and heal him?

[Lazarus] 11:22 am: The disc says the next contast is next week and has the same bit about fly to some place for more information. Nothing heavier than a pistol, no cheating.

[Throol] 11:23 am: (oh did I get beat up?)

[Lazarus] 11:23 am: (You've done all you can z, he has to heal naturally now and that takes days)

[monster87] 11:23 am: no you fell

[Gabel] 11:23 am: If you count falling off a ship 80 feet from the air beat up

[Gabel] 11:23 am: Sure

[] 11:23 am: (You fell 80feet down into a forest)

[Lazarus->Throol] 11:23 am: YOu got pulled out the shuttle trying to save john when he botched and got tossed out

[Lazarus->Throol] 11:23 am: You are currently at 6 stun and 3 wounds

[] 11:24 am: (alright)

[Throol->Lazarus] 11:24 am: Oh wow

[Lazarus->Throol] 11:24 am: you fell 40 feet through some trees

[Lazarus] 11:24 am: well it was down to 40

[Lazarus] 11:24 am: Thanks to Alex's piloting

[Lazarus] 11:25 am: Stun damage comes off one point an hour, so by nightfall, your stunn damage is gone

[Serenity Out of the Ashes - Session 10]: starjunky has left at 11:25 am+

[Lazarus] 11:26 am: On the up side, boomer, ray and alex get 2 plot points for the RP and attempts to save

[Lazarus] 11:26 am: John and Ian get three for the attempt and the just plain That Was Cool factor

[Gabel] 11:26 am: Bah im being punished for botches that sucks

[Lazarus] 11:26 am: that brings both of you up to 3 plot points

[monster87] 11:26 am: pff max burst of str was worth nothin to actually save them :P

[Gabel] 11:27 am: Every roll this session i had a botch

[Lazarus] 11:27 am: You gave him another chance monster, ian just didn't roll well enough

[Gabel] 11:28 am: Oh i got 3 plot points ?

[Lazarus] 11:28 am: even the other pilot didn't roll well, except for Ian grabbing the rope, none of the rolls so far have been all that great

[Lazarus] 11:28 am: yes, so you have a total of 3 right now

[Gabel] 11:28 am: Okay

[Gabel] 11:28 am: Still saying im being punished with all these botches its karma im telling you now ! :P

[Lazarus] 11:29 am: Rex is a fairly small town, so there aren't any other jobs to be had, you seem to have to just wait until next week

[Gabel] 11:29 am: Anyway just to sum up we have 1 week until the next contest ?

[Lazarus] 11:29 am: Well, I can't comment on how you live your life Gabel for the luck genie to keep hosing you

[Lazarus] 11:29 am: That's what it looks like

[Lazarus] 11:30 am: a week wait

[Lazarus] 11:30 am: Is there anything in particular you want to do?

[] 11:31 am: Do we have all the medical supplies we need?

[Gabel] 11:31 am: Nothing much i might hit the bar during the week and practice on my Guitar

[monster87] 11:31 am: have some fun, look for some more scrap parts that we can use and maybe find a job by browsin a bit

[Gabel] 11:31 am: I also will look for any local work that might not need a ship or anything

[Lazarus] 11:31 am: The ship's total store of meds is pretty thin

[] 11:32 am: In that case I will try and find supplies

[] 11:32 am: I should have leftover money right?

[Lazarus] 11:32 am: well, you have time to drink and fun stuff. No local work ecept for stuff like mucking the stables sort of thing

[Throol->Lazarus] 11:32 am: What is 3 wounds equivalent to?

[Gabel] 11:33 am: Well crap id do that just to get a few bucks

[Lazarus->Throol] 11:33 am: bruising, you have a total of 14 so nothing serious

[] 11:33 am: I'll also watch over Ians recovery

[Gabel] 11:33 am: Im not real fussy as long as it keeps me busy til the weeks over

[Lazarus] 11:33 am: roll int + streetwise to find some meds Z

[Lazarus] 11:34 am: you can roll int + covert

[] 11:34 am: allright

[monster87] 11:34 am: can I help him, come with?

[] 11:34 am: oh

[Lazarus] 11:34 am: you have to make the same roll for the parts

[] 11:34 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6)

[] 11:34 am:

-> 1d8 (2)+ 1d6 (1) = 3


[monster87] 11:34 am: "Wanna shop together ray? It'll be fun!"

[Lazarus] 11:34 am: so each of you roll while out and about

[monster87] 11:34 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d12+1d8)

[monster87] 11:34 am:

-> 1d12 (5)+ 1d8 (3) = 8


[] 11:35 am: "Sure"

[Gabel] 11:35 am: want me to roll to ?

[monster87] 11:35 am: only if you're comin and not muckin out stables :p

[Gabel] 11:35 am: Well then no

[Lazarus] 11:35 am: You find a couple of simple parts for about 20 credits Boomer. no major components, but hoses and clamps, that sort of thing

[Lazarus] 11:35 am: Ray finds jack

[] 11:36 am: "You sure know these parts better than i do Boomer, Good thing we didn't have to leave empty handed."

[monster87] 11:36 am: can I help ray find his stuff?

[monster87] 11:37 am: "well I know places like this, or at least where to look for things"

[Lazarus] 11:37 am: After three days, John and Ian must roll Vit+will

[Gabel] 11:37 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d10+1d10)

[Gabel] 11:37 am:

-> 1d10 (10)+ 1d10 (10) = 20


[Gabel] 11:37 am: FINALLY

[Gabel] 11:37 am: I get a max roll

[Lazarus] 11:37 am: well there you go

[Lazarus] 11:38 am: john's single wound point heals up and doesn't even have any scares, just a story

[] 11:38 am: "You are one tough son of a b***h captain, i give you that."

[Throol] 11:38 am: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6)

[Throol] 11:38 am:

-> 1d8 (6)+ 1d6 (1) = 7


[Gabel] 11:38 am: We all have our strengths and weaknesses Ray

[Lazarus] 11:38 am: Ian looks like he's on the mend as well and gets back a one point as well. Leaving him with two

[Lazarus] 11:39 am: You are all out doing your various things, but return to the ship for lunch, when you get a wave

[Lazarus] 11:40 am: From Kenner

[monster87] 11:40 am: * cookin lunch with nice fresh ingredients *

[Gabel] 11:40 am: I check the wave soon as i can

[Lazarus] 11:41 am: “Ladies and Gentlemen, there has been an unsettling development that forces me to dispense with my usual way of doing business. As the second place finishers of my most recent contest, I would like you to come to my office to discuss business.”

[Lazarus] 11:42 am: He gives you an address in the business district and closes the connection.

[Gabel] 11:42 am: Well i guess we better check what Kenner wants

[Lazarus] 11:42 am: the given address is ten minutes away by ground vehicle, twenty by public transit, or forty-five on foot.

[] 11:42 am: " Seems like we wont be jumping out of ships this time"

[monster87] 11:42 am: * just finished puttin out the lunch * "What is it cap'n?"

[Gabel] 11:43 am: Kenner wishes to discuss a business proposal seems something has happened

[Gabel] 11:43 am: he wants to meet at his office *gives location*

[monster87] 11:43 am: "Lunch first? I just finished it"

[] 11:44 am: "Hot meal per day, doctors orders"

[Gabel] 11:44 am: Its fine i can go on my own you can stay and have your meal

[Gabel] 11:44 am: Ill be back before you can say lickety split

[monster87] 11:44 am: * looks disappointed for a flash, then regains her composure * "Sure cap'n.."

[] 11:45 am: "Some people just cant, appreciate a good meal..."

[monster87] 11:45 am: "well let's just eat then

[Throol] 11:45 am: (who is Kenner again?)

[Lazarus] 11:45 am: i assume you take the public transportation and get there 20 minutes later. Are you alone?

[Lazarus] 11:45 am: (Guy who set up the contest for a cargo)

[Gabel] 11:45 am: That i do since i have no other form of transportation

[Gabel] 11:46 am: Save me some leftovers boomer your cooking is just as fine either way *smiles before walking out of the ship*

[Lazarus] 11:46 am: alone?

[Gabel] 11:46 am: Well i take whoever is not eating with me

[Gabel] 11:46 am: If they all decide to stay for food i go alone

[monster87] 11:47 am: * after a moment pauze I take some quick grabs and go with * "You guys enjoy"

[Gabel] 11:47 am: Okay i take boomer with me

[Lazarus] 11:47 am: anyone going or are you all beguiled by the food?

[Gabel] 11:47 am: Rest can stay and have a meal

[Lazarus] 11:47 am: okay

[Lazarus] 11:47 am: On arrival, at the modest business complex, the Crew is quickly ushered to Kenner’s office, which proves to be anything but modest. The desk is of the finest redwood inlay, the walls are covered with intricate tapestries, and the floor is made of rosewood parquet. Behind Kenner’s desk are several bookcases filled with actual books, which gives the room an air of sophistication.

[monster87] 11:48 am: "wow nice placde"

[monster87] 11:48 am: *place

[Lazarus] 11:49 am: Kenner rises and warmly greets both of you. Ah Captain Iskellian. Storied name that. This must be Boomer is it? Interesting name, bet you have a story or two to tell young lady."

[Gabel] 11:49 am: *looks around the room and looks rather solemn when looking around*

[monster87] 11:49 am: "You bet ya. You have one fine lookin' office Mr. Kenner"

[Lazarus] 11:50 am: "Thank you. Not many can appreciate fine things. " He offers refreshments in the form of finger foods and hot tea as he gestures to you to make themselves comfortable before speaking about why he called them. Once satisfied that hospitality has been served, he sighs and begins to speak:

[Gabel] 11:50 am: So im sure you did not call us here just for a housecall Kenner

[Lazarus] 11:51 am: “As I mentioned a few days ago, fortune favors the bold. At the time, it seemed as if lady luck had smiled on the crew of the Brass Monkey and that is what earned them the cargo. However, as I hope you have already learned, lady luck is a fickle creature and this is what has led me to contact you. Your flying leap attempt to win the contract was one of the most daring attempts to win I have ever seen. I'm gald you survived the process."

[Lazarus] 11:51 am: "No, not a house call unfortunately. Earlier today I received word from an acquaintance of mine that a garbled distress signal from the Brass Monkey was picked up by the local Alliance patrol boat before losing all contact with the freighter."

[Gabel] 11:51 am: Heck Kenner ive faced down reavers and lived it would take more then that to kill me

[Lazarus] 11:53 am: “Well, out here on the RIm, I knew they existed. Not sure what to make of discovering how they came to be one litte bit. I’m not sure what stripe you backed during the U-War, but regardless of affiliation, you are no doubt aware of the that the Feds are less than interested in assisting folk on the Rim.

[Lazarus] 11:53 am: "That right pretty patrol boat, paid for by us good taxpayers, tagged the message received and went right about its business neat as you please and has left not only me, but my buyer, and the crew of the Brass Monkey hanging.

[Gabel] 11:53 am: Im going to use my conversation ability to maybe coax out some information kenner might leave out

[Lazarus] 11:53 am: roll it

[Gabel] 11:54 am: And im also going to use my Intuition to see if hes on the down low (Speech pattern and so on)

[monster87] 11:54 am: maybe I can assist, i got conversation and sweet and cheerful

[Gabel] 11:54 am: As i talk to him

[Gabel] 11:54 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d10+1d8)

[Gabel] 11:54 am:

-> 1d10 (1)+ 1d8 (8) = 9


[Gabel] 11:54 am: Thats Conversation

[Gabel] 11:54 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d8)

[Gabel] 11:54 am:

-> 1d8 (3)+ 1d8 (6) = 9


[monster87] 11:54 am: convo is int or what?

[Gabel] 11:54 am: for intuition

[monster87] 11:54 am: starts rolling some dice: (1d12+1d12)

[monster87] 11:54 am:

-> 1d12 (9)+ 1d12 (2) = 11


[Gabel] 11:54 am: Willpower can work as well

[monster87] 11:55 am: thats convo

[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:55 am: he seems pleasant enough and is working his way to his point, but he doesn't seem to hae a lot of details

[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:55 am: something you can tell annoys me to no end

[Lazarus] 11:55 am: “My proposal is this, since you have proven yourselves resourceful to me by placing second in my little test of skills, I have a two-fold job for you. The buyer on Three Hills is screaming like a stuck pig over needing his Molly-be-damned ingots and in addition needing a ship, I’d like someone to look into what happened to the Brass Monkey.

[Lazarus->monster87] 11:56 am: he seems pleasant enough and is working his way to his point, but he doesn't seem to hae a lot of details

[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:56 am: So hes annoyed he has little details ?

[Lazarus->monster87] 11:56 am: something you can tell annoys me to no end something you can tell annoys me to no end something you can tell annoys him to no end

[Lazarus->Gabel] 11:56 am: yes

[Gabel->Lazarus] 11:56 am: Okay

[monster87->Lazarus] 11:56 am: ?

[Lazarus->monster87] 11:56 am: sorry, machine didn't want to paste

[Lazarus] 11:57 am: " I know work hasn’t been coming your way, but when you rely on making a living by reading a person’s eyes like I did, you get good at figuring out who you can deal with and who you can’t. That is why I asked you here so I could take your measure and I’m wondering if you are interested in helping me out?”

[Gabel] 11:57 am: If theres money in it kenner id be willing to give ya a hand i also have a keen eye for people i can see your out of sorts on this one.

[Lazarus] 11:58 am: Kenner goes on to outline his plan. For the first half of his offer, the loss of the initial cargo has put him in a bind and he could only come up with 200 tons of replacement cargo on such short notice.

[Lazarus] 11:58 am: The second half of his offer is in the form of a bonus. If you can figure out what happened to the first ship and recover the original cargo, Kenner offers €2,500 and a little something for their ship for these dangerous times.

[monster87->Lazarus] 11:59 am: can i find out a bit of his intensions and motive? i want to assure we're workin for someone with ethics

[Lazarus] 11:59 am: Namely a Gremlin Mk IV missile launcher, which is an after market bolt on ship’s accessory designed to give crews working the Rim protection from pirates or Reavers and worth €500.

[Lazarus->monster87] 11:59 am: read the main window

[Gabel] 12:00 pm: Im an honest man trying to do honest work Kenner if you give us a chance i wont ask for more then what ya offering and i will try and find out what happened to your other cargo

[Gabel] 12:00 pm: If we do right by you im just hoping you can do the same to us some other time in the future if we manage to help you out.

[Lazarus] 12:00 pm: "Are you touched boy? You are turning down the bonus?"

[Gabel] 12:01 pm: No Kenner the bonus stands im just saying we are willing to go the extra mile

[monster87] 12:01 pm: "Maybe to find out what happened to that other ship the bonus missle launcher would be very handy to have in advance.. chances are they ran into somethin"

[Lazarus] 12:01 pm: "Ah, my misterstanding. I thought you had rattled your cage harder than I thought in that fall,"

[monster87] 12:02 pm: (some persuation on my part?)

[monster87] 12:02 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d12+1d10)

[monster87] 12:02 pm:

-> 1d12 (6)+ 1d10 (2) = 8


[Gabel] 12:02 pm: But we arent capable of doing both at the same time we only have cargo space for around 200 tonnage maybe a little more

[Gabel] 12:02 pm: As my lovely crewlady said that missile launcher will come a long way if we run into something dangerous.

[Gabel] 12:03 pm: Trying to find out what happened to your cargo

[Lazarus] 12:03 pm: The trip from Regina to Three Hills is roughly a four day trip for your ship. The cargo must be delivered in five days (which will give you a 20 hour margin of error). If you manage to figure out what happened to the Brass Monkey and her cargo, but are unable to recover the cargo, I'll will pay you a €200 bonus."

[Lazarus] 12:05 pm: (Your ship can just barely carry the 200 tons. It's just shy of your absolute max)

[Gabel] 12:05 pm: How much cargo was the brass monkey carrying

[Throol] 12:05 pm: (what's with all these margins of error? They're bars right, so couldn't we deliver, then search on the return trip, with holds empty?)

[Gabel] 12:05 pm: (Thats what we will do)

[Lazarus] 12:06 pm: Well, that's why this cargo is short. the mines can only produce so much Molly be damned and the Brass Monkey was carying a full load of 400 tons. There isn't that much cargo to be had. I had to call in several markers just to get the 200."

[Lazarus] 12:08 pm: what will you do?

[Gabel] 12:08 pm: Wait so we have a choice of just doing the cargo run

[Gabel] 12:08 pm: Or the other one getting back the brass monkey cargo

[Lazarus] 12:09 pm: he's asking you to make a timed cargo run. If you can figure out what happened to the other ship, he'll pay a bonus

[Gabel] 12:09 pm: Okay then thats what we will do

[Gabel] 12:09 pm: But you said only if we recovered the cargo ?

[Lazarus] 12:10 pm: The loss of the original cargo means he's now behind in the delivery

[Gabel] 12:10 pm: Its physically impossible for us to recover the cargo

[Lazarus] 12:10 pm: He also said if you found out what happened but couldn't recover the cargo, he'd pay you 200 credits

[Lazarus] 12:10 pm: Not to CARRY the cargo. the brass monkey might have been disabled

[Gabel] 12:11 pm: AHHH

[Lazarus] 12:11 pm: maybe they stole the cargo

[Gabel] 12:11 pm: Well then that makes more sense.

[Gabel] 12:11 pm: Well then we will make the run and try and find the brass monkey in the process

[Gabel] 12:11 pm: So i accept his terms

[monster87] 12:11 pm: "sounds like a plan"

[Lazarus] 12:11 pm: Excellent

[Gabel] 12:12 pm: If he can give us the coordinates of their last known location and so on

[Lazarus] 12:12 pm: "Please get yoru ship to warehouse 19 and I'll get it loaded

[Gabel] 12:12 pm: *Picks up his coms to ping the ship and get ahold of Alex*

[Lazarus] 12:13 pm: "All I received and this was from an acquaintance of mine is that a garbled distress signal from the Brass Monkey was picked up by the local Alliance patrol boat before losing all contact with the freighter. I have no coordinates."

[Gabel] 12:13 pm: Do you know if the patrol boat went to investigate ?

[Lazarus] 12:14 pm: "They tagged the message received and went right about its business."

[Gabel] 12:16 pm: Gorram soldiers not doing their duty

[Lazarus] 12:16 pm: "Agreed, but that is the government we have isn't it?"

[Gabel] 12:16 pm: *Uses his coms to contact Alex to get the ship to warehouse 19*

[Lazarus] 12:17 pm: "Now, if you will excuse me, I do have other matters to attend to. If you can recover my cargo, I will be in your debt."

[Gabel] 12:17 pm: they try Kenner but they come short every time for everything i tried when i was military there was always a door to shut in my face i got sick and tired of the politics anyway thats a discussion for another day

[Lazarus] 12:17 pm: Alex gets the ship buttoned up and over to the warehouse quickly. Faster than John and Boomer can get there by public transportation

[Gabel] 12:17 pm: Thank you for your hospitality *tips his hat* Come on boomer lets get this cargo loader

[monster87] 12:18 pm: "aye cap'n. Seeya Mr. Keller"

[] 12:18 pm: "Oh so we're off?

[Lazarus] 12:18 pm: The next four hours are a repeat of the nutroll it took to get that 200 tons of genseed into the ship's cargo bay, containers, and shuttles.

[Lazarus] 12:19 pm: And speaking of Genseed, there is that little matter of being stiffed by Calanche and maybe a meet with that Niska fellow still unresolved

[monster87] 12:19 pm: this genseed has not been tampered with?

[Lazarus] 12:20 pm: However, as soon as the cargo is ready. you are ready to lift

[Lazarus] 12:20 pm: This cargo isn't genseed

[Lazarus] 12:20 pm: It is refined molybdenum ingots

[Gabel] 12:20 pm: I give alex the last know coordinates of the Brass monkey

[Serenity Out of the Ashes - Session 10]: esotericenigma has left at 12:21 pm+

[monster87] 12:21 pm: ah sorry read it wrong

[Gabel] 12:21 pm: We gotta find this ship for mr Kenner *explains the situation to the crew so their updated*

[Lazarus] 12:21 pm: there ae none

[] 12:21 pm: "You did good there, seems like we're gonna be busy a while"

[Lazarus] 12:22 pm: just a garbled distress

[Gabel] 12:23 pm: *Talks to alex* I want you to be prepared we dont want to get caught offguard this whole thing stinks of a setup Kenner seemed rather annoyed with how little details he had on this job and a well informed man like that rarely gets no information

[Throol] 12:23 pm: "Anything we can do to be ready for reavers? Since a ship disappeared and all..."

[Gabel] 12:24 pm: *Adresses the crew* I want you all to be prepared for anything if theres shooting to be had sleep in yer bodyarmor we aint got any weapons but kenner promised us some heavy weapons as compensation if we manage to pull this off

[Gabel] 12:24 pm: We might need to dock with the Brass monkey

[] 12:24 pm: (As in no weapons at all?)

[Lazarus] 12:24 pm: Alex plots the course to Three Hills

[Gabel] 12:25 pm: Our ships a freighter not a weapons platform

[Lazarus] 12:25 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d6)

[Lazarus] 12:25 pm:

-> 2d6 (3,5 = 8)


[Gabel] 12:25 pm: You got guns and armor if we get boarded thats it

[] 12:25 pm: (yeah, you were talking about the ship ok)

[Lazarus] 12:25 pm: He locks in on the nearest nav-sat and begins to follow the beacon

[Throol] 12:26 pm: "What would it take to make the shuttles combat-capable? In the ancient days, non-com ships generally had a fighter escort."

[Gabel] 12:27 pm: And Alliance vessels usually do we aint got the equipment or the cash for something like that

[Throol] 12:27 pm: "I don't mind sayin, I'd like some smoother sailing, hard to do that when you're just a flyin' rock against warships"

[Lazarus] 12:27 pm: (Fitting weapons is possible, during the U-War all sorts of screwy ideas got turned into weapons)

[monster87->Lazarus] 12:27 pm: can I engineer something to make either the ship or the shuttles more fighter-like? I did work at a alliance freighter construction station

[Lazarus->monster87] 12:27 pm: it's possible, but it will take parts you don't have right now

[monster87->Lazarus] 12:27 pm: hmm

[Throol->Lazarus] 12:28 pm: I have to ask - are things always going to be so rough in this game, or will things get smoother as we go along?

[monster87] 12:28 pm: "I can probably do some things.. but not with the parts currently on the ship

[monster87] 12:28 pm: didn't prepare for that

[Gabel] 12:28 pm: (Yeah but the time needed to do that we dont have)

[Lazarus->Throol] 12:28 pm: well, lean and hard is a major trope of the setting

[Lazarus->Throol] 12:28 pm: if you develop a rep for getting things done, things do get easier

[Gabel] 12:28 pm: How many hours would it take to get a Derringer ?

[Gabel] 12:29 pm: Or Some equipment to retrofit our working shuttle ?

[Throol->Lazarus] 12:29 pm: Not of the setting, of the show. You can do all kinds of things with the setting. And the show was hard because Mal had 'things don't go smooth' in rpg terms

[Lazarus] 12:29 pm: Building a Derringer from scratch will take months

[Gabel] 12:29 pm: Exactly

[Lazarus] 12:30 pm: adding guns to a shuttle a couple weeks

[monster87] 12:30 pm: and I bet ya I can do it faster

[Gabel] 12:30 pm: We could add a derringer to our arsenal later

[Lazarus->Throol] 12:31 pm: And Mal also had fugitives on board. You do not. You do have more options than he did, but the entire verss is disrupted because of the Miranda broadcast. Times are even harder now than in the series

[Lazarus->Throol] 12:32 pm: AND you are a raw crew without contacts

[Lazarus->Throol] 12:32 pm: YOu do well for Kenner and that might just change

[] 12:32 pm: "Look we cant know if we'll face reavers there, but what we do know is that our time is limited. We should focus on keeping with the schedule"

[Lazarus] 12:32 pm: You continue on your way, the Fire Angel is humming along with only the minor tweaks from Boomer to keep chugging

[Lazarus] 12:33 pm: 40 hours out of Regina, you receive a hail

[Throol->Lazarus] 12:33 pm: Just wanted to check - I really like this group, but have a hard time with dark settings - I game to escape to better worlds

[Gabel] 12:34 pm: Who is it from ?

[Lazarus] 12:34 pm: "This is the IAV Thunderer to Pride-Class freighter. Heave to and prepare to be boarded."

[Lazarus->Throol] 12:35 pm: I'll see what I can do and I understand wanting a brighter future, but Serenity is not a happy place

[] 12:35 pm: "Good thing we didn't stay on the ground for too long, this may take a while."

[Gabel] 12:35 pm: Gorram Pirates I say we throw one of our shuttles at them as a welcome gift

[Lazarus] 12:35 pm: As the other ship gets into visual range, you see it is an Alliance Patrol Boat

[monster87] 12:36 pm: can I still send a message to Keller about this situation?

[Gabel] 12:36 pm: What The

[Throol->Lazarus] 12:36 pm: It can be, especially since Miranda shook things up

[Lazarus] 12:36 pm: (You can send a message if you like, it will take some time for him to get the message though)

[Gabel] 12:36 pm: *Picks up coms* This is Captain John Helios Iskellian what is this about

[monster87] 12:37 pm: as soon as we sight the alliance I send a quick message to him that a rogue alliance ship is preparing to board us, that we're going to try and outrun or fight it

[Lazarus->Throol] 12:37 pm: You have a kinder opinion of humans than I do, but even if there is a brighter day ahead, you are going to have to get through the crucible to get there

[Gabel] 12:37 pm: Who says their rogue ?

[Gabel] 12:38 pm: They want to board us

[Gabel] 12:38 pm: But for what reason i have no idea.

[monster87] 12:38 pm: ah maybe it's not pirates then

[monster87] 12:38 pm: * delays actually sending the message *

[Gabel] 12:38 pm: Alex stop the ship i will try and contact the alliance vessel again

[Lazarus] 12:38 pm: "Freighter Fire Angel. Standard inspection. Heave to."

[Gabel] 12:39 pm: Alex Stop let them on board

[Lazarus] 12:39 pm: Alex brings the ship to a halt.

[Throol->Lazarus] 12:39 pm: Nah, i don't (that's why I usually play fantasy or superheroes, and generally don't play humans)

[Lazarus] 12:39 pm: The patrol boat launches a couple ASREVs to cover their approach

[Gabel] 12:39 pm: *Opens coms* Come aboard Alliance Vessel

[monster87] 12:39 pm: "crap what do they want from us.. I don't like alliance at all

[Gabel] 12:40 pm: We got nothing to hide just keep calm and keep your sidearms holstered

[Throol->Lazarus] 12:40 pm: But the show was full of positive stuff, fun, good times, happiness too

[Throol->Lazarus] 12:40 pm: along with some rough stuff

[] 12:40 pm: "You'd do best not to show that to them boomer"

[Lazarus] 12:40 pm: (You are welcome to try a willpower + influence, but you figure it's going to be one hell of a roll)

[Gabel] 12:40 pm: And keep that to yerself girl

[Lazarus->Throol] 12:40 pm: You helped Fox

[Gabel] 12:40 pm: Im gonna use my plot points

[monster87->Lazarus] 12:41 pm: If they ask for names I'm going to give them a fake one, depding on my cortex specter. I never wrote it in my history, but I'm thinkin I am a wanted criminal that erased her own criminal status and whole identity from the cortex

[Lazarus->Gabel] 12:41 pm: ok, before you roll

[Lazarus->Gabel] 12:41 pm: this is a HEROIC task a 19

[] 12:41 pm: This ain't gonna be good...

[Lazarus->Throol] 12:41 pm: and defended those farmers

[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:41 pm: I can barely make that

[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:41 pm: With plot points

[Lazarus->Throol] 12:41 pm: and even the reaver refugee

[Throol] 12:41 pm: "I do NOT like alliance..."

[monster87] 12:41 pm: "I'll be cleaning the engine or something" * goes to check on nearby machines *

[Lazarus->Gabel] 12:42 pm: your call

[Gabel] 12:42 pm: Keep to yer stations people while i talk to the inspection officers

[monster87] 12:42 pm: (clearly a bit nervous)

[Throol] 12:42 pm: "I guess I'll be in my fraggin' bunk."

[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:42 pm: Its only 1 roll right ?

[] 12:42 pm: Moves around the ship casually

[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:42 pm: Ok let me get this straight if i get a high roll but not enough does that still count for something

[Lazarus->Gabel] 12:42 pm: yes wll + any influence specialty

[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:42 pm: Or would i have wasted my plot points ?

[Lazarus->monster87] 12:42 pm: kk

[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:42 pm: I can use conversation

[Lazarus->Gabel] 12:43 pm: a 19 is no joke

[Lazarus->Gabel] 12:43 pm: it's possible, but I can't judge if it will be a waste

[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:43 pm: Well fuck it my karma is bad enough i will try anyway

[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:43 pm: Roll inc

[Lazarus] 12:43 pm: The two ASREVs mantain cover as the larger ship moves into position

[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:43 pm: Can i use my intimidating manner as well ?

[Lazarus->Gabel] 12:44 pm: not so much, bit tough over a wave

[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:44 pm: Well you could hear it in my steel sounded speech

[Lazarus->Gabel] 12:44 pm: go ahead and roll and tell me a story

[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:44 pm: Any fool can hear the sincerity over a radio

[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:44 pm: okay

[Lazarus->Gabel] 12:44 pm: Have you ever tried in intimidate a cop?

[Lazarus->Gabel] 12:44 pm: they don't like that

[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:45 pm: Yeah but its not always about intimidation that skill can be used for all manner of aweing folk

[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:45 pm: Least that is what the pdf says

[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:46 pm: But what i want to know from you

[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:46 pm: Are we doing anything wrong right now ?

[Lazarus->Gabel] 12:46 pm: I'm just applying common sense. A cop has pulled you over and asked to see your license and registration

[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:46 pm: I suddenly came under the impression we were doing something illegal

[Lazarus->Gabel] 12:47 pm: I'm a little fuzzy on how you as joe citizen is going to awe a cop out of doing his job

[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:47 pm: War Veteran ?

[Lazarus->Gabel] 12:48 pm: You can try, the better yout story, the better your chances he'll let you go

[Throol->Lazarus] 12:48 pm: Yeah. Just keep hoping things will get better.

[Gabel] 12:48 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d12+1d2+1d6+1d8)

[Gabel] 12:48 pm:

-> 1d12 (4)+ 1d2 (2)+ 1d6 (2)+ 1d8 (6) = 14


[Gabel->Lazarus] 12:48 pm: Well i didnt make the roll even with 3 plot points used and my aweing but heres the story anyway

[Lazarus] 12:49 pm: The Thunderer moves above the Fire ANgel to dock with the upper airlock

[Lazarus->Throol] 12:49 pm: believe it or not. I do have a mega plot

[Lazarus->Throol] 12:50 pm: I'm just running your though some adventures to get you some experience for the tougher stuff

[] 12:50 pm: *Stops a room away from the airlock, within hearing distance

[Gabel] 12:51 pm: What seems to be the problem officer we are on a trade run for Kenner im sure you know of him our cargo is legit here are our papers i know Alliance dont just stop random freighters for a checkup unless somethings wrong so i am guessing there has been a problem somewhere ?

[Throol->Lazarus] 12:51 pm: I never questioned that - just figured you might be a person who likes the darker side of gaming (it's growing in popularity, big-time, just doesn't fit so well with me)

[Lazarus->Throol] 12:52 pm: yeah I know all that zombie and post apoc stuff is not for me either

[Throol->Lazarus] 12:52 pm: I like it for a change, depending on how the gm does it - I like the not too serious, light-hearted action way to do those. Gonna do a Dark Sun game myself like that

[Lazarus] 12:53 pm: "Fire Angel. The Alliance navy reserves the right to conduct on the spot inspections of any shipping at any time. Stand by for boarding and have those papers of yours ready."

[Throol->Lazarus] 12:53 pm: Sort of horror-comedy

[Lazarus] 12:54 pm: YOu hear the clang and the docking clamps mate and it sends a shiver down the spine of all of you as the sound is nearly identical to that made when the Reaver shuttle docked."

[Lazarus] 12:55 pm: The hatch opens and four fully armored Alliance purplebellies sweep into the airlock and cover anyone that is waiting with assault rifles at the ready. It is clear they mean business and will fire at the slightest provocation.

[Lazarus] 12:55 pm: When the guards in place, a pair of Alliance officers enter

[monster87] 12:55 pm: * wipes her forehead *

[Lazarus] 12:55 pm: "And who is the captain of this vessel?"

[Gabel] 12:56 pm: That would be me

[Gabel] 12:56 pm: Has his papers ready

[Gabel] 12:56 pm: Have yer papers right here

[Lazarus] 12:56 pm: "Excellent. This should not take long captain if everything is in order as you stated."

[Gabel] 12:56 pm: *hands the papers to the officer*

[Lazarus] 12:57 pm: "Captain....Iskellian?" His eyebrow arches. "I had heard the rumors, but...well I guess you never know."

[Lazarus] 12:58 pm: The men are professional and surprisingly polite

[Lazarus] 12:58 pm: They do however enter every cabin

[monster87] 12:58 pm: * loosens a bit and grins at the captain, this time really starting to work *

[Lazarus] 12:58 pm: Ian and Boomer, your actions?

[monster87] 12:59 pm: working on some maintenenance, getting more relaxed as time passes

[Gabel->Lazarus] 1:00 pm: My Military rank was a Lieutenant before i got demoted down to Sergeant after that i had enough of the war

[Throol] 1:00 pm: Ian's in his cabin, not sure he could behave 'respectably' around gorram Alliance.

[Lazarus] 1:00 pm: As there is no overt hostility, none is given and after just under an hour, the feds bid their goodbyes and depart

[Gabel->Lazarus] 1:00 pm: After the battle of the Burges or what it was called

[monster87] 1:00 pm: * looks at the captain * "shouldn't we ask about that other ship?"

[Lazarus] 1:00 pm: The patrol boat disengages and recovers the ASREVs and heads towards Regina

[Gabel] 1:01 pm: Alex lets get going we already lost enough time with this gorram inspection

[Lazarus->Gabel] 1:01 pm: Sturges

[Gabel->Lazarus] 1:01 pm: Thats the one

[monster87] 1:01 pm: your call, but they might know something about that other ship that's lost

[Lazarus] 1:01 pm: Alex fires up the engines and you are on your way again.

[Gabel->Lazarus] 1:01 pm: one of the bloodiest space battles

[monster87] 1:01 pm: brass monkey

[Gabel] 1:01 pm: No boomer they already know about it Alliance wont give out classified information like that

[monster87] 1:02 pm: ok

[Gabel] 1:02 pm: Heck ask an alliance officer about anything hed start to ask you questions about why you want to know

[Lazarus] 1:02 pm: As Ian made his 'on the mend' endurace roll, it has now been a total of four days, he recovers another hit point and is down to one point left

[Gabel] 1:02 pm: Its all protocol in the military *mumbling somewhat*

[] 1:02 pm: "I agree"

[monster87] 1:02 pm: well we got legal answers to that right.. well anyway lets leave it

[Lazarus->Gabel] 1:03 pm: that would be the one

[Lazarus] 1:04 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d6)

[Lazarus] 1:04 pm:

-> 2d6 (6,5 = 11)


[Lazarus] 1:05 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d6+d8)

[Lazarus] 1:05 pm:

-> 1d6 (1)+ 1d8 (3) = 4


[Lazarus] 1:06 pm: You continue on your way and roughly 10 hours after leaving the patrol boat

[Lazarus] 1:06 pm: ALex noticed the nav beacon emit a short squeal

[Lazarus] 1:07 pm: Alex rechecks his plot and finds nothing out of the orginary

[Lazarus] 1:07 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d6+d8)

[Lazarus] 1:07 pm:

-> 1d6 (2)+ 1d8 (5) = 7


[Lazarus] 1:08 pm: Not feeling right, Alex brings up the ship's scanners and does a quick active ping

[monster87] 1:08 pm: I help him

[Lazarus] 1:09 pm: He has a moment of confusion and then one of stark terror!

[Lazarus] 1:09 pm: If you were on the bridge maybe

[monster87] 1:09 pm: looks over his shoulder..

[monster87] 1:09 pm: ow..

[Lazarus] 1:10 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d12+d4)

[Lazarus] 1:10 pm:

-> 1d8 (3)+ 1d12 (3)+ 1d4 (1) = 7


[Lazarus] 1:10 pm: oh dear

[Lazarus] 1:10 pm: All of you are thrown violently about the ship

[Lazarus] 1:11 pm: There are screams for the ship screams from the confusion, darkness as main power goes offline

[] 1:11 pm: "What in th- *Crash*"

[Lazarus] 1:11 pm: everyone roll agility + athletics

[Throol] 1:11 pm: "I been in worse."

[Throol] 1:11 pm: (dodge count?)

[] 1:12 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6)

[] 1:12 pm:

-> 1d8 (2)+ 1d6 (5) = 7


[Lazarus] 1:12 pm: no dodge

[monster87] 1:12 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d6)

[monster87] 1:12 pm:

-> 1d8 (1)+ 1d6 (1) = 2


[monster87] 1:12 pm: wow blotch

[Throol] 1:13 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d6)

[Throol] 1:13 pm:

-> 2d6 (4,4 = 8)


[Lazarus] 1:13 pm: this is more inherent reaction

[Gabel] 1:13 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d6+1d6)

[Gabel] 1:13 pm:

-> 1d6 (6)+ 1d6 (2) = 8


[Gabel] 1:13 pm: sorry was on the phone

[Gabel] 1:13 pm: or still am

[Lazarus] 1:13 pm: Boomer is caught completely off guard and thrown violently against a bulkhead

[monster87] 1:14 pm: :(

[Lazarus] 1:14 pm: taking 4 stun and 3 wound

[monster87] 1:14 pm: * yells in pain *

[Lazarus] 1:14 pm: you can see various flashes in the dark as components short out

[Gabel] 1:15 pm: Back

[] 1:15 pm: "Anybody hurt out there?!"

[Lazarus] 1:15 pm: after an enterity, the dim red emergency lighting comes back on

[Gabel] 1:15 pm: *Getting his barings* Ugh what the hells was that

[Gabel] 1:16 pm: *Moves up to the bridge*

[Throol] 1:16 pm: Before then, Ian is out with a flashlight, checking things out.

[monster87] 1:16 pm: * over the com * "Doc I think I've mighten broken somethin can you gimme some assistance on engineering?

[Gabel] 1:16 pm: *Uses his glowlight torch to see*

[] 1:16 pm: "Coming right up, try stay awake"

[monster87] 1:16 pm: "will do"

[] 1:17 pm: Do i find her automatically?

[Lazarus] 1:17 pm: sure

[] 1:18 pm: In that case i apply firstaid

[Lazarus] 1:18 pm: it's dim in the red lights, but it is enough to see

[Lazarus] 1:18 pm: int + first aid

[] 1:18 pm: starts rolling some dice: (8d+8d)

[] 1:18 pm:

-> 8d (0)+ 8d (0) = 0


[monster87] 1:18 pm: "ah glad you're here doc. Got hit hard by that sudden .. whatever it was"

[monster87] 1:18 pm: wow 0:P

[Lazarus] 1:18 pm: he has to reroll

[] 1:18 pm: "Aww, I think I slipped something inside you"

[Lazarus] 1:18 pm: d8 not 8d

[] 1:19 pm: woops

[] 1:19 pm: sorry

[] 1:19 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d8)

[] 1:19 pm:

-> 1d8 (6)+ 1d8 (8) = 14


[Lazarus] 1:19 pm: np

[Lazarus] 1:19 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d4)

[Lazarus] 1:19 pm:

-> 1d4 (2)


[monster87] 1:19 pm: nice roll

[] 1:20 pm: "Wow you look like you bounced off off every piece of equippement in here."

[monster87] 1:20 pm: tss engines shouldn't have so many hard corners, ill fix that sometime

[Lazarus] 1:20 pm: Ray's quick thinking reduces that damage to 6 stun and 1 wound

[Throol] 1:20 pm: Ian runs to the bridge to find out what the heck's going on.

[] 1:21 pm: "If you can get up we should meet up with others"

[Lazarus] 1:21 pm: Ian looks out the viewports and what he sees is an asteroid, the ship has collided with something that should not be

[Lazarus] 1:21 pm: ALex is pale white in shock.

[Gabel] 1:21 pm: Im guessing i see the same thing

[Gabel] 1:21 pm: Since i headed up to the bridge

[Lazarus] 1:21 pm: "I didn't see them until too late"

[Gabel] 1:22 pm: Gorram it Alex what happened

[Gabel] 1:22 pm: *looking outside at the floating rocks*

[Lazarus] 1:22 pm: "Asteroids CAN'T be in a nav-sat navigation cooridor!"

[Throol] 1:22 pm: (an asteroid shouldn't be??)

[Gabel] 1:22 pm: What is a gorram asteroid doing in a shipping lane

[Lazarus] 1:22 pm: "Aw gorram it! The nav computer rebooted! It was a set up captain!"

[Gabel] 1:23 pm: Get us operational as fast as you can i knew this was to good to be true

[Throol] 1:23 pm: "Rebooted?"

[Lazarus] 1:23 pm: "They pirated the channel and sent us on a fake vector."

[Throol] 1:23 pm: "They?"

[] 1:23 pm: "So you were right cap'n"

[Lazarus] 1:23 pm: "It looked legit and I fell for it like so feifei de piyan (Babbon's ass crack)

[Gabel] 1:24 pm: Boomer are you good to go we need engines online as fast as possible

[] 1:24 pm: "Less self pity, more creative thinking"

[Lazarus] 1:24 pm: everyone can roll int+knowledge

[monster87] 1:24 pm: "workin on it cap'n" ( guess I've been on the engines as soon as I could stand)

[Gabel] 1:24 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8)

[Gabel] 1:24 pm:

-> 1d8 (1)


[monster87] 1:25 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d12+1d2)

[monster87] 1:25 pm:

-> 1d12 (11)+ 1d2 (2) = 13


[monster87] 1:25 pm: (thats knowledge)

[Throol] 1:25 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d6)

[Throol] 1:25 pm:

-> 1d6 (3)


[] 1:25 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6)

[] 1:25 pm:

-> 1d8 (7)+ 1d6 (1) = 8


[Lazarus->monster87] 1:25 pm: You get to engineering and the first thing yo uhave to do is silence all the alarms

[Lazarus->monster87] 1:25 pm: the ship is badly damaged

[monster87->Lazarus] 1:26 pm: ok int+mech eng?

[monster87->Lazarus] 1:26 pm: or alarms tech eng?

[Lazarus->monster87] 1:26 pm: 6 stun and 6 wounds out of 10 possible. You aren't going anywhere any time soon

[monster87->Lazarus] 1:26 pm: 6 stun and 1 wound right?

[monster87->Lazarus] 1:26 pm: I can probably work on the spot I am

[Lazarus] 1:27 pm: Boomer figures out The Feds may not care much about most of its citizens, but the Alliance goes to great lengths to ensure that commerce can move unimpeded. Since someone has found a way to tamper with one of the most fundamental parts of the entire Alliance, the network that makes safe travel in the ‘Verse possible, maybe the Feds will pay a reward in addition to Kenner’s.

[Lazarus->monster87] 1:27 pm: yes

[monster87->Lazarus] 1:27 pm: ill roll tech eng for the alarms

[monster87] 1:27 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d12)

[monster87] 1:27 pm:

-> 2d12 (3,5 = 8)


[Lazarus->monster87] 1:27 pm: you can roll will or vit to get your "Second wind" take that roll in points off stun

[Lazarus->monster87] 1:27 pm: alarm shut off was a trivial thing no roll

[monster87->Lazarus] 1:28 pm: ok ill roll will+vit

[monster87] 1:28 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d8)

[monster87] 1:28 pm:

-> 2d8 (8,4 = 12)


[monster87->Lazarus] 1:28 pm: 12.

[Lazarus->monster87] 1:28 pm: one or the other

[monster87->Lazarus] 1:28 pm: the 2d8 is will+vit

[monster87->Lazarus] 1:28 pm: the 2d12 was tech eng but you said it wasn't needed

[Lazarus->monster87] 1:29 pm: since both are d8 take the highest. but you only roll one not both

[Serenity Out of the Ashes - Session 10]: crankypelican has left at 1:29 pm+

[monster87] 1:29 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8)

[monster87] 1:29 pm:

-> 1d8 (1)


[monster87->Lazarus] 1:30 pm: :P i hope I could take the highest otherwise it's a 1

[Lazarus->monster87] 1:30 pm: go with the highest, you've shaken off the stun, you just have one wound right now

[Lazarus] 1:31 pm: Alex looks at the controls and sees mainpower is still off line

[Lazarus] 1:31 pm: the ship is hurt

[monster87] 1:31 pm: "I'm pretty much ok again cap'n, doing my best to restore power"

[monster87->Lazarus] 1:31 pm: ok shall I roll int+mech eng?

[Lazarus] 1:31 pm: "Boomer is going to have to get primary power going to know what is going on captain."

[Gabel] 1:32 pm: Then that is our top priority

[Lazarus->monster87] 1:32 pm: Yes target is 11

[monster87] 1:32 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d12+1d10)

[monster87] 1:32 pm:

-> 1d12 (6)+ 1d10 (6) = 12


[monster87->Lazarus] 1:32 pm: got 12

[Lazarus] 1:32 pm: After ten minutes and much swearing in three languages

[Gabel] 1:32 pm: Long as you try your best boomer you wont hear me complaining

[Lazarus] 1:32 pm: Everyone feels a shudder run through the ship

[Serenity Out of the Ashes - Session 10]: xankronas has left at 1:33 pm+

[Lazarus] 1:33 pm: A sudder so visceral that you can not put it off to just an awkward restart

[Lazarus] 1:33 pm: the Fire Angel sounds like it's in pain

[monster87->Lazarus] 1:33 pm: can I figure out what's wrong?

[] 1:33 pm: "Thats a start"

[Lazarus] 1:34 pm: Alex gets the scanners online and take a passive scan

[Gabel] 1:34 pm: *Puts his hand on the ships interior walls* There there girl you do your best like the rest of us we will get through this

[Lazarus] 1:34 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d6+d4)

[Lazarus] 1:34 pm:

-> 1d6 (5)+ 1d4 (1) = 6


[Lazarus] 1:35 pm: Tzao cao! (Crap)

[] 1:35 pm: "whats up"

[Lazarus] 1:35 pm: "We got company captain. It's small, looks like a surveyor. Looks like whoever baited the trap is looking to see what they snagged."

[Serenity Out of the Ashes - Session 10]: Niles has entered at 1:36 pm+

[Lazarus] 1:36 pm: (Hello Niles)

[Gabel] 1:36 pm: They Armed Alex Or will they need to board us ?

[Niles->Lazarus] 1:36 pm: Me sorry for being way late.

[Lazarus->Niles] 1:37 pm: no worries, but we are about to wrap

[Lazarus] 1:37 pm: "I can't tell on pasive yet, they are only just barely in range."

[Gabel] 1:37 pm: Try and get on coms and send out a distress beacon that we are being attacked by pirates on standard shipping lanes And Report the asteroid

[Gabel] 1:37 pm: Quickly

[Niles->Lazarus] 1:37 pm: I figured as much.

[Gabel] 1:37 pm: I will get my distress beacon activated these gorram pirates arent going to scramble both signals if were lucky

[Lazarus] 1:37 pm: Everyone roll int+perception

[Gabel] 1:38 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d8+1d6)

[Gabel] 1:38 pm:

-> 1d8 (1)+ 1d6 (6) = 7


[Lazarus->monster87] 1:38 pm: you got the primary power online, so you can move with some luck

[Throol] 1:38 pm: starts rolling some dice: (2d6)

[Throol] 1:38 pm:

-> 2d6 (1,6 = 7)


[monster87] 1:38 pm: starts rolling some dice: (1d12+1d4)

[monster87] 1:38 pm:

-> 1d12 (11)+ 1d4 (2) = 13


[Lazarus->monster87] 1:38 pm: but actual repairs is going to take some time

[Lazarus] 1:39 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d6+d8)

[Lazarus] 1:39 pm:

-> 1d6 (3)+ 1d8 (2) = 5


[] 1:39 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d8+d6)

[] 1:39 pm:

-> 1d8 (1)+ 1d6 (6) = 7


[monster87->Lazarus] 1:39 pm: :P just like to pass some technical terms "the ... ... is broken, but we're functional. Ill fix it later" (or something:P)

[Lazarus->monster87] 1:39 pm: Sending a distress might not be a good idea

[Lazarus->monster87] 1:39 pm: All the people who set the trap know is something tripped their snare

[monster87] 1:39 pm: "sending a distress might not be the best idea alex, since the pirates will then also know where we are

[] 1:40 pm: (sorry, I had problems with my browser)

[Lazarus->monster87] 1:40 pm: an actual distress might might company you don't want

[Gabel] 1:40 pm: Dont they already know were we are

[Gabel] 1:40 pm: Its their trap

[monster87] 1:40 pm: well they aren't here are they?

[Lazarus] 1:40 pm: They know something tripped the snare, not what is snared

[monster87] 1:40 pm: maybe we're lucky

[Lazarus] 1:40 pm: kind of like fishing

[Lazarus] 1:41 pm: you know something took the bait, but you don't know what

[Gabel] 1:41 pm: Fine get the engines online so we can get out of here before they find us

[Lazarus] 1:41 pm: and who is likely to arrive first? Them or help?

[Lazarus] 1:41 pm: Boomer looks at all the damage and winces, oh crap, this is going to be costly

[Lazarus] 1:42 pm: starts rolling some dice: (d6+d8)

[Lazarus] 1:42 pm:

-> 1d6 (5)+ 1d8 (3) = 8


[monster87] 1:42 pm: "well cap'n at least she's workin.. but she'll need some patching up soon

[Lazarus] 1:43 pm: "We've got main power captain, but Boomer is going to have to get me thrusters if I'm going to hide from that snoop."

[Gabel] 1:43 pm: *shrugs* No gorram peace ever just get her working boomer

[Lazarus] 1:43 pm: "If I can just move, I can hide behind the asteroids, there are about two dozen here."

[Lazarus] 1:44 pm: "And maybe we figured out what happened to the brass monkey. We may need to do some more investigating if we are going to get that bonues."

[Lazarus] 1:44 pm: "Because the regular shipping fee isn't going to repair this amount of damage."

[Lazarus] 1:45 pm: Boomer works fererishly as the small ship gets closer

[monster87] 1:45 pm: "well i'll try to fix what I can" * starting to make a plan on the best to fix first *

[Gabel] 1:45 pm: Just get us thrusters Boomer

[Gabel] 1:45 pm: So we can move

[Lazarus] 1:45 pm: And FADE TO BLACK

[Gabel] 1:45 pm: Damn you black fading

[] 1:45 pm: *Gasp*

[monster87] 1:46 pm: nice cliff hanger

[Lazarus] 1:46 pm: You are welcome

[] 1:46 pm: :)

[] 1:46 pm: So laz you think you can write my character into the next session?

[Lazarus] 1:46 pm: ok, this section of the adventure was more setting the hook and the background

[Lazarus] 1:46 pm: You want me to make one for you?

[monster87] 1:46 pm: last surviving member of brass monkey :P

[Throol] 1:47 pm: Don't forget to save!

[Lazarus] 1:47 pm: hmmmmm INTERESTING

[Lazarus] 1:47 pm: I like how you think Rein

[monster87] 1:47 pm: hehe

[] 1:47 pm: I was actually thinking that

[Lazarus] 1:47 pm: however, that might mean you have to go find him

[Gabel] 1:47 pm: well does not even need to be last remaining member of brass monkey

[Gabel] 1:47 pm: They could be slavers

[Serenity Out of the Ashes - Session 10]: pruttm has left at 1:47 pm+

[Gabel] 1:47 pm: All manner of people getting cought in their traps

[Lazarus] 1:47 pm: Well stay tuned next week to find out

[monster87] 1:47 pm: lol thinkin drow again gabel :P

[] 1:47 pm: Yeah

[monster87] 1:48 pm: any plot points or advancement points?

[] 1:48 pm: I can talk to you about that later right?

[Lazarus] 1:48 pm: I'm going to say 3 XP and plot point reset

[Lazarus] 1:48 pm: Not much this session

[] 1:49 pm: Yeah

[Lazarus] 1:49 pm: Hopefully the plot points will fall like rain next week

[Gabel] 1:49 pm: Hey we got thrown off a ship

[] 1:49 pm: Well that was quite a stunt

[monster87] 1:49 pm: i did some nice rolling today ;)

[monster87] 1:49 pm: but it wouldn't help a lot

[monster87] 1:49 pm: anyway by my count i'm at 5 AP then

[] 1:49 pm: Expect when almost killing yourself in the engine room

[Niles] 1:50 pm: lol. What what is the ofifcal site for finding books and such for this game/

[] 1:50 pm: :)

[Lazarus] 1:50 pm: Unfortunately, MWP killed the license, all the books are out of print now

[Gabel] 1:50 pm: Im out guys i gotta go

[Gabel] 1:50 pm: Thanks for the session laz

[] 1:50 pm: I'm going to shower

[monster87] 1:50 pm: ok see ya next week

[] 1:50 pm: back for talk soon

[Lazarus] 1:50 pm: Much like FOX, MWP failed to realize what they had on their hands

[Gabel] 1:50 pm: Nice meeting you Zeenix hope to see you next session

[Lazarus] 1:51 pm: later gabel

[Gabel] 1:51 pm: Bye all

[] 1:51 pm: No worries you will

[] 1:51 pm: bue

[monster87->Lazarus] 1:51 pm: i think ill take 4 AP for knowledge d4

[] 1:51 pm: *bye

[Serenity Out of the Ashes - Session 10]: Gabel has left at 1:51 pm+

[Lazarus->monster87] 1:51 pm: ok

[monster87->Lazarus] 1:51 pm: that'll leave 1 AP for later

[Lazarus->monster87] 1:51 pm: yep

[monster87] 1:51 pm: ok bye all

[Lazarus] 1:51 pm: I have Ian and John at 27 XP

[Lazarus] 1:52 pm: night Rein

[Lazarus] 1:52 pm: Alex has 21

[Lazarus] 1:52 pm: Ray has 23, if it mattered

[Lazarus] 1:53 pm: So you sure you want me to make a PC for you Z?