Name: Sylvester Marsh AGL D10, STR D6, VIT D6, ALE D6, INT D8, WIL D6, INIT D10+D6, Life Points 12

Assets: Born Behind the Wheel (Space Vehicle) - minor, Things Go Smooth - Major Complications: Chip on shoulder - minor, Lightweight - minor, Scrawny - minor

Skills: Animal Handling D4, Athletics D4, Covert D4, Discipline D2, Guns D4, Influence D4, Knowledge D4, Medical Expertise D2, Mechanical Engineering D6, Perception D6, Pilot D6 - Mid-Bulk Transports D12, Planetary Vehicles D6, Survival D2, Unarmed Combat D6 - Brawling D8

Equipment: Multi-band, Gun Cleaning Kit, Vacuum Suit, Patch Tape, Brass Knuckles, Pistol, 500 rounds, Standard Data Library, Encyclopedia, Data Book, 7 Data Discs, Micro-transmitter, First Aid Kit, 10 credits Clothing, 309 credits, Double Cabin w/Mechanic

Background: Sylvester Marsh is a brilliant pilot, but has a huge problem with being taken seriously. In addition to looking younger than his twenty years, he is only 5'6" and weighs in at 125 pounds soaking wet. Marsh has always been small for his age and has faced a constant battle to be looked on as anything but "some kid" and has developed a hair-trigger temper because of this teasing. In the cockpit however, he is nearly unequalled, but he could never find anyone willing to give him a chance to show his skills. Chan was not in the position to be very selective once she got stranded and has had to accept Marsh based off his piloting school transcripts and the fact he had the coin to buy his share.

XP: 8