Patrol Cruiser

Construction Data

Ship Class                                                          V

Model Numbers                                                   Mk I

Date Entering Service                                         2257 (1/99)

Number Constructed                                           Unknown

Hull Data

Superstructure Points                                         15

Damage Chart                                                    C


Length                                                 102.21 m

Width                                                   43.56 m

Height                                                  20.33 m

Weight                                                 40,538 mt


Cargo Units                                          350 SCU

Cargo Capacity                                    17,500 mt

Landing Capability                               Yes

Equipment Data

Control Computer Type                                      TC-3


standard 6-person                               1

cargo                                                   1

Other Data

Crew                                                                  75

Shuttlecraft                                                         0

Engines and Power Data

Total Power Units Available                                33

Movement Point Ratio                                         2/1

Warp Engine Type                                              TWB-1

Number                                                2

Power Units Available                          14

Stress Charts                                       D/J

Maximum Safe Cruising Speed            Warp 7

Emergency Speed                               Warp 9

Impulse Engine Type                                          TIB-3

Power Units Available                          5

Weapons and Firing Data

Beam Weapon Type                                           TR-5

Number                                                6 in 2 banks of 3

Firing Arcs                                           3f, 3a

Firing Charts                                        O

Maximum Power                                   4

Damage Modifiers


+2                                                        (1 - 8)

+1                                                        (9 - 14)

Web Generator Type                                          TTW-1

               Number                                                1

               Firing Arcs                                           a

               Firing Chart                                         D

               Power to Arm                                       2

Shields Data

Deflector Shield Type                                         TSD

Shield Point Ratio                                1/2

Maximum Shield Power                        11

Combat Efficiency

D--                                                       84.5

WDF--                                                  20.4

Fleet Data: The ubiquitous Tholian Patrol Cruiser seems everywhere the mysterious crystalline aliens call their space.  Not a powerful craft on its own however, when it operates in groups of three or six they can pose a threat to even large ships.  Each ship is equipped with the equally mysterious “web” generator. Given enough time, two Tholian ships can imprison an immobilized foe in an energy field they cannot escape on their own. It is unknown if the Tholians are unable to build larger ships or are just unwilling to reveal them.


Web Generator Rules

One or all vessels may fire a beam to immobilize the target vessel. The beam does no damage. The beam is not accumulative. The target vessel may fire only energy weapons but only at half power. The number of ships determines how long it will take to spin the web (See Web Spinning Process chart). The target vessel can escape before the web is done. The vessel’s captain has to roll the dice to see if they escape. (See Web Spinning Process chart). Once the web is done the target vessel cannot get out and cannot fire its weapons. The ship can move at one hex per turn.


Once the web is spun, the captain has a choice of either crushing the trapped ship or towing the trapped ship out of the area. One or all of the vessels that helped in spinning the web may tow the vessel trapped in the web. When towing, all vessels must travel at thruster speeds. Once the web is constricted the vessel inside is automatically destroyed.



Number of

Die Roll


Times around



Target Vessel




1 – 6



1 – 6



1 – 5



1 – 5



1 – 4



1 – 4



1 – 3



1 – 3



1 – 2







The amount of times the vessel must go

around the Target vessel to spin the

web.  Spinning has to be done at

thruster speeds only.


Once the web spinning process has

started, the captain of the trapped vessel

rolls one D6 to see if he can escape. 

The number of times depends on the

die role.  After every time around

subtract one from the die roll.  Example:

If 4 vessels are spinning the web, then it

will take 4 turns around the ship.  The

captain of the trapped ship has to roll a

1 – 5.  On the next turn he has to roll a

1 – 4. Etc.  Once the web is done then

the trapped ship cannot escape.