Episode 6 – Rite of Passage


The full induction Rite of Passage is a week long event comprised of four phases. Each human attempting the ritual must succeed at each test in order to be found worthy to join the clan. There are observers that will monitor the tests to ensure fairness and that they are passed honorably. If the humans display a lack of heart or honor, it is possible that they will earn a black mark for that test. Even if they succeed in the task, a black mark counts as a failure and two black marks will result in that human’s rite being stopped as they are clearly unworthy.


Test of Skill

Each character attempting the rite, while armed and armored as locals, will face a series of challenges to their weapons skills. The first is a simple weighted list that they must strike with their weapon while parrying the device’s counter strike. The attack is an EASY (3) Agility + Melee Weapons Combat roll and parry is another EASY (3) Agility + Melee Weapons Combat roll with both rolls suffering the standard one-step penalty for multiple actions. The second challenge is more sophisticated list making the two rolls AVERAGE (7). The third challenge is against a single live member of the guard with rebated weapons and the final challenge is against a pair of live guards. The rebated weapons do their normal damage, but converted to Stun Only damage, however, on an Extraordinary Success, the weapon will do d2W. The guards have the following stats: Agi d8, Str d8, Vit d8, Ale d6, Int d6, Wil d6; Life Points 14; Initiative d8 + d6. Skills: Athletics d6, Melee Weapon Combat d6 / Scota d8 / Knives d8 / Clubs d8, Unarmed Combat d6 / Brawling d10.


While Chi-Dan-Ag has set up the standard rite of passage for the humans, the bitter Sak-Fel-Ay attempts to sabotage proceedings by bribing warriors to be too harsh. The humans when they reach the single guard challenge will be opposed by a guard with the following stats: Agi d6, Str d10, Vit d10, Ale d6, Int d4, Wil d6; Life Points 20; Initiative d6 + d6. Traits: Tough as Nails (Major Asset). Skills: Athletics d6, Melee Weapon Combat d6 / Scota d10 / Knives d8 / Clubs d8, Unarmed Combat d6 / Brawling d10. As each PC faces this encounter, they may roll a HARD (11) Alertness + Perception roll to realize the guard they face is better than they are supposed to be. If the PC continues with the challenge and succeeds, they will gain three Plot Points for their trouble. If the PC chooses to call attention to the ringer, they must succeed in a HARD (11) test of Willpower + Influence to expose the rigged guard. If this roll succeeds, the observers will stop the challenge and replace the guard with one with the first set of stats. If this roll fails, the human will appear weak and will receive a black mark.  


Test of Endurance

While wearing standard Lemurian armor, the humans attempted the Rite of Passage will have an additional burden of sacks of sand draped across their shoulders equal to 20% of their body weight. After remaining awake all night, itself an EASY (3) Endurance (Vitality + Willpower) roll, each human must stand in the hot sun in the full armor for three hours. The first hour is an EASY (3) Endurance (Vitality + Willpower) roll, the second is AVERAGE (7), and the third is HARD (11).


If Sak-Fel-Ay’s duplicity in the first test has been discovered, the PCs should now be on their guard and will gain a one-step bonus to Perception skills. This caution is warranted as before the contest begins, the PCs are all offered water by one of the Lemurians. The water has been drugged and if the PCs drink, the difficulty for each test is raised by two-steps becoming HARD (11), FORMIDABLE (15), and INCREDIBLE (23). Detecting that the water has been doctored is a HARD (11) Alertness + Perception / Smell roll.


In addition to drugging the PCs water, Sak-Fel-Ay has managed to load down the sacks the PCs must bear. The added weight increases the difficulty for each test by one-step. It is possible for the humans to notice the overloaded sacks with a HARD (11) Alertness + Perception roll as they start the test. If the PC chooses to call attention to this fact, they must succeed in a HARD (11) test of Willpower + Influence to expose the rigged sacks. If this roll succeeds, the observers will stop the challenge and replace the overloaded sacks with ones of the proper weight. If this roll fails, the human will appear weak and will receive a black mark. 


Test of Bravery

The final test is the most dangerous part of the Rite of Passage. Each human attempting to join the clan must hunt a Fektah, a dangerous carnivore alone, armed with nothing but local weapons. Each PC will be armed with a scota, a hunting knife, and a crossbow. The will be further equipped with a helmet and a leather shield.


Hunting is a HARD (55) Complex Action of Intelligence + Perception / Tracking with each roll taking 30 minutes. Success allows a standard attack roll. An Extraordinary Success surprises the creature and allows an attack against an EASY (3) target. Failure alerts the target forcing the PC to roll initiative and fight per the standard roll. A Botch is most unfortunate in that it allows the creature to attack the PC by surprise that may only use Innate Defense. Since this part of the test is so dangerous, unknown to the PCs, the Observers are close enough to intervene to save the PC’s life with well aimed and well timed crossbow fire. Obviously, if the human has to be rescued, they fail the Rite.


Fektah: Agility: d10, Strength: d6, Vitality: d8, Alertness: d10, Intelligence: d2, Willpower: d8; Life Points 16; Initiative d10 + d10. Traits: Fightin’ Type (Major). Skills: Athletics d6 / Dodge d10 / Running d10, Covert d6 / Stealth d10, Discipline d6 Concentration d8, Melee Weapon Combat d6 / Claws d10 / Teeth d10, Perception d6 / Tracking d8, Survival d6 / Jungle d8


Once again Sak-Fel-Ay attempts to interfere with the test. Whether his previous attempts have been noticed, this time his sabotage is more subtle and the PCs will gain not bonus to notice his meddling. The sky priest has hired a few locals to act as beaters to drive additional fektahs toward the PCs. When the PCs reach the threshold for their hunting task, unless they roll an Extraordinary Success on their last roll, the PC encounters additional fektahs. If the PC is beset by more than one of the deadly hunters, the Observers will intervene to fight the additional beasts. The Observers will leave one fektah for the PC and if the human can defeat that creature alone, then they will successfully pass the Test of Bravery.   


Rite of Induction

On a successful completion of the tests the human will have been found to be worthy of clan Ag. Anyone that fails will be allowed to try again, but each individual human may only try three times before they are no longer eligible to join the clan.

The actual Rite of Induction is fairly easy, especially after the three tests. However, the words that must spoken must be correctly cited in the Lemurian language without error. Committing the

Ritual to memory takes a HARD (11) Memorize roll (Intelligence + Alertness). If this first roll is successful, reciting the words at the ceremony is an AVERAGE (7) Intelligence + Linguist test. If the first roll fails, the task becomes FORMIDABLE (15).


Once the words have been spoken correctly, the humans may add -Ag to their name and when among the clan, they are expected to do so. Each member of the Ag clan may call upon them for assistance, but are now also duty bound to assist the clan. These obligations take the form of a new complication: Duty


Duty (minor)

Is similar to the Credo trait, but rather than a code that they follow, the character has a responsibility to another individual or an organization. These responsibilities require that the PC render aid either directly or indirectly to this person or group and may get them into trouble.