The Long Arm of the Tong



Shamed and furious, the Hip Sing Tong contacts the Chee Kong Tong for help. The powerful Tong locates PCs quickly. Friends in Low Places initially can’t fence the silk until a friend of a friend of a friend sells out PCs. Group meets with “contact” and walk right into an ambush. PCs are captured and are used under threat of death as Trojan Horses to approach ship. Ship captured. Characters and Tong returned to Jiangyin. Hip Sing Survivors meet ship as it lands. PCs tortured, but not killed. Debt to Hip Sing paid by them taking their ship. Initial payment of Hip Sing’s debt to Chee Kong is paid by selling PCs to slavery. The Characters are taken in their own ship, under heavy guard to nearby planet and transferred to another ship. PC’s forced to watch Hip Sing fly away in their ship. The second ship is carrying other slaves and is en route to [planet]. PCs manage to stage a revolt and take control of slave ship. Return to Jiangyin, retake own ship, and escape.



After escaping Jiangyin an Average INT + Streetwise figures going to a planet too close to the scene of the crime would make things too easy for the Tong to find them. A Hard roll figures that moving inward is a less likely course of action and would give the PCs more time to find a fence. On reaching a Verbena, PCs quickly find that while the common items can easily be fenced or used by PCs as they choose, the most valuable item however, is so rarified that they can’t find anyone that can handle the goods. Friends in Low Places are initially of no assistance until a friend of a friend of a friend type contact lets the group know that he has a high falutin’ type buyer that could use what they have. The price is a very respectable 2,000 platinum. This contact takes as many days as it takes to roll a Heroic INT + Streetwise roll or the PCs decide they’ve been in place too long. On each planet after the first, this task drops by one level until the PCs are successful.

Where ever the deal is made, when the PCs go to meet their contact, they walk into a trap. The GM must use what ever means based on the strength of the group to make fighting a lost cause. Unknown to the PCs they will only be hit with stunners and flashbangs until all are subdued. The captured will be completely searched and the bulk kept under heavy guard. One PC will be used as a shill to approach the ship. If they refuse, one of the captured PCs will be beaten unconscious to make them change the chosen PC’s mind. If this doesn’t work, up violence ante with more beatings, slashings (painful but deliberately kept non-fatal), shooting with small caliber weapons whatever it takes. The idea is to show the complete disregard the captors have for the PCs.

Once the shill agrees to go to the ship, as soon as the loading ramp opens, the Tong enforcers rush the ship, again using capture tactics. You can give the shill a Heroic INT + Covert to give the captured character a chance to give the PCs on the ship a hint that there is trouble, but this is only to make the player feel better. The PCs on the ship are also completely outnumbered and outclassed; they will stand up no better than the first group of characters.

The PCs are bundled onto their own ship under an intense guard all the way back to Jiangyin. On arrival, the surviving Hip Sing members meet the ship as it lands. Each PC is tortured requiring a VIT + Discipline or WIL + Discipline Heroic roll to endure, failing causes PC to black out. The Hip Sing members take special care to ensure despite the worst of the torture, none of the PCs actually die.  

After this bout of pain and humiliation, the senior surviving Hip Sing member tells the characters “You have cost us a great deal and your debt is as yet unpaid. The pain you have suffered today is only the first installment on what you owe. You took sometime precious from us and now we will now do the same to you. Your ship is now ours. Your debt to us is now paid, but thanks to you we owe a debt to our Chee Kong brethren. To pay this debt you will do so with your lives. No, do not misunderstand me. It would be too simple to have you killed. You are now slaves of the Chee Kong. Enjoy your new lives.”

The characters are herded back onto their ship and under even heavier guard, transported to the Rim World Lilac. On this planet a ship is waiting, as the PCs are prodded up the cargo ramp, they see their own ship lift and fly away under the control of the Hip Sing. The characters are pushed into cells and the slaver ship departs, destination unknown. By this time the players will be quite fed up with being led around without much chance of altering events. It is now time for our heroes to get even.

The slave ship is packed and carries roughly 100 cases of human misery in the hold. In order to change the situation, the PCs need a means to escape the cells. This chance comes in the form of a lustful slaver. The order of his selection is a female with allure, a female, an ugly as sin female, a male with allure, a male, and finally an ugly as sin male.

The slaver is careful and a master of taking advantage of the hopeless. He realizes the “new meat” still hasn’t figured out that they are hopeless yet and might try to fight back. He is on his guard and has a friend to watch his back. That is until they reach his quarters. He gets to go first and his friend gets to go next, so he will wait outside and guard the door.

In the quarters, a Formidable INT + Seduction roll will lower the man’s guard enough for the PC to get the jump. This will give the character a free shot at a certain critical target causing a four step bonus to damage. A Hard INT + Performance or a WIL + Influence will make enough convincing “noises” to keep the guard outside the room, if this roll fails the PC has three rounds to subdue the second guard without raising an alarm. If the roll succeeds, the character will get the same advantage as above to take out the second guard.

Now armed and in possession of keys, the PC can sneak back to the cells with an Average AGL + Covert. If the sneak roll fails, the character has two rounds to outrun pursuit to the hold fifty meters away. The PC has a ten meter lead and the guard has AGL D6, if the guard somehow manages to catch the character, an Easy AGL + throwing will get the keys into the cell. If all these fail, your PCs deserve to be slaves!

As soon as the cells are opened, there is a piercing shriek of an alarm as the slavers try to regain control of the escaping prisoners. There are only ten remaining crew on the ship and with 100 highly motivated slaves rampaging through the ship, the slavers never have a chance. All are literally torn limb from limb. This would normally be the end of the shortsighted slaves, easily explaining how they ended up slaves in the first place, as they do not have a pilot among them. Fortunately the PCs do have such skills. It is a trivial matter to figure out their location and how to plot back to Jiangyin.

The PCs have to make a Hard INT + Influence or WIL + Intimidation to cow the other freed slaves into accepting Jiangyin as their first destination. On arrival, the PCs can either land a distance away from the Hip Sing village or swoop in like an avenging harpy. If either is done at night, the Tong are completely surprised and the PCs can escape on their ship before the Hip Sing can stop them.

After breaking atmo, the PCs are free to choose their next destination. They can escort the freed slaves to a nice safe place, selling the slaver’s ship to either fund the ex-slaves new lives, or as a tidy fee for freeing them if they choose to be greedy.

As for their personal belongings, this is a GM’s call. If the GM feels generous, their equipment can be found in crates in the cargo hold. If the characters have had an easy time of things, their belongings have been sold all over Jiangyin, or the entire ‘Verse for that matter.