Goin Hunting

Option 2

Adventurers have been hired to find and apprehend a known Terrorist of the Independents


This is a complete, ready to run adventure for a party of 5 to 10 characters in which they have been hired by the Magistrate of Lilac as Bounty Hunters to locate one of the Independents to retrieve a known criminal and brigand that terrorized the political and civil operations of the Alliance. Any number of NPCs the characters would and should interact throughout this adventure. The majority of NPCs are civilians’ on all the worlds they visit, but they will encounter rogue Alliance Officials and Local Enforcers as well as Miscreants in which they have to contend with. The character types are Rogues and Merchants with skills of Pilot, ATV, Grav Vehicles, Gun Combat, and Investigative abilities.

Standards and Assumptions:

This adventure primarily takes place in and about four worlds of the Border Worlds in the year 2518. The Independents may have been diminished, but there are its remnants that resist the influences of the Alliance.

Adventure Background:

Gaius Baltar grew up on a Core World at the time of its birth. Fearful of the influence and indoctrination of this new Alliance, he sought to resist them through activism and rebellious actions by speaking out against them through social and political means. Doomed for it to fail as well as being shunned by his peers, Baltar resorted to terrorism and brigandage, and started a small but effective terrorist group. For a few years, this terrorist group attacked and terrorized the citizens and political offices within the Core Worlds on the outskirts of the Alliance. Many Alliance Offices were attacked and destroyed as well as many Alliance citizens closest to the Border Planets.

The Bureau of Interstellar Affairs realized that this terrorist group is a threat to the safety and security of the Alliance and advised using military action against them. Within seven days, a small-specialized military task force was able to track down the terrorist group and able to either capture the survivors after a long and furious ground and space battle over the planet Beaumonde. Unfortunately, Gaius Baltar managed to escape the battle and had been on the run ever since. With a price on his head, Baltar was able to link with pirates in the region and they plundered corporate and public shipping lines for the cargo of the Alliance. One day, he and his pirates’ attacked a space luxury liner and within hours, killed the entire complement and plundered it dry. When they left, the liner was nothing more than a lifeless derelict that entombed a shipload of corpses.

The Alliance Task Force was able to track down the pirate group and easily captured the ship and crew, but Baltar escaped just days before. Upon interrogation, the prisoners confessed that Baltar in hiding in the Rim On the moon Lilac with a band of Brigands and Miscreants who are loyal to him and to the Independents. With a need to capture Baltar for trial on Londinum the representatives of the Bureau of Interstellar Affairs needed to hire the PCs’ to enter the Rim to track down and capture Gaius Baltar and to bring him to justice by any and all means necessary, includes eliminating his Brigand Band that’s with him.

Player’s Information:

A mercenary team has been hired to find and apprehend a criminal who is wanted for murder, brigandage, and others of the Alliance. The team was selected, as their ship is obviously not under Alliance ownership, to search and retrieve the criminal and to return to Londinum for trial. The reward is substantially high upon return.

Alliance Intelligence indicates that the criminal is hiding on Lilac. The criminals name is Gaius Baltar, and is believed to have friends inside the Independents, these holdouts are volatile but diminishing, and it is a perfect place to hide from the Alliance Authorities. Once Baltar has been in custody, he is to be escorted back to Londinum alive and intact. Be aware of any local Governmental Officials and Agents, they are known to be corrupted and on the payroll of the pirates and gangsters.

Referees’ Information:

The PC’s begin on one of the Border Planets of the Alliance, Persephone. The team should have a pilot as well as a few military personal to act as Bounty Hunters and there are four worlds to search: Athens, Lilac, Triumph, and Whitefall. The PCs should be able to hide their true intensions and pose as independent merchants looking for work. Lilac Officials would be suspicious with them and would believe they are Alliance spies. It will take them several days to travel to the Rim, which will give them time to prepare and communicate with the Alliance Authorities while inside their ship. The legally registered markings and transponder of the ship has identified it as an independent mid-bulk transport.

Exploring and Investigating the Planets

On Athens, the capital city the PCs is vast and sprawling with many inhabitants. The center of the city has numerous offices, corporate enterprises, countless shops and alleyways, and living spaces as well as a fully equipped starport. They enter the governmental district to talk with the officials there. The buildings are large and spacious but more or less professional. Upon investigating and searching, Baltar is not here.

On Whitefall, this moon is chaotic and has a frontier government and a minimal starport, which is a perfect place for any criminal to hide. This moon appears to be much like the old west of the United States, with towns, cities, and farmland as well as having gunfighters, lawmen, ranchers, and railroad and robber barons for this unique western frontier. With dirt roads and covered wagons and horses for transportation, that gives the old-west activity for its genre. The PCs search the towns adjacent to the frontier starport and find that Baltar is not here.

On Triumph, this world is another frontier starport and villages much like on Whitefall, but with an Amish touch. Many of the cities of this world are in disarray as well as dirty due to the slow economic and social recovery due to their choice to live as technology free as possible. This is another perfect place for a criminal and his henchmen to hide from any Alliance Authorities. The roads in the capital are cobblestone; while the buildings are wood and masonry, and its citizens are fearful. Many of its inhabitants of this planet have adapted to the primitive culture, but upon further search and within the numerous towns and villages, Baltar is not here.

On Lilac, the hard luck planet of the rim, there is an underworld society within its shadows. The starport is in the center of the main city with other Travelers within its midst’s, including pirates, brigands, and other criminals that are on the run from the Alliance. The local law enforcement tends to be corrupted through bribery and on the payroll of interstellar criminals and gangsters. Their government offices were essentially no help because of the disinformation about the environment and society of the planet. Their best bet is through informants and snitches in order to find the criminal. Through inquires and investigations, Baltar is here and in a nearby safe house within the lower levels of the city, accompanied by a gang (1D6+2) of his brigand friends with him and are armed with SMGs. A firefight will incur within the building and Baltar would try to escape because their associates in the Lilac Government tipped them off. The battle will take several minutes.

The Escape from Lilac

After the battle, all of the brigands should be killed and Baltar has been captured, the PCs’ then carefully work their way to the starport hanger bay where their ship lies and to be as inconspicuous as possible. As they approach their ship, they encounter a group (1D6+6) of Lilac Enforcers armed with SMGs and Assault Rifles who are standing about in the landing bay and not noticing the PCs and their prisoner. The PCs have to find their way to the ship without being noticed or a firefight will incur within the general area. If they are spotted, the enforcers will attack and fire upon the group. Once they get to their ship, they make an unscheduled lift off and into orbit of Lilac, until two Alliance Short Range Enforcement Vehicles chase them on an attack vector until the PCs make the Hard Burn to Londinum. Upon return to Londinum, the PCs are rewarded €5,000 and as an added bonus, they get a permit to arm their ship with a 100 pound missile bay, as Baltar is taken into custody by Alliance Authorities and is to await for trial.

Referee Resources:

The PC’s ship can use one of her passenger cabins as a holding cell to hold criminals and miscreants as well as having a Wheeled ATV in the cargo bay. The party size should be between six to eight individuals and their professions would be Rogues and Merchants, as well as their required skills are Pilot, Ground Vehicles, Grav Vehicles, Gun Combat and Investigation.


Gaius Baltar: This individual is a criminal and a terrorist as well as a rebel of the Independents. He has viciously attacked and killed Alliance citizens and officials in the Core Worlds. He and his terrorist band caused pain and suffering within the border planets and when an Alliance Task Force attacked his band, he managed to escape and linked with a pirate group to plunder local shipping lanes. When the pirate band attacked and viciously slaughtered the entire complement if an innocent liner, Baltar fled to the safe havens of Lilac. He has been hiding there ever since.