A Mission of Mercy


During trip to Beaumonde to deliver Harvey Killian, the crew finds out that the man they rescued is a ‘Verse wide known philanthropist. After learning personally that the crew can think on their feet, he wants to hire them for an idea he’s had for a long time. That of roving free clinic to assist the people of the Rim during the turmoil of the Rebellion. On arrival in Beaumonde, Killian sets up a very lucrative deal by essentially chartering the ship for six months and adding hazardous duty pay incentive for the PCs to be guards. To supplement the ship’s medic’s own skills Killian also contracts additional help in the form of three medics, two nurses, and a doctor to accompany the “Red Cross Express” on its goodwill mission on the Rim.


Despite having a fairly substantial fortune, this outreach program is a bit too pricey for Killian to finance by himself. In order to raise funds, he stages a benefit to pay for the medical supplies. The downside of fund raiser is it makes the mission very public knowledge.


As they are a major part of the entire endeavor, the PCs have to participate in the big shindig. They will have to get fitted for proper clothing and it will take a Hard INT + Knowledge or an Average INT + Discipline to commit the basic etiquette to memory. The effects of any botches on this particular roll will be deferred until the actual party for the maximum effect (Drinking from the finger bowl comes to mind). Unless the PC can make a Hard AGL + Athletics roll to surreptitiously avoid Killian and other benefactors, the PCs will have to make a short speech in support of the mission. This is an INT + Influence roll to see how well the oration goes.  The GM is more than free to build onto the various events of the Shindig to either add humor or complications to the evening.


As mentioned, with so public a showing, the Neo-Browncoats quickly hear about this traveling bonanza and decide the ship is too good a target to let pass. While they do not make any moves during the fund raiser, they do keep the ship under constant observation. As soon as they can get an ex-Browncoat PC alone, due to their previous service, the Neo-Browncoats warn PC and let them know that they might want to be busy at a specific time, unless of course they wants to join the cause. Character is told one hour after landing at their first stop on Beylix would be an excellent time to find them self in their cabin. A conflicted PC probably warns captain and gives crew enough time to prepare a surprise for the would-be Rebels. As in actuality, the Neo-Browncoats will try to shanghai the ship en route to Beylix and the warning will be barely in time. Regardless of when PC reveals what they know, the hijacking attempt will occur less than ten minutes later.


The Neo ship is faster than the PC’s ship and is equipped with enough small missiles to very carefully pick the PC’s ship apart. One GM fiat, the PC’s ship must take at least one hit during the escape. Let the players brainstorm any reasonable escape plan, but make the rolls needed to successfully escape fairly difficult. Figure at least three different skills at no less than Formidable for each roll. An example is the brilliant tactic of Andrew_L from the Waves in the Black forum of using the shuttle as a missile trick First, the pilot turns the broadside with the aggressor –Second, the pilot points one engines up and the other down, and slam on full throttle - this will put you in a ridiculously fast on-axis spin. This is a Formidable AGL + Piloting + Ship’s AGL roll to set up the spin and get perfectly perpendicular to them.

Third and this needs some horribly good timing, the pilot blow the remote locks to the 20-ton shuttle on the "up" engine side precisely when the aggressive ship is directly above the cockpit, This is another piloting roll as above, but this one is an Incredible. This slings a 20-ton shuttle at the other with cataclysmic results.
(Killian will replace the shuttle, but PCs won’t know that up front). Venting the ship’s water supply will also work to escape from the Neo-Browncoat’s hot pursuit. After several desperate maneuvers and some extremely tense moments the ship escapes and Killian is forced to cancel the great traveling medicine show.