RACE:                                                Federation

STARSHIP CLASS:                          Miranda Class


Construction Data:

  Model Numbers-                             MK V

  Date Entering Service-                   2/00

  Number Constructed-                     200+

Hull Data:

  Superstructure Points-                    84

  Damage Chart-                                 C


    Length-                                           233 m

    Width-                                            140 m

    Height-                                           64 m

    Weight-                                          165163 mt


    Cargo Units-                                  400 SCU

    Cargo Capacity-                             20,000 mt

  Landing Capability-                         None

Equipment Data:

  Control Computer Type-                M-7

  Long-range Sensors-                       15 light-years     


    standard 6-person-                        4

    emergency 22-person-                 3

    cargo-                                             2

Other Data:

  Crew-                                                200

  Passengers-                                      225 max

  Shuttlecraft-                                     4

  Bay Size-                                          15

Engines and Power Data:

  Total Power Units Available-         68 (204)

  Movement Point Ratio-                  4/1 (8/1)

  Warp Engine Type-                         FAWG-1

    Number-                                         2

    Power Units Available-                 78

    Stress Charts-                                D/F

    Maximum Safe Cruising Speed-  Warp 5.0-9.0

    Emergency Speed-                        Warp 9.2 (12 hours)

  Impulse Engine Type-                     FIF-2

    Power Units Available-                 48

    Speed-                                            .75 c/.9 c             

Weapons And Firing Data:

  Beam Weapon Type-                       FH-11

    Number-                                         4 in 2 banks

    Firing Arcs-                                   2 f/p, 2 f/s

    Firing Chart-                                  Y

    Maximum Power-                         10

    Damage Modifiers-

      +3                                                 (1-10)

      +2                                                 (11-17)

      +1                                                 (18-24)

  Beam Weapon Type-                       FH-3

    Number-                                         12 in 6 banks of 2

    Firing Arcs-                                   4f/p, 4f, 4f/s

    Firing Chart-                                  Y

    Maximum Power-                         5

    Damage Modifiers-

      +3                                                 (1-10)

      +2                                                 (11-17)

      +1                                                 (18-20)

  Missile Weapon Type-                   FP-4

    Number-                                         2

    Firing Arcs-                                   2f/p/s (a) (must declare f/p/s or a when armed)

    Firing Chart-                                  S                  

    Power to Arm-                               1

    Damage-                                         20

Shields Data:

  Deflector Shield Type-                   FSP

    Shield Point Ratio-                       1/8

  Maximum Shield Power-                48

  Structural Integrity Field

    SIF Point Ratio-                            1/2

    Maximum Strength                        28

Combat Efficiency-

  D-                                                      160.04

  WDF-                                               137.4


The oldest vessel design still in active production by Starfleet, the Miranda-class Cruiser owes its longevity to two factors. Th first is that it’s quick and easy to produce. It consists primarily of a saucer section with a small Engineering section attached to it aft and two nacelles attached to Engineering by short, aft-angled ventral nacelles.

The second is its adaptability. While most Miranda-class vessels are tasked with scientific or exploratory duties (it was, in fact, the first ship launched as part of the Exploratory Vessel Initiative), the ship’s design makes the swapping of systems or installation of uprating packages a simple matter.

Thanks to the ship’s versatility, it sometimes seems as if no two Miranda-class Cruisers are alike! The basic model includes a large aft “rollbar” (sometimes with a central pod) across the top of the ship but some versions lack this, or incorporate other changes. One version of the ship is so different that it’s sometimes referred to as a separate class (the Soyuz-class Cruiser; withdrawn from production in 2/23)