Linguistics Instead of 1/5th of Linguistics skill equalling character's chance to speak/read any language (IE 50% in Linguistics yields a staggering 10% chance to read Chinese or any other language).
Linguistics skill now works as followed: Divide Linguistics in half (round down) and ADD this amount to any language character has at least 10% skill. For a language the character has no skill in, if PC makes his Linguistics roll, PC can then make a Know roll to understand that language.
Example for first use of Linguistics: PC speaks Italian at 20% (Reads Italian at default 10%) and has Linguistics at 46%. 46 2 = 23% The PC can speak Italian at 43% and read at 33%. This first use of Linguistics assumes if the PC makes the initial roll, that entire conversation is fully understood.
Example for second use of Linguistics: Same PC has travelled to Egypt and is confronted by an Arab merchant. PC does not have any skill in Arabic. If PC rolls 46% or less, he then gets a Know roll and being a well educated person (EDU 16) which added to his keen understanding of the etymology of words, now has an 80% chance of comprehending wha the merchant is babbling about. If the PC fails the Linguistics roll, he doesn't understand any part of the conversation. If the Know roll fails, the PC understands only the crudest gist of the converstation. The down side of this second use of Linguistics, is the PC must make the Linguistics/Know rolls to both listen to and to speak the unfamiliar language.