Buildings Libraries for fun and profit Investigators have to do a lot of research to have even the slightest chance against the forces of the Cthulhu Mythos. However, because a large portion of this research is of extremely outre material and frequently done at other than regular library hours, most full time investigators will want to build their own personal library. The following is an example of how to create one that is quick and easy for Keepers and Investigators alike. Investing $1000 will yields a base of 35% to find a given answer in one subject. For each additional $100 invested over the initial amount adds one percent to the base percentage. Thus a total investment of $7500 will equal a 100% in a given subject. An important note: an Investigator's Library Use skill can not exceed the Library's rating for a given topic. (IE Library with a 45% in Occult is being used by an Investigator with Library Use at 72%. The Investigator can not roll higher than 45%)
Example: If our gallant investigators invest $5000 in their library, then they will have a 75% in a single topic, or five topics at 35%, or two topics at 35% and one at 55%, or any other combination of topics the investigators wish. If the investigators are strapped for cash, for each $150 less than $1000 of the initial investment, the library loses 5% off the normal base of 35%. Finally, a $100 initial investment will yield a 5% base.
Example: Investigators can only come up with $400 between them, this is $600 below the normal $1000 and will yield a base of only 15%. 600 150 = 4, 4 X 5 = 20, 35 - 20 = 15% The following table shows the base versus amount invested below $1000: $100 = 5% $250 = 10% $400 = 15% $550 = 20% $700 = 25% $850 = 30% $1000 = 35%