Name: Lattimer's Ghost AGL D8, STR D6, VIT D8, ALE D2, INT D2, WIL D2 INIT D8+D2, Life Points 8

Class: 03-K64 Firefly Mid-Bulk Transport Medship variant, Dimensions: 191' Long x 128' Beam x 53' High, Tonnage: 2,400 tons, Speed Class: 4 cruise / 6 hard burn, Crew Quarters: Two double, three single cabins, Fuel Capacity: 60 tons (600 hours), Cargo Capacity/maximum Deck Load: 400/460 in hold #1 Passenger Capacity: Four double cabins aft of infirmary, Gear: Two 20-ton shuttles, one large mule, one small hover mule, one small hovercraft.
Skills Athletics D2, Aerial Transport Operations/Transport: D2, Space Transport Operations/Transport: D2
Complexity: Very Low, Maintenance Costs: 3,840 a Year (320 per Month) Assets: Healthy as a Horse - minor
Complications: Branded - minor, Everybody Has One - minor, Seen Better Days - Major

Fuel on Hand: 60 tons (600 hours)

Food on Hand: 18 days protein packs for seven, 7 days canned foodstuffs for seven. 20 Ounces common spices, 7 ounces rare spices, 0 days of fresh foodstuffs for seven

Background: Originally owned by Harold Lattimer and flying under the name Tantivy, actually one of the last 03 model Fireflys produced this ship has plied the spacelanes for just over twenty years. Lattimer was one of the first to join with the Independent faction and his ship was converted into a medship to support the war effort. A true patriot, Lattimer kept the Tantivy close to the battle lines repeatedly bringing out wounded when no one else would even try to go get them, but his ship suffered for it. Hit many times despite her collision avoidance upgrade, the Tantivy stayed in the air only due to the sheer orneriness of the ship and her owner. The Tantivy was flagged by the Alliance, but in spite of their best efforts, both the ship and her captain survived the war. The wear and tear on the ship from her wartime exploits was considerable and constantly having to fly the longest courses to avoid Alliance patrols only added to the ship's overall poor condition. All this abuse caught up with the Tantivy and Lattimer three years after the war ended when the primary stabilizer collapsed leaving the ship on the drift. It was another year before the lifeless ship was discovered and towed in as scrap as the missing transponder, long removed by Lattimer, made the ship an anonymous hulk when it was brought in. A DNA scan of the dead crew identified Lattimer and the flag on the hulk was finally lifted.

The Tantivy sat in the scrappers's yard waiting to be broken up for nearly a year before Wu Chan Juan found the ship and despite it's condition purchased the infamous ship. Not wanting the baggage with her original name and in a bit of gallows humor, Chan renamed the ship in honor of her late owner the Lattimer's Ghost. Regardless of the name change, the ship now had a stigma as an unlucky ship. In spite of this reputation, Chan was able to hire a good enough crew to get the ship functional, however, the costs to repair the ship cut deeply into Chan's savings and left her without a cash reserve. Chan operated the ship as sole owner for two years until a run of bad luck left both the 'Ghost and Chan stranded on Verbena. Short on cash, Wu found herself unable to pay her crew and this in turn got the crew to thinking about what happened to the original crew and the ship's reputation. The crew decided to take the opportunity to part ways with the captain, leaving her in need of a new crew. Out of options, Wu had to offer part ownership in the ship in order to hire a new crew. The Lattimer's Ghost is now fully fueled and ready to return to the Black despite having seen better days.