Victorian society was extremely stratified and having a bad reputation was easier to get than a good one. If Characters break social conventions frequently or too obviously there is a price to pay. For example, one of the biggest "sins" a proper citizen could do was "go native" or embrace a colonial culture too completely, wearing local clothing, practicing a local religion, or even worse, marrying a local woman was an egregious violation of all things good and proper can could get anyone banned from polite company. The above examples are all serious violation of Victorian culture with the first two being worth 2 points of infamy and the third a full 4 points. Simpler violations such as too many bizarre and most importantly unfounded stories are only worth 1 point of infamy. The mechanics of infamy are as followed: each point of infamy grants a 1 in 6 of being recognized being as "an odd duck." Infamy has the down side that while renown will help you get access to closed doors, infamy might close open doors.