Name: Xavier AGL D10, STR D4, VIT D4, ALE D6, INT D12, WIL D4, INIT D10+D6, Life 8

Assets: Cortex Specter - Major, Talented - Major (Hacking), Things go Smooth - minor Complications: Forked Tongue - minor, Loyal - minor, Non-Fightin' Type, Soft - minor, Twitchy - minor

Skills: Artistry D6 - Painting D8, Animal Handling D2, Athletics D2, Covert D6 - Disable Devices D8 Forgery D8 Open Locks D8 Sabotage D8 Stealth D8 Surveillance D8, Guns D2, Influence D2, Knowledge D2, Mechanical Engineering D2, Perception D6, Planetary Vehicles D2, Technical Engineering D6 - Communications Systems D10 Computer Programming D8 Hacking D10 Electronics D8 Technical Repair D8 Technical Security Systems D8, Unarmed Combat D2

Equipment: Multi-band, Gun Cleaning Kit, Vacuum Suit, Patch Tape, Pistol, 100 rounds, Encyclopedia, Data Book, 10 Data Discs, First Aid Kit, Electronic Tool Kit, Eavesdrops, Mag Charge, Optical Bomb 10 credits Clothing, 12 credits Painting Supplies, 61 credits, 16p, Single Cabin

Background: Xavier is an enigma. She doesn't exist as far as the Alliance is concerned and she is very happy with that. She has used her anonymity for so long that she can't remember the last time she told the whole truth about anything. Her anonymity has a price she has to protect her non-existence so carefully, that she is in a near constant state of paranoia. Able to program before she left pre-school, her exploits are legendary and she has made her living finding data others would prefer wasn't found and otherwise wreaking havoc on the Cortex. Despite her inability to tell, or even know, the truth, she is totally loyal to Captain Wu due to Chan offering a berth on her ship. Long in search of a home that she wouldn't have to abandon when Alliance detection software and Marshals began to close in on her, Xavier leapt at the chance to buy into part ownership of the 'Ghost and a home that would move her about the 'Verse. Xavier's only relaxation is her natural artistic ability, whether on the Cortex or with paintbrush and canvas, her skill is prodigious and either is a work of art.

XP: 2