RACE:                                                                Breen                         

STARSHIP CLASS:                                            Gor Taan Battlecruiser                

Construction Data:

        Model Number-                                            I                                                                             

        Date Entering Service-                                 3/02

        Number Constructed-                                   6,200                 

Hull Data:

        Superstructure Points-                                  135        

        Damage Chart-                                            B                  


                Length-                                                300m                

                Width-                                                 245m

                Height-                                                40m 

                Weight-                                               818,000mt                


                Cargo units-                                         500           

                Cargo Capacity-                                   25000mt        

                Landing Capability-                               No   

Equipment Data:


                standard 6 person-                                2     

                emergency 20 person-                          1   

                cargo, large-                                         2           

Other Data:

Crew-                                                   637                         

Passengers-                                          195

Evacuation-                                           5,300                   

Shuttlecraft-                                          4 

Bay Size-                                              30                

Engines and Power Data:

        Total Power Units Available-                        153         

        Movement Point Ratio-                                 6/1          

        Warp Engine Number-                                  2                

                Power Units Available-                         65   

                Stress Charts-                                      E/F        

                Maximum Safe Cruising-                      Warp 9.4  

                Emergency Speed-                               Warp 9.88 for 10 hours

        Impulse Power Units Available-                    23   

Weapons and Firing Data:

       Missile Weapon Type-                                   Type I Photon Torpedo   

                Number-                                              1 Tri-Fire Bay                 

                Firing Arcs-                                         3f/p/s           

                Firing Chart-                                        S          

                Power to Arm-                                     1          

                Damage-                                             20 

               Torpedoes Carried-                               150

      Beam Weapon Type-                                     Energy Dampening Beam

Number-                                               1               

Firing Arcs-                                          f           

Firing Chart-                                         Y

Minimum Power-                                  50

Damage                                                Special

      Shield Data:

Deflector Shield Point Ratio-                  1/6   

Maximum Shield Power-                        39

      Structural Integrity Field

SIF Point Ratio-                                    1/2

Maximum Strength                                45


        The enigmatic Breen have long been an unknown factor in the Alpha Quadrant. When they allied with the Dominion, their fleet brought the allied Klingon, Federation, and Romulan fleets to the brink of defeat. The primary reason was the energy-dampening weapon, a weapon capable of completely disabling a starship with a single hit. The Breen for some unknown reason do not use beam weapons, but once they have crippled their target with the dampening field, they finish it off with standard photon torpedoes.

        The lack of beam weapons requires the ability to quickly bring the energy-dampening weapon and follow on photons to bear in order to defeat an enemy and this above all requires the Gor Taan Battlecruiser be a highly maneuverable ship for its size. The curious hull design however, makes the ship structurally weaker than ships of comparable size from other Alpha Quadrant powers. The Gor Taan is a deadly force multiplier using its energy-dampening weapon to cripple ships and leaving them easy targets for the Breen’s Dominion and Cardassian allies,                   

        When first used at the Second Battle of Chin’toka on 3/1008.23, Alpha Quadrant ships proved unable to resist the effects and had no defense apart from avoiding being hit. The sole exception was a single Klingon B’rel class Bird of Prey. This single ship had modified it’s warp core slightly to adjust for an instability in the intermix chamber and the rest of Klingon fleet was modified to match that configuration. Leaving the Klingon fleet alone against the full strength of the Dominion, Cardassian, and Breen forces. After capturing an intact dampening field weapon in 3/1009.28 and studying it thoroughly, the Federation found a way to counter the most devastating weapon they had encountered in the war. The modifications to fleet shields gave the target a means to resist the dampening effect by 3/1010.18.

The energy damper has no maximum power setting. The amount of power put into the weapon determines its effectiveness. The weapon requires a minimum of 50 points to activate. Each 10 points after the minimum increases the chance of total system failure in the target. When the Breen weapon is activated all ships hit by the weapon roll on the following table to see which systems the Dampening Field effects.

Dampening Field Effects Table (roll 10-sided die)

Die Roll                  Affected System

1                            Missile Weapons Offline

2                            Beam Weapons Offline

3                            Shields Offline

4                            Engines down, lose all movement points

5                            Shields and Missile Weapons Offline

6                            Beam Weapons and Engines Offline

7                            All Weapons Offline

8                            Shields and Weapons Offline

9                            Shields and Engines Offline

0+                          All Systems Offline


For Each 10 points of power past the minimum used to power the dampening field, add 1 to the effects roll, thus a beam with 80 points of power will roll a D10+3 on the effects table.


Once the Federation designs a counter to the Dampening Field, all targets have an automatic modifier of –5 on the above table and the Security Officer can roll against their Starship Shield Operations roll to increase the modifier. For each ten points (round up) the roll is successful, the modifier is increased by –1. Example Security Officer has a Starship Shield Operations skill of 73. The roll is 25 for a difference of 48. Divided by 10 is 4.8 rounded up to a modifier of –5. Added to the standard modifier gives a total modifier of –10 from that shot. If the Breen vessel had the Dampening Field Beam strength at 90 points, the final modifier would be 4 – 10 or D10–6. Any roll of less that 1 is “No Effect.”