Name: Wong Li Ming AGL D10, STR D6, VIT D6, ALE D12, INT D8, WIL D6, INIT D10+D12, Life Points 12

Assets: Allure - minor, Friends in High Places - minor, Nose for Trouble - minor, Talented - minor (Gambling) Complications: Deadly Enemy - minor, Things Don't Go Smooth - minor, Memorable - minor, Overconfidence - minor, Phobia (acrophobia) - minor

Skills: Animal Handling D2, Athletics D6, Covert D6 - Stealth D10, Guns D6 - Pistols D8 Shotgun D8, Influence D6 - Seduction D10 Deduction D8, Knowledge D2, Medical Expertise D2 Perception D6 - Gambling D12, Pilot D6, Planetary Vehicles D2, Survival D2, Unarmed Combat D6

Equipment: Multi-band, Gun Cleaning Kit, 3 Decanters Fine Whiskey, Ballistic Mesh, Ballistic Mesh with Plate Vest, Vacuum Suit, Patch Tape, Brass Knuckles, Derringer, Pistol, Shotgun, 500 rpg for each weapon, 5 Flashbang Grenades, Micro-transmitter, First Aid Kit, Debugger, Disguise Kit, Eavesdrops, 100 credits Clothing, 384.6 credits, Shuttle #2

Background: A simply stunning woman that has always had a way of getting what she wants and is the very embodiment of the meaning of her name - bright and beautiful. Li Ming took to gambling as easily as a fish does to water and has used her wiles to assist in bilking suckers out of their money. Smug in her abilities and talent of gaining the advantage at the poker table with a sultry crossing of her legs, she managed to get herself into trouble with a local casino owner. This man was not only not taken in by her feminine wiles; he was even less taken in with her disrespectful refusal to provide him a cut of her winnings. The casino owner had a pair of his goons hang her off the edge of his office balcony. The only reason she survived that night was by using a flashbang and near cat-like agility to use her silk scarf to swing onto a lower balcony and escape. The casino owner has been looking for Li Ming ever since.

Moving from place to place via whatever transport she could purchase passage, Li Ming was more than happy to make an arrangement with Captain Wu to rent one of the 'Ghost's shuttles as her residence. This gives Li Ming the ability to reach wherever the cortex tells her the hottest gaming tables are located.

XP: 9