RACE:                                                Federation

STARSHIPCLASS:                           Galaxy Class

Construction Data:

  Model Numbers-                             MK I

  Date Entering Service-                   2/98

  Number Constructed-                     6

Hull Data:

  Superstructure Points-                    294

  Damage Chart-                                 C


    Length-                                           642.5 m

    Width-                                            467 m

    Height-                                           137.5 m

    Weight-                                          3,000,000 mt


    Cargo Units-                                  500 SCU

    Cargo Capacity-                             25,000 mt

  Landing Capability-                         None

Equipment Data:

  Control Computer Type-                M-9A

  Long-range Sensors-                       17 light-years


    standard 6-person-                        6

    emergency 22-person-                 6

    cargo-                                             8

Other Data:

  Crew-                                                1,000 standard

  Passengers-                                      5,000 max

  Shuttlecraft-                                     25

  Bay Size                                           62

Engines and Power Data:

  Total Power Units Available-         528

  Movement Point Ratio-                  14/1

  Warp Engine Type-                         FVWA-1

    Number-                                         2

    Power Units Available-                 144

    Stress Charts-                                D/F

    Maximum Safe Cruising Speed-  Warp 8.0-9.95

    Emergency Speed-                        Warp 9.9982 (36 hours)

  Impulse Engine Type-                     FIG-3

    Power Units Available-                 240

    Number-                                         2 (one stardrive, one saucer)

    Power Each-                                  120

    Speed-                                            .75 c/ .92 c          

Weapons And Firing Data:

  Beam Weapon Type-                       FH-11

    Number-                                         12 in (2 banks of 4 saucer), (1 bank of 2 - stardrive), (2 single nacelle)

    Firing Arcs-                                   8f/p/s, 2f/p/s/a, 1f/p/a, 1f/s/a

    Firing Chart-                                  Y

    Maximum Power-                         10

    Damage Modifiers-

      +3                                                 (1-10)

      +2                                                 (11-17)

      +1                                                 (18-24)

Note- An additional bank of 2 is available to the stardrive after saucer separation - 360-deg arc


Beam Weapon Type-                         FH-8

    Number-                                         6

    Firing Arcs-                                   4a, 1a/p, 1a/s

    Firing Chart-                                  Y

    Maximum Power-                         5

    Damage Modifiers-

      +2                                                 (1-10)

      +1                                                 (11-18)

  Missile Weapon Type-                   FP-4

    Number-                                         8 in 2 quadfire tubes

    Firing Arcs-                                   4f/p/s, 4a

    Firing Chart-                                  S

    Power to Arm-                               1

    Damage-                                         20

    Note-                                              After saucer separation saucer has an additional quad-fire aft tube

Shields Data:

  Deflector Shield Type-                   FSS-M

    Shield Point Ratio-                       1/8

    Maximum Shield Power-              66

Structural Integrity Field

   SIF Point Ratio-                             1/2

   Maximum Strength                         98

Combat Efficiency-

  D-                                                      295.74

  WDF-                                               254.2


The Galaxy class of starships is one of the most powerful and innovative in Federation history.  Design on the class began in 2/78, and the first vessel, the U.S.S. Galaxy, was launched in 2/91.  It incorporates many important technological advances that allow it to perform a wide variety of missions, but its primary missions are long-term exploration, scientific investigation and defense of the Federation.


Built for a lengthy service life, the Galaxy-class contains numerous systems that can be replaced in toto at a spacedock facility.  With a crew exceeding 1,000, it’s a virtual city in space, and carries many civilians in the form of crewmembers’ families.  Its saucer section can separate from its Engineering hull to take the civilians away from dangerous situations if necessary.


(Note:  This data represents the uprated version of the Galaxy-class vessel in use as of 3/10. Earlier versions were more or less identical, but had slightly less powerful warp drives and fewer upgraded systems.  For the standard version, reduce its warp nacelles to 135 points each)