Name: William Lemont AGL D6, STR D10, VIT D6, ALE D6, INT D8, WIL D6, INIT D6+D6, Life 12

Assets: Highly Educated - minor, Trustworthy Gut - minor Complications: Prejudice - minor (Athletic people), Portly - minor

Skills: Animal Handling D4, Artistry D6, Athletics D6, Covert D6 - Open Locks D8, Stealth D8, Craft D4, Guns D6, Influence D6, Knowledge D4, Medical Expertise D2, Melee Weapons D4, Perception D4, Performance D2, Pilot D2, Planetary Vehicles D4, Survival D4, Unarmed Combat D6 - Brawling D10

Equipment: Multi-band, Gun Cleaning Kit, Ballistic Mesh, Vacuum Suit, Patch Tape, Combat Knife, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, 500 rpg for each weapon, Micro-transmitter, First Aid Kit, 20 days supply Fresh Food, 20 days supply Canned Food, Lock Picks, Electronic Lock Picks, 20 Credits Clothing, 43 Credits, 72.5p, Single Cabin

Background: When the chance to buy into an operating ship arose, William Lemont didn't waste a second. Long tired of being a bouncer, he'd known Chan predating her purchase of the 'Ghost and she was glad to pick up the rock steady Lemont as a First Mate, despite his overall lack of experience out in the Black. Lemont has one weakness and that is food. He fancies himself a gourmand and his waistline shows the effects of his fancy. Despite his rough and tumble exterior, he is sensitive about his size and resents fit individuals that he sees as being everything he is not. As a result, he is quick to heap scorn on someone in good shape and more than capable of holding his own if they happen to take exception to his taunting.

XP: 3