You got a Firefly in my Serenity, or is it you got Serenity in my Firefly?

The first time I saw Firefly, I knew it was going to be special. True, the series didn't last long, but that didn't change the fact that Joss Whedon developed one of the most original and brilliantly executed Sci-Fi series ever made. I knew it would make a great RPG and the new rules are solid for a first time game designer. I haven't been this excited over a new game in a long time and going by the buzz in gaming circles, I'm not alone. Here is my campaign, to include my PCs, the ship, and the first two complete seasons of adventures.


The Online Adventures of the Stalwart Crew of the Fire Angel. The following are the unedited logs of my new online Serenity campaign taking place on Logs 2 and 3 are missing due to a mistake on my part, but everything else is here as they happened.


·  Online Log 1

·  Online Log 4

·  Online Log 5

·  Online Log 6

·  Online Log 7

·  Online Log 8

·  Online Log 9

·  Online Log 10

·  Online Log 11

·  Online Log 12

·  Online Log 13

·  Online Log 14

·  Online Log 15

·  Online Log 16

·  Online Log 17

·  Online Log 18

·  Online Log 19

·  Online Log 20

·  Online Log 21

·  Online Log 22

·  Online Log 23

·  Online Log 24

·  Online Log 25

·  Online Log 26

·  Online Log 27

·  Online Log 28

·  Online Log 29

·  Online Log 30

·  Online Log 31

·  Online Log 32

·  Online Log 33

·  Online Log 34

·  Online Log 35

·  Online Log 36

·  Online Log 37

·  Online Log 38

·  Online Log 39

·  Online Log 40

·  Online Log 41

·  Online Log 42

·  Online Log 43

·  Online Log 44

·  Online Log 45

·  Online Log 46

·  Online Log 47

·  Online Log 48

·  Online Log 49


The Adventures


These first fourteen adventures are stand alone scenarios and are the collaborative efforts by myself and the talented members of Ming Zhou Productions, which include but is not limited to: Buscadero, Ferret69, Rebecca Iavelli, and Kapitan all from

The fifthteenth adventure is for the Battlestar Galactica setting, which uses the Cortex system and is also a collaborative efforts by myself and the talented members of Ming Zhou Productions.

In another brilliant collaborative effort by the fine folks at I present the Thin Blue Line. This Netbook is an in depth look at the Colonial military prior to the Second Cylon War.

Finally, In the interest of covering all things Cortex, this latest article is for the Supernatural RPG setting. This new adventure is the brainchild of Rebecca Iavelli and was completed by Buscadero and myself.


·       Fragments of Destiny

·       Into the Lion's Den

·       The Circuit

·       Legacy of Evil

·       Inner Demons

·       Fox Hunt

·       That Sinking Feeling

·       Let the Games Begin

·       A Black Die Affair

·       The Next Big Thing

·       Land Rush

·       And They're Off

·       Siren's Song

·       A Special Delivery


·       The Color of Terror

·       The Thin Blue Line

·       A Choke Hold


Season One

·       The Warehouse

·       Highleaf Madness

·       Repercussions

·       Net Tripping

·       Black Dusters

·       Chimper's Domain

·       Courier

·       Option One - What's in a Name?

·       Option Two - Goin' Huntin'

·       Old Friends and Old Wounds

·       When the Pigeons Come Home

·       Wake Up Call

·       Option One - Revelations

·       Option Two - As Smooth as Sihnon Silk

·       Option One - Reckonings

·       Option Two - The Long Arm of the Tong

Season Two

·       Skin Deep

·       The Broadcast

·       Rebellion

·       Friends in Need

·       A Mission of Mercy

·       To the Ends of the 'Verse

·       Friend Indeed

·       The Circuit

·       Belle of the Ball

·       Convoy

·       Betrayals

·       Uncertain Times

·       Alliance Ascendant

The Crew

·       Captain - Wu Chan Juan

·       First Mate - William Lemont

·       Pilot - Sylvester Marsh

·       Mechanic - Willis Thorton

·       Medic - Cindy Schultz

·       Wong Li Ming

·       Xavier

The Ship

·       Lattimer's Ghost

Ship's Log

Season One

·       Log from "The Warehouse"

·       Log from "Highleaf Madness"

·       Log from "Repercussions"

·       Log from "Net Tripping"

·       Log from "Black Dusters"

·       Log from "Chimpers"

·       Log from "Courier"

·       Log from "What's in a Name?"

·       Log from "Old Friends and Old Wounds"

·       Log from "When the Pigeons Come Home"

·       Log from "Wake up Call"

·       Log from "Revelations"

·       Log from "Reckonings"

Season Two

·       Log from "Skin Deep"

·       Log from "The Broadcast"

·       Log from "Rebellion"

·       Log from "Friends in Need"

·       Log from "A Mission of Mercy"

·       Log from "To the End's of the 'Verse"

·       Log from "Friends Indeed"

·       Log from "The Circuit"

·       Log from "Belle of the Ball"

·       Log from "Convoy"

·       Log from "Betrayals"

·       Log from "Uncertain Timess"

·       Log from "Alliance Ascendants"

Word on the Street

·       Word on the Street Volume One

·       Word on the Street Volume Two

·       Word on the Street Volume Three

·       Word on the Street Volume Four

·       Word on the Street Volume Five

·       Word on the Street Volume Six


·       Ghost Stories - Chapter One

·       Ghost Stories - Chapter Two

·       Ghost Stories - Chapter Three

·       Ghost Stories - Chapter Four

·       Ghost Stories - Chapter Five

·       Ghost Stories - Chapter Six

·       Ghost Stories - Chapter Seven

·       Ghost Stories - Chapter Eight

·       Ghost Stories - Chapter Nine

·       Ghost Stories - Chapter Ten

·       Ghost Stories - Chapter Eleven

·       Ghost Stories - Chapter Twelve

·       Ghost Stories - Chapter Thirteen

·       Ghost Stories - Chapter Fourteen

·       Ghost Stories: Blue Sun Rising PDF Version

The 'Verse

·  Travel Times, Planet Listing, and System Quadrants

The Verse is a compilation of the work of several people from the Waves in the Black forum. The map of the 'Verse was drawn by wydraz and modified by myself. The initial idea for the travel times was by ShepherdScott and modified by Buscadero and the names for the quadrants was the idea of Steve Dallas'.
I reorganized the planet names to fit the map, organized the planets into the quadrants, modified ShepherdScott's charts to also match the map, and then adapted Buscadero's times to fit the new chart. Finally the planet listings are a combination of my work and that of yet other contributor, but I can not locate that individual's name. I conducted an extensive search, but could not find the original author. If he or she comes across their work, please e-mail me and I will gladly give you credit, where credit is do.

The cover art of the PDF to include the Lattimer's Ghost logo where both created by the gifted kapitan from the Waves in the Black website.

The Warehouse, Highleaf Madness, and Courier are all modified Challenge scenarios.
Black Dusters was written by Kris Smith under the title Black Dusters & A Dead Whore.
Chimper's Domain, and Goin' Hunting were originally written by Mark T. Geiger.
Wake Up Call was written by Gareth Hanrahan and Shane Lucy

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