To the Ends of the ‘Verse


After dropping off medical personnel and supplies from the Mission of Mercy, inspection of the ship finds that it needs repairs requiring the equivalent of a dry dock in a real shipyard. The mechanic has to make a Formidable INT + Repair roll to jury-rig the ship to make the trip from the Rim to the nearest Border planet that has the necessary repair facilities.


On arrival at a Border planet, a PC with a deadly enemy gets word of a lucrative deal in town and heads out to seal the deal, since the tip is from someone known to them, they only take minimal precautions. As soon as they arrive at the location, they are ambushed by enemy’s minions. PC is hit by a taser and disabled before being able to fight or signal for help. Opposed ALE + Observation versus three goons with preset hide rolls of (18, 20, 22) if roll fails, goons strike with complete surprise. Taser does D10S when it hits and D8S every phase afterwards


Once thugs have PC subdued, they have to transport their captive to space port. The crew’s ship is being hoisted to dry dock and by per luck, the thugs are spotted by a crew member just as they board their ship. By the time the crew is fully assembled and the ship unhooked from the hoist, the thugs have already lifted. Even worse news is the thug’s ship is faster than theirs.


Knowing the cost to the ship, but also knowing what will happen to PC if they don’t act, the Mechanic (23 level INT + Modify roll) to boost speed to catch thugs. Since the ship is unarmed the only weapon they can devise is a close pass to the thug’s smaller ship and a scorching by the main drives. It will take a Hard INT + Knowledge to think of the tactic and a (19 level AGL + Piloting + ship’s AGL roll) to force thug’s ship out of control. A second 19 level AGL + Piloting + ship’s AGL roll is required to dock with the spinning ship.


The thugs are disoriented by the violent maneuver and are slow to react to the crew’s boarding. The PCs get three free rounds to rescue character before the thugs can respond at all. On round four the thugs suffer a two step penalty and on round five a one step penalty.


Once PC is back aboard, crew can escape, but they can no longer do Hard Burn due to the heavy stress placed on the engines.