Dreamlands spells and magic items: Guide Dreamer. Caster spends one MP to assist a person with a POW of 15 or greater to the entrance to the Dreamlands. Caster must spend an additional MP for point below 15 the person is below 15. (The weaker minds being more difficult to guide. This spell allows a Dreamer in the Dreamlands to call to a Dreamer outside the Dreamlands and guide them to the stairway leading to the 70 steps of light slumber. The Caster has to make a Dreaming skill roll to make the call and the Target must make a POW x 1 on the first night/ casting to successfully follow the call. Each successive casting increases the multiplier by one to a maximum of five. The spell can only be cast once per day from the CASTER'S perspective, thus while days pass for the Caster, only hours pass for the Target.

Create Dream Anchor. Caster must, while using standard Dreaming skill rules, create a simple non-alloyed item (piece of jewelry, dagger, candlestick, etc) before entering the Dreamlands. Once in the Dreamlands, the Caster must intone the words that actually enchants the item taking one hour of chanting per dream month. (Remembering one real time hour equals one dream week and a Dreamer can sleep a number of hours equal to their POW). The cost is eight magic points plus one POW and two SAN points. This is in addition to the Dreaming skill costs to create a permanent item. The effect of a Dream Anchor is that once the Dreamer leaves the Dreamlands, they will, once they re-enter the Dreamlands, return to where ever the Dreamer left the anchor. Thus the Dreamer had better trust whomever they leave the anchor with, or at least have faith in where it's hidden as the Anchor will always draw the Dreamer to itself where it is located, be that result good or bad. The Keeper may roll against the Investigator's Luck to see if something has happened to the Anchor. If the Luck roll fails, then a minor or embarassing event occurs. The Keeper must then make a roll against the Investigator's POW x 1. If the Keeper succeeds, the something far more serious has occurred and the Dreamer is now at the mercy of the Keeper's imagination.