The GM says, "Teatum is busy with Garshdepuk setting up the initial supply run to your steppe brothers."
The GM says, "It's a hectic five days as you prep for your trip, but the day finally arrives."
The GM says, "You reach the high port and work your way through the ever present crowd that always rings the high port of any Martian city."
Leeghwater nds
The GM says, "You see the standard cargo ships loading and unloading. HM Naval Auxillery screw galleys, Martian ships hastily modified with earth weapons pressed into service to free up the Royal Navy gunboats from escort and patrol duties."
The GM says, "You work your way down the slips until you find the Pride of Parhoon, your ship."
The GM says, "You blink to make sure you've found the right ship once you get a look at the ship."
You say, "What's ...wrong with it?"
The GM says, "You work your way up the gangplank of the huge ship, as this is a Warm Winds class large kite. You didn't expect to travel on such a large ship."
You say, "How large is it?"
The GM says, "This is still passage on a cargo shp, so the cabins are still tiny."
You say, "No problem."
The GM says, "350 feet stem to stern, 1500 tons"
You say, "That's some ship"
The GM says, "You find your place on the ship and are quickly away."
You say, "OK. I'll start to take notes on the ship and such. I'm still trying to invent a parachute"
The GM says, "The crew is all Martian and the passengers are a 50/50 mix of humans and martians."
Leeghwater will nods friendly to all
The GM says, "The passengers are by and large equally friendly."
The GM says, "The trip, unlike your last journey by cloudship, is uneventful."
You say, "Good, good, Uneventfull is fine by me"
The GM says, "You're not sure if it was just luck or the sheer size of your ship, but after four and a half days you arrive safely in Syrtis Major."
You say, "Once we arrive in the city proper I guess we'll go to a nice hotel for our stay."
The GM says, "As you depart the ship at the high port, you thought Moeris Lacus was busy, but now you see you were mistaken."
The GM says, "The size of Syrtis Major dwarfs Moeris Lacus and the port makes the one you left seem like a plaything."
The GM says, "You gether your bags without too much jostling from the crowd and now stand in the capital of the crown colony of Syrtis Lapis."
You say, "We were here before, but it still impresses me"
Emsworth nods.
Leeghwater [to GM]: We'll go find a good hotel
The GM says, "You are standing just off the baggage area and trying to stay out of the way of the crowds of people and draft animals."
The GM says, "A good hotel will cost 10 shillings a night. If you choose the best, the savoy, it will be a pound a night."
Leeghwater [to Mr. Emsworth]: "Will we go to the Savoy?"
Emsworth says, "That's where I always stay when I'm in Syrtis Major."
The GM says, "It is a simple matter to find a hansom cab to take you to the Savoy for a shilling."
You say, "OK. The Savoy it is"
The GM says, "You arrive without problems and get checked in, by the time you get settled it's late afternoon."
You say, "What time of day is it?"
The GM says, "almost 4 pm"
The GM says, "You get dinner and relax in the smoking room."
You say, "I'll go downstairs to ask the front office if they have a list of laborotories that I can hire, or a bureau that can help me"
Emsworth says, "I thought you intended to set up your own laboratory?"
The GM says, "The Concierge blinks at the request and replies it will take some time for him to piece together that sort of information. Say 10am tomorrow?"
JHG [to Hans]: A lab is very expensive. 500 pounds per subject. I will set one up in LM once I've got money.
Leeghwater [to Concierge]: That's fine.
The GM says, "Unless you have something special you need to do tonight, you are rather weary from the trip and turn in early."
You say, "Sleep is good."
The GM says, "You both turn in and fall almost immediately asleep."
You say, "Next morning I'll start with breakfast, and a walk around the hotel."
The GM says, "However, within an hour or so..."
Leeghwater . o O ( Best layed plans )
The GM says, "Your sleep drifts from deep slumber to a disturbing dream."
The GM . o O ( This happens to both of you. )
Leeghwater nods
The GM says, "The dream starts with a brilliant flash and you start awake instantly."
You say, "We wake up inside the dream?"
The GM says, "You see the Savoy bathed in flames, the south facing wall has been ripped open and you see debris scattered all about."
The GM says, "You feel no heat from the flames and walk around in a dispassionate manner looking at the scene."
The GM says, "Amoung the debris you see a child's doll, half it's face burned away, but the vivid blue ribbon is very distinctive."
The GM says, "You walk further and see a twisted piece of metal, burned and obviously part of a large piece."
The GM says, "You get close enough to read "-H.S. Empres-""
You say, "A ship crashed into the hotel?"
The GM says, "You see the fire is spreading and that the Savoy is about to collapse on itself."
The GM says, "As the dream starts to fade, you see another item, it lies next to the name plate, it is an emblem."
The GM says, "You don't recognize it, it's a fist clutching a lightning bolt."
Emsworth says, "A human fist?"
The GM says, "Then you ACTUALLY start awake in your room in the Savoy, still intact."
The GM says, "You think for a moment, but the emblem was also damaged and it was impossible to tell the number of fingers."
Leeghwater shivers, turns on the light and takes glass of water.
Leeghwater struggles out of bed, kneels and start to pray for guidance.
The GM says, "You wake with the nagging feeling time is ticking, but you don't know what to do."
You say, "I'll go collect Emsworth and Wilkins for breakfast."
The GM says, "The feeling that time is of the essence is almost palpable."
The GM says, "It's only nine pm at night as you went to sleep early."
The GM says, "The view of the dreamscape was still night."
You say, "OK. I'll freshen-up and dress, then I'll go to Emsworth's room and knock on the door."
Wilkins opens the door. "Yes?"
Leeghwater [to Wilkins]: "I'd like to speak with Mr Emsworth, please."
The GM . o O ( Wilkins had the dream as well. )
Wilkins steps aside and motions Leeghwater inside.
You say, "Thank you."
You say, "Will wait until Mr Emsworth is ready to receive me."
Emsworth says, "Hello, Leeghwater, how are you this morning?"
The GM . o O ( it's Nine PM )
Emsworth . o O ( As I said, morning. )
Emsworth says, "Oh, _P_ M!"
You say, "I've had the most awefull dream just now, and I could get back to sleep!"
Emsworth says, "Back up and begin again, then."
You say, "From where?"
Emsworth says, "Surely we wouldn't go to bed so early that we could wake up at 9 pm. Or did we sleep round the clock?"
You say, "I think we merely slept an hour or so."
Emsworth says, "From when we wake up. If it's 9 pm. you wouldn't go down to breakfast, would you?"
The GM says, "As near as you can tell it's only and hour after you turned in. You certainly feel the fatigue"
JHG says, No I was mistaken about the time as well. No breakfast
Emsworth says, "Just for the record, Emsworth is not usually in the habit of going to bed until after midnight."
JHG [to Hans]: Maybe you dozed off
Peracles [to Hans]: At Leeghwater's mention of the word dream, you realize you aren't the only one that had their sleep disturbed. Even Wilkins expression clouds for a moment.
Emsworth says, "Oh, once is fine. But it's not a habit."
Emsworth says, "Dream, you say? That's jolly odd. I had a nightmare myself, just now."
The GM says, "It's been a long four days and sleep on the ship was not as restful as it should have been. This night, exaustion caught up with you and you turned in early."
You say, "Was it about the hotel and a ship crashing?"
Emsworth says, "Yes! How did you know?"
You say, "I've had that dream as well. Scary."
You say, "I feel like it's going to happen any moment now."
Wilkins coughs apologetically and says, "If I may be so bold, Sir, I had the same dream.
Emsworth says, "I say, what a most peculiar thing to happen!"
You say, "It must be warning from God. We must do something!"
Wilkins says, "Most disturbing, Sir."
Emsworth says, "Stead on, Old Chap. I don't think the Allmighty is in the habit of sending nightmares to express his concern."
Emsworth . o O ( SteadY on... )
You say, "Then where did it come from? "
Emsworth says, "I don't know."
The GM says, "The dream was one of the most vivid you've ever had and the feeling of time slipping away will not go away."
You say, "Well. Anyway. We have to do something. I'll go downstairs and ask if they know of a ship called...ummmm Empress or someting"
Emsworth says, "Maybe a small snack will settle our nerves. Wilkins, can you rustle up a pot of tea and some bread? And break out a jar of honey."
Wilkins says, "Very good, Sir."
You say, "I'll hop downstairs and be back for that."
The GM says, "You take the lift down to the lobby and ask at the front desk. The receptionist finds the shipping schedule and departing in 45 minutes is the Ether Flyer R.M.S. Empress of India."
Emsworth says, "Something, H. S. I wonder what that could stand for?"
Leeghwater [to Congierge]: Fron what airfield will it lift off?
The GM says, "Given the time of night, a cab will take some 20-25 minutes to reach the high port."
Receptionist says. "Why from the main High Port Sir."
Peracles [to JHG]: Roll observation
On 4d6, you rolled 8.
The GM says, "As the receptionist looks though the shipping schedule, you spot something familiar."
You say, "The logo?"
The GM says, "Looking through the schedule you spot the emblem fromt he dream. It is from the City State of distant Sabeus. It's on the side of a Fleet foot courier in a photo annoncing the small ships arrival just two days ago."
Leeghwater nods
Leeghwater [to receptionist]: Thank you.
Leeghwater heads back up to Mr Emsworth's room
Receptionist smiles. "You are very welcome sir."
Leeghwater knocks on Emsworth's door again
Wilkins lets Leeghwater in.
Leeghwater [to Mr. Emsworth]: "The H.M.S. Empress of India is set to leave in less theb 45 minutes from the High Port."
Leeghwater [to Mr. Emsworth]: "Did you see hand clutching a lightning bolt in your dreams?"
Emsworth says, "Oh, really, Leeghwater, this is ridiculous. I don't believe in prophetic dreams!"
Wilkins coughs.
Emsworth says, "Yes, what is is, Wilkins?"
Wilkins says, "It seems to me, Sir, that it will be better to believe in them and be wrong than to not believe in them and be wrong."
Emsworth says, "Yes, well, I see what you mean, Wilkins. Very well, let's pretend we've had a true premonition. What do we do about it?" As he speaks Emsworth begins getting into his clothes.
You say, "We'd best go to the airfield and speak with the captain of the ship"
You say, "Oh.. The emblem I just told you about is from a City State... ummm. Sabeus, if I remember correctly"
Emsworth says, "We'll be laughed off the ship. But I agree that the first step is to go to the port."
Emsworth says, "Really? Sabeus? What do I remember about Sabeus?"
The GM says, "It's not a place you are familiar with at all."
Wilkins has gotten dressed in record time and goes down ahead to get a cab.
The GM says, "This being the Savoy, there are cabs on standby at all hours and one is called forward immediately."
The GM says, "You urge the cab'sman to hurry as you feel in your bones time is still critical. You arrive at the high port at 9:37PM with the Empress due to lift in 23 Minutes."
Emsworth takes his *Conklin's* along and tries to find Sabeus. It's a city state on the other side of the Oenotrian Empire.
On the way to the port Emsworth says, "So what do we think is going to happen? A bomb? A suicide attack by that Sabean ship? What?
The GM says, "Conklin's shows Sabeus is exactly that and a major ship building city. Renowned for large ship construction. HM Government has been trying to find a way to stop those large ship yards from producing ships for the Oenotrians."
You say, "Either a collision or a battle"
Emsworth says, "So what can we do about it?"
The GM says, "The photo of the fleetfoot showed a very small ship probably less than a hundred tons"
You say, "Not sure. Maybe by alerting the ship the can avoid it"
Emsworth says, "Alert them how? If we start talking about dreams they'll pitch us off the ship."
The GM says, "The cab's man drops you off at the entry way to the Empress of India. A majestic ship of the White Star line."
You say, "Maybe we can try to locate a ship with the Sabean logo on it."
Emsworth says, "And what? Set fire to it?"
The GM says, "As the ship is close to departure, the stevadores are makign the last checks as the seal the ship."
Leeghwater [to stevadores]: Hold on! I'd like to talk to the captain, please. It's very urgent.
Emsworth says, "A collision? You think it will be an accident rather than an attack?"
The GM says, "A few relatives are on hand watching love ones depart, but given the lateness of hour, the docks are nowhere near as crowded as during the day. But still nowhere near silent either."
Leeghwater [to Mr. Emsworth]: "I've got no idea, but in a short time, this ship and the hotel will be gone."
Stevadore snorts "And who might you be gov'nor? His lordship is a might busy at the mo."
The GM says, "JHG Roll Intellect"
Emsworth says, "We are two gentlemen who overheard a threat to this ship."
On 5d6, you rolled 18.
Peracles [to JHG]: You think back to the listing in the paper about the courier from Sabeus and recall the scheduled departure date is in three days.
Leeghwater blinks
Stevadore nudges his companions. "'Ere now we's gots us some GENTLE men we's have."
Leeghwater [to GM]: Will it depart from this field?
Peracles [to JHG]: Yes
Leeghwater [to GM]: Did the entry say when it arrive here?
Peracles [to JHG]: Arrived a this port two days ago.
Leeghwater [to Mr. Emsworth]: "I suddenly remember that the ship with the Sabean logo is here and not due to leave in a couple of days. It could be highjacked"
Officer of the Day. "Here now you shirkers! Ship's due to depart in 20 minutes and you've yet to secure all the portside hatches. Lively now. Lively."
Emsworth pulls a handful of shillings say Officer! A word with you, please! It is extremely urgent that we speak to the Captain. Your ship may be in danger!
The GM says, "The stevadores move on to make the final checks."
Emsworth says, "Forget the shillings, it was an aborted thought."
OOD blinks. "Good sir there is no chance to speak with the captain. He's on the bridge and we are sealing the ship."
Leeghwater [to Mr. Emsworth]: "We have to get to the other ship and stop that one"
Emsworth says, "I understand that, but The EMPRESS may be in danger."
OOD takes out his pocket watch. "Ship departs in 18 minutes and- What did you say? Danger what sort of danger?"
Emsworth lowers his voice so only the officer can hear.
Emsworth says, "Just a little while ago my friend and I was sitting in a low dive soaking up the atmosphere when I happened to overhear a conversation between two natives. It appears that a ship has been taken over by ruffians and will attempt to board you shortly after you take off!"
Only the officer and Leeghwater, I mean.
OOD's jaw drops, then he chuckles. "And I can well imagine what you were drinking in this "dive." Sir I don't have time for nonsense. It's impossible to board an Ether Flyer once it's sealed for flight. Good evening to you sirs." And he turns to continue berating the stevadores.
Emsworth says, "The attempt itself will be dangerous. And what do you mean it is impossible! Pirates do it daily!"
Leeghwater hans This is an Ether flyer, not an airship.
Hans says, "OK, time out. Why is it impossible to board an ether flyer once it is sealed?"
JHG says, maybe because it's a spaceship?
OOD laughing openly now. "PIRATES? Right. Maybe in the dime novels, but not ETHER flyers. Whatever local joy juice you've been embibing," He sneers. "gentlemen I suggest you give it a pass next time. Move on with you now or I'll call for the constable."
Hans curses. He had missed the implications of that.
Emsworth says, "This is the sort of mistake someone actually seeing the flying contraption wouldn't make, you know."
The GM says, "If I could upload pictures, I would. :-("
Leeghwater nds
Emsworth says, "Not necessary, but I'd like to go back a few sentences."
The GM hits rewind. "Go for it."
Emsworth . o O ( say Just a little while ago my friend and I was sitting in a low dive soaking up the atmosphere when I happened to overhear a conversation between two natives. It appears that a ship has been taken over by fanatic Oenotrians and will attempt to ram you shortly after you take off! )
Emsworth says, "Just a little while ago my friend and I was sitting in a low dive soaking up the atmosphere when I happened to overhear a conversation between two natives. It appears that a ship has been taken over by fanatic Oenotrians and will attempt to ram you shortly after you take off!"
Emsworth . o O ( That should be possible, ether flyer or not! )
OO's jaw drops, then he chuckles. And I can well imagine what you were drinking in this "dive." Sir I don't have time for nonsense. These wogs are always fancying some devilment when in their cups. I suggest you as a proper gentleman frequent a better class of establishment. Good evening to you sirs." And he turns to continue berating the stevadores.
You say, "Darn!"
Emsworth says, "Aren't you taking rather a lot upon yourself, Sir? Isn't this something the Captain should have a chance to decide?"
Leeghwater nods
OOD barks as he walks away. "You there reef in those lines! Lively now. LIVELY!"
You say, "I swear before God's fury that I'm neither drunk, nor lying."
Emsworth shouts, "I demand to speak to the Captain!"
OOD snarls. "Once the ship is sealed. I *AM* in command of the lifting crew! Now off with you lot before I call the constable!"
Emsworth says, "You lay one finger on me and I'll have your job, my good man. Now let me speak to the captain!"
OOD smiles. "Tis rare that I get to speak to so profound a fool." He whistles sharply and several stevadores approach. "Last warning sir or my men here will have to show you the exit."
Leeghwater sputters
You say, "How dare you!"
Emsworth says, "Michael, just how does my sleep gas work?"
OOD sneers again. "I dare because you are interferring with the due departure of one of her majesties' Royal Mail Ships."
Emsworth . o O ( Majesties? There's more than one? )
The GM says, "All you have to do is throw down on of the little glass spheres and hope he gets a wiff."
The GM says, "You are outdoors, so they are not as effective as they could be."
Emsworth says, "Damn! I thought we were inside the ship."
The GM says, "Your at the entryway, but the hatches have all been sealed."
Emsworth says, "Why is he talking about exits if we're outside the ship? He can just close the door and ignore us."
Emsworth says, "So the OOD is not part of the crew?"
The GM says, "He's the Officer of the deck. He's responsible to make sure the hatches are checked and that the lines are released properly."
Emsworth says, "How does he get aboard afterwards?"
The GM says, "He doesn't. He's in command of the ground crew."
Emsworth says, "NOT part of the crew. OK. Another misunderstanding." The GM says, "Oh sorry, he COULD hold the launch, he has that authority."
Hans says, "Well, JHG, I'm fresh out of ideas.
Emsworth sighs and steps back.
The GM says, "The OOD nods once then calls off his men, they return to the tasks at hand to get the ship ready to depart."
Leeghwater [to Mr. Emsworth]: "Let's try to see if we can find the Sabean ship"
Emsworth says, "At least the bloody fool will be alive to see what he has wrought."
Leeghwater nods sadly
Leeghwater [to GM]: I assume there is a central processing station?
You say, "A port master's office"
The GM says, "Asking around you find a port listing. The Sabean courier is docked nearly a mile from here."
You say, "We'll never get there in time!"
You say, "Is there a cab around?"
The GM says, "Looking at your watch it is 9:45"
The GM says, "You have fifteen minutes to run a mile."
Emsworth says, "We've probably left the one we came in waiting for us."
The GM says, "I'll allow that you probably told him to wait."
The GM says, "You run back to your cab and tell him what slip you need to get to. He spurs his mount and takes off."
Leeghwater takes out his pistol and loads it with bullets
The GM says, "However, this being night, the passageways aren't kept open as completely as they are during the day, about halfway there, you run into a roadblock of Ruumet Brher that the cab can not get past."
Emsworth says, "you know, Leeghwater, you won't always have enough wearning before you need your gun to load it."
The GM says, "You look at your pocket watch 9:50."
Emsworth tells the cabdriver to find a way around.
You say, "But, who ever thinks of having to use a gun in a city!"
Leeghwater exits the cab
Emsworth is reminded by Leeghwater's action to take out his gun and put a sixth bullet in it.
Leeghwater [to cab driver]: What way to the slip?
cab driver "The only way there is a long way out of the way.
cab driver says. "'Alf a mile on gov!"
Leeghwater starts to run
Emsworth and Wilkins follows him.
The GM says, "Roll endurance"
Hans rolls 3d, and gets a 11.
Hans rolls 4d, and gets a 18.
On 3d6, you rolled 10.
Emsworth says, "Emsworth 11, Wilkins 18."
The GM says, "Although winded (except for wilkins who's not even breathing hard) you reach the slip by 9:57 and in time to hear the signs of a stuggle"
Leeghwater carefully looks inside
The GM says, "The ship lumbers clumsily away from the dock, the ripping the mooring lines as it staggers into the air."
Hans says, "Is it OK if I assume that Wilkins brought the shotgun along? If it isn't, I think he will at least have brought a stout walking stick.
The GM says, "You are close enough that since you are already at a dead run that you can try to leap aboard"
Emsworth says, "I suppose we have to..."
Leeghwater tries to leap inside
The GM says, "Since the shotgun is his primary weapon and you were expecting trouble, I'll go for it, but if you don't mention it next time, I'm going to disallow it."
Emsworth tries and so do Wilkins. However, if Wilkins makes it and Bertie doesn't, he will immediately drop off again.
The GM says, "There is an alternative..."
Emsworth says, "Go on..."
The GM says, "Since the ship ripped the mooring lines instead of casting off, the ship is trailing the lines."
You say, "I'll try to leap aboard."
The GM says, "You can either try and jump aboard which is a difficult agility 12"
Emsworth says, "Or?"
The GM says, "Or you can grab a line which is an moderate 8, but you will have to make two easy 4 strength rolls to climb up."
Leeghwater jumps
On 4d6, you rolled 20.
So does both Bertie and Wilkins.
Hans rolls 3d, and gets a 7.
Hans rolls 3d, and gets a 14.
Emsworth says, "Bertie doesn't make it. Wilkins does, but as I said, he follows the Young Master."
The GM says, "Leeghwater lands with the grace of an impala on his feet and able to fight this round."
The GM says, "Wilkins lands cleanly, but unable to fire this round."
Leeghwater [to Wilkins]: "Help your master aboard"
The GM says, "Emsworth misses the leap and if you can make a moderate agility, you can catch one of the lines"
Hans rolls 3d, and gets a 15.
Emsworth says, "Made it."
Emsworth . o O ( Unfortunately my STR is 2... )
The GM says, "You fall back in a panic, but manage to grab a trailing line."
The GM says, "It's going to take two rounds of a roll of 4 to climb up unassisted."
Emsworth . o O ( Panic? Devil a bit of it! )
Emsworth . o O ( A little healthy anxiety, perhaps, but no panic... )
The GM . o O ( of course. stiff upper and all that. )
Wilkins will check for immidiate dangers and if there are none he will turn to help Emsworth.
You say, "What do Wilkens and I see and who can I shoot?"
The GM says, "The ship wobbles as the crew steers for the Empress of India you can see rising in the distance."
The GM says, "This is a screw galley and you see four Martians at the turncrank, one at the helm and one at the trimsman station"
The GM says, "There are at least a dozen dead or dying martians scattered about the deck."
Leeghwater [to Trimsman]: Yield or I shoot!
The GM says, "he jerks the controls and the ship pitches. you can fire one shot at minus one."
The GM says, "but you will have to roll a difficult agility to keep your feet"
Leeghwater [to GM]: Short range and thus Close Combat?
The GM says, "If you hold your fire, it will only be a moderate agility"
The GM says, "He's not trying to engage you with a hand weapon, so not close combat"
Emsworth says, "I'm going AFK for a few minutes, but my next actions should be obvious. wilkins will try to help me if he is not in immediate danger."
The GM says, "Do you want him to shoot first or help first?"
You say, "Shoot and keep my feet."
The GM says, "Ok roll it"
On 1d6, you rolled 4.
Leeghwater . o O ( darn )
You say, "Agility"
On 4d6, you rolled 8.
Leeghwater . o O ( Double darn )
Leeghwater falls down
The GM says, "your shot passes over the trimsman's head and you fall."
The GM says, "Wilkins reaches down to help up Emsworth."
The GM rolled 2d6 and got 7.
The GM says, "Emsworth easily reaches the side of the ship with Wilkins help."
The GM says, "The crew of the fleetfoot are all too occupied with their crew duties to move to fight you."
The GM says, "The turncranks turn feverishly trying to gain speed before the ether flyer is too high to catch"
The GM says, "From where you roll you have two choices..."
The GM says, "You can stand and shoot, minus one to skill"
The GM says, "Or you can stay prone and fire unmodified"
You say, "Prone"
The GM says, "Go for it"
On 1d6, you rolled 6.
The GM says, "You can fire up to three shots at minus one on all"
The GM rolled 2d6 and got 8.
Emsworth says, "I'm back."
The GM says, "Emsworth is pulled safely aboard."
The GM says, "Next round."
Leeghwater fill fire 3 times at minus 1 (=2)
On 1d6, you rolled 1.
On 1d6, you rolled 4.
On 1d6, you rolled 2.
Emsworth says, "we have to disable the propulsion. Can we see the people operating the screw?"
The GM says, "The trimsman pitches forward and so does the ship."
The GM says, "Yes four turncranks"
Emsworth goes down on his knee and fires a shot at the turncranks.
The GM says, "You can take one shot at minus one"
The GM says, "But you'llhave to roll a difficult agility to keep your feet"
Wilkins lifts his shotgun and looks the other way.
The GM says, "Or you can just roll moderate agility to keep your feet"
Emsworth says, "Was that in order to kneel?"
The GM says, "No in order to shoot while the ship is pitching forward due to the loss of the trimsman"
Emsworth says, "So what do I have to roll in order to kneel down and take a shot?"
The GM says, "One shot at minus one then a difficult agility"
Emsworth says, "Kneel down FIRST, then shoot. I want to get a bit more stable before I shoot. If I can't do that in one round, I'll have to wait till next round to shoot."
The GM says, "Ok, you'll have to make an easy agility to stay in a kneeling position because of the way the ship is pitching."
Hans rolls 3d, and gets a 12.
Emsworth says, "Made it. Now for the shot?"
The GM says, "The fleetfoot continues to bear down on the Empress of India, you catch a glimpse of the crew frantically trying to steer out of the way."
The GM says, "Ok shoot."
The GM says, "And Leeghwater you have one shot left."
Leeghwater nds
On 1d6, you rolled 6.
The GM says, "wilkins can also shoot."
Hans rolls 1d, and gets a 1.
Emsworth says, "Emsworth hits."
The GM says, "A turncrank falls across the crank."
The GM says, "And Wilkins?"
Emsworth says, "wilkins is watching the back, making sure no one sneaks up on us. Unless there is no way this could happen?"
The GM says, "No way, all the crew are operating the ship."
Emsworth says, "In that case Wilkins will shoot at a turncrank."
Hans rolls 1d, and gets a 3.
Emsworth says, "He hits."
The GM says, "Only three turncranks and the helms man are left."
The GM says, "Make that TWO turncranks."
Emsworth says, "We have four actions per round, IIRC?"
The GM says, "The fleetfoot in well known for it's ability to remain in gross trim, thus even with the trimsman down, the ship is semi stable."
The GM says, "The loss of half the turncranks have slowed the ship noticably and despite the helmsmans frantic steering the Empress begins to thunder past."
The GM . o O ( yes four actions )
Emsworth says, "Emsworth knelt down and shot, that's two. So he can shoot twice more?"
The GM says, "Yes."
Hans rolls 1d, and gets a 2.
Hans rolls 1d, and gets a 1.
The GM says, "I assume Leeghwater reloads"
You say, "Shooting is one action? Then I'll reload twice 3 bullets?"
Emsworth says, "one hit, one miss."
The GM says, "Another turncrank falls over"
The GM says, "Only two crew left."
Emsworth says, "wilkins will reload every time he has shot, keeping one barrel loaded for emergencies. So he can shoot once more this round."
Hans rolls 1d, and gets a 5.
Emsworth says, "A miss."
The GM says, "The sound of the Empress thunders past and the wash hammers the small screw galley."
The GM says, "Leeghwater you've got three shots"
Emsworth says, "Oenotrians speak Parhoon, right?"
The GM says, "Some do. Most speak High Oenotrian"
Emsworth will call upon the remaining two to surrender (in Parhoon). He reloads at the same time. Wilkins holds his fire.
The GM says, "The bulk of the Empress blocks out the stars, the helmsan if lucky could still manage to get in the Empress' way rather than a true ram, but the damage will still be severe"
Leeghwater will wait for the Martians to surrender, or not.
The GM says, "The helmsman never even blinks, he whips the wheel determined to ram."
Emsworth and Wilkins fires at the helmsman.
Hans rolls 1d, and gets a 6.
Hans rolls 1d, and gets a 4.
Emsworth says, "Both miss."
The GM says, "Leeghwater it's up to you."
Leeghwater wil fire too at the helmsman
You say, "3 times at -1 =2"
On 1d6, you rolled 1.
On 1d6, you rolled 4.
On 1d6, you rolled 1.
Emsworth . o O ( That's gotta hurt! )
The GM says, "Two hits and the helmsman screams in frustration as he slumps away from the wheel"
The GM says, "With no helmsman or trimsman, the little fleetfoot spirals out of the sky."
The GM says, "You've saved the Empress, but now it's time to save yourselves."
Emsworth says, "We could use your lifesavers now, Leeghwater."
The GM says, "It's going to take two of you to do it"
Leeghwater sprints to the steering wheel and tries to figure things out
The GM says, "One helm, one trim"
The GM says, "You'll both have to make difficult agility to reach the stations"
Emsworth runs to the trimsman's station and tries to figure it out.
Wilkins will look menacingly at the remaining turncrank.
Leeghwater [to Mr. Emsworth]: "Do you want helm or trim?"
The GM says, "You'll need to know the following"
On 4d6, you rolled 11.
Hans rolls 3d, and gets a 8.
Hans [to JHG]: Let's stay the way we started.
Leeghwater nds
The GM says, "To trim, it will be a formidable intellect to make your best guess on operating the controls."
Emsworth says, "i failed my agility roll the first time."
The GM says, "Then two difficult agilities to keep the ship trimmed."
Leeghwater also failed his
The GM says, "The helm will take a moderate strength roll"
Leeghwater coughs
The GM says, "As you struggle across the deck the wild pitching keeps you from reaching the controls"
The GM says, "Roll agility again."
On 4d6, you rolled 14.
The GM says, "Which station Leeghwater?"
Emsworth . o O ( Methinks we should have concentrated on the turncranks. Perfect aim avails nothing if the ship isn't moving. )
Hans rolls 3d, and gets a 14.
Emsworth reaches the trimsman's station.
Leeghwater [to GM]: Helm
The GM says, "Ok emsworth you first. roll intellect."
Emsworth tries to figure out the controls.
Hans rolls 6d, and gets a 24.
"Looks simple enough," Emsworth mutters.
The GM says, "You look at the bewildering number of levers and figure out what does what."
The GM says, "You actually have a pretty good idea of what to do, so it drops the next two agility rolls to moderate"
Hans says, "That's a good thing, seeing as my agility is only 3. Tell me when to roll.
The GM says, "You look out on the crowded city and spot an open field. the ship is going down regardless of what you do, you will just have to make the best of the crash"
The GM says, "Ok leeghwater first of two difficult strength rolls, emsworth, first of moderate two agility rolls."
Hans rolls 3d, and gets a 4.
Emsworth . o O ( Curses! This is more difficult than it looked! )
Leeghwater [to GM]: Moderate Strength, right?
The GM says, "Er you may want to have wilkins help leeghwater"
The GM says, "A moderate agility to reach the wheel first"
Wilkins moves to help Leeghwater.
Hans rolls 3d, and gets a 4.
Emsworth says, "Wilkins stumbles."
On 4d6, you rolled 17.
The GM says, "Have Wilkins roll once more"
Leeghwater [to GM]: Never mind that 17
Hans rolls 3d, and gets a 5.
Peracles [to JHG]: I know :-)
The GM says, "Ok Wilkins still isn't there."
Emsworth says, "wilkins is stumbling across all those bodies on the deck, I think!"
Leeghwater [to GM]: tell me when you want me to roll for strength
The GM says, "First roll for Leeghwater, it's a 12"
The GM says, "Wilkins will get one more chance to reach the wheel"
Peracles [to JHG]: go ahead and roll
You say, "I though it was a moderate roll!?"
On 2d6, you rolled 2.
The GM says, "EEP"
Leeghwater snorts
The GM says, "Last chance for wilkins to reach wheel"
Hans buries his head in his hands.
Hans rolls 3d, and gets a 4.
Emsworth says, "Nope..."
Emsworth says, "What about the trim?"
The GM says, "Ok last two rolls for trim and helm"
Hans rolls 3d, and gets a 11.
On 2d6, you rolled 4.
Emsworth says, "Trim works!!!"
Emsworth . o O ( This is going to hurt... )
The GM says, "Leeghwater stuggles with the wheel, but it's spin is too much to correct."
The GM says, "Emsworth at the last second gets the ship upright just before there is a bone crushing impact and everything goes dark."
The GM says, "It's some time before you start back awake"
The GM says, "And the movement HURTS!"
The GM says, "You manage to work your eyes open and see you are in a hospital."
You say, "Ack"
The GM says, "You manage to croak out and the nurse comes running."
Emsworth says, "Oooohhh!"
The GM says, "Then several more nurses and then doctors arrive"
Doctor Philby beams "Oh BRAVO! You two chaps gave us quite a scare you did."
Emsworth whispers, "My companions? Are they all right?"
Leeghwater . o O ( two? )
Emsworth says, "Two!?! What about Wilkins? My man? Is he all right?"
Dr Philby well we've been worried about two of you. Your Manservant although hurt, wasn't hurt as bad as you were.
Emsworth sinks back into the pillows with a sigh and relaxes. "Good," he mutters.
Wilkins is wheeled into the room. "Good to see you sir."
Leeghwater [to Wilkins]: "Hello, Wilkins"
The GM says, "Mr Emsworth and Mr Leeghwater have both been in and out of coma's for quite awhile."
Wilkins says, "Hello, Sir. It is good to see you both awake, if I may be so bold."
Emsworth says, "What happened to the crew of the galley? Did any survive? What about the brigands?"
You say, "Did the Empress of India make it alright?"
Dr Philby shakes his head. "Not a one. The empact was quite severe and as most were already badly wounded, they never had a chance."
Emsworth says, "Too bad. About the crew anyway. And I expect Army Intelligence would have liked to talk to one of the brigands too, come to that."
Dr Philby beams. "She signaled the port master and the admiralty on reaching orbit. "Well done and pin a medal on those stalwarts that saved us."
Emsworth says, "Not just now, I hope. I hurt quite enough as it is."
Emsworth smiles weakly.
Leeghwater sighs contendly.
The GM says, "There is a slight commotion in the hallway and the medical staff parts like the Red sea for Moses."
The GM says, "A slight man wearing the uniform of a Royal Navy Admiral enters the room."
Admiral. "Good to see you chaps conscious. I am Admiral Andrew Brevard Cushing."
You say, "hello" Admiral Cushing smiles "I daresay you chaps have been the talk of the town these past weeks."
Emsworth says, "Greetings, Admiral."
Admiral Cushing turns to his aide, who steps forward with a small case. "The Empress signaled we should 'pin a medal' on you chaps."
Emsworth makes an averting handwave.
Emsworth says, "we only did our duty, Admiral."
Leeghwater nods
Admiral Cushing reaches into the case and with great pomp pins something on your hospital gowns. "The Governor-General and I signalled earth and with great pride, I present you each with a Knighthood in the order of the Star of Syrtis Lapis.(correction after consulting TRMGS: Imperial Order of the Crown Colonies, Rank Knights of the IOCC, Honorific: KIOCC) For Conspicuous gallantry.
Admiral Cushing beams. "Greetings Sir Bertram and Sir Gijsbrecht"
Emsworth says, "I thank you for the honour, Admiral, and please convey my thanks to His Excellency."
You say, "Thank you"
The GM says, "And that they say is a wrap."
The GM says, "Now for the BAD news. please roll endurance and it would be good to roll high."
On 3d6, you rolled 10.
Hans rolls 3d, and gets a 12.
The GM says, "Ok Emsworth you rolled high enough to avoid a penalty."
Hans sighs in relief.
The GM says, "Leeghwater, I'm sorry, but you have sustained permanent injury. You run at half speed due to your badly broken leg."
The GM says, "You each get 2 general XP. and the following renown."
The GM says, "Two for Heroism and two for Service to the Crown."
Emsworth says, "Is Service to Crown different from Patriotic?"
You say, "Service to the..."
The GM says, "Plus it is now 1 June 1889. You have been in comas for two months. The night of the crash was 27 March 1889."
The GM says, "Right Patriotic service"
Emsworth says, "So I have 3 Service to the crown in all?"
The GM says, "Yes."
The GM says, "The crash sequence was base 1D3 Plus one wound for each of the four rolls you had to make."
The GM says, "Since you missed three of the four that was 1D3+3"
Emsworth says, "That could have killed me. I'm glad it didn't."
The GM says, "Given that each of you could only sustain 6 total wounds before dying, and I rolled that for each of you. I didn't want to kill off two of my three players."
Leeghwater shrugs
The GM says, "Thus the coma and the roll for permanent injury"
Leeghwater starts to write his wife and his parents the good and the bad news.
The GM says, "It was a trade off. You played well and were done in by bad rolls. I don't like to kill PCs due to dice."
JHG says, "Story of my life: bad rolls when it matter; good rolls when they don't" :/
Emsworth says, "Fair enough. More than fair, even. Just one thing: I've been working on a description of my house in LM and intended to set some repairs in motion before I left LM. Is that OK with you?"
The GM says, "You had five days before departing, so sure."
Emsworth says, "Bad luck, Leeghwater. Let's hope someone can develop a method to straighten out your leg some day."
Emsworth says, "The campaign started Feb 1st, right?"
The GM says, "One thing I do need from you. I just figured out I didn't log the renown I've given out, could you please let me know what you have?"
The GM says, "Yes 1 Feb. It is now 1 June."
Emsworth says, "1 Exploration, 2 Heroism, 3 Service to Crown."
You say, "Similar"
The GM says, "Ok thank you"
Emsworth says, "I expect you to tell me if wilkins gets anything. I'm assuming he gets overlooked unless you say other wise (Unfair, but...)"
The GM says, "As somebodies man, servants unfairly get left out of a lot of things."
Emsworth says, "We have to collect a certain number of points in one category before something happens, right? Could you run through that again?"
The GM says, "everyone's medical expenses were paid for by the White Star line."
The GM says, "Wilkins has gained some measure of notority by being the only one conscious to speak to the reporters."
The GM says, "Ok rules from renown are as followed..."
Emsworth says, "Ah yes. Did the White Star Line come up with any tokens of appreciation other than that? Not that Bertie cares, but Hans does ;-)"
The GM says, "For each five points in ONE area, you get a 1 in 6 chance of being recognized."
The GM says, "For 10 points in one area you can on a one time deal increase your social level up to SL4"
The GM says, "If you are SL5 you need 20 points to go to SL 6"
Emsworth nods.
Hans says, "Jan, I vote we try to get our next Service points from exploration...
The GM says, "Now that you mention it. White Star credits you with a voucher good for a round trip from earth to mars first class of course."
Emsworth says, "Or Mars to Earth, right?"
The GM says, "OR it van be used for five first class round trips on a ocean going ship."
The GM says, "Yes eithr way"
Emsworth says, "I'll write "A round trip between Earth and Mars"."
The GM says, "Oh missed one thing under renown. 20 points in one area will allow SL4 to go to SL 5"
The GM says, "And since you never mentioned the dream you also avoided another penalty...."
Emsworth says, "So SL 1 to 3 needs 10 points to go up one step while SL 4 and 5 needs 20 points to go up one step. And in all cases once only."
The GM says, "It's sort of the opposite of renown, call it infamy."
The GM says, "Yes that's it"
Emsworth says, "Yeah. I had our version of the story all written out."
The GM says, "ONE point of infamy grants a 1 in 6 of being recognized being "an odd duck" the victorian society was extremely stratified and having a bad reputation was easier to get than a good one."
The GM says, "I will be available for the next two weeks, but I know Jan will not."
Emsworth . o O ( "Gossip, Gossip, evil thing..." )
Emsworth says, "I don't mind skipping the next two weeks, but only if it doesn't mean the campaign fades away. I enjoy it."
The GM says, "That's about it. Infamy has the down side that while renown will help you get access to closed doors, infamy might close open doors."
Emsworth says, "How we knew? We were pub-crawling and overheard a conversation between two natives in a low dive somewhere. We never saw them, but they were speaking Parhoon, one of them with an accent. We hurried off to try to warn someone but lost some time trying to find our way through the narrow streets. I'm afraid we can't find the tavern again. finally we found ourselves not far from the Savoy and went there to ask the Concierge for information. When we found out there really was a Star of India, we hurried to the port. The rest you know."
The GM says, "I will end it only if the consensus of the players is to do so."
You say, "I will not be here next week. Week after is fine"
Emsworth says, "If Robert can make it next week you might run something for him."
The GM says, "Ok. well lets see what robert is up to next week."
Leeghwater nds
The GM says, "With Jan out of the loop next week it will be perfect as Leeghwater heals."
The GM says, "Teatum needs to do something next week to catch up, but I can't promise him a knighthood."
You say, "I could also be locked up in a lab" Emsworth says, "If you can work Bertie into it I'll show up, but I don't mind sitting one out."
The GM says, "Since you avoided a permanent injury, you will be able to go along, but at best you'll be in a wheel chair"
Emsworth says, "in that case it will depend entirely on the nature of the problem. Intellectual, good, physical, bad."
The GM says, "Please remember to nuke your local references on the way out."
Peracles has deleted all of their local references.
Hans has deleted all of their local references.
Peracles says, "I'll see what I can do. I woke up in the middle of the night with this scenario in my head."
You say, "Log off"