Destroyermen Largely as an exercise to test the flexibility of the Cortex System, the following is an adaptation of the excellent setting created by Taylor Anderson’s Destroyermen-Series.  If you have not read this excellent novel, the gist of the setting is an old Four-Piper Destroyer while attempting to escape the Japanese after the Battle of Java Sea chooses to hide in an odd greenish squall. It turns out this storm dumps the ship in a parallel dimension where humans never evolved. Instead two other Earth species became sentient and are mortal enemies. The humans have to choose a side and find a way to adapt to their new reality.   

The files included here give the basic background, an outline of a campaign, the outlines of the adventures of the first season, the rules for Mass Combat, and how to build characters for this unique and interesting setting. As this campaign has progressed, I have added the adventures of the second season.

Season One

Season Two


System Additions

Mass Combat Rules


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