RACE:                                                      BORG
STARSHIP CLASS:                         CUBE
Construction Data:
        Model Number-                                      Unknown
        Date Entering Service                              Unknown
        Number Constructed-                                1,000,000+
Hull Data:
        Superstructure Points                              2,955*
        Damage Chart-                                      General Chart
                Length-                                    3,652.4 m
                Width-                                     3,652.4 m
                Height-                                    3,652.4 m
                Weight-                     10,000,000+ mt
                Cargo units-                               Unknown
                Cargo Capacity-                            Unknown
                Landing Capability-                        None
Equipment Data:
        Control Computer Type           Unknown
                standard-                                  Unknown
                emergency-                                 Unknown
                cargo, large                               Unknown
                cargo, small                               Unknown
Other Data:
        Crew-                                              Unknown
        Passengers-                                        NA
        Shuttlecraft-                                      Unknown
Engines and Power Data:
        Total Power Units Available                   Infinite
        Movement Point Ratio-                      20 movement maximum**
        Warp Engine Type-                                  Unknown (Quantum Barrier tap)
                Number-                                    Unknown
                Power Units Available                       Infinite
                Stress Charts-                             E/F
                Maximum Safe Cruising       Warp 9.6 – 9.98
                Transwarp Speed-                           WF 9.99946
        Impulse Engine Type-                       Unknown
                Power Units Available                       500
Weapons and Firing Data:
        Beam Weapon Type-                   Cutter Beam***
                Number-                                    20
                Firing Arcs-                               5f, 5p, 5s, 5a
                Firing Chart-                              Y
                Maximum Power-                             20
                Damage Modifiers
                   +3                          (1 – 9)
                   +2                          (10 – 18)
                   +1                          (19 – 24)
        Beam Weapon Type-                   Destroyer Beam                            
                Number-                                    20                              
                Firing Arcs-                               5f, 5p, 5s, 5a          
                Firing Chart-                              Y                               
                Damage-                                    30  
                   +3                          (1 – 9)
                   +2                          (10 – 18)
                   +1                          (19 – 24)
Beam Weapon Type-                             Tractor/Seizure^
                Number-                                    20
                Firing Arcs-                               5f, 5p, 5s, 5a
                Firing Chart-                              M
                Power to Arm-           min 20, max 50  
                Damage Modifiers     n/a
Beam Weapon Type-                                Shield Neutralize^^ 
                Number-                                    20                              
                Firing Arcs-                               5f, 5p, 5s, 5a          
                Firing Chart-                              R
                Power to Arm-           10                                      
                Damage Modifiers-   n/a       
Shield Data:
        Deflector Shield Type                              BSH-V^^^
                Shield Point Ratio-                        NA
                Maximum Shield Power:                   Interference Based {All or nothing}


* SUPERSTRUCTURE POINTS: The Borg superstructure is unique in that it is capable of spontaneous regeneration, essentially rebuilding itself and "healing" damage in the heat of battle. The regeneration ratio indicates how many power points must be expended to regenerate two superstructure points; nominally, ten energy points yielding two superstructure points. The Borg ship must have at least 50% of its original superstructure intact for this process to be viable.  If the superstructure has fallen below 50% of its original capacity, then the Borg ship is too badly damaged to muster the resources necessary for regeneration.  Regeneration can take place at any time in any turn, during any of the three phases.

** MOVEMENT MAX: There isn’t a movement ratio because with INFINITE power available it isn't a factor. Just pick 0 to 20 at the beginning of the turn.

*** CUTTER BEAM: This weapon combines structural damage with a tractor beam. On a hit, the beam does one automatic point of superstructure damage, cutting out a ten by ten meter section of hull, and holding that section in a tractor beam. The Borg has the option of keeping that cutter beam energized for 5 points of power and pulling the captured section of hull toward the Borg ship at the rate of one hex per turn or the Borg can release the captured section and fire the beam again.

^ TRACTOR/SEIZURE BEAM: Like the Shield Neutralizer (below) the Tractor/Seizure beam is a deceptively benign Borg weapon.  Harmless as a direct offensive device, the Tractor/Seizure beam is nevertheless very dangerous because ships seized in its grasp cannot take evasive maneuvers to avoid incoming fire, cannot pivot or rotate to bring shielded sides to bear or move unshielded sides away from exposure to fire, and cannot go to warp or high impulse in order to escape the battlefield altogether.  In gaming terms this means that a vessel successfully seized/tractored loses all movement points for the duration of the turn during which it is successfully seized.  Once captured, the seized ship can be manipulated at the expense of the Borg vessel, using whatever energy points have been used to energize the tractor/seizure beam in any given turn.  Thus, if a Borg ship makes a successful hit on a Type B Vor’cha with a tractor/seizure beam, the Vor'cha loses all movement points for that turn and will remain in the Borg's grasp until the Borg player either releases the Vor'cha, or the Vor'cha batters down the Borg shields and makes a called shot, destroying the weapons bank projecting the tractor/seizure beam which has caught it, baring that, the Vor'cha is at the Borg's mercy, movement-wise.  Expending a maximum of 50 energy points, the Borg can maneuver the Vor'cha in our example at exactly the same rate as the Vor'cha could move itself.  Meaning, to draw the Vor'cha four hexes closer to itself so that it can get a better shot, the Borg attacker needs to expend 10 points per hex, the same as the Vor'cha's movement point ratio, using power previously allocated to the tractor/seizure beam prior to the start of the turn, for a total of 40 points.
     There are some important limitations.  First, the tractor/seizure process doesn't work against shields.  In order to grasp a vessel, the Borg must knock down the shields on at least one side of the craft in question otherwise the shields form a slippery energy bubble, which the tractor/seizure beam cannot hold.  This also means that if a previously seized/tractored ship is able to raise all six of its shields to full power at the start of the next turn, the Borg's grasp is broken and the shields of the target vessel must again be dropped and the ship again successfully hit with yet another tractor/seizure beam.  Second, the bare minimum energy requirement of each tractor/seizure hardpoint is 20.  Anything less, and the tractor/seizure beam becomes useless.  Third, the tractor/seizure beam has limited range, and all attacks using it must still make rolls to hit on the standard table using the correct firing chart.  Fourth, once a ship is seized it remains in the hex where it was originally hit until it is free from the beam, destroyed, or otherwise manipulated by the Borg attacker.  Thus, a Borg cannot latch onto a host of ships and then take off running, all its tractored prey remaining in motionless lockstep along with it the whole time.  Those craft will remain in the hexes where they were first seized, until released, or able to raise shields, or until the Borg ship goes beyond the firing chart range of the tractor/seizure beam itself.  Fifth, the tractor/seizure beam is independent of firing or movement phases, meaning Borg energy points expended on tractoring a ship need not be distributed over movement phases, and a Borg ship can manipulate a captured vessel while in a firing phase.
     Returning to the Vor'cha in the example, the Borg attacker first uses several Shield Neutralizer (see below) strikes to knock down the Vor'cha's three forward shields.  With the Vor'cha still blazing away at the Borg's own shielding, the Borg ship uses a 50-point tractor/seizure beam to grasp the Vor'cha and hold it motionless seven hexes away.  Next movement phase, the Borg ship moves two hexes aft, but the Vor'cha stays in the hex where it was capture, still firing, yet unable to move.  During its own firing phase, the Borg ship burns 30 points from its tractor/seizure device to drag the Vor'cha three hexes closer, where the Borg ship then unloads with Cutter and Destroyer beams.  Recognizing his plight, the Klingon player manages to raise all six shields to full power at the start of the next turn, thus freeing his Vor'cha from the Borg, and now the Borg has to again knock down the Vor'cha's shields and try to tractor/seize it all over again. 

^^ SHIELD NEUTRALIZER: This powerful fires a pellet-like energy burst which, given a successful strike, can simultaneously disable Alpha Quadrant shields entirely and drop a ship out of warp.  The Shield Neutralizers are therefore quite unlike the rest of the Borg arsenal, in that they affect shielding only and have no damage modifiers, nor do they damage superstructure or other systems once a shield has been dropped.  They are armed somewhat like torpedoes or Romulan plasma weaponry, but affect shielding alone, and then, potentially in one fell swoop.  It matters not if an Alpha/Beta quadrant foe has a particular shield hex energized to 40 points or more.  A single Shield Neutralizer bolt, worth barely 10 energy points, has a 50/50 chance of knocking that 40-point shield down to zero, assuming a successful die roll on the part of the Borg player attacking an Alpha/Beta quadrant foe.  As with the Borg shields, a ten-sided die is rolled, this time by the Borg player.  Odd -numbered results mean the Borg's opponent's shielding remains intact, albeit drained by the requisite 10 points originally expended on the Shield Neutralizer for that turn.  Even-numbered results mean that the entire shield, on whichever hex side happens to get hit, is dropped, regardless of how highly it has been energized.  For example, if a Borg ship targets hex side 4 on a Sovereign Mark I class starship with its shields fully raised, the Borg ship is facing a full strength shield of 66 on that hex.  Assuming the Borg make a successful roll to hit, the Borg player then rolls a ten-sided die to determine if only 10 points are taken off that shield (reducing it to 56) or if the shield collapses completely for the duration of the turn, on a result of Odds, the former, on Evens, the latter.

^^^ INTERFERENCE BASED SHIELDS: The defenses used by the Borg are of TREMENDOUS power. The trick is to "Slip" through them and not to try to over power them. The Borg defenses adapt, if they have seen an attack of a certain type before and if that attack does not vary, then it is a 100% certainty that the shield will block the next attack. Varying attacks such as rotating frequency phasers start with a 10% chance the attack fails and add 10% every time the weapon is used against the Borg. (IE A Borg ship is hit three times with rotating phasers. On the fourth shot there will be a 40% chance of it not getting through. If it does fail, then ALL phaser fire from that point on will fail 100% for that ship). If in a fleet battle with the Borg, a ship that can no longer hit the Borg can regain the chance by 5% for every other ship that will co-ordinate an attack that turn with you against a Borg Ship. It does not matter how many ships in that coordinated attack have lost the ability to hit the Borg all will get the bonus. To co-ordinate an attack, all ship commanders must make a Starship Strategy/Tactics roll.  Only those who make it will be considered "part of the coordinated effort" (Example. ten Starships attempt to co-ordinate an attack against a Borg ship three have already lost the possibility of hitting the Borg. The seven non-blocked commanders all make their Tactics roll giving them a 40% bonus against the basic 70% chance the Borg adapt this round for a net 30% chance that their coordinated attack will be blocked. The other three ships that had no chance now can hit if the Borg fail their "adaptive" roll at a base of 60% instead of at 100%, this is the same percentage that a captain that fails to coordinate will use. No Attack may reduce the "Adaptive" roll below 10%. All ships during the next turn have their original rolls +10% normal bonus that the Borg get every round.

NOTE: The adaptive roll also applies to the individual Borg during ground actions.  Use Small Unit Tactics of each attacker against an individual Borg (even though the adaptive roll applies to ALL the Borg).n with NO roll required.