Civis Federation Sum ("I am a Federation Citizen")


Crew is sent to take a new Federation ambassador Agamemnon Travis to his new posting on Porati Prime, which is a relatively backward world that has just achieved warp drive. The locals are humanoid in appearance, slightly taller than humans but with a powerful build. The most distinctive thing about them is that they possess three arms in an asymmetrical configuration with two smaller right arms and one dominant left arm.


During Travis’ briefing an INT roll will realize that his information is thin on specifics, consisting mainly of a general explanation that the Porati have asked for Federation assistance in integrating their primitive technology (similar to Earth during First Contact) with the revelation that they are part of a galaxy full of star faring races. A Federation Law roll will note that extra care will have to be taken to avoid a conflict between the needs of the Porati and the Prime Directive. One thing that is readily apparent without a skill roll from the briefing is that the newly minted ambassador is unusually self-aggrandizing and arrogant for a diplomat.


When the Exeter arrives, what they find with a Starship Sensors roll is a planet still in the throes of a civil war with active fighting still occurring near the capital of Legana. As soon as the ship makes orbit, a Communications Systems Operations roll will pick up a signal from the central government that they have taken all Federation citizens hostage in the embassy. The government threatens to kill all the Federation citizens unless the crew immediately aids them in their civil war with arms, material and to use their ship to hunt down the rebel ships in the system. Even counting the fact that they embassy was only at minimum staffing, there are twenty-three hostages being held by the Porati.


Travis, ever the hothead, immediately invokes General Order Number Five and wants to declare war, on the grounds that an attack on even a single Federation citizen is an act of war. A Federation Law roll will realize that Travis’ plenipotentiary authority gives him the right to make such a declaration and that the crew is obligated to obey his orders. Despite Travis having the authority to declare war, while he is within the letter of the law, he is clearly violating the spirit of the law with such a loose interpretation of the regulations.


Complicating matter is the fact that the embassy was deliberately built with materials that scatter sensors and thus determining whether the hostages are even in the building, let alone their exact location is impossible. In addition, the Porati are technologically advanced enough to have the ability build a transporter dampening field, which they have covering the embassy. In fact, it is impossible to beam in closer than two kilometers of the building.


Travis further complicates matters by ordering an orbital bombardment on the Porati power grid as a demonstration of the Federation’s superiority and wants the attack to begin within an hour. Keeping the ambassador from forcing the crew to carry out the attack will require either a Federation Law or Negotiation/Diplomacy roll to point out that while the Federation Charter does give him the authority to declare war, it does not give him the right to inflict wholesale slaughter on the locals. If this roll fails, Travis maintains his order.


While the PCs can not refuse Travis’ orders, they can possibly get him to change his mind with a pre-bombardment briefing. A successful Negotiation/Diplomacy roll will clearly explain that even with a thorough scan to locate the main power distribution nodes (Starship Sensors roll) and the most precise targeting of those objectives (Starship Weaponry Operations roll), there will be significant Porati casualties due to collateral damage. The base number of casualties will be 10% with an increase of 10% for a failed Starship Sensors roll, further increased by 5% per 10% that a  

Starship Weaponry Operations roll misses. As the population of Legana, even with the Rebel army closing is still six hundred thousand; the slaughter will be in the tens of thousands. As even the hot headed Travis knows that such a loss of life would void the legality of such orders, he wisely cancels the bombardment.


One unexpected side effect of the briefing is that the detail that the Rebels are so close to the capital is revealed. It only takes in INT roll to realize that it is this threat that has made the Porati desperate enough to take hostages. Interfering with Porati Civil War is a direct violation of the Prime Directive precluding Travis from meeting any of the government’s demands. In addition the Rebels have broken through the Loyalist’s lines and are rapidly closing on Legana. A Federation Law roll will know that while interfering with the outcome of the war is against the Prime Directive, using the firepower of a Starfleet vessel to assist in the rescue of Federation citizen in imminent danger is completely within regulations. 


Using the combination of sensors and precise weapons targeting, as outlined above, to lay down a barrage of phasers set on stun can disrupt the fighting long enough to beam down a rescue force with the Porati are confused by the bombardment.    


A Small Unit Tactics roll will select the best location for the PCs to beam down closest to the embassy without being detected. Due to the dampening field, there is a -20% penalty to all use of Transporters near the field. Choosing to beam completely outside of the area of interference will require the PCs beam down five kilometers from the embassy. If the PCs beam down two kilometers away, they will have to succeed with an averaged DEX roll to avoid Porati patrols. If the roll fails, The PCs encounter a Loyalist force equal 1.5 their numbers rounded up. The soldiers are armed with rifles and wearing ceramic body armor that will stop ten points of energy damage once. If the PCs have to beam down five kilometers away, they will get caught in a Rebel recon in force attack on the city consisting of three times their number. It takes a second Small Unit Tactics roll to realize that the Porati force is simply too strong to break contact with which only allow them to pursue. The PCs will have to split their force with the bulk holding back the Porati while some of them continue on to rescue the hostages.


Entering the embassy through any of the regular entrances is impossible due to the strength of the Loyalists guarding them, but with the orbital bombardment disrupting both Porati forces, subtlety is no longer a requirement. Blasting open a hole in the embassy walls requires five charges of a phaser set on disintegrate. As they are still slowed by the Federation bombardment, the Loyalists do not respond to the breech until the PCs have had a chance to search the embassy for several minutes. It takes an average INT + LUC -20% to find the hostages. If the roll fails, the GM will roll a d10. If the GM rolls under the number of turns on the d10 before the PCs find the hostages, they have encountered four Porati guards. Once detected, the PCs have ten rounds to defeat the Porati before a dozen more show up.

After finding the hostages, the PCs need only exit the embassy and activate their transporter transponders to give the ship the ability to punch a transporter beam through the dampening field to rescue the hostages.


Once back to the ship, the captain will contact Starfleet with a full report on the collapse of the Porati mission. After acknowledging receipt of the message, the ship is ordered to immediately return to the nearest Starbase for a debriefing.    


As a result of the ship’s sensor logs and the crew’s after action reports, Travis is removed from the Federation Diplomatic Corps.


Agamemnon Travis – Federation Ambassador

Statistics: STR: 45 DEX: 58 END: 52 INT: 68 CHA: 76 LUC: 72 PSI: 20        

AP: 9   To hit MOD: 39     To hit HTH: 39 Dam: 1D10+2


Significant Skills:

Administration                       77

Communication Sys Ops                   23

Computer Ops                                  63

Leadership                                       25

Marksmanship, Modern                    20

Negotiation/Diplomacy                      60

Personal Combat, Unarmed               20

Small Equip Ops                               29


Porati Soldiers

Statistics: STR: 40 (Fighting arm +40) DEX: 60 END: 70 INT: 50 CHA: 50 LUC: 45 PSI: 35        

AP: 10   To hit MOD: 55     To hit HTH: 55 Dam: 1D10+5 (2D10+5 w/ Fighting arm)


Significant Skills:

Leadership                                       25

Marksmanship, Modern                    50

Personal Combat, Unarmed               55

Small Unit Tactics                            35


Type     Parry Damage   Point Blank   Short   Medium    Long        Extreme          Ammo

Rifle       P     4D10+10        1            2-30      31-100    101-200 201-300          30

Bayonet   P                3D10

Pistol       -      4D10              1           2-10    11-25      26-40        41-75                        16