Chimpers’ Domain

Introduction and Overall Synopsis:

This Adventure, Chimpers’ Domain, is about a group of adventurers being hired by an entrepreneur to investigate mysterious attacks while on a series of hunting expeditions as well as mysterious injuries and deaths among the expedition parties.

Standards and Assumptions:

Location: This takes place anywhere on the Rim or Border planets that has a Starport that is a good quality installation with refined fuel facilities, available annual maintenance overall and starship and spacecraft construction facilities.

Character Types: This adventure is intended for a band of adventurers with a minimum of four and no more than eight with an assortment of character types. 

Starship Type: A mid-bulk transport large enough to hold an ATV (Wheeled, Tracked or Gravitic) in its Cargo Hold.

Adventure Information and Background:

The Alliance is always seeking new trade and markets as well as young and independent entrepreneurs that provide a multitude of services for their clients and customers. Some entrepreneurs provide hunting expeditions when they encountered an enclave of chimpanzees. With their curiosity, one of then wanted to learn more about these new visitors, and accompanied them to the starport where he was exploited as an object. This little primate shortly became a fad for the populace, as everyone in the city wanted a little chimp for his or her very own.

One such entrepreneur purchased the little primate and then sold it to a rich landowner, who made it a pet. This entrepreneur, named Tarrin Coorvish, would go on such hunting expeditions to capture more of these little primates, or Chimpers, for pets. These expeditions have been conducted for years and these Chimpers would be used as pets on this world as well as being exported to other worlds as products in the pet trade. Since any protected animal trading is prohibited within the Alliance, the Independent Entrepreneurs would use smugglers to export these Chimpers within the Alliance. This operation have been going on for a few years and when Alliance Authorities received news of what have been going on, they needed to investigate. Upon numerous surveys, Alliance Authorities and especially the Bureau of Interstellar Affairs found that there was nothing out of the ordinary. But, the smuggling of Chimpers continued, and something needed to be done. Coorvish, however, was making a fortune in Credits in the trading of Chimpers to wealthy families throughout the Core Sector.

Recent events began to occur, and Coorvishs’ business began to have fallout. Every expedition that has been conducted resulted in disastrous endings, such as client and employee injuries and in a few cases, death. Whenever expeditions were to go out to capture any Chimpers, they were attacked and their supplies were taken and their equipment damaged beyond repair. Coorvish needed to find out what has been happening without attracting too much attention, so he placed an ad in the local news service to “Wanted: independent investigators to uncover mysterious occurrences during the course of business.” This shall hopefully find any traveler from off-world who needs a job.

Players’ Information:

While on a layover on [fill in blank] System for maintenance and resupply, the group is unable to locate a legitimate cargo. Thanks to a friend on Whitefall they know why. An Average INT + Streetwise roll results in the group hearing of a hunting party who goes out on expeditions and safari on the frontiers of [planet] to find and capture a little known animal called the Chimper. Lately, these expeditions have become more difficult, for each expedition have been under attack and have been causing injuries and some deaths to the expedition individuals. The last expedition resulted in two deaths and four severely injured by the latest attack from an unknown enemy. The attack was several hundred kilometers outside of the main city/starport.

An entrepreneur approaches the group to hire them to help quell these attacks on the expeditions and to find out why they are attacking. This entrepreneur is Tarrin Coorvish and he is prepared to offer them an incentive for helping him resolve this problem, including compensation for their needs at the Starport. The upcoming journey is armed and is traveling by tracked ATV with a gun mount on the dorsal hull. The trip would be about seven days to try to quell these attacks on their expeditions, and being able to cope with wilderness survival is a must. The group should also bring their own personal weapons and essential survival gear as well as rations for the expedition.

Coorvish will, however, bring his own mercenary hiring’s to act as his own personal bodyguards during this expedition. They will have their own vehicle on this caravan and their true intent is possibly hostile as well as having a close niche with Coorvish. These hirelings look suspicious and assume not trustworthy. The group should keep an eye on them for their own safety.

Referees’ Information:

The trip begins at dawn as a small caravan of Tracked All-Terrain Vehicles that left the outskirts of the main city. They spent the first day trekking through the forest terrain to make camp at dusk. The first camp seemed peaceful as two of the mercenaries went out to find and hunt for fresh meat. An hour later, one of them returns with scratches all over his body and tells the rest of the group that an unknown attacker had killed his partner. Most of the group went out to find the body of the mercenary, but had found only tracks and signs of a struggle. Being on alert, the expedition had a guard while the rest bed down for the night.

The next morning, they set out to the forest and found a disserted camp that had been savagely attacked by animals or savages. The camp was torn to pieces and there is blood everywhere. A unique feature about this camp is that there were no bodies. The shelters have been shredded, the equipment trashed and there are signs of an attack and a struggle, but there are no bodies of the campers. Upon further and in-depth investigation, there are a multitude of bird-like tracks heading into one direction. As they began to follow these tracks, they are attacked by a small number (1D) of Chimpers from above. The groups’ first objective is to drive off their Chimper attackers, in order to find their camp. The mercenaries and Coorvish have other ideas, such as killing or capturing the attacking Chimpers.

After the skirmish, the surviving Chimpers are tracked to their lair. It has been rumored that Coorvish is currently involved with the black market and Chirper pets are the main product to the Market. When a member of the group confronts Coorvish, weapons are drawn on the group. The mercenaries have assault rifles while Coorvish himself has a pistol, and they are all aimed at the group on the intent on taking the Chimpers with them.

Other members of the group enter the scene, causing a distraction and a firefight begins. The skirmish would be long, but Coorvish and his mercenaries would be defeated, some of them would be killed, but others would escape the skirmish. Coorvish would be nowhere insight, as well as one of the vehicles.

There are two options for the group:

Option One: Free the Chimpers. The group can mount their ATV with all their gear and trek for several kilometers in the forest to find a large clearing with numerous nests, and a thriving colony of Chimpers. The colony is one of many colonies that had been threatened by independent merchants and trappers. The captured chirper is set free to rejoin the colony.

Option Two: Pursue and capture Coorvish. One of the PC’s notices a dust trail in the distance. Upon observation, it is Coorvish making a run for it to hide within the city and wait for the situation calms down. The group can pack up their gear on the ATV with the intent on tracking down and catching Coovish. Grav Vehicles are hard to track and find, especially with the speed of the ATV. It will take a Formidable Perception test to give the group an advantage in getting Coorvish. One hour later, the group finds Coorvish’s speeder-bike, but it is a wreck and there is blood everywhere. It is believed that Coorvish is missing and presumed dead, but the group makes an immediate search of the immediate vicinity and finds a trail of blood into the forest and  Chimper footprints everywhere. Further search would not be necessary as they realize the fate of Coorvish. They then can turn around and head for the Chirper colony to set their Chimper friend free. The colony is one of many thriving colonies of Chimpers that is threatened by Trappers.


At the Starport, the PC’s reported their findings to Alliance Authorities and an investigation has started on Coorvish and his organization. Upon return to their ship, they find a transmittal slip of a landing lock release in the common area that and a note from Coovish saying “For your troubles”. Astonished and perplexed, they have to settle for being free to go and depart with Alliance Officials clearing them for take off.


Referees’ Resources and Materials:

There are a few important resources that are needed to conduct this adventure.

1. Chimpers: Descended from omnivore/gatherers. Chimpers stand about 1 meter high and weighs about 25 kgs. They are intelligent up to a point, and have been known to operate in packs. Their intelligence is more rudimentary cunning, devoted to steal shiny objects or intriguing gadgets. Since these are usually keys, shiny coins, or other small valuable items, the humans on this and other worlds have never reacted well to the Chimpers. They are however, highly prized as pets. Chimpers live in small groups and follow age-old patterns of gathering fruits and berries in the wild. Previously wide-ranging, they have been systematically reduced to a few scattered groups in marginal territories. Finally, Chimpers are swift, much more so than their size or build would indicate. They can dash and dart about virtually unseen, if they care to; if someone tries to catch one, it usually can get away. It is nearly impossible to catch a Chimper. Characteristics: AGL: D10, STR: D4, VIT: D10, ALE: D8, INT: D2, WIL: D6, INIT: D10+D8 Life Points: 16, Weight: 25 kgs, Armor: none, Weapons: Claws/Teeth: D4 W

2. Tarrin Coorvish: This gentleman was part of a small and unknown merchant company that was renown throughout the Core Worlds until it went out of business. Coovish served in its merchant fleet for a few years when it went bankrupt after the owner was sought for embezzlement of its invested funds, and its fleet was sold to pay for its debts. Coorvish became an entrepreneur and created an import/export business on the planet, where he found a colony of Chimpers that lived in small and secluded villages in the forests. He then found smugglers in their tramp freighters that could and would work to his advantage. His family members are either involved with numerous shady characters on Persephone or other border worlds, or have other means of employment throughout the Alliance. Tarin Coovish is intelligent, cunning, and can manipulate any situation to his will. Characteristics: Ex-Merchant Fourth Officer: AGL: D6, STR: D6, VIT: D6, ALE: D8, INT: D10, WIL: D6, INIT: D6+D8 Life Points: 12 Skills: Technical Engineering D6, Pilot D6 – Astrogation D8, Medical Expertise D6.

4. Coorvish’s Thugs: they are the mercenaries that Coovish hired to accompany him on the expedition along with the PC’s. They are usually ex-troopers that are equipped with SMGs, Rifles, Shotguns, or Pistols and they all have the same stats: AGL: D6, STR: D8, VIT: D6, ALE: D6, INT: D6, WIL: D6, INIT: D6+D6 Life Points: 12

a. Trooper 1: SMG

b. Trooper 2: SMG

c. Trooper 3: Rifle

d. Trooper 4: Pistol

e. Trooper 5: Pistol

f. Trooper 6: Shotgun

g. Trooper 7: Rifle

h. Trooper 8: Rifle

i. Trooper 9: Shotgun


Lattimer’s Ghost tie in, after learning that Blue Sun is responsible for them being blackballed the crew again tried to find a legitimate cargo and failed. When Coorvish approached them, they were more than ready to ready to take the job offered regardless of its legality.