Name: Wu Chan Juan AGL D8, STR D8, VIT D6, ALE D10, INT D6, WIL D10, INIT D8+D10, Life 16

Assets: Fightin' Type - Major, Friends in low places - minor
Complications: Branded - minor, Hooked - Minor (tobacco), Loyal - minor

Skills: Animal Handling D2, Athletics D6, Covert D6, Discipline D4, Guns D6 - Shotgun D8, Pistols D10, Influence D6 - Bargain D8, Streetwise D8, Knowledge D2, Mechanical Engineering D2, Medical Expertise D2, Melee Weapon Combat D4, Perception D6, Pilot D2, Planetary Vehicles D4, Survival D4, Technical Engineering D2, Unarmed Combat D6

Equipment: Multi-band, Gun Cleaning Kit, Case Fine Wine, Ballistic Mesh, Ballistic Mesh with Plate Vest, Vacuum Suit, Patch Tape, Brass Knuckles, Combat Knife, Derringer, 2 Pistols, Rifle, Shotgun, 500 rpg for each weapon, 5 Flashbang Grenades, 5 Smoke Grenades, Standard Data Library, Micro-transmitter, Jabberwocky Signal Blocker, First Aid Kit, Debugger, 50 Credits Clothing, 402 credits, Double Cabin

Background: Wu Chan Juan (whose name can mean: The moon, Graceful, or Ladylike) fought for the Independents during the Unification War not because she was a patriot, but because her brothers were. The fourth of six children and the eldest girl, she adored her brothers and when they volunteered to fight, nothing they or the rest of the family could say would talk her out of joining too.

Chan Juan and her brothers saw heavy ground fighting and during one of her regiment's battles, she was accused of leaving her post. In fact, it was her youngest brother that was on duty and attempted to flee the battlefield. Chan caught up with her brother and talked him into returning to his post, but by the time they reached their position, a major Alliance attack was under way. Her brother was killed in the fighting and the headquarters sustained a direct hit destroying the duty roster and killing everyone who knew that it wasn't the youngest Wu who failed in their duty. The only reason she wasn't court martialled was the Independent's desperate need for soldiers and her unquestioned gallantry during that and subsequent battles. She was however, busted from corporal back to private and never received another promotion due to this incident. Chan has never told anyone what actually occurred and accepting the scorn from her comrades without complaint to protect the reputation of her beloved lost brother.

Soured by the loss of her brother and her experiences during the war, Chan avoids discussing anything to do with the war. She still thinks the Alliance is a bad idea, but she keeps that view to herself and simply tries to make ends meet. She knocked around for five years, working hard and saving every credit she earned until she could purchase the used Lassiter's Ghost. Chan operated the ship for two years living hand to mouth until her crew abandoned her when the money ran out. Stranded with no other options, she was forced to offer shares in the ship to attract her current crew, she is still without question the captain, but has had to adjust to the fact that she is no longer the sole owner of the 'Ghost.

XP: 6