The Broadcast


While on cargo run an Easy INT + Communications roll picks up a transmission from a moon of Beylix. The image is of a woman explaining what happened on the planet Miranda. It takes an Average INT + Knowledge roll to remember that planet being declared a “Black Rock.”  This message divulges that the origins of the Reavers are from a chemical known as the PAX that was created and tested by the Alliance. Another Easy INT + Communications roll picks up the instant turmoil from the message that picks up the title of “The Broadcast.”


On reaching their destination, The Rim planet has worked themselves up to a frenzy over The Message. Pilot has to make a Hard AGL + Piloting roll to set down amid the crowds and from the bare minimal automated Air Traffic Control. It only takes an Easy INT + Covert or INT + Knowledge to realize that the planet is only just barely until Alliance control and that there is safety in numbers and going about armed is a wise precaution.


The characters have to travel have way across the town to reach their buyer as they have not responded to the wave that their cargo has arrived. A Hard INT + Intimidation, or Formidable INT + Influence will get a vehicle through the crews. On foot these rolls are two steps harder, failing this roll results in a confrontation with a roving mob. This mob consists of no less than three times the number of PCs. They are only armed with clubs and will not stand up to gunfire, a serious display of firepower (the above rolls drop by two steps), or if more than three of their number are rendered unconscious or worse.


On arrival at the buyer’s office, they find the building a burnt out ruin. Since the PCs do not have an alternate point of contact, the only option is to return to the ship and send a wave to the cargo shipper for instructions. Returning to the ship has to go through the growing crowds and the rolls to avoid a confrontation are one level harder, whether the group avoids a confrontation or not, before fighting can start, a squad of Alliance soldiers arrives and tries to bully their way through the crowd. A bottle flies and the crew witnesses a blood bath as the Alliance troops open fire in panic to try and put down what the consider is a revolt. 


It will take the PCs succeeding in a Hard AGL + Athletics to stay on their feet and fleeing the surging mob. If in a vehicle, it will take a Hard AGL + Ground Vehicle roll to avoid getting caught up in the crowd. Failure in either roll results in a random amount of damage from thrown bottles, clubs, or stampeding feet. Roll VIT versus the results of a D6 (1-2 = D6, 3-4 = D8, 5 = D10, 6 = D12 Stun damage.


A mad dash to the ship arrives in time to see the Cortex raging with fury. The Alliance troops have withdrawn to a central facility and the mobs rule the street. Panicked people are offered anything for passage off world. It will take a full fledge brawl to board the ship. The numbers of brawlers equals the PCs, but are unarmed and only brawl. Once on the ship, it is obvious that every ship that can fly is lifting in a chaotic nightmare of uncontrolled knots. The pilot will have to make a Formidable AGL + Piloting roll to safely find a path off world.


Once in the Black, the Cortex is nearly on fire with accusations from the Rim and furious counter-accusations from the Core. A wave from the cargo shipper gives the PC an alternate location to drop the cargo. Whether the PCs want to profiteer by taking on passengers; that is up to the PCs. It is a perfect opportunity to add a new PC or a side plot