Willing yourself awake while Dreaming: Sometimes Dreamers find themselves in the worst of possible situations, in real life the Investigators are pretty much on their own and have to find their own way out of the predicament they have gotten themselves into. Dreamers on the other hand, are in a dream. If the situation is too dangerous to risk dream death, then when faced with no other solution, a Dreamer can will himself awake and out of the danger. This may have serious reprecussions for a group of Dreamers for those who fail to escape an now may be facing the situation berift of their comrades. The rules are simple. A PC can will themselves awake by first rolling an Idea roll to remember they are in a dream. If they succeed, they may then roll POW times one on the first round they want to wake up. A success means they wake up safely where ever they went to sleep. Each following round they want to awake they add one to the multiplier up to a maximum of five after five rounds. However, if a Dreamer used drugs to extend their dream time, the chances they can will themselves awake are severely reduced. Milder drugs like Hashish half the Dreamer's chance to awake. Stronger drugs like Laudnum or other Opiates, reduce the chance to awake to one quater of normal.